Cast of Characters: Sam Malone, Diane Chambers, Carla Tortelli, Norm Peterson, Frasier Crane, Lilith Crane, Woody Harrelson, Rebecca Howe, and Cliff Claven


Rebecca and Sam were in the office. Both were naked. She was sprawled across the desk holding her legs in the air as Sam, sitting on the desk chair, ate her hairy snatch. “I’m gonna cum,” she moaned, dropping her legs around Sam’s shoulders and gripping the edge of the desk. Clutching his head between her legs, she came. Sam eagerly lapped up her tasty cum, and lifted his head so he could look at her wet pussy. “Fuck me, Sam,” she moaned as she again held her legs in the air. Sam stood, and buried his prick in her. She wrapped her legs around him and reached to fondle his balls. “Your cock may be only a little over six and a half inches long, but you sure know how to use it.” She bucked against him, and drenched him with warm cum. “Try not to come yet, Sam. I want to suck you and have you come in my mouth.” He leaned back in the chair. She knelt between his legs and sucked him.

Diane entered the office as Rebecca was swallowing Sam’s cum. “O-o-oh, S-a-am,” Diane whimpered, “when our theme song says ‘and they’re always glad you came’, it’s referring to our customers not to you.” She stomped out of the office in a huff.


Marching behind the bar, Diane grabbed Woody’s arm and dejectedly proclaimed, “That Sam Malone makes me so mad I could just scream.”

Woody was befuddled as he shuffled his feet, lowered his gaze, and shyly asked, “May I do anything to help you, Miss Chambers?”

“No thank you, Woody. You seem flustered. What’s wrong?”

“I can’t tell you. It’s too embarrassing.”

“Come on, Woody. We’ve been friends for a long time. Tell me.”

Speaking softly and in a shy trembling voice, he told her, “Your breast is pressing against my arm and it makes me feel funny.”

“Where do you feel funny?”

“Down there,” he said, nodding toward his groin.

“Let’s go up to the front part of the bar,” she said as she gently propelled him in that direction. When they got there, she checked to see that no one was watching, and wrapped her hand around Woody’s hard-on. Woody gasped.and leaned forward on the bar.

“Is something wrong up there?” Norm shouted from the other end of the bar.

“Everything’s fine,” Diane replied. “Woody banged his hand on the ice machine door and I’m checking to see that he’s all right.”

Then she opened Woody’s fly and took out his cock. Woody moaned in ecstasy as she began jacking him off. His prick is much bigger than Sam’s, she said to herself, but Sam’s uncircumcised prick is so much easier to jack off. Although she considered it very unladylike, she spit enough saliva into her palm so it easily slid back and forth over Woody’s dick. Suddenly, he went weak in the knees and shot gobs of cum onto the floor.

When he got his breath back, he muttered, “Thank you, Miss Chambers.”

“My pleasure, Woody,” she replied. “We’ll do it again.” Then she wiped her hand with a paper towel and handed him the roll. “Here, wipe off your prick, and clean your cum off the floor before someone slips on it.”

Just then, Frasier entered through the front door. “Hello Diane, Woody,” he said. “Is Rebecca here?”

Hoping Frasier would catch Sam naked with Rebecca, Diane replied, “She’s in the office with Sam.” Sam, however, had left the office and was talking to Cliff and Norm at the other end of the bar. When Diane and Woody moved to that end, Norm immediately asked about Woody’s hand. Diane assured him that Woody was fine. Since Sam was unaware of what had happened, Diane told him. In a very prim, if-you-really-must-know voice.


Lilith entered the bar and sat on a barstool up front. “Cliff,” she called, “may I see you for a moment?” Cliff shrugged, and left the others.

When he reached Lilith, he said, “Cliff Claven, United States Postal Service representative reporting. How can I be of service, ma’am?”

Shaking her head, she told him, “I don’t want anything postal. I want you to lick my pussy.” Cliff, who considered himself to be extremely glib, was speechless He stood with his mouth agape when Lilith beckoned to Woody.

“Yes, Doctor Crane, may I help you?”

“Nothing for me, Woody, but give Cliff a beer.” When Cliff had his beer, Lilith put a five on the bar, and told Woody to keep the change.

“Thank you, Doctor Crane,” Woody said. He moved away, shaking his head in wonder at Cliff standing with his mouth open instead of reaching for the beer. Lilith had hooked her heels on the stool’s rungs, raised her skirt, spread her legs and scooted her ass forward until her neatly-trimmed snatch was in position to be licked.

“Come on, Cliff, if Frasier wants to fuck Rebecca, the hell with him. You can’t very well fuck me right now, but you sure can get on your knees and make me come with your clever tongue.” She pushed him down, then moved his face to her cunt. All his talk about the pussy he had eaten was just idle bragging. He’d read about it and had seen pictures of guys doing it, so when the enticing aroma of Lilith’s cunt overwhelmed him, his tongue went to work.

“My God, Cliff, my pussy’s never felt so good. You’re incredible.” Struggling to remain quiet, she writhed as she murmured, “O-o-o, a-a-a, I’m cu-um-m-ming, Cliff, I’m cumming.”

Never before knowing the joy of eating pussy or the tastiness of cum, Cliff wasn’t ready to quit. As he continued to lick Lilith, he recalled reading that women had a hooded nub known as a clit. He backed off enough to look closely at the cunt before him, and saw the engorged protrusion at the top of the slit. Leaning forward he licked it, then put his lips around it and sucked as he licked. Lilith came. So did Cliff -- in his pants.

When he again had the strength to stand, he told Lilith, “I’m gonna shock the crap out of Ma when I tell her I’ve eaten pussy and loved it, and that I’m gonna proposition the first woman I see.”

Lilith opened her purse and took out a pen. She wrote her address on a napkin, and said, “Well I’m the first woman you see, so about half an hour from now come over to my place for a blowjob and a good screw.”


When Frasier knocked on the office door, Rebecca was wearing nothing but her dress. Once he was inside, she strolled over to him and put her hand on his crotch. “You’d better lock the door unless you don’t care if someone comes in while you’re bare-assed naked,” she said as she squeezed his instant erection. “Hurry up and get out of your clothes while I take off my dress.” She was sitting on her desk when he stood before her with his big cock throbbing in anticipation.

Gazing passionately at her big boobs, he said, “God, Rebecca, your breasts are gorgeous.”

She grasped his dick and told him, “They’re tits, Frasier, tits. Big fuckin’ tits.” Putting a thumb and forefinger around each nipple, she said, “Here, suck them -- suck the big nipples on my big tits.” When she lay back, he leaned over to lick and suck her. For several minutes she moaned with pleasure, then she lifted his head and said, “Climb up here, straddle me and fuck me between my tits.” When he was astride, she rubbed his pre-cum on each nipple before she snuggled his prick between her tits. “Start fucking,” she said as she tickled his hefty balls.

Moments later he spurted loads of cum which she scooped up and licked from her fingers before she sucked him dry. “You’re still hard, so fuck me, Frasier. Put that big prick in my pussy and make me cum.” She was so ready to be fucked that she came almost immediately. “Now suck me, Frasier. Lick my cunt and taste my cum.” He slurped her slit, swallowing her cum as well as some of Sam’s cum still there from when Sam had fucked her.

Then Frasier put on his clothes and left the office with a smile on his face. He got a big round of applause when he told Sam, “Give everyone whatever he wants to drink, my treat.”


Carla, Sam, Woody and Norm were discussing sex when Carla told them she was going to the toilet. As she passed Norm, she leaned over and whispered, “You’ve told us that you and your wife Vera never have sex, so meet me in the billiard room and we’ll fuck.”

Norm had a hard-on when he walked into the billiard room where Carla was standing by the pool table. “As much as I’d love to have you eat me, Norm, you can do that tomorrow if you want to,” Carla told him. “Right now, I wanna give you a blowjob, and as soon as you can get another hard-on, I want you to fuck me.” Carla patted the table top where she wanted Norm to sit, then stepped aside as he hopped onto the table.

“My, my, what a whopper,” she said as she stroked his sizable hard-on.

“Jesus, Carla, it won’t take much of that to make me cum,” he said.

She smiled as she loosened his belt and the button at the waist of his pants. “Lift your ass, buddy, so I can pull down your pants and underwear. I wanna suck your big prick until you fill my mouth with cum.”

Carla didn’t deep-throat dick but she was a top-rate cocksucker. She licked every bit of Norm’s prick and balls. She opened her mouth wide and sucked each of his balls. She kissed his piss hole and slurped the huge amount of pre-cum oozing from it. She licked his prick’s big knob like an ice cream cone. Then she put her lips around the knob and sucked, giving special attention to the sensitive underside. The feel of his balls, his groans of pleasure, and his attempt fuck her face told her he was about to unload his cum.

She quickly sucked until he was shooting cum into her mouth almost faster than she could swallow it. Then she climbed on top of him, guided his prick between her cunt lips and, as her tits moved in unison, bounced up and down until their cum filled her cunt and ran down his prick and balls.


Diane asked Sam to wear a suit and come to her apartment for a seven-o’clock dinner. When he arrived, she told him how handsome he looked. He told her she was gorgeous in her shimmering floor-length gown. With a delicious dinner they each had a glass of champagne. When they’d finished, Diane picked up her glass and the bottle of champagne and said, “Bring your glass and come to the bedroom. In the bedroom, she put her glass and the champagne on the dresser, then removed her gown.

Lustfully admiring her naked body, Sam asked, “Are we going to fuck?”

Glaring at him, she said, “Please, Sam, don’t be crude. This is special. Put down your glass and get undressed.” When he was naked, she filled their glasses, handed his to him, fondled his penis and testicles, and said, “Please get on the bed so we can have oral sex.” They drank to it.

She laid on her side as he got on the bed and laid in the opposite direction. He placed one arm beneath her, and lifted her leg so it was under his arm and around him. His head rested on her other leg with his face between her legs. He kissed her anus, then tenderly licked it She moaned in ecstasy and licked his pre-cum. Grasping his penis and testicles, she took him in her mouth and gently sucked him. Several times he drove his tongue into her vagina as far as it would reach before he gently sucked her clitoris.

After swallowing each other’s cum, she turned onto her other side and snuggled against him spoon-fashion. He put his arm around her and held her breast. When he put his top leg over her bottom one, she reached down and held his penis against her clitoris. She got wetter and wetter as he moved up and down. Then she pushed his penis into her vagina. “Better wait until I put on a condom,” he said.

“I love you madly, Sam, and I want us to have a baby,” she told him.

“I love you dearly, Diane, sweetheart. Will you marry me?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, my darling.,” she sighed. Her cum mingled with his cum as he spurted into the wet warmth deep inside her.

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