tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCheers: The Gay Version Ch. 01

Cheers: The Gay Version Ch. 01


Sam Malone was extremely horny as usual. He had slowly but surely developed a crush on his new co-worker, Woody Boyd. Few people knew that Sam was bisexual. He was an expert cocksucker and loved to jack off men as well.

Woody didn't have much experience but he was very curious about gay sex. He had only been blown once by a man in college, and it was fantastic. Woody loved checking out men's baskets and had a serious underwear fetish. He generally wore briefs by day and boxer shorts at night yet preferred boxers on other guys. Woody determined early on that Sam generally wore either trim or full cut boxers. His heartthrob bent over a lot and occasionally Woody was rewarded with a patterned crinkly waistband that caused him to get a painful erection.

Woody didn't realize that Sam liked to check out other men's baskets as well and was also turned on by underwear. He could tell Woody wore jockey shorts by the lines under his trousers and the soft white waistband that occasionally showed above his slacks. Sam was very cool about the various kinds of men's underwear. If a guy wore briefs, he liked to mouth his cock through the white cotton until the tighty whities were dripping with cream. Boxer shorts were a bit better in that then Sam could suck the actual cock as it protruded out of the guy's fly and mouth his low hanging balls.

Sam flirted with Woody as much as possible. Then he decided to take a huge chance. He left a note in Woody's jacket daring him to meet him at break time in the storage room behind the bar. Sam mentioned in the letter that he had a special surprise for Woody which would "blow" his mind.

Needless to say Woody was extremely surprised when he read the letter. He was very curious to explore gay sex with Sam, but a little scared at the same time. Woody hoped that "blow his mind" meant that Sam was going to give him head! He hadn't had a good blow job in several years and was very afraid he would cum a bucket as soon as Sam started throating him.

When the appointed time came, Woody walked with shaky hands and feet to the remote storage area in the back of the bar. He opened the door very cautiously. There was Sam, leaning against a large pile of boxes, grinning like the Cheshire Cat!

"You made it! Good man!" Sam had slipped off his shoes and was scratching his crotch suggestively.

Woody took the hint and slipped off his shoes as well. Then he kissed Sam flush on the mouth. Sam darted his tongue in and out of Woody's mouth and his buddy quickly followed suit.

"We better hurry." Sam reluctantly broke his lip lock with Woody. "We haven't got much time!"

With that, Sam kneeled down and reverently unbuckled Woody's belt and lowered his zipper. His loose pants fell to the floor in a heap, revealing snow white Jockey Life briefs. Woody was so hard, the briefs bulged obscenely with his sex. His 7 inch cock felt like a cement block in the white cotton, and he grunted like a pig as Sam rolled the palm of his hand over his cockhead through the briefs. Then his grunts changed into loud moans as Sam mouthed his cock through the thin material.

"SSSUUCCCKKK MMMYY COOCCK! GGGAAAWDDD!!!" Woody shut his eyes tightly and went into a state of Nirvana as Sam took more and more of his cotton clad cock into his mouth. After two wonderful minutes in which Woody almost came three times, Sam stopped sucking his dick through his shorts and stood up.

"I want you to do mine for a little while."

"S-s-urre." Woody stuttered as he awkwardly undid Sam's pants. When they fell to the floor, Sam's trim light blue boxer shorts and hairy legs were revealed. Woody was in heaven!

"Oh yeah, boxer shorts are so cool on men!"

Woody reached into the gaping fly slit and tenderly removed Sam's stone hard 8 inch endowment. Then he slowly but surely took the wide mushroom head into his warm mouth. Sam let out a high pitch wail of ecstasy as Woody throated his thin cock relentlessly. After three erotic minutes of frantic moaning and groaning on Sam's part, Woody sadly let his delicious dick out his mouth. He stood up as Sam once more took a kneeling position. This time Sam was even more passionate, shoving his hand up the back of Woody's briefs and thrusting one, two, and eventually three fingers in and out of his smooth butt.

"JJJEEESSUUSSSSSS CCCHHRRRISSTTTTT!!! " Woody wailed loudly as Sam worked his jockey covered prick into his mouth deeper and deeper. After one particularly amazing thrust, Woody finally lost his load.


Sam got his mouth off Woody's briefs just in time to see him cream them. Woody came a good nine spurts, soaking his jockey shorts with cum. The sight of his buddy ruining his briefs easily brought Sam over the brink.


Sam's wang began spewing cum everywhere, on the floor, boxes, walls, and Woody's shorts. He spurted at least 10 times before collapsing totally spent on the floor. Woody fell on top of him, and both men embraced for a good five minutes. Then Sam got up and opened a small drawer.

"Looks like you need some clean underwear, good buddy!' Woody's briefs were so full of cum the upper part of his thighs were sticky and wet.

"I always keep a three pack in here in case of emergencies." Sam tossed Woody a blue plaid pair of full cut boxers. Woody shoved his briefs down and threw them into a nearby trash can. Then, he put the roomier underwear on. Sam whistled in appreciation.

"You look great in those, even better than the tighty whities!"

"Oh yeah, then I'll have to wear them tomorrow!" Woody winked at his heartthrob.

"Same time, same place?" Sam pleaded.

"Of course!" Woody kissed Sam deeply once more, still not fully comprehending what had just happened!

to be continued...

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