tagErotic CouplingsChelsea Ch. 02

Chelsea Ch. 02


I was awakened by early morning sunshine streaming through a slit in the curtain to our motel room's window, still spooned against Chelsea's warm body. I couldn't help but smile as my mind replayed the previous night's lovemaking.

I pulled back a few strands of golden hair and the tip of my tongue traced the outline of her ear while my hands gently caressed her breasts.

She stirred and a soft moan escaped her lips.

"Hey," I said in a low voice. "Wake up, sleepyhead."

"Tommy?" she groggily asked. "What time is it?"

"A little after seven." I began sliding my hands down her body. "Were you expecting someone else, baby?"

She glanced under the covers and noticed her nakedness. "Oh, God...last night really happened!"

"It sure did. Do you feel okay?"

Chelsea giggled and commented on my growing erection pressed against her ass. "Except for whatever's poking me, I'm fine."

"Oh that? A little something extra for you since check out time isn't for a few more hours."

She turned and faced me with a wide smile. "So this is how sex works!"

"You could say so," I said, tossing back the covers, "but now let's pick up where things ended last night."

Before Chelsea could say anything else, I gave her a deep, hungry kiss and slowly pushed my cock inside her. I started to thrust, gentle at first, and then increased my pace bit by bit. She let out low moans that soon turned into loud squeals.

"Oh my God, Tommy! Push your cock all the way in; I want to feel every inch in my pussy!"

"I don't want to hurt you, baby."

"You're not...it feels so much better than when we did it last night."

Grunts and moans slipped out of my mouth as I continued trying and doing a good job of fucking her like she wanted. It didn't take Chelsea long to reach orgasm; I could feel the walls of her pussy tightening and gripping my shaft.

"Oh yeah, Tommy, I'm...!"

"Come for me, Chels," I grunted. "I want to watch you come."

With a long, drawn-out cry, she climaxed, her juices wetting my shaft as I continued giving her a fucking neither of us would forget.

Her fingers dug into my ass. "Tommy...Tommy...don't stop. Please don't stop."

"God, baby, you're a fast learner and so fucking hot!"

I was nowhere close to coming when Chelsea's orgasm calmed to several mild shivers, but the way we continued fucking, I assumed she'd have another orgasm before I busted a nut.

My assumption was correct as I continued pounding her. She cried out her second orgasm only moments before I felt my cock swell and stiffen. She writhed and moaned in satisfaction as semen shot deep into her pussy until I was completely drained.

Finished, we exchanged soft kisses and caressed each other's bodies. It took a few minutes for my cock to soften and I stood inside her for several more minutes before it became soft enough for me to - albeit reluctantly - withdraw from her tight yet well-fucked pussy.

We lay satiated for several minutes before catching our breaths.

"Much better the second time around!" Chelsea sighed with content.

I basked in her praise. "Never expected to start off the morning that way, huh?"

"No, but you won't hear any complaints. I need a shower."

"Makes two of us." I started getting out of bed. "Last one in has to wash the other's back!"


Chelsea and I didn't get many chances to experiment sexually once Morgan returned home, but never failed to take advantage of rare opportunities to teach her something new. I told her she needed to do more than fuck missionary style to satisfy a guy.

She enjoyed doggy style, riding my cock, reverse cowgirl, and our bodies spooned together during sex, but wasn't thrilled with me trying to fuck her full, beautiful ass. I'm aware many women don't like anal, so I didn't push the issue; perhaps a special man could someday convince her to give it another try.

She still enjoyed having her pussy eaten, but no clue how to suck cock. Morgan hated oral sex - both giving and receiving - calling it "sick" and "disgusting," and it appeared at first that Chelsea was almost equally reluctant.

I was still frustrated as hell from the near-lack of sex with Morgan when she decided to go shopping one Saturday afternoon. Naked and sitting on my lap, Chelsea was also horny; she'd just had an intense orgasm from me finger fucking her pussy while I sucked on and played with her tits before she begged me to bury my cock in her.

I grabbed the opportunity to urge her into learning how to give me a blow job instead.

Chelsea grimaced. "You want me to put that thing in my mouth? That's so gross, Tommy."

"How do you know it's 'gross' without trying?"

"Why do guys want that anyway?"

"The same reason you like having your pussy eaten. It feels amazing and a is total turn-on watching women give us blow jobs. Come on, Chels; at least try once. I'm not going to force my cock down your throat or make you swallow when I come. If you still don't like it, I won't ask again."

She sighed. "Okay, but only this one time."

I unzipped my jeans. "You'll thank me when you land a hot boyfriend someday."

I drew in a sharp breath soon as her hand made contact with my rigid shaft. I gently placed her head closer to my crotch while her hand traveled the entire length, smearing pre-cum on my erection.

She looked up at me without moving her head as I guided the tip into her mouth and instructed her step by step on how to give a good blow job.

Chelsea rolled the bottom of her tongue on the underside of my shaft and then gently scraped her teeth along the top. I rewarded her with a groan and stroked her hair when her lips slid down the top half of my erection.

"That feels so fucking good, baby. You're catching on fast. Now take in a little more."

My moans became louder when her mouth worked its way farther down my shaft. As her head bobbed at a feverish pace, I gripped a handful of her hair and thrust my hips upward each time she came down, but not so forceful that she'd choke.

I soon felt myself tensing as her hand moved to grip my balls. She gently massaged them in time with my thrusts until I could no longer hold off my orgasm.

"Chels," I groaned. "You need to stop."

She took her mouth off my cock with a confused expression. "Is something wrong?"

"No; as a matter of fact, you did so well that I'm ready to come."

"So what do I...?"

"Sit back," I told her. "I want to jack off on your tits."

"Tommy! That sounds so nasty!"

"I don't exactly enjoy the idea of getting myself off in the bathroom after receiving a nice blow job. Please, baby; let me come on those beautiful tits."

She finally agreed and sat back on her heels to give me good aim. I grabbed my cock, stroking hard until spurts of warm cum landed on each breast.

After I finished, I pulled Chelsea into my lap for a passionate kiss. She began stroking my shaft back to life while one of my hands wandered over her ass and three fingers of the other slipped back into her pussy. There was no doubt we'd been fucking within minutes right there on the couch if a car hadn't pulled into the garage.

Morgan was home!

Chelsea leaped off my lap with a start, grabbed her clothes, and sprinted into the bathroom to clean up. My cock immediately went limp and I quickly tucked it back into my jeans before zipping them just as Morgan's key slipped into the front door.

"Tom?" she called. "Could you and Chelsea help me carry some stuff from the car?"

I rolled my eyes; we may have fucked twice for exactly ten minutes each since she returned from the last out of town trip, but Morgan still spent both our paychecks like we were millionaires. "Yeah, I'll be right there. Chels should be out of the bathroom in a few minutes."


A few weeks later, Chelsea left on a spring break trip with her friends Sid and Julie, giving Morgan the grand idea for some upgrades around the house.

With Chelsea away and still practically no sex from Morgan, one can almost imagine me almost climbing the walls with lust, particularly on days Morgan wore little more than short shorts and a T-shirt with nothing underneath as we worked on home improvement projects.

I spent most nights jacking off in the shower, but again tried my luck with Morgan in bed after we'd spent one day finishing the basement rec area's bathroom.

"Tom, I'm exhausted," she complained while I massaged a tit and kissed her neck. "We had a long day remodeling the rec area bathroom, and sex is the last thing on my mind right now."

"What the hell, Morgan? You rarely wanted to do it since that out of town pageant judging gig. What's going on?"

"Nothing; just a demanding work schedule and the remodeling. I really wish you'd understand."

I rolled over and sighed. "I only understand that you walk around practically naked while we're doing stuff around the house, and then get bitchy when I want to make love. Sometimes I can't figure out you women to save my own life."

"Go to sleep, Tom. I need to be at work by eight-thirty and in no mood to argue about the same stupid shit."

I groaned in disgust and turned away from her. "Fine, whatever."

I had a hot girlfriend in my bed every night, yet still had to stroke myself or fuck her sister to get any satisfaction. Something was off, but I couldn't fathom what.

A disturbing thought popped into my head when I got up to use the bathroom for yet another jerk off session. Oh, God; what if she somehow discovered Chelsea was no longer a virgin and put two and two together?

I shook off the thought and scolded myself for being paranoid as I began stroking my hard shaft. Chelsea always made a point of us being discreet as possible.

We either sneaked off to out-of-the-way, rooms-by-the-hour motels, where we signed in under assumed names and paid cash so not to leave paper trails, or hooked up when Morgan was out of the house for some reason. Much as I wanted to sneak into Chelsea's room each night Morgan denied me sex, it posed too many risks of being caught.

Something warm and wet jarred me back to reality. My hand was covered in cum and additional spurts streamed down the bathroom mirror. I cleaned up the mess I made, took a shower, and crawled back into bed beside a fast asleep Morgan, my last thoughts drifting back to new things I wanted to try with Chelsea.


Chelsea returned from spring break two weeks later, tanned, relaxed, and smiling. Since Morgan was upstairs packing for another out of town trip, tearing off the shorts and top Chelsea wore and fucking her on every horizontal surface in the house until she screamed for mercy were out of the question.

I greeted her with a deep, passionate kiss as my hand groped and patted her ass. "God, baby, I missed you. We have a lot of time to make up."

"Dirty old man," she responded with a low giggle. "What's the matter, big sister still not giving it to you?"


"I have a couple surprises for you once she's out of the house."

I pulled Chelsea closer and nuzzled her neck. "At least give me a hint, you tease."

She pulled herself from my grasp. "Uh, uh; patience is virtue."

"Well, my patience nearly expired during the last two weeks. What is it with some women holding out in bed?"

"Did I say anything about withholding? I only remember stating that you're in for surprises later."

"I think you enjoy driving me crazy since getting your cherry popped. You're being a very bad girl."

"What are you going to do, spank me?" she asked with a sexy stare.

"Maybe later when we have the house to ourselves."

We engaged in another deep kiss before she broke it. "I need to go say hi to Morgan before she leaves and unpack my stuff. Hook up later?"

I gave her a wink. "You got it, baby."


Chelsea writhed in my lap later that night, growling in my ear. "I want to get on my knees and have you pull my hair while fucking my mouth. I want to watch you eat my pussy with those eyes looking at me, and then ride you cowgirl style until you can't walk. I want feel every inch of you fucking me deep from behind while you pull my hair again and whisper dirty things in my ear. Then I want to hear you curse under your breath right before you come."

"Jesus, Chels!" I exclaimed. "Where are you getting all of this? It wasn't long ago you were a virgin who didn't even know how to give a blow job."

"You teaching me all kinds of sexy stuff," she reminded me.

"You sound like you're auditioning for a porn flick."

She gave me a seductive look. "I learned a few more things in Florida."


"Let's just say my spring break was mostly sun, sleep...and sex."

"Oh my God; did you fuck a bunch of random guys? Chels, we talked about risks associated with stranger sex. You're lucky you didn't get some God awful disease, raped, or worse, killed."

She placed two fingers on my lips. "Relax, Tommy; it was only one guy, I already know him, and he never came in me. Julie, Sid and I got drunk at a beach party one night-"

"Partying and underage drinking during spring break," I joked. "There's a big surprise."

"Will you let me finish? Sid's been kind of depressed since dumping his last girlfriend not long ago after the bitch cheated on him several times. Julie and I could never figure out why he settles for sluts who end up hurting him when he's a great catch for far better girls. He's smart, kindhearted, funny, hard working, and sexy as hell. You'd never think by looking at the guy that he loves pulling hair, talking dirty, and kind of rough in bed."

"You slept with him?" I asked, not believing my ears.

She started laughing. "Julie and I both did...at the same time!"

"Wait...wait...hold on. Are you telling me that the three of you...?"

"Yeah; Sid gives oral and fucks like a porn star, but Julie's the one with mad pussy eating skills."

"Holy shit, Chels. I know you wanted to explore sexually, but didn't expect you to go THAT wild."

"Oh, we really turned Sid on with the whole girl on girl sex. It's really true no one knows how to eat pussy like another female - plus you and Sid - but Julie prefers giving to receiving even though I wanted her to teach me how to return the favor. It couldn't be any worse than sucking cock, right?"

I chuckled but felt a little jealous. "You plunged right in, no pun intended. Did he..."

"In case you're wondering if Sid has a big dick, it's average in size, but he certainly knows how to use it just like some present company I know."

"Not what I planned to ask, but I'm still putting my head around innocent Chelsea participating in a threesome. Give me more details."

She crawled off my lap, pulled a DVD from her purse and waved it in the air with a knowing smile. "I can do better than tell you."

"You guys filmed the WHOLE thing?! Holy shit, I was only kidding when I made the porn audition remark earlier."

"Who needs to go on an audition that's nothing more than fucking strangers in front of more strangers when we can make stuff with people already we know?" she asked before slipping her DVD into the player.

(To Be Continued in Ch. 03)

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