Chelsea Ch. 03


Well, I did not think I would be doing a third chapter for this story...but here it is. Chapter 2 got a lot of positive reviews and requests for more and honestly, I'm pretty happy to be writing more in this story. Probably only going to take it another chapter or two further but I hope you all enjoy this one.



A few days had gone by, since the last time that I had met with Chelsea. Things in my life were actually starting to seem normal again, much to my relief and the stress of everything that happened with Chelsea was starting to fade.

Since she had deleted all of those pictures and promised not to bother me again, I had nothing to really worry about anymore. Except for the memory of what had happened...try as I may, I couldn't deny the fact that I had enjoyed some of what had happened between the two of us.

I couldn't go back to that though; I couldn't be interested in that sort of thing. I wondered what it would even mean for me? Did that make me gay? Probably just bisexual, but even being bisexual was something that I didn't really think I could accept. I would rather just forget all about the whole thing and move forward with my life; after all, I still had Amanda. Fortunately, things seemed to be working a little better between the two of us now.

In the last three or four days, we had hung out every single day and we'd had more sex then I could recall ever having with her. I was happy that her boss seemed to be leaving her alone; especially, since this was her vacation week.

Amanda still had me feeling a bit suspicious about her and her boss, and whether or not they were sleeping together. I was trying not to even think about that though; what right did I have, after what I had done myself? It would be logical for me to be upset if I found out that she was cheating, but not after I had already cheated myself.

Amanda still had no idea about what happened with Chelsea; she didn't even know who Chelsea was. I was hoping to keep it that way, for as long as I possibly could. Allie had agreed to keep her mouth shut about the situation, although as my big sister, she urged me to tell Amanda the truth and insisted that it was the right thing to do.

Of course, I wasn't going to listen to what she said.

I just wanted things to be normal.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was out with Amanda, doing some shopping at the local mall. We had just finished up at the food court and were heading to our next destination; WalMart. As we walked towards the entrance of the store though, my eyes went wide with horror at what I saw a few feet ahead of us; Chelsea?

At first, I wasn't too sure if it was really her. Even if it was her, it didn't look like she even noticed us...until she looked up and made direct eye contact with me. I knew for certain that was Chelsea and she definitely knew that it was me.


Damn it; I was hoping she wouldn't say anything.

"Uh...hey," I replied, nervously as Chelsea started walking towards us.

Amanda gave me a strange look and I tried not to show the anxiety, that I was currently feeling.

"Fancy running into you here," Chelsea said, with a big grin. "How have you been?"

"Not bad, not bad...just doing some shopping."

I glanced over at Amanda and then cleared my throat...might as well introduce the two of them, I thought.

"Chelsea, this is my girlfriend Amanda!"

"Oh wow, it's so nice to finally meet you! Danny has told me quite a lot about you, Amanda."

"Really?" she asked. "Well it's nice to meet you too...but who are you to Danny?"

I hesitated, trying to think of some sort of story of how I knew Chelsea. "We uh..."

"I'm a long time friend of his mothers," Chelsea answered for me. "We go way back and I've been in Danny's life since he was born. We just haven't seen too much of each other lately."

Wow, I thought. That was a pretty good one and by the look on her face, I was confident that Amanda bought it.

"Well, we have to get going now. It was good to see you," I said, taking Amanda's hand again.

"Same here," Chelsea replied. "Good to meet you Amanda. Danny, tell your mother I said hello."

I waved goodbye to her and quickly started walking towards WalMart, still holding Amanda's hand as we walked through the entrance. My heart was still racing and I was desperately hoping, that she really had bought Chelsea's bull shit story. It seemed like she did but she still had a few questions to ask.

"She seemed nice," Amanda said, as we walked through the giant store.

"Yeah...she's always pretty nice."

"How come you never told me about her, before?"

"Well, you she said, we haven't seen each other much in a while. It just never came up."

"Hm. Well, maybe we should hang out with her sometime?"

Damn, I thought to myself; that was definitely not something, that I wanted to do.

Amanda had some clothes shopping to get done and so I stood nearby, as she shifted through an isle of bra's and panties that she wanted to check out. When she wasn't looking, I reached into my pocket for my cell phone. I still had Chelsea's number in my contacts and I wanted to thank her, for not spilling the truth to Amanda. I pulled up her number and started typing a text.

"Hey. Just wanted to say thanks for what you did back there. You could have told her everything and you didn't. So, again...thank you."

I waited a few seconds and my phone vibrated, indicating that I had a response text; it was from Chelsea.

Chelsea: No problem. I could have told her the truth yes, but I'm not looking for any sort of drama. I already caused you enough shit as it was.

I smiled and clicked out of the text message, just as Amanda was coming in my direction. She had picked out everything that she needed and was ready to go home. I was feeling a bit eager to get home as well, since I knew we would probably be having some fun when we got there.

Sure enough, no sooner then we walked through the door to my room, Amanda was gripping me up and pulling my shirt over my head. I went right along with it, kissing her on the lips and lifting her up. I carried her to my bed and threw her onto the mattress, climbing on top of her and mashing my lips against hers again.

Amanda flipped me over onto my back and pulled my shorts off, grabbing my hard cock and swirling her tongue around the head. After teasing me for a few moments, she swallowed my cock and started to deep throat. I moaned, leaning my head back and enjoying the feeling of her lips, wrapped tightly around my cock.

As I closed my eyes and started to breathe a bit heavier, my thoughts drifted to the one thing that I didn't want to think about...Chelsea.

I have no idea why, but I was imagining Chelsea as my girlfriend sucked my cock. Groaning, I suddenly found myself craving that feeling of fullness that I remembered all to well; the feeling of something big and thick, deep in my ass.

"You should stick a finger in my ass," I muttered, without even thinking.

It wasn't until about a moment after I said it, that I realized...that probably wasn't a very good thing to ask Amanda for. She stopped sucking my cock and I opened my eyes, to find her staring at me with a look of confusion. Fuck, I thought to myself...what did I just do?

"What did you ask me?"


"Danny...did you really just ask me, to finger your ass?"

I hesitated for a moment and thought about lying, telling her that she misheard what I had said. I didn't think that would really work though; she seemed convinced, that she knew what I had said. She just wanted me to repeat myself.


"Wow," she replied, looking even more shocked now that I had basically admitted to it. "I never knew you were into that sort of thing."

"I mean, I've never tried it before..."

Obviously, that's a total lie.

"I just thought we could try something new."

"Like me fingering your ass?"

It didn't seem like she was understanding anything about this whole thing; understandable.

"Are you"

Ugh, there it was. I knew she was going to say something like that and I cursed myself even more, for having asked her to do such a stupid thing. "No, I'm not gay!" I snapped.

"Look, I just thought we could try something new. It's really not a big deal, if you don't want to do it then we don't have to do it. Let's just forget about it..."

She looked at me for a moment and I worried that she wasn't going to let it go, so easily. Fortunately, she smiled after a few moments and resumed sucking my cock. I moaned softly, closing my eyes again and resuming my fantasy about Chelsea being in Amanda's place.

After a good hour of some pretty hard fucking, Amanda and I lay in my bed silently. We were both covered in sweat and feeling pretty tired, when Amanda sat up and brushed her hair out of her face.

"I have to get going," she said, suddenly.

"What? Why? I thought we were spending the whole day's only 5:00!"

"Yeah, I forgot to mention. I got a text from Bridgette while we were at the mall earlier, she wants to hang out tonight."

I sighed, rolling my eyes and leaning my head back against the pillow. Amanda rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom, cleaning herself up a bit and then returning to start putting her clothes on.

"You're really going to ditch me, to hang with Bridgette? I mean, you had plans with me first."

"C'mon babe, don't be like that. You know how close I am with Bridgette."

She could tell I was annoyed and her response did

nothing, to help me feel any better. I just lay there, watching her get dressed. When she was ready to go, Amanda walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

"I'll call you later tonight," she said, before quickly heading out the door.

I stayed there, staring up at the ceiling and thinking long and hard about all of this. It sucked...I had thought we were going to be hanging out all day. Now, I had nothing to do and would likely be pretty bored the rest of the day. Maybe I was just being selfish, I thought. I had just spent the last four days with her and she had slept over two of those days.

At the same time though, I found it odd that she would wait until now to tell me that Bridgette texted her, four hours earlier. Maybe it was actually her way of trying to get away from me, because she was actually freaked out by what I had asked her to do earlier. No, I thought to myself...if she were really that freaked out, then there is no way that we would have continued having sex.

I brushed it off and decided not to worry much about it. I didn't want to seem like the jealous type of boyfriend. I decided to take a hot shower and relax for a while; hopefully, I would find something else to do with my night.

As I stood under the hot water in the shower, I found myself thinking about Chelsea...again. Why the fuck, couldn't I stop thinking about her? What the hell was wrong with me? Worst of all, was the fact that I had been thinking of her, while having sex with Amanda.

The whole thing was supposed to be over with and I still couldn't get her off of my mind. I finished up in the shower, dried off and threw on a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt.

I stepped outside to have a cigarette and found Allie sitting on the front step, also smoking a cigarette.

"What's up little brother?" She asked, as I sat down beside her.

"Not much. I'm bored as fuck," I replied.

"I thought you were hanging with Amanda tonight?"

"I was...she bailed on me. Ditched me for Bridgette."

"That blows," Allie chuckled.

I took a drag of my cigarette and blew the smoke out. Allie glanced over at me and placed a hand on my shoulder, giving me a look of concern.

"You feeling alright?"


"You just look depressed," she said, still looking concerned. "What's going on?"

I hesitated...did I really want to tell her what was actually going on? I did sort of want to talk to someone about it, but I just wasn't sure if that was a good idea. I sighed and decided to let it out. Allie was probably the only really good listener in my life and I knew she wasn't going to judge me, for anything that I told her.

"I ran into Chelsea at the mall, while I was out with Amanda."

"Oh fuck," she said, looking surprised. "And?"

"And...nothing bad came out of it," I continued.

"She told Amanda she was a friend of mom's and that she had known her for years. Amanda seemed pretty convinced."

"Wow, I would have expected her to tell the whole truth..."

"That's exactly what I expected," I agreed.

"I texted her later and thanked her for not doing that. She told me that she wasn't looking for any drama. Said she felt like she had already caused me enough shit."

"Well it's true," Allie laughed.

"Crazy bitch."

We both laughed, taking a drag of her cigarettes at the same time and slowly blowing the smoke out. I wasn't quite done talking yet though.

"I think Amanda is cheating on me."


I nodded my head and carried on.

"I think she's fucking around with her boss, or some shit like that. She's giving all the tell tale signs that there's someone else."

"What are you going to do?"

I shrugged, standing up and throwing my cigarette to the ground. "Nothing," I replied.

"I'm just going to stay quiet about it, until and unless she confesses."

"Danny, why the fuck would you do that?"

"Because, I cheated on her too! It'd be wrong if I got pissed off at her, for doing the same fucking thing. I'm not trying to be hypocritical here sis; maybe it's karma."

Allie didn't seem to be on the same page as me at all. That was probably just the defensive big sister in her, but she stood up and threw her cigarette aside before turning her attention back to me.

"That's a load of shit," she said, jabbing me in the chest with her finger.

"And you know damn well! Yeah, you cheated too, but you only slept with Chelsea twice and you ended it after the second time."

She did have a point there, but I didn't see how that made it any better.

"There's a difference between cheating and carrying on with someone, behind another persons back. The way you're talking, Amanda didn't just cheat on you once or twice...she's been fucking around for quite some time now. That's not okay, Danny! You shouldn't feel like you don't have the right to be pissed off, if your girlfriend is fucking around behind your back."

It made a little more sense, when she put it like that. It's true, if Amanda had been having an ongoing thing with someone then that was pretty fucked up. Even so...did I really have the right to be angry with her? Allie obviously seemed to think that I did. I just didn't know if I agreed.

We stayed outside for a little longer, talking and smoking a few more cigarettes before heading back inside. By that time, it was dark outside and pretty much my whole day had been wasted.

Amanda never did call me, like she had said that she would; not that I was surprised. I stayed up pretty late that night and spent most of my time on the computer, watching porn and having a few beers.

Somewhere along the line, I shifted from regular transsexual porn. It could have been a result of the alcohol but I really wasn't sure. Before I knew it though, I was watching some scrawny looking guy, bent over the side of a couch and getting plowed by a big, blonde transsexual with a nice set of tits and a massive cock.

I jerked off watching the video and when it was over and I had covered my hand with my own cum, I stood up and walked to the bathroom.

That was the end of my night.

Over the next couple of weeks, things started to get a bit more strained between Amanda and I; it was pretty bad. I hated arguing with her so much, especially when we had just seemed to be getting along so well, not even two weeks earlier.

It changed so easily though. She was spending all of her time with her friends and back to working her ass off again...supposedly. None of that was too surprising though. What really seemed odd, was the lack of sex.

Whenever we were together, I would try to make a move on her but she would always turn me down. That was totally unlike her. Even before, when she worked constantly and spent more time with her friends then she did with me, Amanda never turned down sex when we WERE together.

The fact that she was doing that now really made me feel a bit uneasy about things.

It wasn't just because I thought she was cheating, that this fact bothered me though; it was because I was really fucking horny. Call it a typical guy thing, but three weeks without sex was really starting to piss me off.

That being said, I had been spending a lot of time on my computer watching porn; specifically transsexual porn. Even though I was still feeling pretty confused about my thoughts of Chelsea, I had stopped obsessing so much over it all.

I had given in to it and now, transsexual porn was practically the only type of porn that I was watching. The thought of hooking up with Chelsea again, had crossed my mind on a few occasions. I pushed it aside every time but it always came back, each time it was much more intense.

Finally after three weeks, the shit hit the fan.

It was a Tuesday night, around eight thirty when my cell phone rang; it was Amanda.


"Hey babe, what's up?"

"Not much," I said, flopping down on my bed.

"What time are you coming over tonight?"

"About thirty minutes," she replied.

"You still sleeping over?"

"Danny...I can't stay long. My boss called me in, for the overnight shift tonight. I'll only be able to hang out for about an hour or two."

I gave no immediate reply. I just laid there, holding the cell phone to my ear and listening to the silence. Was she serious? I couldn't take this shit anymore; it was getting to be too much. I closed my eyes and shook my head, before sitting up in the bed and chewing on my lip for a moment.

"Danny...are you there?"

What I said next, shocked even me after the words had left my mouth.

"Are you cheating on me?"



"Are you cheating on me?"

More silence...

"Danny...what are you talking about?"

Now I was getting annoyed. I stood up and started pacing back and forth across my room, gripping my cell phone tightly against my ear. "It's a simple question Amanda," I said, my voice full of anger.

"Are you cheating on me?"

"Danny, I..."

"You are, aren't you? I thought so...who is it? Your fucking boss? All these days you've been called in to work, you're actually going to fuck him, aren't you?"

"Danny, stop it! I would never..."

She stopped, choking on her words and falling silent again. I could hear the guilt in her voice and my hands were shaking with anger. I still felt guilty for being pissed off at her, after what I had done with Chelsea...but my sisters words rang in my mind.

I didn't need her to admit that she had done it, but I did need to know how long it had been going on...

"How long?"


"How long have you been doing this?"

She didn't reply right away and for a moment, I thought she might have hung up on me. She hadn't though; I could still hear her breathing.

"Six months," she replied finally.

I nodded my head, the truth finally out in the air. I knew something was happening and I knew that it had been going on, for longer then a few weeks. Clearly, much longer then I had known Chelsea. As pissed off as I was though, I felt obligated to open up to her now about my own failure.

"Okay...well...that's alright," I said, trying to clear my head of the anger.

"I um...I kind of cheated on you, too."


I was a bit surprised, by the tone in her voice.

"You fucking cheated on me!? With who!?"

"Does it even fucking matter? It only happened on the other hand, you've been at it for six fucking months!"

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