Chelsea's Contract Ch. 01


He jotted it down quickly. "Nice," he laughed. "humiliation is so vague though..." he said, looking off into the distance.

I helped him finish the thought, "humiliation in any fashion, shape or form, as determined by Mr. Ryan," I said hopefully.

"Perfect, take off your pants," he lustily grunted. I stood up and slid them off of me. I kicked off my sandals, I was now clad only in my briefest pink lacy underwear. His eyes told me he approved. I knelt back on the floor beside him, he leaned over me to run his hands over my nakedness. I was moaning now.

"Do we need anything else?" He wondered aloud, not necessarily directed at me.

I nodded no, I had laid it all out for him.

"Maybe just a couple things," he added. It says in the articles, "In any fashion he chooses," I need to be specific here. So you are agreeing to sex in any fashion? "

"Yes," I said softly, my face still quite red.

"Instead of , "in any fashion" how about we say, orally, vaginally and anally?"

I nearly coughed. I knew that that was what I meant when I said "in any fashion," but I blanched at hearing it written out so plainly.

"Ok, sir, if you'd prefer that," I said in resignation.

"Good, because I surely will love tapping that spectacular ass," he said, as he unashamedly ogled my nearly naked backside.

"It is your property, sir," I said in shame, "I'm yours to do with what you wish."

"Good, because I hate limitations," he said steely.

"You have none with me, sir." I said demurely. I was falling easily into the role that I'd craved for so long.

"You like the humiliation, eh?" he asked, making me look in his soft brown eyes.

"yess..." I croaked.

"How about I add some specifics to article two?"

"Like what, sir?"

"Well, like the mailman thing. And, there's a guy or two I know still in town that I think you'd be humiliated having to put out for."

Jordan saw my reluctant look. "Backing out so soon, before we even sign the contract?"

"Never!" I said with assurance, I wasn't going to let my dream of the last decade vanish like that.

"Good, I'd have hated for it to end so soon. There are a couple guys in particular that I think may be suitable for your desire for humiliation." He wouldn't tell me who they were, no matter how much I whined.

"Is that it, sir?" I squeaked, hoping to sign it before he thought of some other more cruel punishment for my own desires.

"One last thing," he said, which caused my heart to skip in anticipation. Article 3. I've been thinking, all this is geared to you. You get all the fun, I have to do all the work setting everything up. I think the last one should be for me."

"What is it you desire, sir?"

"I think that, at the end of three months, no doubt you'll have had as much, if not more, than you ever could imagine handling." That statement sent a jolt directly to my clit. "However, for me, what if it isn't enough?" He said, waiting for my reaction. I just waited for it.

"So, I think article 3 should say, "at the end of the agreed three months, Jordan Ryan has the option of adding three more months, at his discretion, if Ms Lane has been determined to be suitable for his needs."

Fuck, he was crueler and more wicked than I gave him credit for. I loved the humiliation of the if I was "suitable" or not. He made a big show of signing the contract at the bottom. He presented it to me. I stood up, I was dripping. His hands were all over me. My nipples were getting red and puffy from his use.

"Are you bold enough to sign it?" he asked. "I mean seriously, if you have any reservations you shouldn't do it. This is all very fucking hot and all, but I do not want to get started in this and then have it ruin your life. You'd better be damned sure before you sign it, because I have every intention of making it all happen."

"I know you do, sir," I said as I signed it properly at the bottom. My heart was fluttering and in my throat, but my pussy betrayed my rational side.

"Wow," he said, "it's done." He sat back in his chair thoughtfully. "Fuck, I haven't had a good lay in way too long, it's been like, two weeks now," he said, making me cringe. I didn't want to tell him how long it'd been for me. He took the contract and folded it and put it in his pocket. "I'm going to have this notarized," he said, adding to my embarrassment. It meant someone else was going to be allowed to read it. "I'll send you a copy," he smirked. "Ok, I am going to fuck the living shit out of you, however, I think you need to prove your allegiance to me first."

I nodded, "What do you wish, sir?"

He took down his pants, I sighed when I saw his cock for the first time in a long time, it was stirring. He said, "Lick my ass."

I'm sure he saw the shock in my face.

"Don't worry, I just took a shower. Randi loved doing it. You want to be like Randi, lick my ass."

I didn't move. He continued to challenge me. "If you want to be like Randi you are going to have to start proving to me you are capable. Looks to me like so far you are just a chick with a crazy fantasy. All talk and no action." It worked, he shamed me into it.

I dropped to my knees. He turned around and bent over. My tongue found his asshole. He groaned when I flicked it lightly around the ring. It was a bit tangy but, surprisingly, it didn't bother me, in fact, it was turning me on.

"Fuck me with it," he panted. I did, he was squirming. He stopped me. "Fuck, I'm not sure Randi could've done better," he said, making me suddenly proud.

"I have an idea," he said. He tossed me a shirt that was balled up on the floor in the corner. "Put it on, quick," he urged. It was a buttoned down shirt, it was wrinkled, it smelled of his sweat. I crinkled up my nose. He just laughed. "Oh, this is nothing in your new journey, believe me." I suspected as much as well.

He stepped up to me, he unbuttoned the top buttons. He tied the bottom part hastily together, baring my flat tummy. I stood in front of him with my tits poking out the top. I only had on my panties otherwise.

"Too bad you don't have heels," he sniffed, "I'd like that look."

"Next time, sir, if you wish," I said, head lowered.

"Right, now here's what I want. I see the mail truck outside. Usually the guy hits my house last. I don't think he's been here yet. Go outside to the box, wait for him."

"Fuck," I thought, this was all happening so quickly. I remembered the contract, how he added me putting out for the mailman. Surely it wouldn't happen so fast.

"What...what am I doing once I'm out there?" I asked hesitatingly.

"Advertising," he grinned evilly.

"But I'm just dressed in these panties and you've got my tits hanging out, sir, won't your neighbors wonder?"

"Who cares? Fuck it, I want those fuckers to see the slut I'm fucking," he said curtly.

Fuck, he was like a maestro at this, he was cutting right to the heart of my fantasy. He marched me outside.

"Take your time, dear," He said smugly. He watched as I sauntered out to his mailbox, which was down at the end of his long driveway.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see neighbors outside on both sides. I didn't dare look either way. I had to wait an embarrassing several minutes until I saw the mailman approach. It was a stocky guy, his hair graying, his gut starting to hang over his belt. He was thick though, like he'd been a sportsman in his time. His eyes latched onto the tops of my breasts right away. He made small talk, purposely trying to lengthen his time with me. I wasn't sure what Jordan wanted. Then I remembered the contract and what he said, "advertising." He wanted me to flirt and to open up something for, "later" so I did. I encouraged the small talk and responded by moving just so that I knew he'd see more. I gestured frequently which caused the shirt to move and at some point I'm sure he caught healthy views of both my tits. I even caught him peeking down at my pink lacy panties, which I was almost sure now were soaked. Reluctantly he pulled away, his duty calling. In my mind, I saw Jordan at the door, forcing me onto my knees with just a look. I saw myself taking out the mailman's cock and sucking him off, right there and then. I quickly snapped back to reality when he said, "Goodbye," and walked away. I thanked him for the mail, I wasn't sure if I should do more but I allowed him to leave. I walked back to Jordan, who had a huge smile on his face.

"You fucker," I smiled with embarrassment.

"Hush, you dig this shit," he laughed, "I can see it by your panties."

I blushed. He was right, I was hotter than ever.

"If I tell you to run after him right now and let him fuck you in his mail truck, would you do it?" He said, his face turning serious.

"Yes," I said hesitatingly. I knew I would, but at that moment I was hoping beyond hope to be taken first by this wonderful hunk of a man. He didn't disappoint, he pulled me in roughly by my hands.

"Good, I just needed to know you'd honor your word," he smiled.

He pulled me inside and threw me on the floor. Amongst the dirty laundry, dish towels, and food crumbs from god knows what, he ripped my panties off of me. I saw his cock again for the first time in years. It was hard and ready. I'd wanted him for all this time, now he had me. He fucked me raw, like the animal I knew he was. He wouldn't let me up, he held my hands down while he drilled into me. Sweat was dripping from his body, I didn't care. He plunged into me deeply, reaching places no one had reached. I arched my back, I bucked back as if I was fighting him. He just grunted and held me tighter, so that I couldn't move, so that all I could do was just take it and take it I did, for what seemed like hours. I can't tell you the number of times I came on his dick, something that had never happened to me before. Finally, the glaze in his eyes was complete. With one last fevered pitch he pummeled his cock into me. He filled me with his cum along with a howl that was feral. He collapsed on top of me. I was whimpering now. He finally rolled off of me. He made me clean his cock with my tongue.

Then, gruffly, he tossed my pants and top at me. "Now, get the fuck out, I'll call you and I expect you to answer, whenever and wherever you may be. Just because we agreed to give you to others doesn't mean I'm not going to wear that shit out myself. I plan on using you as my own personal cum rag."

I flushed noticeably with shame. I was dripping, both from his cum and my own lust. I wondered to myself if this is what Randi always felt. I guessed it was.

"Yes, sir," I nodded. He pushed me out the door with my clothes in my hands. I'm sure the neighbors got a good look at the slut putting her clothes on while standing on his porch. I'm sure Jordan liked that as well.

{End of part one of "Inside Chelsea", part two to follow}

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