tagBDSMChelsea's Contract Ch. 02

Chelsea's Contract Ch. 02


(This is part two of "Chelsea's contract"}

I got a call at 7 am the next morning. "Morning, sunshine...listen, I've got a hard dick and I need a nice warm hole to stick it in, I want you here, now. Don't bother with underwear, I don't want to have to rip it off you this early," Jordan said, before hanging up the phone abruptly.

It wasn't unexpected. After all, when you give the sexual rights to your body to someone, you have to expect them to take you up on it. I rolled out of bed, albeit somewhat reluctantly. My pussy was still sore from yesterday's pounding. That man sure had a nice dick. I thought about showering but I thought, "Fuck it," as just kind of a passive aggressive way of showing him my displeasure at the early morning wakeup. Still, my duty was clear and my excitement at him being so willing to use me again after our agreement made me feel that familiar tingling.

I knocked on his door and he suddenly appeared and yanked me inside. He planted one of his famous kisses on me and I swear the knees got weak, I used to think it was a cliché. I knew this is what must have intoxicated Randi as well. I could only hope to be used as often and as thoroughly as she was, back in the day. He had a cold, urgent look.

"Hey, you know what would be humiliating?" He asked sharply.

"Um, having to show up at someone's house early in the morning, just to get used?" I said, attempting humor.

He barely acknowledged it. He continued, "I think that every time you come here you should start taking your clothes off right out of the car, and that you are nude by the time you reach the sidewalk."

"Oh fuck," I moaned.

He could see my grimace. He paid no mind. "Then, after I'm done with you, you can collect your things on the way out."

"The neighbors..." I started to whine.

"I told you already, I want the neighbors to see the slut I'm fucking. I'm betting they aren't fucking what I am."

With that he pushed me unceremoniously to my knees. He pushed the skirt up over my hips and eased his already hard cock into me. I groaned. He felt so good inside me again. But, this wasn't about me. He was immediately urgent. This was about him, getting off in some hot, wet hole. That hot, wet hole was me. He pumped me full of his sperm and slapped me on my ass, hard.

"Thanks, whore," he smiled. "I'm going to want a blowjob later, I always like those after a hard day at work."

"I work too, you know," I said.

"Yes, of course you do, when you aren't out sexual slaving to people. Listen, I'm occasionally a reasonable guy, I'll try to work around it. However, if I want you when you are working, you'll just have to make do."

"Yes, sir," I said, defeated.

He made arrangements for me to meet him at his construction site after work. He made it clear that I was only coming to give him head.

I thought about him all day. I thought about his cock. I thought about the contract I signed. I thought about what he would make me do over the next three months. Then I remember that I was more likely to be his slave for the next six months. I sighed. My pussy wasn't helping, it wanted more. Work seemed to race by, what with my constant thought of my mouth on that glorious cock. I hadn't tasted him yet. No doubt though, I'd learn to love that taste.

I met him at the trailer office at his construction site promptly. I knew better than to be late. I walked in. It was just him and his foreman, Hammish. Jordan was his daddy's vice president, though by his physique it was no desk work for him. Jordan waved off Hammish with a grunt. Hammish just tipped his cap and smiled at me as he walked towards the door. He was nearly out when he popped his head back in.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to this fine young lady?" He inquired sweetly.

"Oh, she's just some whore that's going to give me head in a minute, name is Ch.....C....?" he said, without looking up.

"Chelsea!" I said, frustrated. Hammish just shook his head, shrugged his shoulders at me and closed the door behind him.

"Now that had to be humiliating," Jordan said with a wink.

I just nodded, my face flush with proof. He leaned back against his desk. "Now come here," he said, pointing me to the floor.

I crawled to him and unzipped his fly. I'd seen Randi do this a number of times and I can still remember the feeling of jealousy I always got. Now, here I was, on my knees with this beautiful man's dick in my hand. I wanted to please him, please him better than Randi ever did. I have to admit, my oral skills haven't been well used. My ex husband could've cared less about it. I think he thought it was gross, or, he was grossed out by the thought of having to return the favor, either way, what I knew about giving head was mostly from watching porn. I was sucking him too fast.

"Whoa there, C, slow it down," he panted. "Make love to it. Feel it in your mouth, taste it, lick it, enjoy it."

I did as he instructed. It must've worked because soon he was groaning. "Oh yeah, like that, baby, just like that," he said, panting. "I'm going to fill your mouth, slut..."

I started to look up at him to gauge his excitement. I thought of all the times I peeked in on Randi, watching as Jordan and others filled her mouth with cum. I remembered that taste of it on her lips. I remembered Jordan's awe at how much cum she swallowed the night of the bus trip when she orally took them all. I wanted it. I wanted it all, deep inside me, all those years I swore I'd never let a drop of cum go to waste. He didn't disappoint. He filled my mouth up. I slurped up most of it and sort of choked on the rest, but regained my composure and swallowed all of it down. I looked up at him with pride.

"That was good, for the first time," he laughed. "I'll make sure your skills get honed, though," he smiled. I beamed. "I'll expect you every day at the same time, unless you hear otherwise. Oh, and same deal applies with the clothes here. Discard your clothes on the steps outside before you come in. Don't worry, guys aren't usually hanging around here, after work, they don't want to be caught dead working overtime," he smirked. "However, even if they are you still do it, you dig being humiliated, right?" He laughed knowingly.

"Yes, sir," I said softly. I wondered to myself if I was crazy for wanting this sort of use. Here I was, standing there, beaming at taking a mouth full of his cum and he hadn't lifted a finger to please me. Then I realized, he did please me, by giving me just what I've been craving for years now. I bowed before him in jest and skipped out with a smile on my face. I think even he may have been a bit surprised at how well I was taking to this. Probably made him want to test me even more.

I did as he asked. Each morning that he summoned me I pulled into his driveway. I quickly removed my clothes outside of my car, I laid the clothes on the hood and I marched to his door briskly. He made a point of being slow to open it. He'd promptly use my pussy in all sorts of positions, using different pieces of furniture to prop me up, before filling me with cum and sending me on my way. I couldn't get used to being naked outside, however. No matter that I'd done it a half dozen times I always rushed to the door and was relieved when he took me inside to use me. I knew they saw me, though, I could see some of them out of the corner of my eye. I knew what they must think. "What a fucking slut." I knew they were right. I really was. If they only knew the old me, they'd see what a total risk I was taking agreeing to all this. Even I couldn't understand the monster that this desire had come within me. In my head I could see them all shaking their heads at me disapprovingly. Inside it made me cringe a little, I wondered if Randi ever felt the same way. I also wondered if she was as turned on by is as I seemed to be.

At the construction site I'd slurp up his cum and probably due to a cue from Hammish, I was "caught" on more than one occasion getting naked outside the trailer. Jordan allowed them long looks too, as he made me wait outside, allowing them to see everything I had. Just a naked white girl with a very red face. Then, Jordan would pull me in, only to push me out minutes later, licking cum off my lips. "Fuck," I remember thinking, "whoever thought cum was this good."

Jordan was true to his word. He was using me like a cum dump. Often times I was just a wet hole to him, he wouldn't say a word. I could see him at times looking at me, as if he was considering something, he just wouldn't say what. That changed after two weeks of continued use.

"Listen whore," he said gruffly over the phone one morning as I tried to shake the fogginess off.

"Yes, sir?" I said sleepily.

"My dick is getting a little sore fucking that tight hole of yours. I need to take a break. You can take a rest from pleasing me, for now, until I decide again when I want to use your holes."

As such, I'm instituting article two of our agreement.

"Which is?" I said, as I sat straight up, my mind now clear.

"You know damned well what it is, well not exactly what it is, but you know what I mean," he laughed. He gave me an address to an office downtown. "Be there at 5:15, wear something easily removable, nothing else. Keep your cell phone on." He hung up.

My pussy was starting its familiar ache. I knew we were still early in our game. So much was yet to happen, I was excited, yet terrified by it all. I had no idea what to expect. I threw on a light sundress. I didn't even wear shoes, he said, "nothing else," after all. I hoped that somehow he'd be impressed with my submissiveness to his whims. I showed up at the office on my note. As if on cue, my cell phone rang.

"Are you there? Good, being timely, that's a nice quality in a whore," he said, purposely poking me. "Are you standing outside the office now? Good, now, as with me, I want you to take off your clothes and knock on the door. If you did as I asked, it should be easy, you shouldn't have much on."

"Fuck!" I thought aloud when I saw the lettering on the door. "Bill Riley, computer technical expert."

I heard Jordan laugh, "Yes, you are at Bill's office. He does some website work for my dad."

Bill was the biggest, grossest nerd from our high school. If there was a picture in the dictionary to define the word dweeb, his would be it.

"You remember Bill, don't you?"

"Yes, I remember," I groaned. Despite my desire for attention during those days I had to rebuff Bill almost daily. For some reason he was drawn to me. How Jordan knew how humiliating this would personally be for me, I'll never know.

"Now, off with your clothes, quickly, if you don't want anyone to see, then knock on his door, politely!" he said, hardly helpfully.

I shucked off the sundress and left it in a heap in the hall. The building was mostly deserted, from what I could tell, still, I could hear workers moving around in the distance. My mind was filled with thoughts of escape, there was no way that I could want this, right? Still there I was, I found myself at his door. I could see movement behind the smoky glass. I thought of Randi, and my obsession with the fantasy for all these years. I knew she had done worse. I startled myself with my own knocking on the window. He opened the door. His mouth hit the floor.

"Chelsea Lane?!" he said with a girlish scream. My face hit my chest, I didn't want him to look at me in the eyes. "My goodness," he said like a schoolboy after his first prom kiss, "Jordan said he was sending me a reward for finishing the website for his father, but damn," he said, his smile threatening to overwhelm his horn rimmed glasses.

Suddenly we both remembered that I was completely naked. He shut the door quickly behind me. "What is this all about, Chelsea?" He said questioningly. In a flash I thought about the absurdity of it all. He can remember my name. The irony that here is a guy that has wanted me as long as I've known him. A guy, by all accounts, is a nice guy, a decent, hard working, smart guy who seemed to have a genuine interest in me. And yet, a guy who has made me uncomfortable just thinking about him. All the while, another guy, an immature, big slob of a man, a guy who has nothing but his daddy's business going for him, has me weak in the knees, willing to do his sexual bidding. Suddenly, my thought was interrupted by a text message.

It read, "tell him you are there as a reward for his services."

I looked at Bill's sweaty face and I repeated the message to him. His eyes were all over me.

"Really? What does that mean?" He said excitedly.

Another text came through. "Tell him that he gets to pick your mouth or your pussy."

I could barely cough it out as Bill stood there, transfixed. Still, I mouthed the words, barely loud enough for him to hear. "You get to pick my mouth or my pussy," I strained, "as a reward for your work."

Bill may be a nerd, a sweaty, socially stunted nerd but he's no fool.

"Fuck, your pussy, I want your pussy!"

I nodded in defeat. "Where? How?" I said, my shame evident.

"Fuck, I don't know," Bill whined.

I just shook my head. I had to help him do this. I bent over his desk. I shoved my ass back towards him. "Do it like this," I urged, "fuck me like this."

I didn't know if he was a virgin or not. But there his cock was, poised at my entrance. I reached around to grab it and guide it in. "Whoa," I thought, it was longer than I'd have expected.

If I wanted it to fill me and touch me like Jordan's dick I was soon disappointed. Bill grunted and huffed and humped me like a hedgehog. I got a text, as I was getting fucked over the desk.

"Tell him you want his cum in your mouth," it began...."tell him you've always wanted to taste him."

"Fuck!" I screamed in my head. He was getting right to the core of personal shame. Yet, I found myself saying it out loud. "Bill, I want you to cum in my mouth, let me know when you are ready, I've always wanted to taste you," I barely got out in time before I felt him start to spasm. I spun around just in time to get my head over his pussy soaked cock as he fired his cum deep in my throat. I realized then how wet I was, my own wetness had made him so slippery.

"Oh god, yes, Chelsea, I've wanted it too, for sooooo long," he wailed as he continued to spurt.

I quickly licked up the rest of his cum off his dick. I stood up abruptly and grabbed my sundress from the hallway and threw it on. I smiled at Bill as I walked out, without saying anything. Suddenly, another text came.

"Tell him you'd love him to cum in your pussy next time," it said,

"Next time? Fuck," I groaned.

I could feel his desire to humiliate me grow, just as my desire for it had grown. My shoulders slumped. This most certainly was humiliating. Bill was standing there comically, in his doorway, his shrinking penis hanging, his pants around his ankles.

"Maybe next time you can cum in my pussy?" I said with a forced smile as I turned and shut the door behind me. "Who am I kidding?" I thought, I hated this but I needed it. I knew I'd be back, and willingly. I'd just fucked the creepiest guy in my whole life. Jordan seemed to know what was driving me.

He made me wait days, with me conjuring up all sorts of images of what was in store. He had me on edge, he must've known it. It was the first time he hadn't called on me for this long. I wanted his cock, I wanted his use. I actually wanted him to use me, just a slut to stick his dick in. He knew it, that's why he was making me wait.

It was an agonizing wait. I jumped for my phone like a giddy schoolgirl when I saw he was calling again.

"Hey whore, had a nice break?" He asked, his soft words contradictory to his word choice.

"It was you that wanted the break, sir," I said, trying not to offend him.

"Ah, yes, you got me," he laughed. "Still, I'd been using that pussy and mouth hard..." he said.

"Yes you have, sir, and thank you," I said sweetly.

"Listen, it's been a few days, you must be ready for something new by now," he said, hopefully.

"It's been five days, sir," I said with childish impatience, "and you know I'm ready for it."

"I suspected as much, that's why I have a big day planned for you tomorrow. It all depends on how it goes, of course, but you could easily be fulfilling things on our contract, if all goes according to plan," he said, mysteriously.

"What is it, sir?" I said, even shocking myself at my eagerness.

"Take lunch off tomorrow, be at my house at noon, remember the clothing rule," he said.

"Yes, sir," I said, my heart started it's familiar thumping at the thought.

I arrived at noon the next day. I only had an hour for lunch, I'd hoped to not have to miss any work. I dutifully stripped off my clothes in the driveway and rushed to the door. It was locked, Jordan wasn't home. I took a note from the front door. "Have a seat on the front porch," was all it said. I knew better than to try and hide myself. Jordan wouldn't permit it, I was sure. No neighbors were in their front yards, thank god. Suddenly, I saw the mailman walking up to the box. I shrank down a little, the car was between me and him. I felt his presence before I saw him.

"Ma'am?" he said with a start, seeing me sitting there naked.

I had no idea what to say, I started to apologize profusely. He just smiled at how frustrated I was getting and put his hands up.

"Hey now, hey now," he said, "everything is fine. We're all adults here."

My heart was racing, I was still lost to find something to say.

He was holding an envelope in his hand. He handed it to me. On the front it was addressed to, "Naked girl on the porch."

"What's this about, then?" He asked with a smirk.

I shrugged and opened it. "Article two, sucking off the mailman for a tip for his hard work," was all that was written. Jordan! It was one thing being humiliated being seen naked, now I had to somehow explain that I wanted to give him a blowjob. I could only shrug at him. I figured, fuck, what better way to tell him. I handed him the opened envelope and let him read it himself. He looked at me at first like I was crazy.

"Look, I don't know what you are into..." he said hesitatingly. I knew what Jordan would want.

"I'm into sucking off nice guys as a reward for their hard work," I shrugged.

I guess honesty is the best policy for it wasn't even a minute later I was on my knees in the back part of the driveway, sucking on this older man's cock. His reward became mine as he filled my mouth. I looked him deep in the eyes as he watched me swirl up his cum with my tongue then swallow it with a grin.

"Fuckkkkkkk," was all he could say. He quickly fastened himself up and with embarrassment, beat a hasty retreat. I was still on my knees at the side of the house when I looked up I caught Mr. Henderson from next door peeking out of his kitchen window. He just caught me licking the last drop of his mailman's cum off my lips. I blushed at him and ran to retrieve my clothing. A text was waiting on my phone in the car.

"I'm sure you didn't disappoint however, I may need you to do that on a regular basis, just to polish your oral skills. However, your day isn't over, be at the Honey Bee lounge at 10pm, dress like the slut you are," I sighed, a slut's day is never over, I guess. My head was screaming at me to stop, to back off, still, the fire in my pussy told me argued otherwise. I remembered Jordan saying something about picking someone up in a bar if he asked. I wondered if this is what the next task would be. "The Honey Bee lounge," I thought, "I think that's the place that's owned by our old high school principal."

I wore the sluttiest thing I could dare myself to wear, figuring that it's what Jordan would want. It was a stretchy black dress that hugged my body snugly. normally, I'd wear a sweater over the top but now I was to be on display and I knew it. Without a bra my nipples were as clear as the buttons down the front. I found my best high black heels and finished the look up with some sultry red lipstick. I looked at myself in the mirror, I could barely recognize it was me. It hit me how much I looked like Randi. I was amazed at how much I was living for what Jordan wanted. I barely knew the man, still, I'd been willing to do whatever he'd asked of me. As I dressed I thought about Randi, about it all. I was definitely being humiliated and so far, I'd been used fairly well. Still, I thought of Randi, about the stories of her, her oral bang on the bus, stories of her in the shower of the men's locker room, of her stepping out of the teacher's lounge with her clothes askew, followed by some of the coaching staff. We always knew how she passed Phys Ed, even though she never went to class. I may have been where Randi started, but I didn't think I was where Randi had been, god, I couldn't believe I was thinking this, but I wanted more and it excited and frightened me at the same time.

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