Chelsea's Contract Ch. 03


"You understand your payment?" He said to the stone faced attorney. He nodded.

Jordan stood up and leaned against the door. He motioned to me, I understood. I began to strip off my clothes. I stood before the bespectacled, graying distinguished gentleman. He made me spin around as he whistled his approval. I stood between his legs as he caressed my nakedness. He made me sign another contract, standing there nude in front of him, while his fingers probed my wetness.

It was a payment agreement. It said, "I Chelsea Lane agree to pay Mr. Thomas Keller each time his services are rendered, with fellatio."

Then, with a gentle push on my shoulder he nudged me to my knees. With Jordan watching I gave his attorney head. Jordan stood there smiling the whole time while my camera recorded it all. He wanted to capture this moment for the file as well, as it basically amounted to prostitution. I was paying for services with sex. I had no way out. He filled my mouth and Jordan made me thank him. He offered my continued service to the man if we ever needed to work amendments into the now binding contract. As part of his service he would be collecting the "Jar money" weekly. The two laughed and chatted as I dressed as if I wasn't even there. They were treating me like the cock sucking whore I was.

Mr. Keller handed me a receipt. It said, "For services rendered on this date, Chelsea Lane has paid in full." In the note line it said, "Blowjob." My stomach twisted at that.

As I lay in my bed that night I remember being so anxious I couldn't sleep. Jordan had been "nice" to me so far? Wow, I feared what may come if sucking his mailman and having to fuck the nerd and the black guy weren't just being nice. I worried that I'd given him too much. I made it so lucrative for him to break me and to use me that things could easily get out of hand. I was stuck, he had me, the videos, the contract, the names of those who would be crushed if they ever found out. I again thought of Randi, I wondered if being a slut was ever this tough for her. I was questioning whether I was naturally cut out for being like her. I found myself thinking about things, especially that day with the attorney and my hand found my clit. I was ashamed of myself but I managed to cum anyway, wondering what was next.

I didn't have to wait long for the "new" Jordan. He fucked my ass, hard and raw, the very next morning, bright and early. He made me lick him clean. I was starting to get past the grossness, it made me that way that I crave.

He told me to be naked, on my knees at noon in the back of the driveway. He said, "it's time we started honing that cock sucking skill. You want to be like Randi? She must've sucked hundreds, literally, hundreds of guys, you've got a long way to go. Plus, ten bucks is ten bucks," he laughed.

For the time being I was to meet the mailman daily back there, and allow him to use my mouth. I saw Mr. Henderson from next door camp out at the same window daily, to watch the slut in action. Fred, the mailman, was always giddy. Jordan made me ask Fred every day if my technique was good, if I was getting better, all things to humiliate me. I'm sure Fred wasn't going to complain in any way. For the next few days it was just the mailman, and a couple times, Jordan fucking me.

Still, I could see Jordan thinking, he was planning more, I could tell. He had every motivation to make sure I was fucking and sucking non-stop. He showed up in my office, just after I got back from fellating the mailman once more. I worked where I lived, 20 minutes from the town where Jordan still lived.

"Jordan? Sir? What are you doing here? " I said, as he marched past the bank of secretaries, into my office.

"Just visiting my slut, I wanted to see where you worked. My you are dressed nicely," he said, viewing my professional attire. I had on a ladies suit coat and a matching dress that fell below the knee.

"Very classy," he laughed.

"Sir!" I said, as I shut the door to my office behind him.

He hadn't spoken loudly enough to be heard, I guess, but still, I didn't want that to get out.

"Your own office, this is nice," he said with a smile, saves me from fucking you in a closet somewhere."

"What? Sir, no, not here," I whined.

"Shut up," he said coldly. "Turn around and bend over your desk, and make me feel good, if you are lucky, I'll finish before one of your cute secretaries puts her nose in here."

"God, sir, No!" I pleaded.

He tapped his coat pocket. "I can tape this copy of the contract on that bulletin board out there, or, you can pay me my five grand right now, either way, I'm walking out of here with my cum in you, or five grand in my hand."

I looked around, the blinds covered the door window, but as is usually the case, anyone standing right by the door would most likely be able to see something through the slats. Usually though, when my door is closed, they stay away. I could only pray to be so lucky.

I gave him a pained expression but he was compassionless. I raised my skirt over my hips and I reluctantly bent over my desk. He took the scissors from their holder on the desk and he cut my panties off. He popped them in his pocket as a souvenir.

He said, "Take out ten bucks and put it on the desk." I did as he asked. "I want it to be real, that you are paying me to fuck your slut pussy."

He guided himself in me. He fucked me fast and hard. He started to grunt. I tried to shush him.

"Sir! Shhh, they'll hear you."

"Better get me off fast, then," he groaned.

I helped him, I bucked back into him for all I was worth. He clutched my hips strongly and filled my womb with his cum. "Oh yeah, " he moaned. "Glad you made the right decision."

I turned around and straightened my skirt.

"Sir! You can't keep doing this though, our agreement was that people would only find out if I backed out of the deal, your coming here could jeopardize that."

"Bullshit, the deal was to use you whenever, wherever and however I wanted. It's your job to keep it a secret, not mine. I won't tell them, but if they find out themselves, or guess....not my problem. Besides, that would be humiliating, wouldn't it, your secretaries knowing you are getting plowed right here in your office, by some lowly construction worker?"

"Yesss," I hissed.

"I'll fuck you wherever I wish," he scolded. "If I break you, I get my reward," he smirked. "Expect me to be back, and often. For my sake you are not to wear panties, ever, in this office."

"But sir!"

He tapped his pocket again. "Why are we even bothering with this discussion? You'll do as I say, and I'll fuck you how I wish. Honestly, do you want me to stop using you?

I bowed my head in shame. "No sir."

"Would you be able to live your dream if I did?" Do you honestly not want this cock inside you every day?"

"No sir, you've been wonderful and I need your cock in me like I need air," I panted, in all honesty.

"Since you keep questioning me, no bra either."

My mouth fell open.

"You heard me, I know you have some nice tits and you won't be able to hide that you aren't wearing a bra, that should humiliate you enough to not question me again."

I nodded meekly.

Say," he said questioningly.

"What?" I asked with trepidation.

"Is there anyone here that is after you?"

"How so?"

"You know, is there any guy in here that lusts after you?"

"I imagine, maybe a few, why?" I said, fearing the answer.

"Don't tell me a few, tell me a name, one name," he said coldly.

I knew I couldn't win, just the thought of my dad, in front of his TV, watching his daughter get her ass fucked...was too much for me to continue the charade of argument.

"John," I stammered. "John Stevens, he's a delivery guy who delivers supplies twice a week."

"What days?" he asked.

I hesitated. "What fucking days, jesus, do you want me to fuck you again right now, this time with the door open?"

"Tuesdays and Thursdays!" I whispered, though loudly.

"Does he come into your office at all?"

"Not usually," I said, "he usually delivers to the supply room there at the end of the hall. I motioned down to the end of the hall, past the secretaries.

"How do you know he likes you?"

"Um, I don't know, you can just tell," I said while fidgeting at the interrogation. I knew where this was leading, I couldn't stop it though, it was a like a freight train coming. I'd fantasized about John before. He was a college kid. A tall, charming, dark haired boy of 21 or so. He was a flirt, a big one, that's how I knew he wanted me. He ogled me without shame and I often allowed him to do it while pretending to be naive about it. He often kiddingly asked me out and we both laughed it off.

"So, it's some kid?"

I told him, yes, and his age.

"Perfect, older woman, younger man, kind of a MILF thing, I like it. You know what I'm going to tell you to do, right?"

I nodded, my head bowed. "Kind of," I whispered softly.

"And you are going to do it aren't you?" he said sternly. "As often and in any way I ask, right?"

I nodded sheepishly. "Yes, sir."

"Good, it's Wednesday, so tomorrow he's here, is he not?" I nodded. "How big is that supply room?" he asked.

"Oh god, sir, not there, everyone would know we were in there, and if the door was closed they'd know we..." I stammered, halting.

"They'd know my slut is in there pleasing the delivery boy? I'm sorry, I just don't see a down side here," he laughed cruelly.

"Sir..." I pleaded. "It's also in the contract that you won't get me fired, it's inferred in the contract, no telling of my coworkers."

"Relax, sweetie," he chuckled. "I'll leave the where, and how, up to you. But tomorrow, that college kid is going to get pussy from my slut milf, in this building, during business hours. Agreed? It's time you start making me some money! You also know how the next part goes..." he said ominously. "Make sure the kid knows you are available whenever."

"Yes, sir," I said meekly.

He walked out of my office whistling, every secretary's eye was on him. I wondered if they knew already. Donna, my personal secretary came to my door.

"Who in the world was that gorgeous thing," she said with excitement.

"Oh, some guy I know from high school." I said, trying to be nonchalant.

Some of the other secretaries came up as well after hearing us talking about it. They buzzed around me. I wondered if they could smell the sex on me. I stood there as they interrogated me, my pussy leaking his cum. I had to squeeze my legs together to not let it drip down my thighs due to the fact that he'd taken my panties. I brushed them off finally with a "he's just a friend," but I wondered if they already knew. Women are far more intuitive about things like that then men.

In a perfect world, fucking John would not be the worst thing to happen. However, to have to do it, and to have to do it here, somehow, that was different. It was humiliating and cruel to leave it up to me to plan it and execute it, including having to figure out not only a way to do it, but how to do it without anyone knowing, or without John blabbing it to anyone. Still, thinking of Randi again, she managed to fuck the phys-ed teachers right in the teacher's lounge more than once, to get her grade. No one ever found out. I had to be as creative as Randi.

It seemed like I just blinked but I was back at my desk Thursday morning. Jordan had left me alone that morning, no doubt to stew in my own anxiety. I was pantiless and braless, as instructed. I'm sure everyone noticed. My mind raced with how I was going to do it, how I was even going to approach him. This was something out of left field for us. I had an idea and made the necessary arrangements while the office was still slow.

Jordan's new insistence on the contract had me convinced that he'd use any opportunity, any hint of failure, to declare the contract void and collect his money. I even thought he'd enjoy releasing the incriminating evidence. "Fuck," I remembered, I'll also be online getting anally reamed." I knew I couldn't risk failure.

I paced nervously for an hour before he usually showed up. One of the secretaries even asked me what was wrong. I just told her it was nothing, just a bad day. Then, I saw him. He was chatting casually with Meg, one of our bustier secretaries. She was the bawdy type, she laughed loudly, told dirty jokes, drank a bit too, from what I heard. She was 21, I knew she wanted John, I could tell how she acted. I knew he made a habit of sitting on the edge of her desk. From that vantage point I knew he could see pretty much down her top, I saw her do nothing ever, to discourage it. "Fuck," I thought, "I need to compete with that." I had on a buttoned down shirt and a hip hugging skirt. It was still office appropriate, but it allowed me to spruce it up quickly, if need be. I felt my nipples harden, I unbuttoned one extra button, risqué for me, especially without the bra I hoped no one else but him would notice. I hung around the supply room until he finally pulled himself away from Meg and her melons. I secretly hoped that it stoked his fire a bit first, though.

He grinned broadly upon seeing me. He chatted me up freely, as he always does. I did see him take notice of the unbuttoned part of the shirt. I made sure I gave him every opportunity to peek. He was playing as if he wasn't trying to look and I was purposely making him try to look, from an outsider's view, it must have been comical. He started to unpack all his supplies while I continue to search for some non-existent thing. While he wasn't looking I unbuttoned one more button. I reached high and low on the shelves and I knew that each time I reached, the shirt opened up in front and allowed him to see that I wasn't wearing a bra. I made sure the supply door was open, but that I was behind it. That way, it didn't appear that anything was going on. Finally, he was done stocking the shelves. I was starting to sweat, it was hot in there. I used my shirt to fan myself, in doing so I'm sure he saw pretty much everything I had to offer on top. I played innocent.

He started to bid me goodbye. I had to make my move.

"John..." I started. "You remember those folders you brought a few weeks ago, for me, specifically? Do you know where those are?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"He said, yeah, they're right..." he reached for a box that was no longer there. "...I thought I put them right here. Did you use up all of them?" He asked in frustration.

"No, I haven't used a single one. But I need them now, today. I have a big presentation I need them for," I lied.

"Well, hell," he said, obviously thinking.

"Could you have put them in the basement?" I asked, feigning innocence. I knew they were there, I'd put them down there this morning.

"I don't think so, I knew you wanted them, I guess it's possible though, I'll go check."

"I'll go with you," I said, laying my trap.

We both got on the elevator. I did nothing to cover up my top which now was hanging precariously just over my breasts. I pretended not to notic. He, however, noticed plenty. His eyes barely left my tits as we chatted on the ride down.

"Fuck," I thought as we both got off the elevator, "I can't believe I'm going to do this." I thought of my dad, all the people upstairs at the office, and then I thought of Randi, that made it easier. I knew she'd think nothing of sucking or fucking someone like this. If I wanted to be her, there was no time like the present.

He walked to the shelves. "Wow, you were right, they are right here," he said, puzzled. "I swore I put them upstairs."

He picked up the box and started towards me, and the elevator. I knew it was now or never. There was a door to the outside, to a set of stairs, leading to a maintenance shed. Only the AC guys ever used it. I had in it my plans.

"Wait," I said quickly. "It's hot as fuck in here," I panted, and it was, it was just a poorly ventilated, dank basement.

"It sure is," He said, he was sweating now too.

"Let's go outside for a minute and have a smoke," I said. I'd barely smoked in my life, and not for a long time, but I knew he did. I had a pack ready. I opened the door and pushed my way outside. I sat on the steps. He stood in front of me as we lit our cigarettes. I knew the way I was sitting he could see all the way down my top.

"Perfect," I thought, let him look.

To help him further, as he reached for another light, bending as he did so, I again fanned my shirt away from me, appearing to cool myself in the process. "

God, if he didn't see my whole tits that time I don't know what else I can do," I thought.

He saw. He had a strange look in his eyes.

I pounced. "Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked.

"Not currently," he said, smiling. "Are you offering?" he joked.

I laughed. "No, I was just wondering...a young guy like you, good looking, single...well, it must get lonely."

"Well, how about you, a beautiful, if I may say, sexy woman like yourself, you're single too, right? So how is it for you without sex?"

I nodded. "Yes, it can be tough sometimes." Little did he know. Still I used it to my advantage. I had to break the ice, I knew we only had minutes.

"Sometimes I just wonder why society is all bent out of shape if two people just use each other for sex. I mean, here we are, you need some, I need some, it's just a shame, really," I said, trying to gauge his reaction.

He had a funny look. He was thinking of how to say it. "'s not like anyone else has to know..." he said, this time looking for my reaction.

"I'm not sure anything like that could ever be kept a secret..." I said, hopefully.

"Who is going to tell?" He asked, "certainly not me!" he said emphatically.

That was what I wanted to hear. "Ok..." I said, trying to steel my nerves, "we do it right here, right now, will you be able to keep that a secret?" I asked as I reached my hand out and rubbed his bulge through his pants. "Fuck, there's a lot there," I realized happily.

"Hell yeah," he said.

"Because," I continued, if you tell it'll be just a one time thing, if you don't, might just get a lot more," I said, trying to seal the deal.

"No one else knows, it's a promise," he said with vigor.

I slipped my shirt over my shoulders and let it fall, revealing my breasts to him. He cupped them in his hands and tugged at my nipples, I could only groan, "Fuck, " I thought, I want so much more than a quickie like this," but I knew I had very little time before the whole office would be looking for us.

I unzipped him. His cock was young, firm and proud. I took him in my mouth, he just sighed.

"Fuck, I've wanted you for so long," he said, "I never imagined you doing this..."

He had no idea what I'd become, or that no doubt he'd be using me often, just like everyone else Jordan has given me to, I had no doubt of that.

He was hard and throbbing, I didn't want to make him cum. I pulled off of him with a "pop".

I turned around and bent over the stairs. I raised my skirt. He grunted his approval upon seeing I was pantiless.

"Our secret, right?" I said.

"Yes," he said, his breath short.

"Then fuck me, quick, we don't have much time."

He needed no more encouragement. His young cock ravaged my pussy. We were grunting like animals. I felt just like Randi. He pumped me full of cum and staggered backwards. I turned around and sat on the steps and took another drag from a cigarette. My tits were bare and my skirt was bunched up around my waist. His cum was dripping out onto the stairs. I was starting to feel the very way I'd begged Jordan to make me feel, I was feeling like the biggest slut ever.

"Fuck, that was great," he panted.

I got some rags from the shelves and we wiped each other off, we had been sweating heavily.

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