Chelsea's Contract Ch. 03


"Don't you want to get pleased too?" He asked.

He was sweet, but I shook my head. I remembered what Jordan said, about making sure the kid knows he can have me again and again. I acted as if I was getting scared, paranoid at what we'd done, regretful.

"Listen, you promised not to tell," I said with concern. He nodded. "Seriously, I could get in big trouble here." He just shrugged. "Listen, I know how you young guys are always blabbing to their friends about their conquests. He wasn't arguing, but I continued the act. "Ok, you did it, you got my pussy, you'll never get it again if you tell anyone." He had a knowing look at his face. I swear he knew where I was going with it. I acted panicked. "You can have me again," I said, my eyes lowered, "like you want, whenever you want, if you just don't tell."

"Fuck," he said, letting out a deep breath. "Ok."

"I'm serious, John, It has to be here though, I can't take this home with me. But, whenever you are here, we'll find someplace, I'll please you as often as you want, just don't tell."

"I won't" he said now, with a cocky smile.

I couldn't believe I now had a commitment to please at work, Jordan had successfully entered every part of my life. I know it was what I asked for, I just hoped I was strong enough to withstand it. We headed back. I cleaned up in the bathroom a bit before entering my office area.

I walked past the secretaries. I could see them talking amongst themselves. "Fuck," I thought, I forgot the box we were supposed to be down there to get. First Jordan, now this, I may not be able to keep my sluttiness a secret from them for much longer, I feared. As his cum dripped down my thigh I wondered if I even cared.

Late that afternoon I was startled by Mr. Keller showing up at my door. He saw my surprised look. He shut the door behind him.

"I'm here to collect Mr. Ryan's money for the week."

"Fuck," I thought, I hadn't realized it would be today. I hadn't even written it down as he'd asked. Mr. Keller saw that I was empty handed. He frowned.

"Mr. Ryan mentioned that there'd be a disciplinary "fee" for late payment. I need to also see your records."

"Disciplinary fee? What's that?" I said with fear.

Mr. Ryan reserves the right to discipline you for failure to comply with timely record keeping and bill payment. He said something about a belt. He was hoping you'd be remiss, now I have to tell him."

"Fuck," I thought, he was going to whip me.

I told him, "wait, this'll only take a minute, I'll write it down. How embarrassing that was to sit there and jot down all the cum that had been deposited in me since Jordan wanted me to start counting. Mr. Keller got to see me write it all, and all the time it took for me to remember all of it.

"Let's see," I said out loud, "since we signed the first contract...hmmm, all those mornings and yesterday when Jordan had me suck him off. Then today the delivery guy...." I wrote it all down in a hurry. I know what he was thinking, "what a fucking slut.

Mr. Keller cleared his throat. "Oh," I remembered, I sucked you off too," I said with embarrassment. "That's 20, Wow," I thought, 20 loads in just about two weeks, I had no idea it was that many or if I was even right about the number.

"Better make that 21," he said with a lustful look.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because there's a pickup fee, it's part of my services as Mr. Ryan's lawyer."

"You've got to be kidding," I said in panic.

"It's in your contract, young lady, it's part of my fee. Mr. Ryan also wants me to check whether or not you are complying with the no underwear rule."

Reluctantly I opened my shirt far enough for him to see my bare tits. Sitting in front of him, I gave him a quick flash of my pussy.

"Satisfied?" I said sarcastically.

"Not yet," he smiled.

He unzipped his pants. "Mr. Ryan said you'd pay, one way or the other," he huffed.

I looked around. Used again in my own office, I never thought of the consequences reaching me here. I should've known. I got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

"It's a shame Mr. Ryan is going to stripe that ass," he said with chagrin, "I love a beautiful white skinned ass with that skin tone."

I looked up at him, " is there any way I can get you not to tell?" I wondered to him.

He pulled me up. He had me open my shirt and he massaged my tits. Then, he turned me around and lifted my skirt and fingered my pussy and my ass. Then he pushed me back to my knees, he made me leave the shirt open and my skirt rolled over my waist. I could hear the secretaries talking, it seemed like they were just outside my door.

I took Mr. Keller's cum down my throat as a good slut should. He handed me another "Blowjob" receipt. I just smiled weakly.

I realized I didn't have any cash on me. He looked sternly at me but I begged him to come to the ATM with me, we had one in the lobby. The secretaries again had those accusing looks as I took Mr. Keller past them. Meg looked particularly intrigued. I took out his money, which would be held in escrow for Jordan. One hundred and five dollars. I was basically paying him hard earned dollars to have me used like this.

"Thank you, ma'am, and good day," he smirked.

21 loads of cum, and Jordan insisted that it was going to get worse for me. My pussy twitched at that thought.

{End of part three of "Chelsea's contract"}

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