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Chelsea's Nooner


At half past noon Chelsea Parker found herself hastily beating a path through the employee parking lot to her car. This was the second Wednesday of the month which meant she'd be spending her lunch break at home. She would not be eating lunch, however.

A month earlier, Chelsea had made the grave error of driving home from an office party under the influence of too many Cosmopolitans and managed to knock over several trash cans as she made the turn into her driveway. Angered and more than a little frightened by his wife's shocking lapse in judgment, her husband Jake took her across his knee and proceeded to give Chelsea the spanking of her young life. Later, as he lovingly slathered her swollen, crimson ass cheeks with a healing balm, Jake announced that she would receive an additional spanking every other Wednesday afternoon for the rest of the year.

This arrangement was convenient to his work schedule and the fact that it interfered with hers was as he phrased it: "Tough titty!"

Chelsea arrived home at ten to one. She dashed from her car and flung the front door open.

"You're five minutes late." her husband called from the bedroom. "Remember what I said about five bonus swats for every minute you kept me waiting?"

"Twenty-five extra?!" Chelsea whined as she tossed her purse onto the couch and began removing her shoes. "It wasn't my fault! There was traffic!"

"There's always traffic, Little Miss Alibi. Now are you going get in here and over my lap or do I tack on another twenty-five?!"

"No, no! I'm coming!" the young woman responded as she scurried through the living room, unzipping her skirt as she spoke.

She found Jake exactly as she'd expected him- sitting at the edge of their bed holding a large wooden hairbrush in his right hand as he slapped it rhythmically against his left palm.

"No time for a warm-up now, sweetcheeks." he said, gesturing toward his lap. "Not unless you want to skip dessert."

Chelsea stood naked at her husband's side. Her knees weakened a little at the thought of how sharply the brush would smart without a preparation period. Her buttocks tensed and her eyes widened as if she were experiencing the first cruel smack.

Then she looked down into Jake's hungry eyes.

"You know how I feel about dessert." she said.

"Then let's dance!" Jake replied, hooking his arm around Chelsea's lower back. Without hesitation, he flipped her across his lap. As Chelsea's hands found the floor, her feet swayed in mid-air. Her round, alabaster bottom was raised into position as Jake firmly gripped her waist, lifted the brush and brought it down with a thundering smack across Chelsea's trembling cheeks. She shuddered and went silent with shock, but the second swat caused her to cry out.

"Yah-ah!" she howled.

"That's my girl!" Jake laughed. "Try these on for size!"

His light-hearted jibe was followed by a volley of stiff rapid-fire spanks that shook tears from Chelsea's eyes. Her teeth gnashed together as she swallowed an apology. Jake did not allow protesting, begging or apologies. Such verbal outbursts during a spanking invariably led to more spanking, only harder and often resulted in the loss of dessert privileges. So instead of letting an "I'm sorry!" escape her lips, she lowered her head and quietly blubbered as her husband continued to dole out a licking fit for a country woodshed.

Jake lit into his young wife's ass with a firework display of swats. The hard heavy brush was a blur as it cut through the air again and again finding its now scarlet target with amazing accuracy and malice.

By the time Jake was done administering his semi-weekly portion of justice, his wife had kicked until all the kick had left her legs and her hair hung over her face, dampened by the confluence of tears that poured from her wincing eyes.

Afterward, as always, Jake helped Chelsea stand and held her in his arms until her sobbing was under control. Soon they were kissing deeply and a moment later, Chelsea was atop the bed on her hands and knees awaiting her sweet dessert. Taking her from behind, Jake was careful to give her blazing buns a generous helping of sound smacks as he thrust away. The rush of fiery pain infused with breathtaking pleasure helped bring Chelsea to a quick climax after which she immediately collapsed onto the blankets.

"Well, I'm taking a shower." Jake said, giving his wife's throbbing rump an extra slap as he headed into the bathroom. "Have a good time at work."

Chelsea glanced up at the clock then jumped out of bed and hurried to snatch her clothing from the floor. It was obvious she'd be at least ten minutes late in getting back to work. She gulped at the thought of it and with good reason. Chelsea's boss treated her tardiness in the exact same manner her husband did, which meant that a certain young lady was in for a long, sore-bottomed afternoon at the office.

"Oh well," she said to her reflection as she straightened her clothes in the mirror. "At least Mrs. Lambert uses her hand instead of that horrible hairbrush."

On her way out of the house, Chelsea grabbed a small pillow from the couch to cushion her car seat, not so much for the painful trip back to work as for the agonizing ride home.


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