Chelsea's Twelve Days of Christmas


"I am not a Sir, I have not been knighted, nor am I likely to be, you may call me Drake when moments like these arise," he continued to lecture her as the belt cracked across her ass leaving a large red welt. "You will learn my ways quickly or suffer the consequences." The belt cracked down over her ass a second time, and she heard him throw it to the floor.

Harry was surprised at how stoically she had accepted the punishment and pulled her up to look into her eyes. They were glassy but held no recrimination. She had accepted that she was at fault and was punished accordingly. He searched her glassy eyes for a long minute and smiled. She was certainly like no other woman he had encountered and his cock regained its full dimensions again. He bent his head to kiss her deeply taking her breath away has he held her tightly.

"Come," he commanded and took her hand leading her into the bathroom. "I imagine you are a quick study and there will be little reason for me to punish you in the future," he remarked casually turning on the water in large double spaced shower. "I am sure your discomfort today will ensure that, or you will use the clause in the contract to opt out of our arrangement which I hope is not the case.

She had expected a return to the sexual activity they were engaged in, but he seemed to have shifted his focus, and she stepped into the shower cubicle with him confused at how mercurial he seemed. She used the soft loofah and liquid soap he had passed her to wash him, and she teased her fingers all over his body particularly the hard cock she had just tasted,

They each used the liquid wash and a soft loofah-like sponge to wash each other carefully. Harry kissed her intermittently and played close attention to her breasts. His fingers worked on her pussy as she stroked his rigid cock and she leant back against the wall as his fingers fucked her and his thumb rolled over her clit. His arm wrapped around her waist as she came in large rolling waves for what seemed like an hour before he pulled his fingers from her and she looked at him with unfocused eyes. Her shaky legs barely supported her as he turned her to face the wall and lifted her hands to place them at shoulder height to support her. She felt the soap slide liberally between her ass cheeks and knew at that moment that he intended to use all of her holes this first morning.

His fingers poked and prodded opening her up and stretching her tight ring of muscle. She wasn't a novice who quailed at the idea and again she closed her eyes and braced herself for what was to come. The pain didn't scare her. It would be short lived before the feeling of fullness and pleasure took over, particularly as her body still sung with tingling joy from her climax. She turned her head to the side and rested her cheek against the cool marble of the shower wall.

Using both hands, Harry pulled her cheeks apart appreciating the two large red welts he had so recently added to her lily white skin. Lining up his chosen target he pushed slowly into her, the soap doing its work to ease his way. He lifted his eyes from her ass to watch her face as the strange mixture of pain and pleasure contorted her features. She was a quiet lover, unlike her predecessors. Her ladylike whimpers and squeals enchanted him all the more, as he felt the head of his cock enter her tightest hole and the muscle of her anus clamp down below it. He groaned deeply and rocked his hips forcing more and more of his cock into her.

Harry hadn't planned to take her at all this first day, wanting to get to know her on a more intellectual level first, but seeing her sleep tousled, natural beauty this morning had undone all of his resolve and he took her completely. He had waited the barest of minutes once he was fully embedded before beginning to fuck her ass, pounding into it savagely as he made sure she would sit uncomfortably for the rest of the day.

Chelsea squealed and gasped at the force with which he took her. His hand moved around her to maul her breasts, and he bit into her shoulder though not hard enough to mark her deeply. She embraced the pain letting it add to tingling sensations that already rolled through her body, and she came again making the muscles in her body spasm and milk at the cock that drove into her so destructively. Within seconds Harry roared out his climax and slumped forward pinning her to the wall.

Chelsea floated on a high as Harry made sure they were both clean before turning off the water and wrapping a towel around her as he dried himself off. He helped her to dress and still floating on the exquisite high of being looked after so delicately when he had fucked her like a man possessed, she held his hand as they went down to brunch.

"I'm sorry we're late. It's my fault entirely, I got carried away," Harry said entering a sunlit room off the kitchen. A round-faced older woman tutted him indulgently. "Chelsea this is Mrs Baker, our cook."

"It's lovely to meet you," Chelsea said pleasantly.

"The pleasure is mine," Mrs Baker replied cheerily.

"Can you have Trent join us please, Mrs Baker?" Harry asked the question, but Chelsea heard it for the command it was.

"Of course, Mr Drake," the woman walked away, leaving them to enjoy the table laden with food. Chelsea sat gingerly on a cushioned chair and looked up to see Harry smirk with satisfaction as she did so.

"Should we discuss some rules and preferences or would you like the excitement of finding out as we go along?" he asked with the same self-satisfied smirk on his face.

"As much as I enjoy guessing games, perhaps some of the more important things would be good to know," Chelsea replied in a casual tone the belied her concern over his obvious pleasure at her discomfort.

"Firstly, here at home you will be at my beck and call at all times. If we are engaged in an activity or a task, you will treat the staff as if they are invisible and let me deal with them, as I did earlier. They are trusted and valuable and have their own set of rules to abide by. I pay them well enough to ensure their loyalty and each has signed a contract not unlike your own.

"When we have guests, that is an entirely different matter, and you will act every inch the young lady you have been taught to be. You will still be at my beck and call, but I would not ask you to perform any task that would negate your lady-like persona. Similarly, in public, I expect perfect decorum at all times," he said.

"I would like you to incorporate a more retro style to your wardrobe. I will start you on that path today with concrete examples of my preferences then you can keep that in mind as you add to your wardrobe. Most nights during your stay we will be going to an event, and I would like you to take my preferences into account when dressing for these events," Harry said as if they were in a business meeting. Chelsea was impressed; this was exactly what she wanted in a relationship. No emotional ups and down; just expectations and agreements that they would both adhere to.

"As you wish, Drake," she said quietly helping herself to some fruit salad.

"Ha! I like that. It's a favourite movie of mine," he chuckled. "I assume you were quoting?"

"Perhaps," she smiled in acknowledgement.

"You are right to think me demanding, but then I told you that before you accepted my offer. I am sure Riley said something along a similar vein. I have been told I am a difficult man to please, but on the contrary, I am quite easily pleased by those who take the time to know me well enough."

"Ah good, Trent," Harry said happily as a young man came into the room. "I'd like appointments at Honey Birdette, What Katie Did, Hepburn's and Wonderland this afternoon please, earlier if possible," he commanded. "We'll be ready to leave in an hour have Thomas bring the car around to the front, you'll be coming with us."

"It will be on your calendar before we leave," Trent said in a particularly feminine voice surprising Chelsea. Trent left the room, and Chelsea continued to eat quietly considering the man she had accepted as her lover for the holidays.

"Eat we won't have time for lunch," Harry encouraged. "I need to make a few quick calls," he picked up a bagel and walked away leaving her sitting alone. She considered what she knew of him so far. He was stiffly formal; he liked rules and regulations. He treated his staff well; she could see that in the way they interacted with him, despite his seeming rudeness about her treating them as if they were invisible when they walked in on them being intimate. Riley had said she was bored and that he worked a lot but hadn't broken the confidentiality clause, by going into any detail about their mismatch. The most revealing thing she had said about him was that the sex was phenomenal.

Chelsea had to admit she had enjoyed their encounter this morning and the feeling of possession he had given her. She wondered if she should change before they left, but decided against it seeing as he had chosen the dress she had worn down to breakfast. She wanted to put on a little makeup though and fix her hair so when she had eaten enough she made her way back upstairs to her room.

It was odd she thought not to be sharing a room with her lover but this made the girlfriend contract simpler, and she was happy to have her own space. She had finished her make-up and slipped on some strappy shoes when Trent knocked on her door.

"Hello Darling," he said cheerily. "The Drake sent me up to check on you. I'm afraid this will never do," he pointed and wagged his finger in a downward motion as he took in her outfit. Show me what we have to work with," he walked toward her wardrobe. He kept up the chatter as he looked through her clothes. "Our Drake is very much a fifties style man. I believe his mother was a dead ringer for Elizabeth Taylor, and he loved her immensely. He's all about the curves, more bust and hips and less waist, and strappy sandals are a no-go area."

"I see," Chelsea said taking in the information as best she could through his rapid patter.

"Here we go, Sandra Dee perfect. Now do you own a corset or a girdle?" he asked starting to rummage through her underwear.

"Several," she admitted. "Corsets that is."

"Perfect," he held a white one up in his hand. "let's get you changed, time is running out, and the Drake gets so grumpy when people run late. "Well come on chop chop!" Trent clapped his hands at her. "This is not the time to be shy darling, I'm going to be helping you in and out of this stuff all week, so you best just get used to it now. He gave you the staff is invisible talk I assume."

"Yes, but," she hesitated.

"No buts lets go young lady. I know his taste perfectly, so you're going to have to trust me on this. Although he's usually a Marilyn type of guy and your more," he paused and seemed to consider her. "You're more a Piper Laurie type. Now, have you got any chicken fillets?"

"This was a spur of the moment decision to come, so someone else packed my bag for me. Your guess as to what's in those drawers is as good as mine," Chelsea shrugged helplessly, and Trent cinched the waist of her corset tighter.

"Okay slip on the dress and find some matching court shoes while I look and see what we have and what we need," Trent's continued to chatter at speed.

"Here we go," Trent said emerging from the wardrobe with two floppy bra inserts that did indeed look like chicken fillets. He unselfconsciously dipped his hands into her bra to rearrange her breasts until he was satisfied and then turned her toward the mirror. "And hey presto, magic!" he giggled.

She took in the hourglass figure he had created with the corset and chicken fillets and had to admit he was good at what he did. She grabbed a matching bag and threw her purse and lipstick in it. Then they were hurrying down the stairs and out to the waiting car.

"Very nice," he complimented Trent. "You look lovely, Chelsea, shall we go?" He helped her into the car and went around to the far side and slid in beside her taking her hand.

"I need to go to work for a while. Trent knows my schedule and what you will need from the stores where you have appointments. He has a corporate card so do not concern yourself with the cost. We'll talk more about rules and preferences tonight," he said in his business-like way.

"As you wish," she said with a slight nod to her head.

"I do wish," he laughed and leant over to kissed her. "I am very glad you are here with me for the holidays. Never doubt that." He murmured and answered his constantly ringing phone.

His words had taken her by surprise and made her feel odd. She preferred the stern and business-like man who demanded such high standards from all those around him.

Shopping with Trent had been exhausting. She had returned home with barely enough time to get ready for the charity ball scheduled for that evening. Trent had left her to shower but returned to help her dress in the gown they had chosen. It wasn't the gown, but rather it was the lingerie that would give her the curvier shape that appealed to Harry, that took the time and effort to get into.

The gown she had chosen, with Trent's help, was beautiful and her style exactly but also lent itself to the era that was preferred by her lover. She had heard him come home and go to get ready himself.

"You look very elegant this evening," Harry said leaning in to brush his lips over her cheek. He had come to her suite once he was ready to collect her and she smiled radiantly as he complimented her. "I have a gift for you," he produced a square velvet case. Inside was a gold necklace from which hung a stylised pendant in gold and diamonds depicting a partridge in a pear tree. It took her a while to recognise the yuletide symbol and she smiled widely.

"It's beautiful, may I wear it tonight?" she asked.

"I was hoping you would," he said returning her smile. "There are twelve days until Christmas, and I thought it fitting."

"It's an extremely thoughtful and beautiful gift, thank you," she said again.

"You are most welcome," he said taking it from the box and placing it around her neck. It was a snug fit, just as he had wanted and he stepped back to survey the beautiful young woman he would introduce to his friends as his girlfriend tonight. "Shall we go?" he offered her his arm.

"Thank you, kind Sir," she purred softly and picked up her clutch bag she took his arm to leave.


The ball was in aid of the Lord Mayor's Charitable Trust, an event held every year, twelve days before Christmas. Many of the guests at the ball either new Harry through business or were introduced to Chelsea as friends, a word she realised he didn't use lightly. She was attentive to his needs and stayed by his side the entire evening.

Harry was impressed with how easily she was able to join in conversations on matters of social importance to the crowd of politically active and highly intelligent men and women, who paid each year exorbitantly for tickets to this ball. She never argued points she disagreed with but rather lapsed into a quiet smile and nodded as the misinformed continued to talk despite her gentle prompting that they may have been mistaken about the subject they were discussing.

The table they sat at was shared by long-time friends of Harry's, and she realised this would be the best opportunity to find out more about the man. She had listened to the table banter, giggling as they joked and reminisced with each other during the meal. She found he was respected above all else, perhaps feared a little, they didn't argue with him and if there was a disagreement they looked to him to arbitrate. She could tell the men at their table shared a genuine friendship with Harry that dated back years, possibly to his school days.

"Chelsea," Alyson, one of the wives at the table said, getting her attention. "Would you mind terribly if I danced with Harry, Zander has two left feet," she shook her head sadly.

"I don't mind if he doesn't," Chelsea answered with a genuine smile.

"Dance with me Harry, please," Alyson wheedled. "You're the only one out of this lot who has any rhythm at all."

"If I must," Harry groaned like a martyr holding back a smile as he stood to take her hand and lead her onto the dance floor.

"He makes it look so easy," Zander, Alyson's husband who sat beside Chelsea, said disgustedly.

"Probably because it is easy for him," she laughed. "Some people just have natural rhythm."

"Well you would say that, wouldn't you," he chuckled. "So how did you two meet, you're not the usual type he goes for?" Zander asked.

"I'm not?" she feigned ignorance about Harry's type. "Do tell?"

"Oh no, I'm not falling for that," he held up his hands as if surrendering to attack.

"It's okay, you're not the first person to mention his preference for busty blondes," she laughed. "We met through mutual acquaintances at a charity event," she gave the pat answer they had given everyone else who had asked during the night. "Honestly, I think we were surprised by how much we enjoyed each other's company when we first met as well."

"He seems happy and relaxed, so you must be doing something right," Zander said. "He can be an uptight bastard at times. He's usually hovering over any girl he brings to these things as if making sure she doesn't divulge any of his secrets."

"I imagine you all know far more about him than I do. He does seem to like things a certain way, though," she said with a grin. "Luckily I am adaptable. Not adaptable enough to change my hair colour or get a boob job if he asked," she laughed. "But the day to day stuff doesn't bother me."

"You'd have to be adaptable," Zander chuckled. "He's always been a control freak, but that's why he's as successful as he is in business. He's a good bloke once you get past that, I love him like a brother."

"Is this the part where you tell me not to break his heart?" she laughed.

"Who me? Nah I think you know as well as I do that he can handle himself. I would be more concerned about your welfare in that case," he chuckled. "The man doesn't like to lose and won't let go easily if you decide to end things."

"So of all these busty blondes I keep hearing about, none ever broken his heart?" she asked.

"I don't think so, but then we never see them a second time," he chuckled. "There could be a reason for that." His voice lowered in pitch and became serious as he spoke conspiratorially.

"So now you're telling me I'm dating a serial killer?" She asked aghast.

"Let's not go putting words in my mouth here. All I am saying is that we've never seen them more than once," Zander shrugged.

"That makes so much sense," Eric one of the other men moved over to sit on the other side of her. "He's such a perfectionist that he would be very good at covering his tracks. None of his ex-girlfriends has been reported missing and yet they have never been seen once they've broken up with him," Eric made the theory seem entirely plausible.

Having piqued the interest of the other guests at their table, they began to debate the fact that Harry was more than likely a serial killer. She had laughed and shaken her head when she had been advised to get out while she could. Other's though advised her not to worry as she wasn't the usual girl he dated and killed so she would probably be safe.

"So did you learn anything interesting while I was gone?" Harry asked when he returned bending to kiss her softly.

"Well," she paused for dramatic effect. "If I have understood your friends properly," again she paused and looked around at them noting that they looked on silently unsure of what she would say. "You're a serial killer who murders your ex-girlfriends rather than breaking up with them, but I won't have to worry because I don't fit the victim profile despite being your current girlfriend."

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