Chelsea's Twelve Days of Christmas


"Sounds about right," Harry nodded unfazed by the story she had told him. "Would you like another glass of wine?"

"No, I've seriously had enough for tonight," she laughed at his admission that the theory sounded plausible.

"It's getting late," he said nodding. "Maybe we should head home soon?" he asked solicitously. "I can show you where I've buried all the bodies along the way." He said with a perfectly straight face making Zander splutter his drink and chuckle loudly.

"It's easy to forget it's a Monday night," one of the other wives commented looking at her husband's watch. "Oh dear lord, I didn't realise it was that late!" She exclaimed. "We better get back to the babysitter."

"I guess that's my cue to bid you all goodnight," her husband rolled his eyes.

"You're not alone, the holiday season is upon us, and we have a full week ahead, so we will walk out with you," Harry said taking Chelsea's hand and helping her to her feet.

"It's been lovely to meet you all. I won't say see you next time because that might be tempting fate," she grinned at them, "particularly in light of passing the burial ground on the way home."

"I like this one Harry, don't kill her yet, wait until after Christmas," Zander continued to chuckle loudly as he clasped his friend's hand in farewell.

"I'll take that under advisement," Harry said seriously. "It's such a pain to have to shop for a present and then return it again a few days later," he sighed exaggeratedly.

"You're the CEO don't even pretend you shop for gifts, just have your assistant do it, like always," Zander said disgustedly as he stood and hugged Chelsea. "I look forward to seeing you again," he grinned.

"Me too," Alyson embraced her as well. "It's time we were going as well," she said to Zander after releasing Chelsea to hug Harry. "Bring her over on Christmas day when you come," she said quietly in Harry's ear. "If you haven't killed her by then."

"I can't promise anything, she may annoy me tomorrow," he said easily and went to take her hand.

"That's entirely possible," Chelsea giggled as she curled her hand around Harry's. They walked out into the evening air and parted company with the others as Thomas opened the car door for her.

Chelsea broke the silence in the car by inquiring, "Do you drive much yourself?"

"Occasionally but I don't enjoy city traffic and having Thomas drive allows me to work during the commute," he answered giving her a complete explanation. "Trent will have set up your schedule starting tomorrow that will allow you access to Thomas for any shopping or appointments you may need to make."

"I could pick up my car tomorrow if that would make it easier for everyone," she suggested.

"That won't be necessary and I would rather you were accompanied when you left the house," he stated in a tone she was beginning to recognise as not negotiable. She felt confident about the week ahead as within the first twenty-four hours she felt she had a good handle on the expectations Harry had of their time together. She was seeing it now as good practical training for when she was able to accept a proposal from one of the men who had made her an offer.

Unlike Riley she was adaptable. Once she had decided to join Innamorata she had been a sponge and had rapidly become a star pupil. She had taken every challenge offered to her including some of the more exotic classes other girls shied away from. She could and would be the perfect wife she had been trained to be. She would also make Isabella a rich woman in the process through her matchmaker's fee for the arranged marriage. She had no doubt that her graduation report would tempt even the most discerning and difficult men.

They had lapsed into silence, and she looked down at the large hand that held hers on the seat of the car. Harry had been a frequent visitor to Innamorata. Girls who he had escorted to events outside of the school had come back smiling but had not discussed what had happened. While she had spoken to him often within the school, she had never been one of those lucky girls. Isabella had guarded her closely she suspected, particularly in those early days before she had learned to hide her indifference behind carefully controlled masks that showed a range of pleasant emotions.

"What are you thinking?" Harry asked breaking her reverie.

"How very different I am to the type of girl you favoured at Innamorata," she said honestly looking up at him through her lashes and wishing she could blush on cue as so many others did when being coy.

"I have re-evaluated my wants and needs over the last six months. Perhaps even matured in my tastes. I am finding that there are qualities I find far more attractive and desirable in a partner than cosmetic enhancements," he admitted. "Those can always be arranged for the right candidate if necessary."

"I imagine that would need to be discussed before a girl committed her heart and soul to you," Chelsea mused. "Many girls, like myself, are not happy to have breast implants or other body alterations."

"Duly noted," he chuckled. "I did read your graduation report thoroughly. I am well aware of your preferences, as well as your skills. Incidentally, I found your breasts to be more than adequate during our tryst this morning."

"I'm unsure what the right response is to that," she laughed lightly, her eyes flickering to the front where Thomas sat. "Should I thank you for calling my breasts adequate?"

"I would like more experience with them before I upgrade my assessment of them," he chuckled as they pulled up in front of the house. "I also saw the look you gave Thomas just then," he clucked his tongue and shook his head. "We spoke about that this morning did we not?"

Chelsea hung her head in an act of contrition she didn't feel and wondered if he would punish her again. She waited calmly as her door was opened and then slid out in a practised move that showed off her legs and the curve of her hip. She may not be typical of the women he had dated, but she could feel the attraction between them, and she knew how to use it to her advantage.

She stepped delicately from the car to where he waited at the foot of the stairs and smiled as he took her hand to lead her into the house.

"You did well tonight. Those guys know me well, and they accepted our relationship," he murmured as they walked up the central staircase.

"There were a few comments that I didn't fit the profile of your usual victims. I think that made them question how we got together a little more than usual," Chelsea replied thoughtfully, unsure if they had truly accepted that she could be a serious girlfriend. "I told Zander that I thought it surprised you to find you enjoyed my company in the beginning."

"Then you spoke the truth," Harry nodded. "I have constantly been surprised by you since we first spoke a few months before your graduation ball."

"I find that hard to believe, my file holds all my secrets, and you said you knew it well," she laughed lightly.

"Words on paper can inform but seeing, hearing, touching and tasting tell me so much more. Speaking of which," Harry paused on the top step and bent his head to kiss her lightly. "I'm curious to see what exactly is holding those adequate breasts up and making them look so tempting."

"There're two words you don't usually hear in a sentence together," she laughed.

"That was your upgrade but if you don't want it..." he left the sentence hanging enjoying the banter between them.

"Tempting does sound better than adequate," she mused as they continued to walk. "If I am honest though it's the magic that is Trent that has made them seem more than adequate this evening. They certainly haven't grown in the last twelve hours."

"Perhaps some measurements should be taken to test the theory. Some of the comments in your file would lead me to believe you will attempt the impossible to please your chosen man," he smirked quoting one of the more effusive recommendations.

"Have you memorised the file?" she turned to look at him surprised by the comment.

"Just the interesting parts," he admitted with a grin.

"So there are boring parts?" she challenged.

"Let's just say some parts were more interesting than others," he said in an easy, relaxed way realising she was baiting him and not wanting to back down.

The man was so stiffly formal outside this house that the easy banter between them this evening surprised her more than she acknowledged openly. Even with his friends tonight he had held that air of formality despite their jokes and obvious history. It had been as if he held himself above or at least apart from them in some way.

They entered her suite of rooms, and she felt him move behind her, standing close enough that she could feel his breath on her neck. His hands move to the zip in the back of her dress, and he lowered it slowly as his lips grazed over her neck and shoulder. She stood still as he pushed the fabric from her shoulders and let the dress fall forward exposing the stiff corset that gave her a curvier figure by cinching in her waist and lifting her breasts high and out from her body. He pushed the dress down over her hips and let it fall to the floor below her.

"Very nice," he murmured into her ear as his hands caressed her from the side of her breasts to the cinched waist above her hips. His hands retraced their path up to cup her breasts through the stiff fabric of the shelf like bra of the corset. He stepped back abruptly and she turned slowly to face him a small smile playing on her lips.

She knew from Trent that the lingerie was what Harry would have chosen had he been with her today and she trailed her fingers lightly down the rigid bones that held her figure so tightly. Taking a small step forward out of her dress, she turned again letting him view her back and bent forward at the hips, keeping her legs straight as she retrieved the dress from the floor. She hated to see it left crumpled on the floor but continued to play the seduction game. She squeaked as his hand lashed out connecting with her ass.

"Leave it," Harry commanded and saw the fabric immediately drop from her fingers and her body straighten again as she turned back toward him. Harry felt his cock harden as she looked up at him through those long lashes. He couldn't deny the physical attraction he had to this woman, but it was her immediate compliance to his wishes that made him groan with need. She made him feel powerful and in control in a way he hadn't experienced before. Julia did as he asked, but she had been his first, his tutor in the way of women and as such the scales between them had always been balanced in her favour. Other women he dated, including the disastrous engagement with Riley, had shown him that he didn't want a sexually aggressive woman. Those women had wielded their beauty and sexuality like a weapon against men weakened by lust.

He stood just looking at Chelsea considering her. Surprisingly she didn't fidget nervously or blush. She didn't speak to fill the silence between them instead or move to fill the void. She waited passively for his next command, and he enjoyed the feeling that gave him. He'd worked hard since coming into his inheritance to take control of each element of his life. He had hired people he could build trusting relationships with and live the life he wanted with the freedoms that came with knowing that things would be done the way he wanted whether he was present or not.

The final piece of the picture that would make his life complete was a wife and children. It was as if he could feel his biological clock ticking but he knew now that he didn't want to settle for less than the perfection he expected in the other areas of his life. He continued to stare as he considered if this woman could be the one who would complete the picture of the perfect life he wanted. She had been with him less than twenty-four hours, but she had filled his every thought. Even at work images of their morning tryst had filled his mind and made him smile.

He reached out and drew her toward him then, lowering his head to kiss her deeply. His hands dipped into the top of her corset and pulled her breasts up and over the edge of the rigid fabric distorting their shape. His eyes were drawn to the high tight nipples that sat up begging for his attention, and he dropped a soft kiss onto each. He kissed her again as his fingers traced lightly over the skin of her breasts tickling the sensitive mounds of flesh.

Chelsea's breath shortened rapidly as Harry gently teased her breasts. She found that the tight restraint of the corset and the way her breasts were stretched up and over the cups that the soft kisses and tickling touch affected her more keenly than it might have otherwise. Her eyes widened, and she gasped as the fingers that played over her left breast found the swelling nipple and pinched it tightly. The tendrils of pain that ran through her seemed to go directly to her already heated core, and she found the muscles of her pussy clenching in need.

Revelling in her reaction to his touch, Harry twisted her nipple and found the breathless whimper she emitted excited him even more. Releasing her nipple, he lowered his head to kiss and run his tongue around the sensitive nub, listening to the tone in her voice change again to almost a purr as he soothed the pain away. The tickling fingers of his other hand found the as yet unmolested nipple of her right breast and pinched down on it, twisting almost cruelly making her voice change again as she endured both the pleasure and pain he gave her in equal measure. His mouth moved to soothe the pain he had caused her and his hands continued to tease lightly over the strangely shaped flesh.

Closing her eyes, Chelsea let the sensations he gave her continue to travel through her body. She was surprised to find herself building to a climax so quickly from this kind of play, but the tingles that ran through her body and caused her to tremble slightly were undeniable. When his teeth scraped over her nipple biting slightly and pulling her breast up to a point, her panting whimpers became a soft sweet moan that sent her higher again.

Harry could hear the changes in her voice; he could see and feel the changes in her breathing and stance that accompanied the sounds she made as he continued to indulge his fondness for playing with breasts. He was even finding a strange enjoyment in denying his cock release from his pants as it strained against the fabric with arousal. He continued to work the sensitive globes becoming increasingly rougher feeling her shake with need, and he gripped her breasts tightly in his hands biting the nipples and pushing her over the edge.

Shocked to orgasm in this way, Chelsea cried out as the waves of pleasure overwhelmed her. She felt one of his arms move to curl around her waist to support her as she tried to remain on her feet despite the intensity of what she was feeling. A pleased smile playing on his lips he looked down into her face, and he kissed her lightly before she felt his continued support as she slowly sank to her knees before him, all the strength in her legs disappearing.

The long lashes that framed her beautiful green eyes undid all Harry's restraint as she sank before him and once he knew she was settled on the floor he practically ripped open his pants and pushed them down over his hips kicking them aside. Beyond pleased he watched as she needed no prompting to kneel up higher and begin to kiss and lick the length of his cock. He groaned at the exquisite pleasure of her soft touch after enduring the tight confines of his underwear for so long. Running his fingers through her hair, he encouraged her to do more than just tease him.

She moved slowly enjoying his groans as she raised a hand to massage his balls and took more and more of him into her mouth filling it to the back portal. As she pulled back and looked up at him through her lashes, she saw the darkly intense gaze of lust and arousal on his face and found it had the effect of reigniting the smouldering ruins of her orgasm. She sucked him deeply swallowing around the head of his cock and pushing her nose into the wiry pubic hair that crowned it. She held the position for several seconds as he let out a loud groan and curled his fingers further into her hair.

The woman was incredible, and he knew he wasn't going to last long, but he didn't want to slow her down. Watching her orgasm from breast play alone had almost undone him there and then. He held her head still and began to rock his hips taking over the pace and intensity of the scene. His eyes never left her face as he continued to saw in and out of her mouth making her take his entire shaft on each thrust. He watched as she began to drool, long ribbons of spittle dropping down to land on her exposed and upturned breasts.

Harry groaned deeply and pulled her head off him as the first spurt of come landed on her tongue and dribbled down her chin mixing with the spittle. He aimed the rest of his come directly at her breasts coating the upturned nipples with thick white ribbons of his seed before plunging back into her mouth for her to suck him dry. He endured as much as he could before letting his legs buckle and carry him to the floor beside her, his hands reaching out to rub the come into the soft globes of flesh as he kissed her.

"Amazing," he murmured watching her chest and shoulders rise and fall with her laboured breathing. He meant it. She was so much more than he had expected her to be in so many ways.

"Is that my upgrade?" she gave him a hooded look pulling her shoulders back as his hand still moved over her chest.

"I believe you have earned it," he chuckled and leant in to kiss her deeply. He knew he was getting carried away with a girl he had only asked to spend the holidays with him but he seemed unable to help himself. "It may just be the effects of the corset though so we will have to see if you can maintain it," he challenged with a smirk and got slowly to his feet reaching down to help her up beside him. He led her into the bedroom unable to stop himself from watching her as the breasts jiggled enticingly above the cups of the corset still glistening with his come.

Chelsea stood silently as Harry took his time undoing the suspender straps that held up her pure silk stockings and rolled them down her legs. He slowly undid the laces of her corset and peeled it from her body leaving her in her come soaked panties as he finally removed his shirt. He pulled her to him then, and she enjoyed the feeling of skin on skin as he kissed her deeply and slid her panties down over her hips. He was strangely gentle as he took her to bed and made love to her in a very conventional missionary position. She had lifted her legs over his hips and run her hands down his back lightly trailing her nails over the muscles there.

Harry felt her confusion as he made love to her. There was nothing hard or hurried in his movements as he slowly brought them both to orgasm again. He felt her movements and the nails trailing down his back as if she wanted more, but he kept the pace slow and steady enjoying the feel of her in his arms and his bed. In less than twenty-four hours he found himself once again considering if this girl could be the last piece of the picture he had in mind for the perfect life.


Chapter 3. Expectations and revelations

Chelsea woke the following morning to the sound of music that seemed to be getting increasingly louder. She stretched like a cat and sat up running her fingers through her hair before swinging her legs over the end of the bed and going in search of the music. She didn't have to look far and frowned as she picked up a tablet from the bedside table.

"Good morning Chelsea," flashed onto the screen as she picked it up bringing the device to life. She swiped realising there wasn't a passcode and was greeted with an open note from Trent.

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