tagMind ControlChemical Concocktion Ch. 01

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 01


The following is a work of fiction and contains pornography. If you are under 18, stop reading now. For those who continue reading, please realize that this is fiction and outside the realm of reality. In other words, if you take this stuff seriously, you need a psychiatric evaluation.

Feedback and criticism is highly appreciated and you can email me through the link below.

Teaching high school seniors can be a very frustrating job. Most of the kids have burnt out their paranoia about getting into a good school and by the end of the year, I'm lucky if they even show up to class. When you care about students learning, it's enough to make your teeth grind.

What's even more frustrating is having to see the girls. Eighteen years old, their bodies perfectly curved, their lips swollen and eager to kiss... looking at them drives my middle-aged body wild. Throw in the fact that they wouldn't look twice at a 39 year old, scrawny science teacher without laughing and it just makes it all worse. I can look but can't touch. Hell, let's be honest. I can't really look either without getting into trouble. I have to constantly remind myself to maintain eye contact at all times instead of staring at their luscious breasts or delicious legs.

Lately, I had been conducting some research on the side into pheromones and hormones. Yeah, it's the classic nerd story of a guy so desperate to get laid that he tries to invent a love potion. I know enough science to know it's impossible, but the geek in me still likes to fantasize. That's all it was, a fantasy. I never, ever expected any of them to work or even thought about trying to test them to see if they could.

Acquiring the chemicals I needed was easy. Working in a high school science lab is one of the last places where a person can still get easy access to chemicals. Getting the samples of pheromones was a little tougher, until I realize that I was in a location surrounded by walking pheromone factories, i.e. teenagers.

A few visits to the locker rooms garnered what I needed. I used the excuse that I was conducting a science experiment about what bacteria colonized the locker rooms. I also used the opportunity to plant some hidden webcams in the girls' locker room, but that's a story for another day. I later went further and had kids submit dirty swathes of underwear and t-shirts saying that we would grow bacteria from them to see what their bodies harbored. In reality, I was trying to extract pheromones from the swathes.

So how would a love potion work exactly? I broke the problem down several ways. It would have to be more than just a drug to lower a woman's inhibitions or sexually excite her. If the potion were merely an aphrodisiac, then it probably wouldn't benefit me. A girl suddenly finding herself sexually excited, would most likely turn to one of the football players and not to a scrawny science teacher. I needed something that created loyalty and dedication as well as have an aphrodisiac quality to it.

The medication lorazapam was known to lower some inhibitions at moderate doses. Some studies showed that it increased susceptibility to hypnosis as well. Oxytocin was known as the trust hormone and studies had borne this out as well as giving some evidence that it created emotional bonds. Estrogen, testosterone, and others were all diligently explored, as well as a wide mix of other drugs. These were my starting points.

I guess I should point out again, I never planned on testing any of my potions. It was all fantasy. I could fantasize about these potions working and jerk off to these daydreams in the privacy of my home, but I knew any such attempt at a love potion would likely make anyone subjected to it sick. Not to mention that it would be a horribly unethical thing to actually try and do. It was just a crazy odd hobby that I had. I never took it seriously. It was pure fantasy that I was indulging in.

But then Beth happened.

Beth was this 18 year old girl that puberty had overlooked. No breasts or hips. Looking at her, she looked like a stretched out elementary school kid. She meant really well, but she was also always horribly clumsy. Probably because she was so self-conscious. She was the kid in school that no one ever thinks of or remembers. She hardly ever says a word. She hid behind her hair, which dangled in front of her face. She always sat the furthest away from any discussion or activity and strived very hard avoid being noticed. I guess I kinda felt sad for her. She reminded me of how I was in high school.

She drifted into my class to feed the lab animals during one lunch period and we slowly built up a friendship over time. I never hit on her or even thought about it... she seemed totally prepubescent, the little daughter that I never had.

I don't know if my friendship was what encouraged her, if she was coming out of her shell naturally, or if she was trying to improve her chances of getting into a good college, but she signed up to be a flag girl.

The day she was accepted, she was so excited. School had been out for about an hour as she ran down to my classroom wearing her new uniform and carrying her flagstaff and gym bag. She made her way into my backroom where I had been idly working on my potions. I stopped what I was doing as she eagerly described the tryouts.

She seemed so happy and excited, I just wanted to encourage her. I urged her to re-enact the tryout.

She brushed her hair out of her face... she did have a cute face, but hiding behind her hair had long ago resulted in her face breaking out with acne. This just reinforced her tendency to hide her face even more. Seeing her smile bloom from under her usually hidden face was my highlight of the day.

She picked up her flagstaff and started to twirl it about, the flag forming complex patterns as she whirled it to and fro. I knew about her tendency to be accident-prone. Heck, I had her in science class for three years and the number of beakers and flasks she had broken were an obvious testament to it. She was just so excited and happy at the moment, that I had forgotten.

She was doing great, until she moved a little too far to the right and in the small confines of the backroom that was enough. The staff whacked against my experiment and its trailing flag wrapped itself around my beaker containing my most recent attempt at a potion. The flag lifted the beaker into the air....

Beth, instantly realized what had happened and froze, her self-consciousness crashing down upon her in full force... much like how the beaker, now suspended above her, crashed down upon her.

The beaker survived the impact, but not without dumping its contents all over Beth's head. She got a thorough dosing. It poured down her head and onto her chest and feet. I immediately went over to her, grabbing a nearby towel.

She looked at me with eyes wide with shock, and I watched as they filled with tears as she started to flush with embarrassment.

She broke eye contact, staring down at her shoes,

"I'm so sorry!" she whispered in agony, "it was an accident. I'll clean it up, I'm sorry".

She took her left hand and bit down on the knuckle of her index finger in nervousness. I didn't notice at the time that her hands had been covered with my solution as well.

She kept on repeating "I'm sorry" over and over.

I touched her chin lightly with my hand and lifted her face up. Her teary eyes met mine.

"It's okay. Really".

Her eyes locked onto mine, pleading. Her face was covered with orange gunk too. In a beaker, the smell had been contained somewhat. Spread all over Beth, it stunk to high heaven. Still, I saw Beth's tongue slip out and lick her orange covered lips, at first moistening them, but then darting out again and obviously tasting.

I pulled my eyes away from her lips... part of me was already wondering what the potion could do to her. Should I call poison control?

We made eye contact again. The pleading was fading... there was a searching quality there now... like she was scanning my eyes for something.

"Beth, it's okay. Really. We need to get these chemicals off you right now and get you cleaned up".

I touched her arm and was going to redirect her to the contamination shower in the corner... but when I touched her, I saw something in her eyes. Her pupils dilated to an enormous degree, she flushed and gave a little gasp, all the while gazing deeply into my eyes.

"Beth. Come on. You need to do what I say. You need to get that stuff off of you as quickly as possible... you have it all over yourself".

I moved around her and turned on the shower, trying to get the water warmed up. I grabbed another towel and glanced at Beth. She was following me with her eyes as she calmly licked her hands and forearms clean like a cat. What the hell?!?

"Beth! Come here! Stop doing that! Those chemicals could hurt you!" What was she doing?!? She wasn't an idiot. Even a moron knows not to taste strange liquids in a chemistry lab!

She walked slowly over to me, staring at me dumbly. I pushed her into the shower.

"Beth, wash yourself as good as you can. Did you get any in your eyes?!?". She didn't answer. She merely turned and stared into my eyes again as her hands slowly moved up to her hair and she started to wash it in the stream of water.

I was scared, I have to admit. What would I say when I called poison control? A student was exposed to a cocktail of hormones and drugs that I had laying around for no legitimate reason? I had visions of people knowing exactly what my potion was for and thinking that I had deliberately dosed an innocent high school student with it. Would Beth get sick? Would she die? Would I get sued? How would I find another job after I got fired? Would I go to jail?

I set some towels down on the counter next to her.

"Beth, make sure you wash all that gunk off, all of it". She nodded, still staring at me.

"It's okay. Don't worry about breaking the beaker. I just want to make sure that you're okay. Okay? You are alright. You are. Aren't you?". I flashed her a nervous smile, trying to downplay the panic I was feeling.

She started to nod her head.

"It's okay", she echoed. "I won't worry about breaking the beaker I am all right. I am". She returned my nervous smile with a tentative one of her own. I felt some tension drain out of me, not much... but still a little. My nervous smile broadened... and her tentative one became a solid one.

There was something weird though. Her blank look was fading. She was getting this strange look on her face. Her eyes were open wide and she seemed to be desperately trying to maintain eye contact with me. Her face was flushed now too. Her cheeks and her nose were bright red. I touched her forehead, getting my arm wet in the process. I couldn't tell because of the warm water spilling down on her, but she looked like she was running a fever, except her eyes weren't glazed or dull... they were the opposite. They looked moist and sparkly.

"Beth, do you have a change in clothes with you?"

"yes", she replied in her near whispery voice. "They're in my gym bag in the classroom".

"Okay, Beth, I'm going to get those clothes. When I get back with them, you need to take off your other clothes and keep washing off for a couple of minutes. When you're done, change into your clean clothes. I'll be in the other room until you're dressed".

She seemed to be breathing a little heavier and I notice her look was still changing. She had taken on this angry or mean look I had never seen on her before. Her eyes looked shrunken and, I don't know, darker. Like she was in the early stages of getting black eyes. Was she mad at me for throwing her in the shower?

I went into the other room, thinking about all the horrible permutations that could happen in the near future. I was firmly convinced that I had poisoned her. That I was going to be an outcast. Perceived as some weirdo pervert who was insane enough to believe that love potions actually worked. It was all just make-believe to me!

I debated about calling poison control. I kept running the ingredients of my chemical cocktail thru my mind, debating whether anything there could be harmful. None of it should have been absorbable through the skin. But she did get some in her mouth when she was biting on her knuckle, when she licked her lips... and when she started to lick her hands & arms. What was that about? Why had she been licking herself?!?

I heard the shower turn off.

"Beth, you okay?"

There was a pause, before I heard her quiet affirmation.

She couldn't have gotten a big enough dose to cause damage. Nothing in the mix should have been toxic... but then why her strange actions and demeanor?

She stepped into the room wearing her regular clothes.

Again she made eye contact with me. She rarely made eye contact with anyone, even with me after knowing her for several years. Even then, it seemed totally unlike her.

She still had that weird angry look with the darkened eyes and her cheeks were still flushed.

I touched her forehead. She did feel maybe a little feverish. She blushed from head to toe and her breathing deepened, almost panting.

"Beth, are you feeling okay?"

She tried to answer, but at first her answer seemed strangled. Then she broke eye contact for the first time since the accident happened. Her entire body blushed bright red as she looked down at the ground.

"yes," she whispered after her unsuccessful first attempt at speaking. "I feel wonderful. Thank you so much for caring if I'm okay. That is so noble of you to worry about me. I owe you so much. I...", and she paused again, fighting for words... her body turning even brighter red.

"I...". She was panting now, but she was back to her old habit of avoiding eye contact. I tucked a finger under her chin and again lifted her face up towards me.

We made eye contact again and her breath suddenly caught itself. She gave a large gasp and exhaled. A happy smile started to grow on her face.

"Beth. Do you feel sick? Do you need to go to a doctor? I'm worried that those chemicals might make you ill and I need some reassurance".

"No, she said, shaking her head. "I'm fine. I'm alright. I don't feel sick. I feel... good. I don't need to go to the doctor".

"Beth", I said, "You should go home and rest up. If you feel ill at all, I want you to call me immediately". I wrote out my home number. "Call me at this number if you feel the slightest bit sick".

She took the number from my hands tentatively.

"Beth, congratulations on getting the flag girl position. I want you to go home now, okay? Oh, and make sure you wash your uniform when you get home, I wouldn't want this stuff to set permanently."

She nodded and left, giving frequent glances at me out of the corner of her eye every other moment.

After she left, I cleaned up the backroom and destroyed my experiment. I admit it, I was being a coward. If she got sick, I didn't want any evidence laying around. I washed all my beakers and flasks and destroyed all my notes (after making an encrypted backup file on a flashdrive which I hid at home. I had spent too many hours to throw everything away). I set her flagstaff and potion-soaked flag on a lab table, making a mental note that I'd have to wash it out, all the while wondering if the chemicals or the washing would harm the fabric. As I was dismantling my experiment, it must have fallen behind the table without my noticing, hiding it from view. I forgot all about it in the midst of my worries.


The next day, I felt better. I was sure that Beth had been exposed to only a small dose of hormones and at the worst, I might have screwed up her menstrual period for the month. The other chemicals might make her a little mellow or drugged out for the night, but that should wear off relatively quickly. I saw her in the hallway and she looked fine. If anything, she looked great.

When she came to class, I gave her a more thorough scrutiny. I noticed that she really did look great. Instead of sitting off to the side in class like she usually did, she sat in the front row. Her hair was pulled away from her face for a change and she watched me attentively.

I noticed that her acne had started to clear up and she looked to be almost glowing. Was her face a little more full? I just attributed it to her actually exposing her face to public view. I had never really seen her face fully exposed before.

She lingered after class.

"Are you feeling alright today?" I asked.

"I feel alright", she responded, blushing furiously. She kept on glancing at me out of the corner of her eyes. She was almost acting like someone in a bad case of puppy love. She'd never acted that way with me before. Incredibly shy, yes... but not that of a girl with a heavy crush. I thought I must just be imagining it.

That lunch period, she came to feed the animals again. Normally quiet, today she alternated between babbling and then blushing furiously at me.

She called me a few times that weekend. Each time, she'd hang up when I answered. I only knew it was her because of caller-ID. I was worried that perhaps she was getting sick and was debating calling me but was still nervous about calling her back. What if her parents answered? No, I forced myself to play it cool.


On Monday, though, it was obvious that she wasn't feeling ill. Truth be told, I almost didn't recognize her. She looked different. Really different. It was like she was going through puberty on fast-forward, but she was also the picture of health.

Her flat chest and stick-thin body were going through massive changes. She had breasts now. At first, I thought she must be stuffing her bra. Then I noticed that her hips had noticeable curves and she was getting quite a cute little butt on her. Her complexion had also almost totally cleared up. Her hair seemed thicker and more curly while her cheeks and lips were fuller.

To suddenly develop breasts and hips so fast was obviously abnormal. Could all that have been from the potion?

She was also acting more and more like she had a severe crush on me. A small part of me... and I mean a very small part, wondered if the potion had actually worked, but I quickly discounted it. That was impossible.

Her sudden body changes had also not been apparently overlooked by her classmates. I noticed the boys in her class were finally taking notice of her and the girls seemed to be giving her dirty looks whereas before they never even deigned to notice her at all.


She continued to come see me on every lunch break and even after school when she didn't have flag practice. It was obvious at this point that she had a definite crush on me. At first I was flattered... but her body continued to ripen.

After only a week, her body was a thing of beauty. Whereas before she was stick thin and flat chested, she was now a b-cup with nipples prominently pointing through her bra and shirt, while her curvy hips strained against her formerly loose jeans. Her complexion was totally clear and her hair was full and shiny. The boys were openly flirting with her, but she totally ignored them. She only had eyes for me.

I was totally flattered and I have to admit, I started to consider her as something other than the "daughter I never had". I had to force myself to avoid looking at her lust-inducing body. But, she started to make it more and more difficult. During our shared lunch periods, she would bend over provocatively showing her hot little ass to me, or leaning over towards me so much that her breasts would brush against my arm. She would move so close to me that it was hard not to brush against her... and whenever I did so, she would give a gasp and I'd see her nipples leap to attention.


It was about two and a half weeks after the incident that I realized that I had to talk to her about how she was acting. Each day since the incident, she was becoming more and more obvious about her crush. At the moment, she was sitting in the front row of class, openly staring at me with that angry/dark eyed look. I finally realized that her look was not anger, but one of intense and focused lust. As she stared at me, her legs scissored open and closed. She had her hand rubbing on her inner thigh while her other hand was lightly stroking her neck. It was pretty obvious that she was about one step from openly masturbating while sitting in class. I knew teenagers had rampant hormones, but if she kept this up, people were going to start talking.

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