tagMind ControlChemical Concocktion Ch. 02

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 02


The following is a work of fiction and contains pornography. If you are under 18, stop reading now. For those who continue reading, please realize that this is fiction and outside the realm of reality. In other words, if you take this stuff seriously, you need a psychiatric evaluation.

Feedback and criticism is highly appreciated and you can email me through the link below.

I was in shock.

I was lying on the floor, next to a beautiful 18 year old girl.

The girl was a high school student of mine.

I had just fucked her.

In the classroom where I had worked for the past 17 years and continued to work on a daily basis.

This was not good.

To be technically accurate, she pretty much had fucked me. I don't think any straight man alive could have turned her away the way she had launched herself at me... like a heat seeking missile aimed at the towering inferno. Still, I knew that there wasn't any ethics board in the country would accept that as an excuse. It sounded pretty lame to me too, but it was the truth. She had attacked me. It wasn't my fault at all.

Beth stirred next to me. Her long-eyelashes fluttered open. She moved hesitantly, like she didn't know where she was. She turned over towards me suddenly, surprise showing on her face as she noticed my body next to hers. Then her eyes met mine and her increasing panic stopped with recognition of me. Her expression softened and her now beautiful face blossomed into a wide smile.

"Oh, thank you." She wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself to me, snuggling against my chest. She giggled, "I think I might have passed out it was so incredible. It was just like how they say it is in all the books, except this was better".

"Beth, what we did... I'm sorry... I shouldn't have..."

Her hands grasped my limp member and started stroking it. She wiggled closer to me.

"No, no, no... don't. I wanted it".

She looked up into my eyes again. There was no recriminations, no shame. The girl who was so bashful a short time ago now acted completely different.

"Please", she breathed onto my chest, all the while happily smiling and snuggling against me, "please let's do that again".

I pushed her back and sat up. Her smile faltered and she looked stricken.

"But..." she began, "please.... Please don't. I'll do anything you want. Really".

In a lab accident a couple of weeks before, she had been exposed to a chemical cocktail of pheromones, hormones, and drugs that I had been experimenting with. I had been trying to make a love potion. It was pure fantasy on my part. I never thought it would work... it was just something for me to tinker with.

After her exposure to it though, she changed. In two weeks, she went from a skinny wallflower to a nubile beauty radiating sexuality. Such a change is totally unnatural. The only explanation I could think of was the potion. If her new body was a result of her exposure to it a few weeks ago... then couldn't her attraction to me be a result of it too? I mean, I'm not exactly a prize. I'm a 39 year old science teacher who embodies the term "nerd". My last pair of glasses had even been held together with tape. Yeah, we'd been friends for the past few years, but I had thought of her only as a friend, almost like a daughter.

Her recent transformation had affected me, a lot. I had tried to avoid thinking of her as a woman... tried to ignore her flirtations. That was, until push came to shove. When she really pushed the issue, I caved in under a second. I was such an ass.

What if her attraction to me had been caused by the potion? How long would the potion last? What would happen when it wore off? Would her body return to normal? Would she lose her attraction to me? What would she think about me having had sex with her when it wore off?

I couldn't tell her about the potion either. What if her feelings were genuine? My telling her that she felt this way because of a love potion experiment I was doing would have her thinking that I was crazy and a pervert.

I needed to run some experiments on the formula. I needed time.

Beth didn't want to give it to me. She was on her knees, moving towards me while she pulled her shirt and bra off over her head.

oh god.

She is so beautiful, I thought. I could feel myself quaking in fear and desire. How could I turn that away. If I was a man, I wouldn't... I'd take her here and now again.... NO! Sleeping with a student, a student that looked to me for guidance and education was wrong. Especially if she was under the influence of a drug. Besides, anyone could stumble in here at any moment.

I grabbed my pants from the floor and held them between us.

"Beth, I need time to figure this all out. I shouldn't have done anything with you. I'm sorry. I do want you and I love what we did, but that doesn't make it right. Please... just give me some time".

Beth's smile was gone. Her watery eyes searched my face for any sign of acceptance. It broke my heart. I knew how fragile her ego was. I would never have wanted to hurt her... but letting this proceed further would cause her more harm down the road. I needed to find out if the potion was responsible and what its limits were.

I started to put on my pants. I couldn't look at her anymore.

"You do want me though, I can tell", she said slyly. I glanced up at the sudden change in her demeanor. Her face was flushed from a combination of her earlier orgasms and from tears going down her face. But her tone didn't match the tears. She was smiling again as she looked down at my hardened cock. She started to walk towards me again, her naked body swaying sexily with each step. I didn't see any trace of the awkward and self-conscious Beth that I knew in that walk.

She was totally right, of course. I knew that if I stayed where I was, that she'd start to try and kiss me again. We both knew that I really did want her. I wanted her more than anything I've ever had in my life and that I'd give in to her advances in less than a heartbeat.

So... I ran. Yup. The big wimp-boy, the 39 year old guy scared of an 18 year old girl. I'm definitely not proud about it. I'm sure that any guy seeing such a scene would be laughing at me.


I called in sick the next day. I needed to recreate that chemical cocktail that had accidently affected Beth so severely, but I had destroyed my stock of it after Beth's exposure. As luck would have it, some of the cocktail had saturated Beth's flag-girl flag and it had fallen behind my lab counter during the incident. I absolutely needed to retrieve it. I just couldn't face Beth right now though.

The next day, I went into school. Beth gave me distance. She was seated back where she used to sit in my class before the potion incident, off to the back and to the side... where no one would normally notice her. Except, they did now. The boys in the class had changed their seats to be around her. They saw a single beautiful girl who wasn't surrounded by a protective ring of girlfriends and they were moving in to attack.

Part of me wanted to give her advice. She needed to learn some protective measures, learn about the lies some guys tell. I was never the most suave type of guy, but I knew some of the things that guys say... the tactics they willingly use to try and take advantage of women. Beth had always been so socially outcast that she wouldn't have learned about those things. She was too innocent, too naive. Or so I thought at the time.

She didn't come by at lunchtime to feed the animals or stop after school either. I missed her presence at lunch, she rarely missed sharing it with me in the past, but I knew it was for the best.

I started setting up my experiment again, using a backed up copy of my notes. I grimaced. It was going to take awhile. I had spent months trying to synthesize pheromones, hormones... acquiring drugs, etc. After Beth's incident, I had destroyed so much of my work. I'd need to invest a lot of time in the near future. At least I had the flag with its remnants of potion soaked into it. That made things infinitely easier.


And so it went for about a week. I missed speaking to Beth... I don't have many friends and even though she was a high school student, she had surprising depth. She hid it, much like she hid her sense of humor... but every now and then, she'd let it leak out in front of me.

I'd glance at her in class or in the halls and she seemed popular now, surrounded by boys and girls. High school never changes... beauty equals popularity. She still seemed reserved, with her quiet voice and demeanor... but she was definitely much more confident. She no longer hid her face behind her hair. She smiled and laughed more easily. I was happy for her. She didn't treat me badly, or even ignore me. It was more that she simply gave me space. She didn't make me feel awkward about our experience at all. I have to admit, there was a niggling little part of me that had worried about her blackmailing me, or her saying the wrong thing to a parent or other teacher... but she seemed to be handling it better than I.

If her new body was the result of the potion, it didn't seem to be reverting back to it's old skinny frame. Her body was still as ripe as it was when I saw it in all its glory. Some of the other teachers were commentating on her body too. Apparently, the rest of the male faculty were more than a little attracted to her, as well as one of the female teachers. I just kept my mouth shut. I wondered if she would still be interested in me after she graduated in a few months.


It was about a week later that things changed again. I had been making progress on recreating my concoction... but with Beth maintaining her distance, I started to think that my linking the potion incident to her actions and body was just in my imagination. Maybe she had a crush on me and I just let it go too far. I was probably just leaping to conclusions about the potion being the cause. I mean, how utterly impossible would it be for a love potion to actually work? How could I reliably test it if it did?

I started to slack off. I no longer wanted to fantasize about creating a love potion, the fear I had experienced with Beth had taken the joy out of that. My heart just wasn't in it anymore... until Beth apparently decided that she had given me enough distance.

She started sitting in the front row again. No flirtation at all. In fact, she rarely made eye contact with me.

She came for a couple lunch periods and fed the animals, teasing me that I wasn't taking care of them enough. I noticed that her hidden sense of humor was really coming out. That made me happy. She had always been very witty, but had concealed it beneath her previously shy exterior.

On the second lunch visit though, the boys discovered where she had disappeared to and followed her here. I think all the attention people were giving her was starting to irritate her. Anyway....

I didn't see her other than in class after that lunch episode... but she started to flirt with me again.

It was small things at first, a sly smile, a knowing look. Then she started to up the ante. She started wearing more provocative clothing... like a mini-skirt. A few days later, she started opening her legs wide in front of me whenever I glanced in her direction... revealing small glimpses of her unshaven pussy. I tried to avert my eyes, but her shifting hips and knees drew my vision time and again.

I started spending more of my free-time on the potion.

Long ago, in the beginning of the school year, I gave my students my email account in case they needed or wanted to talk to me about assignments. They've hardly ever used it. Beth started using it to send me photos.

There wasn't any nudity at first. Just pictures of her doing things we both liked... like visiting a museum or going hiking. Then they started to get a little more risque. A few pictures of her in the woods with the camera on timer, would have one where her skirt got caught by a tree limb and lifted up... exposing her sweet little furry muff.

After a month, she was sending me photos of herself fully naked, touching herself or spreading her labia open for the camera.

I started breaking out into a cold sweat whenever I saw her. She sent me the following email

"I still want you. I still need you. I'm sorry if I scared you initially, but I'm not going to let you go. I know you think I'm sexy. I know you want me. Anytime you want to give in, I'm here waiting for you. Just send me a text or call me at 674-2767. I don't want anyone else".

Her photos and that email made it to the top of my porn pile. I barely even looked at my girl-locker room footage I had stealthily acquired anymore. I would fantasize of ways to safely meet her, of ways to prevent fallout if we were caught. She was wearing me down.


The potion was nearly back to the stage where I had stopped it before. The parts that I thought should increase the libido and cause attachment were done. If my half-assed theories were correct, her body's transformation was an unforeseen side-effect and could definitely have been caused by the potion. Once the transformation completed, her body should just maintain itself. She shouldn't revert back to her previous skinny self.

The libido part seemed to have worked. When we had sex that one time, Beth pretty much attacked me for sex and orgasmed merely from smelling my scent. As to how long it would last or if it were permanent, I couldn't say. From Beth's actions, her sex drive seemed to be just as strong, if not even stronger after several weeks.

The attachment part looked like a success too. She had football players, college-boys, and probably tons of other guys seeking dates with her... and apparently she was blowing them all off. She was getting a reputation as being stuck-up or an ice-princess. Yet, here she was still fixated on me and willing to offer me her body at moment's notice.

The dark side of me quickly noted that if the potion ever wore off, I could just keep dosing her with just the attachment chemicals, leaving the libido increasing ones alone... and she would be mine for as long as I wanted... but I didn't want that, did I? That would be so wrong. Besides, I didn't know if the potion would work with some parts removed. Also, her body transforming was something I never envisioned, what would happen with repeated doses?

My dark side started playing against me even harder, tempting me more and more as time went on. It questioned my morality and encouraged my self-doubts. Other times it would try and build up my ego... whatever it could do to try and wear down my resolve. It would ask, what if Beth's attachment to me was permanent? Wouldn't I be harming her by not accepting her? It tried to seduce me with thoughts of using my rebuilt formula to attach other beautiful women to me. Some of Beth's fellow students were so hot....

I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. It was all so insane. Some moments, I wondered if I was being subjected to an enormous practical joke, other times, I had daydreams of being a chemical genius who could rule the world or at the least control a devoted and willing harem.

In a few months, Beth would graduate. If I could just hold out until after she graduated....

Beth didn't like that idea.


She started sending me emails describing how she masturbated to thoughts of me. Then she started sending me videos showing me exactly how she masturbated.

The first video was from her webcam with her sitting in front of her computer. She had on a tight black t-shirt.

"I miss talking with you", she said. "I miss our friendship". She paused for a moment.

"I've always had a bit of crush on you. I know you must think I'm psychotic for chasing after you like this... but I've never felt anything like this. I need you", she leaned forward into the camera, her eyes large and watery.

"I know it's dangerous for you to be with me... but I know you want me too. I'll be discreet... I'll be careful. But you have no idea of what even thinking about you does to me. Her eyes started to get a heat about them.

"I think about you... how you made me feel that day. What just being near you does to my body, you have no idea". She was starting to pant. Her hand traveled up to her breast and stroked its underside.

"I, uh... uh..." she faltered as she tweaked her nipple, which had started to become evident from beneath her shirt.

"I want to show you... show you how much just thinking about you does things to me". She leaned back in her chair and scooted back from the camera. She was just wearing a t-shirt and panties... and even with the lo-resolution of the webcam, I could see a large wet spot on her panties.

"I'm yours. These are your breasts... she pulled off her shirt and revealed her perfectly shaped mounds... her nipples and even her aureolas were swollen, "your pussy..." she peeled off her wet panties and spread her legs, revealing her swollen and gaping pussy surrounded by black curls. "They're yours for whenever you want them".

She was pulling on her breasts and nipples now, her head tilted back. One hand slid down her body to her pussy.

"Please, I'm yours... please take me soon". Her hand reached her labia and she slid two fingers in. As soon as she did, her body gave a series of small and tight convulsions.

"Oh, ugh....". She was holding her breath... her body shaking harder as her fingers built up speed.

"Gaa..." her breath exploded out, her chest and neck flaring red. She slumped in the chair. Her now crimson face looked at me with a dazed expression.

"I cum in less than 5 seconds, just thinking about you", she said, slowly leaning forward and reaching towards the camera. "Please take me soon". She turned the camera off.

The next day she left me those panties mixed in with one of her homework assignments.


I had started immediately locking my classroom door the moment school got out each day ever since Beth and I had had sex. Now, Beth started hanging around outside my door, waiting for me to leave. I kept quietly working on my potion until she would go home. I would hear her giggle once in awhile while I waited. It was like she thought this was all a game... that she could have me whenever she wanted and was just playing with me like a cat with a mouse. In this case, the mouse wanted to play with the pussy too. Who am I kidding? She could have me whenever she wanted. I doubt that I could've resisted her if she pushed even a hair harder.

I can't express how much I wanted her. If I wasn't so much of a coward, I probably would have taken her.... No. That's not right. That was just my dark side trying to undermine me again. I knew her attachment was artificial and taking advantage of that was wrong. However, I still found myself questioning my motivations and ethics more and more. I was trying to rationalize everything. Soon, I would succeed and I would give into all my perverted dreams.

That Friday, she followed me home.


I came home to my lonely little house, worked out, had a small dinner... watched some television and went to bed. Pretty much my normal boring little routine.

At some point, I started having an erotic dream. Beth was kneeling before me, naked. I was seated on a throne and she crawled to me, her eyes hungry and filled with lust. She moved aside my kingly robes and started kissing over my privates, taking my cock in her mouth and giving me an incredible blow-job. I hadn't had a wet-dream in years... the sensations were so strong and vivid. I suddenly realized that the sensations were not just in my dream.

Beth was in bed with me, there... right at that moment, naked and sucking on my cock while her hand stroked my shaft up and down.

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