tagMind ControlChemical Concocktion Ch. 03

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 03


The following is a fictional story involving sex. This is FICTION. If you take it seriously, then you need to have a psychiatric evaluation. Also, if you are under 18 years of age, do not read on. Reading stories with sexual content when you are underage might warp your brain or give you hairy palms or something, I forget which precisely.

If you are a hot 18-23 year old female who likes geeky older men, then please email me through the link below. Oh, and if you like the story and want to give me feedback you can use that email too

"Beth, that day you spilled my experiment all over yourself... do you think that the experiment might have affected you in some way? Like, I couldn't help but notice how fast your body has changed since it happened. It's not normal to develop so fast and that experiment was filled with a lot of pheromones and hormones".

I didn't tell her what my experiment was about. I decided, if she asked, to say that I experimenting on those things to develop a new perfume. If she asked. The last thing I wanted to admit was that I had been trying to create a love potion to enslave women.

She looked at me with her eyebrows furrowed.

"Maybe. Those chemicals could have hurt me..." she said very seriously. Then she paused, and her face relaxed into a smile, "but they didn't. I'm okay. I'm alright. I love my body now. Before, I looked like a stick. Now," she smiled brilliantly, "I love the way I look and feel. If this was all because that gunk, then maybe you should patent it".

"Beth," I hesitated, "do you think it might have affected you in other ways".

"Well," she giggled, "it might have made me a little hornier. Ever since that day, I swear all I think about is having sex". She glanced down at my cock and then looked at me with an expectant and humorous grin.

"Yeah", I said. "That's kinda my point. You fixated on me. I'm more than twice your age. I'm a nerd and a geek. Do you..." I paused, not wanting to say it because I hated instilling doubt in her. I wanted her to love me, to adore me... but if she thought those feelings were artificially created she might rebel against them. However, as much as I hated it, I just had to know the truth. "Do you think that those chemicals might be the reason why you're so sexually attracted to me?"

Her smiled brightened again. Her eyes sparkling, she kissed me soundly, her hands on me, pulling herself against me.

"Probably". She looked up into my eyes, still smiling devilishly. "I don't care though". She saw my pained expression.

"It's okay. Really. I liked you before that accident, you know. If that stuff did do anything to me... it's been nothing but great. I'd do it again if I had the choice. I'm not worried about having broken that beaker at all. I'm totally okay and not worried about it at all".

She lowered her eyes and started kissing my chest with small light kisses... each kiss getting progressively longer. Her hand reached down and started fondling my balls.

"I love the way I feel now. I love loving you. Everyone should feel like this!"

She started to kiss down my body. I never knew Beth to have ever dated a boy... she always seemed so innocent and withdrawn. But her blowjob she had woken me with earlier and now this one proved she had experience from somewhere. She couldn't be this good with her first one.

She bobbed up and down on the head and just below it while one hand cupped my balls and the other slid up and down my shaft. I could feel her tongue press down on my shaft at times. She reached between her legs and started to twirl her fingers in a tight little circle over her clitoris. I could feel her moan travel up through my dick. What a feeling!

Oh god. I had never really liked blow jobs much. Women would always gag trying to deep throat me, or their teeth could clip against my cock, or they wouldn't use any force with their sucking.... but now I understood. Fuck yeah! This is what a blow job was supposed to be. A young woman worshipping you. Sucking your cock while slowly moving her head in and blowing down on you as she moved her head back out. Her timing, her motions... oh.... fuck... oh... yes!

and she swallowed too.


Beth told me her story about the day of the accident. She described her emotions and her thoughts at the time and afterwards, and it was easily evident that it was my chemical cocktail that was responsible for her attraction to me. My concoction really was a love potion. Not only that, but I had totally altered Beth's body, mind, and spirit with it. Any action I did, any word I spoke immediately after her exposure seemed to have imprinted upon her. Basically, anything she had experienced at that moment in time had strongly affected her very being.

I thought it was strange that Beth seemed so unconcerned about it all. She hadn't even given it any thought. If I had not asked her about it, she likely would never have even noticed that the potion had changed her. She accepted that she loved and lusted after me and that was more than enough for her, she didn't care why.

When I pressed her on it, she responded with,

"It feels so good that I don't care why. I wish you could feel as strongly as I do. I know you like me, you might even love me... but there's no way you can care about me as I much as I love you. I wish you could feel this as strongly as I do. It's so beautiful".

She stared heavily at me for a moment, a strange, considering look on her face... then, she cast her head down and away, but still glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. She blushed heavily. I thought her expressions must be because she was embarrassed by admitting all this.

She elaborated on other things about the accident too. When I had commented, "You are alright. You are", it seemed to have deeply affected her psyche. That one simple comment had apparently healed a lot of her self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

My comment, "You need to do what I say", also seemed to written itself into her mind. The potion had caused her to form a link between doing what I said and her newly installed feelings of love and lust. Now, she loved doing what I said and it also turned her on. With just that simple phrase, I had turned her into a sexual submissive.

"So, you would you do anything I asked you to?" I queried.

"Yes", she said emphatically.

"If I told you that I wanted to have anal sex with you?" I felt her nipples harden against my chest.

"Yes" she responded. It wasn't an affirmation, it was a statement of fact. She started to nuzzle against me.

"Would you do anything? Would you... I don't know... rob a bank for me?"

She laughed,

"Why would you want me to rob a bank?"

"I don't know... I want to know how far you're willing to go for me. How much would be willing to do if I asked you to do something".

She looked at me with a totally serious look on her face.

"You're testing me. You want to see how much I love you and you're being serious. If I tell you 'anything', you'll think I'm psycho or on drugs, if I say something else, then you'll use that to say that I don't really love you".

"Beth", I said, "I really do think that my experiment has changed you. I'm sorry that it has. You can't know how much I love that you want to be with me, but I think those chemicals might have affected you in bad ways. I need to know. I want you to tell me, totally honestly, how far you would be willing to do what I tell you.

She looked at me initially with that serious expression, but it changed into one that looked almost pained,

"I... I...." she hesitated, seeming to try and fight against herself, one part of her wanting to say, the other part holding her back. Her eyes filled with tears.

I was torn between telling her to forget my command and ease her conflict or pushing the issue harder. It occurred to me that the mere fact that she was resisting showed that she still had plenty of limits, but then she spilled everything out in a rush.

"I don't want to tell you because I'm scared that you won't accept me, that you'll think I'm crazy... but I need to do what you say and you told me to tell you. So I have to. I have to tell you, honestly, how far would I be willing to go and do what you say". She took a deep shuddering breath in and then slowly released it.

"I really would do anything for you. I need to do what you say. I need it". She looked into my eyes, speaking earnestly. "I love doing what you say. I love doing what you say as much as I love smelling you, tasting you... feeling you inside me. It's a part of me now". She started to run her hands over my body.

"It turns me on too. Every time I do something that you tell me to, I get horny. Oh, god... you told me to be honest and tell you all this... and I'm doing it and I'm getting hornier the more I say and the more I think about it". She was too. Her nipples were again dark and swollen... her eyes hot and glazed looking.

"Oh... if you told me to cum... if you told me... " she was starting to pant. Her face flushed and I could tell she was fantasizing about obeying me in variety of ways. She paused for a moment, then pulled herself rapidly back to the far side of the bed. She looked scared, staring at me with an almost horrified look on her face.

She looked away from me. She stuck the knuckle of her index finger in her mouth and started chewing on it, her little nervous habit. Then she started mumbling to herself under her breath, "I haven't been thinking about this. I've just been reacting on feelings. Everything he says, I want to do... I need to do. I need to obey him and the more I do, the better it feels. It feels too good. It'd even turn me on if he told me to get dressed or to brush my teeth or to take out the garbage. Anything he tells me to do turns me on". She paused then... a look of amazement on her face as she turned back to look at me, her finger dropping away from her mouth. In a scared and whispered voice, she said, "Oh my god, I'm your slave... I... I... I want to be your slave".

"What did you do to me?", she asked a hint of pleading in her voice. "I don't want this... but I do. I mean, I can't think straight". She shook her head as if trying to clear it. "All I know is that I love this. All of it, but I'm not supposed to. It's supposed to be wrong. What should I do? What should we do?"

"Um...", I was flustered. Her admissions scared me, I never meant for any of this to happen. I felt guilt pressing down on me. Could I cure her? I didn't think so. I didn't even know how the potion really worked, it was all theoretical. But, for the sake of honesty, I should admit... I actually liked the effect it had had on her. I'm a guy after all. There isn't a straight man alive who would turn her away. She asked me what she should do....

"Kiss me?" I suggested. I could feel my heart thudding in my throat.

Her scared expression escalated to one of horror... but then, ever so slowly, it faded. She started to shake. Her hot and lustful glare started to return, and her face and chest became flushed. She slowly pulled herself to me. Her trembling hands that touched my skin were so hot they felt like they'd burn me.

Her mouth came closer to mine. She was panting again. Instead of kissing me, she placed her forehead against my own. She was sweating.

"Is that what you want?" she asked, "Is that what you really want?".

I didn't answer. I couldn't. I didn't want to damn myself any further.

Her lips met mine, ever so lightly. She gasped. Her shaking slowed. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me again, at first tentatively and then with rising passion. I could feel her mold her body against mine, feel her place her hand behind my neck as she pulled my mouth even deeper into hers. It was the best kiss I ever had.

She released the kiss and looked at me, her eyes smoldering. I could smell sex radiating off of her like a thick perfume. Her skin was hot and flushed, her nipples hard.

"How could I not do anything you ask me. I would do ANYTHING you tell me to. Anything. Please... please... oh god. Please tell me to fuck you".

"Beth" I said, "cum for me".

She paused for a second... then she rolled onto her back. her legs spread out and bent at the knees. Her arms reached up and out into the air as if holding an invisible body to her. Her eyes rolled back and she started gasping. She came, her stomach muscles rippling. I was shocked. I must be having a dream. My dick was so hard it ached. A woman was having an orgasm merely because I told her to.

I grabbed another ancient condom out of my nightstand.

"Beth, fuck me".

I have no doubt that she had just orgasmed on command, but that only seemed to have stoked her inner fires. She rolled over to me and silkily draped her body atop mine. She grasped my hardened prick and slid it into her body easily.

She started to rock herself against me.

"Please," she gasped, "please tell me to do more things".

"Beth", I said, trying to think of things as she continued to suck blood from my brain into my cock, "later, I want you play with yourself for me".

"No.." she managed to get out while she continued her motions, "I mean, I'll do that... but please, tell me to do things now!"

"Kiss me", I said. She moaned as she leaned down and kissed me. I could feel her stop her back and forth motion on my cock. She switched to some kind of circular one and it touched on nerves in me that I had never felt before. I could feel her excitement building in her body as well.

"Play with your nipples". She switched to her previous back and forth motion, riding me cowgirl style. Her hands fondled her breasts, tugged gently at her nipples.

"Beth, kiss all over my body". She moaned and forced herself down on me further. She bent over and started to kiss my mouth, my neck. She ground her pelvis against mine and I could feel her body spasm again in orgasm. I could feel herself open around the head of my cock, waiting to hold onto my soon to be arriving cum.

She was whimpering now... kissing my chest, inhaling my scent. She climaxed again and collapsed against me, her body shivering. I couldn't hold back... I came. It wasn't a torrent this time, but I could feel myself spurting deep inside her. Oh yes!

She laid atop me, my arms wrapped around her. Both of us were drowsing. I was still inside of her. Slowly, my member slid out of her.

Then it hit me. I had felt myself spurting deep inside of her, but I had been wearing a condom. The one sensation I shouldn't have felt was that of spurting deep inside of her. Fuck.

I rolled us to our sides and glanced down. The condom had a very obvious hole at the tip where the stale latex had torn.

Oh, fuck me.

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