tagMind ControlChemical Concocktion Ch. 05

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 05


For the next couple of weeks, Beth and I kept ourselves in proper form at school. She stopped flirting with me, almost ignoring me most of the time, as I did her. The risk for us being caught in a relationship was just too great. Still, she would occasionally manage to shake her posse of infatuated boys and share lunch with me like she used to.

I still worked on my potion... it was finally back to the point when Beth had been exposed. I was fruitlessly trying to come up with ways to test it. I did some animal testing, but I didn't know what I was looking for. Changes in brain chemistry was not something I could find with a high school microscope.

I had briefly thought about destroying the potion at one point, especially considering how hard it was for me to avoid playing with Beth's mind. If a government got wind of it, they could rule the world forever. I knew, morally and ethically, that I should destroy all the samples and forget about this research but it was just too powerful. My greatest fantasies had been surpassed by this potion. I knew there was no way I was going to actually get rid of it. I felt this strange need to mouth words of guilt... but I actually didn't really feel any. I had given up any plans to test the potion in order to try and find an antidote, now I only wanted to test it to find its limits.


One Friday after school, about two weeks before finals, Beth came back into my classroom, with the intention of leaving for the weekend with me. She had already made her fictitious excuses to her mother... not that her mom ever seemed to care where Beth was. Normally, we avoided each other on the school grounds, but Beth had convinced me that, being a Friday, everyone else was probably already gone.

"Are you going to be here long?" She asked.

"No, I'm just finishing cleaning things up. I should be done in about 20 minutes." I thought about telling her to do the cleaning up for me, knowing that commanding her to do even simple chores would sexually excite her... but I tried to be very careful about stirring up anything with her at school after our last incident.

"Okay." She wandered into my backroom, I thought she was going back to look at some of the lab animals. A few minutes later, she came out and appraised my cleaning skeptically. "Twenty minutes, huh? Well, if you're thirsty, I could get you a soda to drink... looks like you have a ways to go, you dirty man."

I actually was a little thirsty. I had just opened a can of soda a minute or so ago... but I couldn't remember where I had placed it. I tossed Beth some change and she skipped lightly out of the room.

She came back a moment later and set my new can of soda on the counter, already opened for me. She stared at me, while blushing heavily. Yeah... even doing the simplest things for me affected her. She really was my slavegirl, excited by even doing the most mundane chores for me. I looked forward to having her do lots of things this weekend.

That's when Jennifer showed up. Jennifer was one of the senior cheerleaders. When I used to watch the footage from the girls locker room's hidden webcam, she was one of my favorites. Perfect C-cup breasts that looked so good that you'd swear they were fake. I was never especially fond of blondes, but Jennifer was a distinct exception. She was a true blonde too. She kept a little neatly trimmed blonde runway above her pussy. She was utterly beautiful. The girl that everyone wanted but no one could have. I thought she was dating some college-boy, but I didn't really know. I had my Beth and although I was a little curious as to what having Jennifer would be like, I was not greedy. I never seriously thought about using my love potion on her. Sorry, did I say "never seriously"? I meant "never". It had never occurred to me.

She was not the most studious of girls and I knew she was here to beg for a higher grade. She was close to failing right now and she would need my class to graduate.

She quickly confirmed my suspicion when she asked if I could talk with her about her grades.

"Beth, can you give us a few minutes?" I asked. Beth gave a start, her old shy demeanor coming back to her...

"but..." she began awkwardly.

"Beth, Jennifer needs to discuss some things with me and we need to do so in private. You can come back in a few minutes." Beth started walking up and reached towards the soda can she had left for me.

"but..." she interjected again.

"No, not another word..." I said, "and leave the soda. I haven't had it yet." Beth paused for a moment and she quietly exited the room her head hanging low.

I finished straightening a pile of papers and found my first can of soda. I picked up the one Beth had just brought me and handed it to Jennifer, "Want a soda?".

Jennifer smiled, showing off her perfect teeth and smile. "Sure," she said, taking the can.

Just like I predicted, Jennifer told me that she was worried about failing my class and now, with just a few weeks left in the term, she was begging for extra credit. I already knew she was going to pass. She was close to passing and I didn't want the headache of hearing from her parents and the administration about holding her back, so even if she tanked the rest of the term, I was still going to give her a passing grade. At least, I thought, maybe I could give her some busy work so it would seem like she earned it.

Jennifer took a drink of soda.

"Okay, Jennifer, I can give you some extra credit... you need to write a three page paper about Mendel's experiment's with peas."

She wasn't paying attention to me. She was staring at her drink with a puzzled expression on her face.

"This tastes weird," she said... then added, "it tastes really good" in a distant tone of voice. She took another large drink from the soda can, then another.

"Jennifer, are you paying attention to me?" I asked, she slowly raised her eyes to mine and when they met, she let out a soft gasp. She stared deeply into my eyes, her face going slack.

I had a sense of deja-vu, but I hadn't made the connection yet.

Jennifer started to drink from her can again, guzzling it down. She was acting all spaced-out

"Jennifer, stop drinking and listen to me." I admonished.

She set the almost empty can down. "Jennifer, you're a smart girl... you just need to put some time in to study. You need to be more organized." Jennifer was nodding along to what I was saying, her attention focused on me.

I heard a loud gasp from the doorway. I turned and saw Beth standing there with a horrified expression on her face.

"Did you drink the soda?" she asked, nervousness and panic barely controlled in her voice.

"What?" I asked, "No, I gave it to Jennifer... I found my soda from earlier," showing her the can in my hand. I glanced down at Jennifer who continued to stare at me in rapt attention.

Beth stared back and forth between Jennifer and myself. She walked quickly to where we were at.

"Jennifer, did you drink the soda?" Beth asked, kneeling down next to Jennifer's seat.

"Yes, it was delicious," Jennifer replied blankly, her eyes not leaving the study of my face.

Then Beth did something that took me totally by surprise. She reached over, took Jennifer's face in her hands, turned it to face her, and kissed Jennifer hard on the lips. Jennifer paused for a moment, her eyes still on me, then she redirected onto Beth and started kissing her back... more and more passionately with each second. What the hell?!?

Beth had to forcibly push Jennifer back. Jennifer struggled against her for a moment, trying to deepen the kiss, and when that was broken, she tried to nuzzle against Beth's neck... all the while taking large inhalations of Beth's scent. Jennifer was flushed, panting. Her eyes were glazed. She gave a lust-filled, smoldering glare at Beth. Beth looked down at the can of soda and back to Jennifer's lips. She licked her lips hesitantly, then shook her head violently.

"Jennifer, you need to do whatever I say. You love to do what I say and you need to do what I say," Beth ordered.

Jennifer reached out towards Beth. Beth backed up and gave a large, nervous, exhale as she rubbed her temples, averted her gaze, and appeared to try and concentrate. Jennifer paused and turned back towards me. She started to reach for me....

"Dan, get out of here!" urged Beth.

"What?!? What's going on, what's..." I spluttered,

What was wrong with her? What was wrong with Jennifer? She was acting like... like when Beth had been exposed to the potion! It hit me all at once, I suddenly made all the connections. Beth being so happy after her exposure and wanting to share it with others; her being upset with my conflicted emotions, her wanting me to experience what she had... she spiked my soda! She must have gotten the potion from the backroom and then added it to the soda. Only, it hadn't been me that had drank it, it had been Jennifer!

I glanced at the classroom's door, it was still open. Anyone could walk by. Dammit! What if the potion didn't work like it had before? What if it worked differently on different people? Beth liked me before she had been exposed to the potion, what would happen to Jennifer since she hadn't been attracted to me before being exposed? Jennifer could be screaming "teacher molestation" any moment.

"Dan, you need to get out of here now!" Beth again urged.

I didn't know what to do. I hadn't had time to think. I didn't know how to undo any of it. I just wanted to avoid causing more damage. Why had Beth kissed her? Why did she want me to leave? My mind was reeling as it tried to figure out all the implications of what was going on.

I made a decision. Fuck it.

I bent forward, lifted Jennifer's face towards mine and kissed her. I could feel heat coming off her body, see her eyes close as I approached. She kissed me back passionately. I could hear her give off faint little gasps and moans. She started to come into my arms, but I pushed her back. This was too exposed here.

Jennifer's eyes met mine, her pupils were now so wide that they had almost taken over her irises, making them look entirely black. Even through her sweater, I could see her erect nipples. She was panting and was covered in a light sheen of sweat.

I was thinking hard and fast. I knew that even small comments had heavily affected Beth during her exposure. I tried to think of what I had told Jennifer. What should I say now? How long would this exposure phase last? Beth thought that her phase had only lasted a few minutes after she had been exposed, but I didn't know how big or small of a dose Beth had spiked Jennifer's soda with... the phase might last only a few more seconds, I really didn't know.

Okay, I thought, I should keep this simple, maybe I could still fix things. I had to try.

"Jennifer," I said, "You need to do what I say. You love doing what I say".

Beth suddenly chimed in again,

"Jennifer, I want you to forget about coming here this afternoon. Forget about the soda, forget Mr Deering and I kissing you... forget this entire experience. Do you understand? You can never tell anyone about me or Mr Deering kissing you. I want you to totally and utterly forget that happened. Do you understand me?"

She looked at Beth and then me for a moment, dazed but still filled with lust, "Yes, I think so."

I stared at Beth. What was she doing? Was she trying to save me in case the potion didn't work on Jennifer like it had on her? Would giving Jennifer amnesia over the incident actually work? Wouldn't it be better to just accept Jennifer as a new slavegirl and work on the problem from that angle?

The thing was, I didn't really know what she was trying to do. I knew how the potion was made, but Beth had intimate knowledge of how the potion actually worked on a person, seeing as she had been its first victim. She could be trying to protect me, but then again, she had just spiked a soda for me with the potion. Could the potion's affect maybe wearing off of Beth? Could she be planning some kind of revenge for me taking advantage of her potion-induced lust? I just didn't know.

"Jennifer," Beth continued, "I want you to go to the back of the classroom, have a seat, and take a nap. If anyone sees you, you will tell them that you are just tired and needed a nap. When you wake up, you won't remember those things I mentioned earlier and you will just go home. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Jennifer mumbled, still staring at me and looking somewhat frustrated. Beth helped her up and moved her to the back of the room. I took the offending soda can and dumped its contents down the sink. I rinsed the can thoroughly and tossed it in the trash. The whole time I was doing this mundane task, my brain was on overdrive. What if Beth had succeeded in giving me the potion? What commands would she have given me? This was just too close. I thought I could trust her. Instead, she had almost brainwashed me! The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. [i]That little bitch! What was she thinking?!?[/i]

What was I going to do about Jennifer? Would she actually forget everything as Beth had ordered her to or would she be bonded to me and to Beth? What things had I said to her while she was drinking the soda? Any comment I had made might cause serious complications.

Did I even want Jennifer to forget the incident? She was gorgeous. There was a part of me that was tempted to turn her into another sex slave. Damn tempted. After all, if she had already been exposed to the potion, maybe it would be better to take her in and just accept that it was an accident. It had worked on Beth after all... well, except for Beth secretly trying to brainwash me, that is. Yeah. Maybe one slave was enough for now, at least until I knew more.

Jennifer had set her head down on her table and appeared to be asleep. Beth nervously came over to me. She wouldn't meet my eyes. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into my back room.

"What were you thinking?!?" I demanded in a harsh whisper, "and be honest!" I added coldly.

Her eyes filled with tears.

"I wanted you to love me as much as I love you, so you could be happy. I wanted you to stop worrying about what you'd done to me and just enjoy everything." She started to cry.

"Why did you kiss Jennifer?"

"Because I know what the potion feels like, how it might affect someone," she tried to explain. Her eyes and nose reddened as her tears fell heavier. "At first I thought you had taken the potion and were bonding to her... and I just wanted you for me." She sobbed for a moment. I stood there coldly.

"Then, when I found out that she had drunk it, I knew she'd bond to you... but I didn't want you to choose her over me. I know she's prettier than I am." She was sniffling heavily. I didn't move. "So I kissed her to make her bond to both of us. So you couldn't choose one of us over the other. I'm sorry." She started sobbing again.

I could see her point. The potion had altered Beth's body... and my comments during her exposure had made her accept herself as "okay & alright", but she always held people like Jennifer as being more attractive than "okay". She knew how people reacted to Jennifer and thought I'd do the same. Basically, in her heart, Beth would always feel inferior to Jennifer. I could see her point, but she had almost knowingly brainwashed me.

"Beth, you said that you would do anything I say... that you can't say 'no" to me." She nodded her head in agreement, still crying.

I grabbed her arm roughly and shook her. "Beth, you are to NEVER try and use that potion on me again. NEVER!" I whispered harshly. "You will NEVER do anything like that ever again. Don't even think it!".

She looked at me with a scared expression on her face. "No, I promise. I won't."

I pulled her to me and hugged her. She broke out into renewed sobs. "I just wanted to make you happy like you made me. I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me."

I pushed her back for a moment, "Beth, I love you too. I will never abandon you. I promise." She molded herself to my body, squeezing out any empty space between us. Even as angry as I was, I couldn't help but want to forgive her. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

"I love you so much," she whispered.

"So, what do we do about Jennifer?" I asked. "Do you think that she will actually forget what happened?"

"I don't know," Beth replied, sniffling and reaching for a paper towel. "You never asked me to forget anything before. I know the other comments you made with me really affected me, so maybe she will."

"One way to find out," I said. "We'll have to wake her up in a few minutes and see."


Jennifer awoke feeling somewhat dizzy. Her head felt thick, almost like a fog was covering her thoughts. Her body felt... swollen, strange. It was almost as if.... she couldn't continue the thought. A frustrated horniness gripped her, like feeling like she had been about to climax but denied at the last second.

"Jennifer, you need to wake up." She opened her eyes and looked over where the voice had been coming from. It was Mr Deering... her science teacher. She glanced around the room, confused. How did she get here? As she looked at Mr Deering, she felt... so strange. She could feel her mind steering around something, like a car swerving around a large pothole. She must have been having a wet dream because she was horny when she woke up and the sensation only seemed to be getting stronger.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled, "I was just tired and needed a nap." She immediately got up from her desk and stumbling, walked out of the classroom. She was dimly aware of Mr Deering starting to help her, but being held back by Beth.

When she got home, her thoughts were a little clearer. She had forgotten that she needed to talk to Mr Deering about her grade in his class. Dammit. She thought about turning around and going back to talk to him, but she felt so muddled. It would just have to wait until Monday.

She was supposed to go out with the gang later tonight. Usually on a Friday afternoon, she'd watch a movie on cable or chat on the phone... but she realized, she really did have a lot of schoolwork to do.

She went up to her room. It was so messy, she didn't even know where her long-neglected schoolbooks were at. She sighed.

[i]Well, may as well get started[/i], she thought. She got on her knees and started organizing the piles of clutter scattered throughout her room.

As she worked, she found herself getting horny again. She thought about stopping her cleaning and frigging herself a bit... an orgasm would feel so good and she hadn't felt so horny in a long time. But, she really needed to be more organized.

An hour later, her room was cleaner than it had been in years. She glanced around, looking for anything else to organize. God, she was horny. Now that her room was clean, maybe she could spare a minute to ease her frustration? Her eyes were still glancing around the room and fell upon her schoolbooks. She really should study. That's why she had started cleaning after all.

She opened her biology textbook. She didn't know where to start. She didn't even know what chapter the class was on. Well, there was only one place to start. She turned to page 1.

As she tried to read, she felt her horniness increasing. It got harder and harder to concentrate. [i]Harder[/i], she thought, [i]hard and harder would be so good right now[/i], Her hands started to play with her breasts as she continued her attempts to read. Her hands stroked the underside of her tits, then she brought her hands up, over her nipples. Her body shuddered in pleasure. She reread her last paragraph as one of her hands slowly slid down from her breast and onto her abdomen.

She was proud of herself, she was a smart girl. This studying was actually fun, she just wished she wasn't so horny. Her hand slipped lower. She took her other hand from her breast and turned to page 2... she started to rub herself through her jeans. [i]God, this was so exciting[/i]! She read faster, engrossed... seemingly not noticing her hand unbuttoning and slipping inside her pants. She was so excited that the words seemed to flow right out of her, just like her juices were now openly flowing into her panties. She didn't comprehend what she was reading, but dammit, it just felt so good!

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