tagMind ControlChemical Concocktion Ch. 06

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 06


Jennifer woke up when she heard her parents get home. She picked herself off of the floor, amazed at how relaxed she felt.

I guess I needed that she thought. She walked smoothly into her bathroom and washed her dried fluids from her hands. She glanced up into the mirror,

Are my breasts getting larger? They certainly seemed like it. Her hands lifted her bosom, weighing her c-cup breasts. New tingles greeted her. They had never seemed so deliciously sensitive before. She lightly rubbed her nipples with her forefingers and she felt a spark travel from both breasts into her cunt. Oh, that's nice! She started to fondle her breasts more aggressively.

She heard her her father calling her to come downstairs for dinner. After yelling back that she'd be down in a minute, she went to get dressed again. Her bra strained to hold in her mounds. Her breasts were definitely getting larger.


After dinner, she headed out to the mall with her friend and fellow cheerleader, Myesha.

They were at the Bed, Bath & Beyond store trying to find a new shampoo, when Jennifer found one that was a pineapple/coconut mix. It was an incredible scent that evicted a sense of deja-vu from her. It was absolutely wonderful. She took in long deep whiffs and with each one, she felt lust rising a little higher from somewhere deep inside her. She didn't know why, but the smell was affecting her like nothing else had ever previously. She felt a hand on her shoulder,

"Jenn? You okay?" asked her friend Myesha. Surprised, Jennifer wheeled around and looked at her friend, dropping the shampoo bottle on the floor where it spilled out onto the tile. Freed from the bottle, the shampoo's smell rose up to Jennifer's nose in even greater amounts. She felt her lust spike to an even higher level. I'm not gay, Jennifer tried to remind herself, but the odor made her so horny and Myesha suddenly looked so attractive standing there with her lips... her lips, almost as if wanting...

Jennifer kissed her.

She put her arms around Myesha and pulled her close. I'm not gay, she repeated silently to herself as she felt Myesha's mouth open to hers. Jennifer broke the kiss and started kissing her friend's neck and moved her arms over Myesha's back, holding her body even closer. She went for another kiss while slipping her thigh between Myesha's legs.

Myesha was stunned. She had never thought of Jennifer as a lesbian... this took her totally by surprise. She went along for a moment, not knowing what else to do, but then she pushed Jennifer away.

"Whoa, girl", she admonished. She stared at her friend. "What do you think you are doing?". She glanced around the store to check if anyone had seen what had happened.

Jennifer was breathing heavy, her eyes smoldering with lust as she stared at her friend. That kiss was so hot, the smell so alluring... it was almost as if she was living out a deep sexual fantasy that she'd never thought of before. She needed another kiss. She took a step towards her friend.

Myesha didn't understand what was going on. Jennifer was acting totally strange. She never thought Jenn was gay, and yet, Jenn was staring at her with pure unadulterated lust. Whatever was going on, inside of a store was definitely not the place to find out. She grabbed Jenn's hot and sweaty hand and pulled her outside.


Stepping into the cool spring air snapped Jennifer out of her strange state. The smell was stripped from her nose and she felt herself calming. Suddenly, she could feel how soaked her panties were as they turned cold in the light breeze. She could feel her excited nipples initially tingle in the breeze before returning to a more normal quiet state. Myesha continued to pull her friend to her car.

Once inside, Myesha stared at her expectantly.

"Well?!?" she asked.

Jennifer didn't know what to say. She didn't know what she had been doing. Her high levels of lust were almost gone now and when she looked back at the time in the store, the memories seemed filled with fog.

Myesha prodded her, "What exactly did you think you were doing in there?".

Jennifer blushed.

"I don't know. All of a sudden, I was just so horny and you were there and I couldn't stop myself".

"And that's it?!?" demanded her friend. "You kiss me, in public, almost grope me... and then just say you were 'horny?" Her friend stared at her. Jennifer just blushed harder, she didn't know what to say.

Myesha continued, "It was Sarah, wasn't it?"

"What?" responded Jennifer, confused.

"It was Sarah. She told you what happened between me and her and you just wanted to see for yourself. I was just experimenting, all right? If you asked, I would have told you. You didn't have to do that." Myesha angrily turned away and started the car. They drove in silence for a moment.

Jennifer was trying to process everything. She didn't understand what had happened to her in the store, why she so suddenly had gotten so turned on, or why she had kissed her friend. She was also trying to understand her friend's surprise confession. Was Myesha a lesbian?

"Um..." said Jennifer, "it wasn't like that. I didn't know anything about you and Sarah. It was just lately... just today... I had some weird feelings. When we were in the store, I got them again, only stronger... a lot stronger." She was beet red admitting this.

Myesha pulled into an empty parking lot.

"Do you mean that?" she asked, after she had turned off the car. She turned towards Jennifer. "Do you really mean that?"

"Um, yeah. I was... um. Touching myself. Earlier.... I thought of this girl and all of a sudden I got really turned on. I don't think I'm gay. I still like guys... only..." she was stammering, totally flustered.

Myesha moved closer to her.

"It's okay. There is one way to know for sure."

Jennifer looked at her, her shame clearly evident from her face. Myesha's words offered hope though and she grasped at it.


Myesha reached over, took Jennifer's hands, and kissed her soundly on her lips.


Jennifer didn't know what to do. She knew that it was her actions earlier that instigated all of this, but now, well, Myesha wasn't turning her on. She just felt awkward. She knew Myesha since childhood though and didn't want her to feel bad. She'd just play along.

Things won't go too far, we're in a parking lot, right? The fact that she had nearly dry-humped her friend in a department store just a few minutes previously didn't even register in her mind.

Myesha was giving forth a concentrated effort, the public view of the parking lot appearing to not make a whit of difference. She was kissing Jennifer, nuzzling her cheek with her nose. She started nuzzling Jennifer's ear, Jenn remained stiff and unresponsive.

Myesha was already excited. That kiss in the store... that was something she had fantasized about for a long time and she wasn't going to let Jennifer stop with just that tease. She started nuzzling Jenn's neck and felt goosebumps spread under her light touch. She grinned. She was getting to her friend.

Jennifer had to admit, what Myesha was doing felt good. She didn't know what to do though. While part of her struggled with the awkwardness of her current situation, a different part was trying to analyze and understand what happened to bring this all about.

Why did I get so excited about Myesha in the store? Something about that smell. She felt arousal start inside of her. Where had she smelled that scent before? Myesha was kissing her neck now and Jennifer could feel herself starting to get damp. She closed her thighs self-consciously.

Myesha noticed the gesture and one of her hands slipped down to stroke Jenn's thigh.

"You liked kissing me in the store, didn't you?" she murmured in Jenn's ear.

Jennifer thought of the kiss in the store. Kissing her. The Kiss. She felt her arousal spike higher. She couldn't help herself, the idea of kissing was so hot. She moved her head and kissed Myesha now, slipping her tongue into the young black girl's mouth.

Myesha smiled and slid her hand higher on Jenn's thigh.

Jenn was trying to track down the memory of the scent... of the kiss? The more she tried to think about it, the thicker the fog she felt fall across her thoughts and the more excited she became. One of her hands reached out and touched Myesha's breast. She heard a gasp in reply.

Now, Jennifer became the aggressor. She wasn't picturing her friend in front of her any longer. Instead, she was picturing that geeky girl... that smart one in her mind's eye. She remembered now, that girl was in some of her classes and her name was Beth.

God, Beth is so hot. I can't believe I never noticed her before now. She pictured Beth with her soft pouty lips and her deep brown eyes as she started to kiss down Myesha's neck towards her collar.

One of her hands was unbuttoning Myesha's shirt, the other one was sliding up her friend's exposed thigh... steadily moving higher under the cover of the young black woman's skirt.

Myesha suddenly realized where they were. She wanted to make out, but they were so exposed just sitting in a parked car and things were going faster and farther than she had expected or even hoped. She pushed Jennifer's hand from her shirt and tried to button it back up, but Jenn used that opportunity to reach higher on Myesha's leg. Jenn's fingers started to rub on the outside of Myesha's wet panties.

Oh, god! That feels sooo good! Better than any boy who had ever touched me. Still, this was wrong. They were going to get caught. She had started off as the hunter, but now she felt like a fox cornered by a hound. She closed her legs tightly on Jenn's hand, trapping it. She grabbed the other girl's hands and pushed them away. Jennifer just smiled.

"Beth, open your legs. Now". Myesha was too far gone in lust and in fear of being discovered to notice the name Jennifer used. She felt Jenn push harder with her hand and even with Myesha's legs tightly closed, she felt Jenn's fingers pressing her panties into her wet vagina. Jenn kissed her again, reaching up with her other hand and cupping her friend's breast.

Myesha lost her resistance for a moment, her legs opening slightly... and Jenn used the opportunity to slide her friend's panties aside and slip her fingers inside of Myesha's heated cunt.

Myesha lost all control after that. It just felt too good and she wanted it too much. She was riding Jennifer's nimble fingers. She was pressing back against the seat, gasping. She was getting so close... so, so close.

Jennifer was running an ongoing fantasy in her head. It was Beth, not Myesha, she was touching and kissing. Her lust was uncontrollable. She wanted that girl and she was going to have her. She bent down low and started to kiss Myesha's thigh.

Myesha felt Jennifer kissing her leg higher and higher. Her legs spread open of their own volition. She felt Jennifer's tongue brush her clit and she immediately climaxed... wave after wave crashing down upon her.

After the waves of pleasure started to ebb, she felt so tired. She knew that Jenn was still horny, but she felt wasted. Her hands were trembling as she placed them on the steering wheel.

Jennifer was still hot. One of her hands idly stroked herself through her pants. The thing was, she didn't want Myesha. Everything she had done was because she had been thinking of that girl, Beth. She barely knew the girl, but there was something about her that drove Jennifer crazy.

She slowly stopped her hands traveling across her body and self-consciously started to straighten her clothes. She felt her lust calming down and felt a semblance of her normal self return.

What have I done?!? She thought to herself. As her libido quieted, the implications of her actions started to rain down on her. "Oh my god, I'm a lesbian. I... I... kissed my friend's pussy. Jennifer stopped her hands traveling across her body and started to straighten her clothes.

"Oh, god Jenn... that was awesome, can I see you later tonight?" asked her dazed friend hopefully.

"Um... Myesha, I don't know. This is all so strange. I think I need some space for awhile. I need to understand what's going on".

Myesha looks hurt but she'll get over it, thought Jennifer. She turned and looked out the window as the car started up and on it's way. There was no denying it. She might not be totally gay, but she was definitely gay for Beth. Just thinking of her turned her on. She was going to have to do something about that.

The two friends drove in silence back to her house.

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