tagMind ControlChemical Concocktion Ch. 08

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 08


That Sunday, Jennifer felt horribly antsy. She tried to lounge on the soft carpeting in her underwear, glancing around at her now clean and organized bedroom, but time was going by so slowly. It felt like the weekend was just crawling by. She wanted to be in class, not home.

She had put time into studying and becoming more organized for the last two days and the thought that she would be showing off her newly acquired knowledge to her peers gave her a pleasant tingling deep inside of herself. The more she thought about it, the stronger the sensation became. Why was she so horny? She'd been masturbating all weekend, not to mention that incident with Myesha.

She was going to have to think about what to do with Myesha. The girl had already called several times and sent numerous text messages. Jennifer's thoughts drifted away from her friend and their now uncomfortable situation and back towards school again.

She couldn't wait to go to Mr Deerings class. She really wanted to impress him. More and more, she thought about him. She always had thought he was nerdish and geeky, not someone she would want to associate with. However, she now realized that seeing she was smart, that intelligent people tended to stick together and being nerdish and geeky wasn't really that bad of a thing.

She imagined herself staying after class with him as they talked about things like cell structure and DNA. She imagined him complimenting her and quizzing her. If she proved herself, maybe... just maybe, he would give her, [i]oh...[/i] extra homework assignments.

The thought of him telling her to do things... there was something about that idea. She idly stroked her bare thigh as the idea of doing homework started to morph in her mind. She imagined a field trip with him and [i]gasp![/i], Beth. A special field trip where he would show them all kinds of natural and [i]mmmmm[/i] wild things.

She imagined the three of them hiking together on a field trip and Mr Deering suddenly collapsing to the ground, bitten by a poisonous snake.

"Where are you bitten?" she asked as he writhed in pain. She looked desperately at his lower legs.

"It's too high up on my leg," he said through clenched teeth, "you need to take my pants down."

"But Mr. Deering, I can't do that!" she protested.

"Jennifer, you need to do what I say," he stated purposefully. A light sheen of sweat covered his skin. Jennifer felt a heat growing inside of her, its fires quickly being fanned by her fantasy.

Outside of her imagination, her hand started stroking higher on her thigh, slowly stroking inwards as her legs parted. Her recently swollen breasts and nipples felt a warm glow, begging to be touched and fondled.

She imagined herself unbuckling his pants, pulling down his pants to reveal a large, swollen cock.

"Oh, Mr Deering! I think you were bitten there! What should I do?"

She looked away from his stiffened cock to his wonderful eyes, but he had passed out.

"You need to suck out the poison." Beth said next to her.

"What? But, I can't do that! That'd be wrong!" Jennifer protested. "I can't put my mouth on his thing!"

"Jennifer," said the beautiful brunette, "he'll die if you don't. You need to suck the poison out now to save him!"

She knew it was the right thing to do. She knelt down and took his cock in her mouth.

Jennifer's hand slid along her wet sex, causing her body to shiver in pleasure. She slid a finger into herself as she imagined sucking Mr Deerings dick into her mouth.

She became lost in her fantasy, imagining what giving a blowjob must feel like. She was being told to do it, so she had to. She also knew she was saving his life, so it couldn't be wrong. It was okay to take pleasure from it. She started masturbating harder and faster. She didn't have a choice, she was doing the right thing... so there was nothing wrong about sucking his delicious cock.

She imagined him cumming and how wonderful it would taste.

"Oh! Beth! I think I got the poison out."

"Oh no!" exclaimed Beth, "I think there's a cut on your lip. If you got poison on it, it could make you sick! We have to make sure you don't have any poison there."

"But how?!?

"The same way you helped Mr Deering" Beth said. She pulled Jennifer to her and kissed her on her lips. Her mouth opened and... and...

Jennifer couldn't help herself... her other hand moved to join her other one as she started to rub her clit frantically. She was so close and she couldn'thelpherselfanditwassogood...

"Aaaiiiheeee!!" she hissed out as her orgasm overtook her. Her buttocks lifted off of the floor as the sensations lanced through her body.

She relaxed again on the floor. Her subconscious mind basking in the afterglow of its sinful imagination. But, it really wasn't wrong, was it? It wasn't that she wanted to suck Mr Deering's cock or kiss Beth. She had to do it. She was trying to save Mr Deering and then Beth was trying to save her. Besides, they had told her to do it. She wouldn't have any other choice in such a scenario.

As much as she tried to rationalize it though, she really knew where her motivations lay. She had tried to ignore the reasons why the fantasy turned her on so much, tried to hide the real reasons. She had to be honest with herself. The reason she had climaxed so hard wasn't because she was fantasizing about saving her teachers life... it was because the mere thought of kissing him or Beth made her burn with lust and doing whatever they said made her even hotter. She needed to face facts. She was bisexual and she had an enormous crush on her much older teacher and her classmate. As much as her face burned with embarrassment at the thought of those things, the rest of her body felt a very different kind of heat.


At school Monday, Beth kept an eye out for Jennifer. She didn't feel bad about exposing the girl to the potion per se... she knew personally how good it felt to belong to Dan. The chemicals could be dangerous, but their effect, well, it was incredible.

As she was getting her books out of her locker, her thoughts inevitably turned back towards sex. Dan's potion had awakened her sexuality and increased it a hundred-fold. He controlled her and she loved it. Even now, Dan's attempt at installing a new kink in her prodded at her. She was now hopelessly turned on by feet.

Through simple suggestions, he had given her a foot fetish that drove her to distraction. Whenever she thought about feet, she could feel her mind automatically linking feelings of arousal and orgasm towards them. Every time she did so, she could feel those links strengthening and hardening. She shivered as an exciting chill swept over her, caused by her even thinking about it now.

She hadn't expect to dose that blond cheerleader, Jennifer. She wanted to dose Dan, to have him experience the pleasure she did. Also, she had to be honest with herself, she wanted to tie him to herself. When she was in his back room of his science lab, she had found some hidden video files on his computer of the girls' locker-room. She knew that he could have any woman he wanted using that potion. If she didn't tie him to her, he would eventually be lured away by some other beautiful woman. She wanted him all to herself.

That failed when her attempt backfired and resulted in Jennifer being dosed instead. Beth had caused the very thing she had feared. A beautiful girl entranced by the potion and looking at her lover.

In an attempt to rescue the situation, she had kissed Jennifer... hoping to attach the girl to her instead of to Dan. Unfortunately, Dan had known what Beth was attempting though and kissed Jennifer too.

At first, the idea of Jennifer being sexually imprinted on her bothered her. She wasn't a lesbian. She only wanted Dan. However, there was a side to Beth that Dan couldn't fulfill.

Beth wasn't naturally submissive, well, maybe superficially. Before the potion, she had been shy and introverted, but deep inside, she fantasized about being in control. She had never masturbated before the potion, but she did have little fantasies, even back then. She would get the most exciting feelings whenever she fantasized about men kneeling before her at her beck and call. Those fantasies evaporated after she had been dosed with the potion, there was no need for them... but since Jennifer had imprinted on her, they had returned.

This repressed side, her dominant side, loved the idea that Jennifer was addicted to her like she already was to Dan. She dreamed of Jennifer sprawled out on the floor, willing to do anything she said and begging to have Beth kiss and fondle her feet.

She also wondered more and more if she could instill a kink into Jennifer like Dan had done to her. The mere thought of changing Jennifer into her personal little foot slut excited her almost as much as the thought of being with Dan did.

Beth also wondered if she might have had another exposure to the potion when she kissed Jennifer in the lab that past Friday. It was a minuscule dose to be sure, but she recognized the delicious taste of the potion when their lips had met. She wanted to kiss Jennifer again. Badly. It wasn't anywhere as strong as her feelings for Dan, but they were there nonetheless. She had never felt a sexual attraction to other women before and Beth recognized the potion's influence in it. It was yet another reason that she wanted to see the curvaceous blond today... that, and because Jennifer had the cutest, sexiest little feet.

She thought again about how Dan had so easily slipped this new foot fetish inside of her. Dan's power over her both scared her, as well as highly aroused her. She realized that a part of her craved it... a growing part of her. She not only wanted to obey him, she needed to obey. Obeying him turned her on so much, and it was so addicting that she couldn't fight it. She wanted him to give her instructions, no matter what they were.

If she thought about it too much, she would feel herself become scared about how far she was willing to go to get him to give her orders. She could imagine herself turning into a mindless robot, forcing Dan into giving her constant orders to simply function. Part of her was terrified at the idea, mainly because it was also so alluring.

A part of her feared that she would become just such an automaton, a mindless fuck-toy. A different part of her, a growing one, reveled in the idea. She knew that with every command that Dan gave her, the automaton side experienced ecstasy and was slowly winning out on the rest of her. As much as she wanted to retain her personality, losing it didn't bother her as much as she thought it would. It all just felt too good. She also noticed how she felt away from Dan. Everything was so washed out, so mundane. When they were apart, she only looked forward to being with Dan again and doing whatever he asked.

[i]Being with Dan[/i], she sighed dreamily to herself as she leaned against her locker, when she was with Dan, everything was glorious... she basked in his presence and when he was inside of her or telling her what to do, she was in total paradise. She leaned against her locker and slowly ran a hand down her neck, picturing her lover lifting her lips to his....

Jennifer walked into sight and Beth shook herself out of her thoughts. Beth noticed that the potion had definitely affected the blond cheerleader. Jennifer always had been incredibly beautiful, but now, she looked ripe. Her figure was even more curvaceous, her face more heart-shaped with her hair having that "bounce" that all the glamour magazines gave advice on how to achieve. The boys noticed it immediately. All of them turned to look at her, their mouths going slack, as their hormones shut down their brains.

Strangely though, Jennifer was dressed differently. She wasn't dressed sexily... although with her body, that was near impossible. But normally, she would be dressed to show off her assets. Now, she looked almost like a librarian with her blond hair styled up and back, wearing a calf-length skirt and long sleeved shirt and glasses. Jennifer was many things, but conservative had never seemed to be one of them.


Jennifer noticed all the boys staring at her as she walked into school.

[i]They appreciate smart women[/i], she thought. [i]My new clothes show off that I'm not just some bimbo and they want a woman like that.[/i]

Jennifer, of course, hadn't thought how previously she would have known that dressing as a "smart person" usually meant being ostracized by your peers. She couldn't think that, because now, such people... the people she had thought of as "geeks & freaks" were the ones she was now hopelessly attracted to.

She was so excited to be back in school after the weekend. Her studies hadn't gone as far as she had wanted, mainly because she felt the need to frig herself whenever she tried. She was so eager to learn more things, to prove her intelligence, and especially to see Mr Deering and Beth again.

She had decided to not wear her contacts, thinking that her glasses made her look, "more intelligent"... an idea that excited her to no end. She wore a conservative skirt and a green blouse that showed off her newly swollen breasts, clothes that she had to borrow from her mother.

She sat in her first period class, American History, trying to pay attention. It was harder than she thought it was going to be. She tried to listen to Mr Homb, the teacher... but the more she tried, the more she found herself getting excited. She found herself fantasizing about the old man telling her to go to the chalkboard and to write out answers to questions, showing off what she knew and how smart she was.

Then she started to toy with the idea that he would tell her to do other things, inappropriate things. The idea that a teacher would tell her to do things like that... it was just so exciting.

In the midst of her blossoming fantasy, she missed something he said. He was asking a question... a question she knew the answer to!

She shot her hand up.

[i]Oh, if he would call on me, then I could show off how smart I am[/i], she thought and immediately felt herself moisten.

However, he chose Eugene... one of the kids who usually answered all the questions. She kept her hand up halfheartedly, disappointed it wasn't her that was called on. Mr. Deering, he would have called on her. He would have known she would have given the correct answer.

Then, Eugene got the answer wrong! Jennifer stretched out her arm and waved it back and forth, and Mr Homb finally called on her!

She was now the center of attention. She would show off how smart she was. She felt an excitement growing inside of her. Butterflies flittered nervously in her stomach, but they were also flittering somewhere else. As each second ticked by, she felt an arousal growing, overtaking her.

Her breathing picked up. She tried to control it, trim down these passions that were blooming inside of her.

She opened her mouth to answer and had to restrain a moan as she did so.

"Traveler was the name of General Lee's horse" she managed breathlessly.

"Very good Jennifer!" smiled the wizened old teacher.

At those words, Jennifer found herself overwhelmed. Her face blushed heavily at the praise. She replayed his compliment in her mind, envisioning how the other students were looking at her in admiration for being so smart... and the more she thought about it, the stronger her excitement became.

"Jennifer," continued Mr Homb, "can you tell me the date that General Lee surrendered?"

She could! She knew the answer, she was smart! She went to answer it, even got as far as opening her mouth, but just knowing that she knew was enough to put her over the edge. She started to climax. She felt something deep inside of herself twitching, spasming as a wave of hot pleasure rolled over her body.

Instead of answering, she let out a gasp,

"Oh!" She had cum without even touching herself! She glanced around at her peers, did they know what had just happened to her?

She felt herself flush red in embarrassment.

"Jennifer? Do you know the answer?" pressed the teacher.

She knew she had, but when she had cum, it had totally knocked both the question and the answer out of her head. She desperately tried to search her memory for what they had been. Something about a date.

"Um, May 8th, 1945?" It was a blind guess, but....

"sorry, Jennifer, but Germany surrendering at end of World War 2 is not the same date that General Lee surrendered to the Union." Her classmates laughed at her and she felt herself flush a second time, but with embarrassment this time.

None of Jennifer's peers even conceived that she had just climaxed in class. Instead, they viewed the entire episode entirely differently. They saw her acting as a stereotypical blond bimbo, complete with gasps, stupid answers, and acting totally distracted. She'd teach them though... she was smart and she'd prove it, just as soon as she managed to make it to the bathroom and masturbated away some of her excitement.


When I first saw Jennifer after her "change", I was astounded. The potion obviously had affected her along the same ways as it had Beth, heck, even more so!

Beth was beautiful, she was sexy... but Jennifer was ripe and lush. Sexuality exuded from her. She was the hot cheerleader before, but now she was a Playboy centerfold. Her breasts were at least a full cup size bigger with a tiny waist and curvy hips. To look at her was to want her.

How else had the potion affected her? What about the suggestions that Beth and I had implanted? Did the instructions to forget hold? I'd be lying if I said I didn't want her like I had Beth. You didn't see her. She was so hot, that even a eunuch would want her.

I wanted to watch her closely. I could tell that she was attracted to me, much like how Beth had been. She stared at me with lust easily evident on her face... and yet, she was acting a lot differently than how Beth had. Beth had been aggressive while Jennifer was acting entirely the opposite. Beth changed from shy to aggressive, from wallflower to seductress. However, Jennifer had always been a bit of a flirt with the boys, but now she was bashful, shy. She would stare at me, but then glance away, blushing if I started to look back in her direction.

She also seemed to be acting like more of an airhead, like a little blond bimbo. She was distracted in her conversations. She eagerly tried to answer a couple of questions that I threw out to the class, but she would just get extremely flustered, blushing heavily, and almost hyperventilating. Did the potion lower her IQ? Why hadn't it affected Beth that way?

I tried not to stare at her body, but it drew the eyes. To make matters worse, she continued to try and answer every question I put forward, flushing bright red whenever I so much as glanced in her direction.

I couldn't ignore her either. She started wave her hand frantically whenever I would ask a question, like some elementary school kid eager to please the teacher. If I called on someone else besides her and they got it wrong, she would start to bounce in her seat and her bouncing was more than enough to encourage me to continue asking questions.

I just couldn't figure out why she was even trying to answer all these questions though. Was she just trying to gain my attention? Then why would she act so bashful and shy instead of being her normally outgoing self?

She got the first answer right. At first I thought she was just blushing from successfully answering, but I couldn't miss her hardened nipples that were jutting out from under blouse or her heavier breathing. Yes, my attention was definitely affecting her.

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