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Chemistry 101


Chemistry 101

A kind of hush fell over him and he jokingly said to Rebecca, “Hey, what’d you put in that drink?” Flopping back onto the couch, he felt dizzy and the room began to bend in odd configurations. He looked back at her and saw a satisfied smile spill across her face.

Closing his eyes, George pondered what brought him here to her house. He told his friends it was a pity date, although Rebecca was a friend, she certainly wasn’t someone he’d ever consider dating. She wasn’t pretty, pockmarks covered her face from a continuing case of acne and her greasy hair seemed to ooze over her large shoulders. Her breasts were incredibly large; unfortunately, they were proportionate with the rest of her body. George never knew if she had any real curves because of the clothes she wore, colorless curtains that simply draped off her breasts, hanging to her ankles.

Ugly though she was, she was always nice, going out of her way to be friendly to anyone who would even acknowledge her existence. George had talked with her, asking for some help on some homework and she happily tutored him. Over the next few months he learned exactly how smart this big girl was, as she actually did a better job explaining calculus and chemistry to him than his professors did.

Sure his friends teased him, but his grades were steadily improving, so he forced himself to survive. He did take precautions, electing to meet her whenever they got together so he wouldn’t be seen walking with her. Even for tonight’s “date,” they met at the restaurant and by the time they headed back to her place to review some chemistry it was dark.

George had stumbled into tonight’s “date” after pulling an “A” on his chemistry final he elatedly exclaimed, “This is so great, I’m going to buy you dinner.”

“Dinner?” she replied.

“Yeah, dinner.”

“You mean like a date?” she asked hopefully.

“Ah… ugh. Hmmm... well, yeah like a date,” he replied, but noticing a strange look roll over her, he continued, “Of course, it’s not really a date. I mean, ah... just friends, we are just friends.”

She nodded, her face contorted as if slapped. She had been slapped, slapped in the worst way: with reality. Suddenly reminded, once again, she was an “untouchable” who could be used at will and then simply ignored or discarded. “Of course,” she replied.

“Okay great, what say I meet you at Sascha’s Grille?”

An odd look suddenly flowed over her face, “Yes, I’ll meet you there and then afterwards we can go back to my apartment to review your test.”

“I got an A, why would we need to review my test?”

“Because, this is just the first semester, you still have another semester to go. You can’t just forget everything you learned for the test. I’ll go over what you’ll need to be sure and remember.”

“Okay, you’re the boss,” he replied.

“Yes,” she said with a satisfied smile. Under her breath she continued, “I will be the boss.”

“What was that?” he asked.

“I said, ‘Don’t get lost,’” she replied, as he turned and headed off.

“Say about seven?” he shouted, turning and walking backward.

“Seven it is,” she had replied.

Dinner had gone as well as George could have hoped. He did feel the prurient stares of the other diners as they all asked themselves, “What was he doing with her?” The waiter seemed exceedingly rude, but he didn’t say anything. After dinner they snuck back to her apartment, where she served him some lemonade. It was a bit bitter, but he drank it as she got some books and things together.

Now George found himself leaning back on the couch, feeling an odd mixture of exuberance and dizziness splash over him. He spread his arms out on the couch as if trying to catch his balance.

“Are you okay?” Rebecca asked.

“Just a bit dizzy,” he replied.

She moved toward him, looking closely at his face, “Hmmm, yes it seems to be working.” She took one of his hands and guided it to her breast. Feeling his hand begin to knead the massive roll of flesh, she knew it was working.

Moving his hand from her breast, she got up and walked out of the room, returning with three other very large women. George recognized one, Janine, a woman with an attractive face and very pretty auburn hair. Had she not weighed over 300 pounds, George might have given her a second look passing her on the street.

“George, I want you to meet three friends of mine: Janine, Andrice and Erin.” Each woman nodded as Rebecca said her name. “Actually, I want you to get to know each of these women very well,” she said.

Holding his head, George watched the three behemoths begin to undress as Rebecca came over to him and pulled off his shirt. A strange feeling soaked him, as he wanted to rush away, but only helped Rebecca remove his clothes. He suddenly found himself naked as the largest of the large women slumped onto the couch next to him.

He felt himself roll his hand over the giant mound of Andrice’s stomach to grasp a huge breast. His fingers sank into the soft flesh as he moved his mouth to her huge nipple. Sucking the nipple, he looked down, noticing the dark aureole was almost as large as his face. His erect cock brushed against her thigh and tried to move himself between her legs, but she grabbed his shoulders whispering, “No, we’ll save that for Rebecca.”

She guided his head between her legs, reaching one of her hands to pull her stomach up to give him access to her pussy. Wanting to run away, he could only move his face onto her vast lips and dip his tongue into her virgin pussy. She immediately began moaning as he lapped the soft wet folds and pulled his head hard against her. He felt her pump her hips rhythmically, but he pulled back, gasping for breath.

Realizing he could drown in her overwhelming pussy, he moved his mouth to her large clit and began sliding his fingers into her. His tongue circled on clit as his fingers explored her opening. Even though she was enormous, he felt the tight band of tissue along the top of her opening. He gingerly worked around it, concentrating any pressure along the sides and bottom walls of her cunt.

He sucked her clit into his mouth and felt her tremble as she approached climax. Taking a deep breath, he intensified his efforts, preparing himself. Knowing that, as large as Andrice was, her orgasm would be like an earthquake, so he closed his eyes and worked away. She moved, pumping her hips and nearly knocking him to the floor, but her hands quickly clamped his shoulders as she ground her pussy over his face.

Finally, she calmed and George could turn his head and take another deep breath. She pulled him back and he felt her soft, wet flesh melt over his face. After another long wait, Andrice released him so he could sit up.

His face felt sticky Andrice’s drying juices, but before he could ask for a towel, Erin took his hands and drew him over to the chair where she had watched his performance with Andrice. Erin was much smaller than Andrice, with actually some appealing curves to her large body. Running his hands over her soft skin, George realized he was going to enjoy Erin.

(Continued in Chemistry 102)

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