tagMind ControlChemistry 102

Chemistry 102


His face felt sticky from Andrice's drying juices, but before he could ask for a towel, Erin took his hands and drew him over to the chair where she had watched his performance with Andrice. Erin was much smaller than Andrice, with actually some appealing curves to her large body. Running his hands over her soft skin, George realized he might enjoy Erin.

Kneeling between Erin's legs, George ran his hands up to her full breasts, toying with her nipples, feeling her breathing increase in intensity. He kissed her thighs, slowly moving toward her pussy as he continued kneading her breasts. She moaned as he slipped his lips to hers and sank his tongue into her wet opening. Tasting her, he breathed through his nose, taking in her earthy fragrance.

He moved his hands from her breasts, sliding them down over her hips and then moving them up under her thighs so he could cup her ass. Erin's legs draped over his shoulders as he began lapping his tongue between her lips, sliding from her cunt up to her clit. He continued this lapping motion as she began to move her hips, rising up to his face as he sank his tongue into her and settling back onto the chair as he slid up to her clit.

Erin reached her hand to his head, running her fingers through his hair as he squeezed her ass with his hands and continued on her beautiful pussy. Her moans intensified and her hand began pulling him hard onto her as she pumped her hips and ground her pussy onto his face. Feeling her quicken her rhythm, George moved one hand from her ass and moved two fingers into her cunt. He concentrated his mouth on her clit, sucking the pink nub between his lips and rolling his tongue around it.

She arched her back and screamed out, "Oh yes, yes... oh god yes," as she climaxed, her pussy pulsing over his fingers.

George moved his mouth from her sensitive clit and stopped moving his fingers, leaving them burrowed deep in her soft, wet folds. Feeling the walls twitch and contract on his fingers, he rested his head on her thigh, moving his jaw in a circular motion, trying to work the soreness out of it.

In a few minutes, he heard a voice, "Well George, I guess it's my turn." Recognizing Janine's voice, he got up and walked over to her. He looked down at his cock and then back to Janine, but she just shook her head, "No."

Once again he kneeled and moved his face to the woman's pussy. Janine was bigger than Erin, especially her thighs, so she had to lift her legs up and hook her arms below the knees to give him full access to her wet lips. George moved closer to her and felt her rest her feet on his shoulders. He moved his face closer and dipped his tongue into her, savoring the taste, trying to define in his mind the exact difference in each woman's taste. They each tasted oddly similar, but oh, so different.

Wanting to try something a bit different, he circled his tongue in her cunt, slowly rimming the opening as his hands kneaded her ample thighs. He continued with his tongue circling her hole as he pressed his face onto her, moving his nose back and forth over her clit. His head moved from side to side as his tongue circled her and he began to feel her push her feet on his shoulders, lifting her hips to him.

Moaning, she came quickly, lifting her ass off the chair with her feet pressing his shoulders down. Straining to keep his mouth and nose on her pussy and clit he moved his hands from her thighs to the chair just to maintain his balance. He pushed his tongue deep inside her and stopped moving his nose on her clit as she came.

Sitting back on the floor, he moved her feet off his shoulders and moved his head around, trying to stretch his aching neck. He also moved his jaw around, feeling the tight muscles as he did. He looked to Rebecca, who was oddly still dressed and holding something.

He stood up, his cock still hard, aching for some attention, and walked over to her, realizing as he got closer she held a video camera. Reaching for one of her breasts he asked, "You making a porn video?"

She answered curtly, "Something like that."

Feeling her pull away from him, he realized something was wrong here. "Rebecca, what is wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong George, it's just that tutoring time is over."

"Oh, what time is it?"

"Not just for tonight, tutoring is finished for good."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well George, I finally realized I was just another "untouchable" to you. I could help you with your math and chemistry, but I wasn't good enough for anything else."

"Rebecca, I never said that."

"You didn't have to say it, it was obvious, you were embarrassed to be seen with someone like me."

"With someone like us," Janine said, standing behind Rebecca wearing just her panties and bra. George looked around and saw the other two ladies nodding.


"But nothing George, tutoring is over, and once copies of this video make the round of campus you may find a lot more is over."

"You taped me and..."

"You and all three of these fine ladies," Rebecca replied.

George quickly grabbed her wrist, trying to get the camera, but two enormous arms quickly engulfed him. He felt his feet lift off the floor as Andrice whispered angrily, "Let her go or I start breaking ribs."

He immediately released Rebecca's wrist and trying to breathe, said, "Now ladies, let's be reasonable, we can work something out can't we?"

"We've already worked something out. We'll let you put on your underwear and pants and then give you to the count of ten to get the hell out of here."


"Perhaps we should just start counting now."

"No, no, I'll go," he said and feeling his feet touch the ground again he grabbed his underwear and quickly pulled them back on. Working his legs into his pants, he fastened the button and then caught the rest of his clothes the ladies threw at him. He grabbed his books and headed out the door.

The four women watched through the window as he ran out to his car, started and squealed away. Laughing, Erin asked, "Are you really going to pass out videos?"

"I didn't tape anything, I just got the idea as he was finishing up with you. He apparently didn't notice what was happening around him, I just grabbed the camera and moved around a bit, making sure he saw me with it when he finished."

"I wish you really recorded it, I'd love to see his naked ass doing us 'untouchables.'"

"Oh, I don't know, I think it will be better for him to keep worrying about it. You know how the anticipation is almost always better than the event, well, let's just let him anticipate for a long, long time."

"He was very enthusiastic, what did you put in his drink?"

"Well, just call it a lesson in advanced chemistry," Rebecca said with a smile.

"I always did like chemistry," Erin replied.

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