tagFirst TimeChemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 05

Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 05


Cole reached for his pants while Stef grabbed her shirt. The police car slowly approached, bathing the car in headlights. She quickly pulled the shirt on over her tits without her bra. She threw her bra, panties and Cole's boxers on the front seat. Cole was just finishing getting his pants on as Stef scooted into the front seat. She gave Cole a nice beaver shot of her moist cunt as her skirt rode up when she climbed over the seat. He followed her immediately. Stef sat on top of the under garments and fastened her seat belt. Cole fastened his too.

He had left the keys in the ignition and the radio on softly. He gunned the engine and turned on the lights as they watched the police car slowly pulling towards them. As they backed up to leave, the bright floodlight from the police car illuminated their car more. Cole backed out but the officer was waving for them to stop from the police car window. He pulled along side and indicated for them to roll their window down. It was then Cole noticed how steamed up the side windows were.

The rush of cooler night air felt wonderful as Cole pushed the button to lower the window. The cop had pulled along side and shined a flashlight inside the car and in their faces.

"Leaving just now?" the policeman asked.

"Yes, Officer," Cole stammered.

"You been drinking, son," the policeman asked.

"No, sir," Cole answered.

"What have you been doing up here?" the cop asked.

"Just watching the stars," Cole said, with as much conviction as he could muster.

"You too, young lady?" the cop asked, pointing the flashlight at Stephanie.

"Yes, sir," Stef answered.

"You been drinking, miss."

"No, sir."

"You positive you both haven't had any alcohol?" the officer insisted.

"Yes, sir," they said in unison.

"You got drugs in the car?"

"No, sir," Cole stated.

"You're completely sober then?"

"Yes, sir!"

"What's a hundred divided by twenty-five?" the officer asked quickly.

"Ahh...four," Cole answered.

"Okay. Well, you both seem sober enough. Where you headed?"

"Home, sir," Cole said.

"Okay, see that you do. It's late. Take the young lady home to her parents, son."

"Yes, sir."

"Okay, then you can go."

Cole eased the car forward as he put the window up. Stef watched as the police car approached the car where they thought the kids had been drinking. Just as the cop stopped by the other car, Cole exited the overlook down the hill and they could no longer see the rest.

"Whew," Stef said.

"I'll say," Cole agreed, with a heavy sigh.

"That was close," Stef proclaimed.

"He's going to bust those other guys for sure," Cole stated.

"Yeah...I'll bet he does," Stef agreed.

"Stef, you think he could tell?"

"Tell what?"

"That we were...you know...doing it?"

"I don't know but the windows were pretty foggy."

"Yeah. Do I look sweaty?" Cole asked.

"Not too bad," Stef observed. "How do I look?"

"Great...," but then Cole hesitated.

"What?" Stef quizzed.

"Did he shine the light on your shirt?"

"I don't think so," Stef answered.

"Because if he did your nipples are sticking out," Cole stated.

Stef looked down. Sure enough in the light of the occasional street light, now that they were back on the main road, you could clearly see the outline of her nipples. They were still erect either from all the sex, excitement of the moment, or the cooler night air.

"Oh, my gosh!" Stef gasped. "He might have seen that."

They looked at each other, and then broke up laughing. They laughed half the way back home.

"I better put these on," Stef said, as she pulled the underwear from beneath her.

That produced another round of laughter. They giggled even as Stef wiggled into her panties. Next she ducked down, slid her arms from the shirt and donned her bra. In another few seconds, she was back to being fully clothed and her nipples no longer showed as prominently. They laughed some more as she held up Cole's underwear and waved them.

"Careful," Cole shouted. "Someone might spot you holding my underwear."

"Maybe," Stef said, and waved it a little longer before stopping. They laughed some more.

Finally back at Stef's house they kissed in the driveway.

"That was a wild time," Stef claimed.

"It sure was," Cole agreed.

"The sex was great, but that cop showing up sure made it crazy," Stef stated with a laugh.

"Absolutely!" Cole replied emphatically.

They kissed goodnight and Cole walked her to the door this time. The next day was Monday and they planned to study after school. Stef was to call Michelle and Cole would call Mark to set up the study session.

At school a couple of girls Stef knew well came up to her and asked about this guy with whom she would be going to the prom. Obviously Jordan had been spreading the word. Stef tried her best to explain her choice but the looks on a couple of their faces showed they didn't understand her reasons. She even ran into Chris and Jordan. Jordan, she was pissed at, and barely said hello to him. He managed to get in that he was going to the prom with Bonnie. Stef just said, "Good for you," and walked away. Chris on the other hand she tried to talk to. He was obviously upset and kept walking away even as she tried to talk to him.

The rest of the school day was uneventful except she ran into Kyle. Kendall had told him that she was going to the prom with Cole Richards.

"Kyle, you know Cole, don't you?" Stef asked.

"Yeah. He was in a couple of my classes. Mostly gym," Kyle answered.

"Yeah. He told me you guys were on the same teams sometimes in gym."

"That's true," Kyle replied.

"Will you be comfortable hanging with Cole? Kendall and I would appreciate it so we can all hang together," Stef asked.

"Sure. He's okay. I understand Mark Taylor is going with Michelle Markley too."

"Yeah. They are joining us too," Stef confessed. "You know them?"

"I know Michelle somewhat but I know Mark from cub scouts," Kyle said.

"Oh, good," Stef said.

They parted for classes soon after. Stephanie felt much better about the prom after Kyle seemed okay with hanging with Mark and Cole. As long as she could be with Kendall and Michelle, she felt everything would work out.

Chemistry class gave them time to talk among themselves and plan some more. Mark needed to get his tux yet and Michelle offered to go with him. They talked about getting a limo and splitting the cost among the six of them. Stephanie knew Kendall was thinking about having a pre-prom party for pictures. They all agreed that would be great. The study session for that night was set up and planned for Cole's house.

When they all arrived, Cole took them into the basement where he had set up a card table in front of the couches that surrounded the TV. He had music on softly and a bowl of chips on the table. They all dropped their book-bags by a chair and put their study materials on the table. They had remained serious about the study time and got right to work.

Cole and Mark sat across from each other at the table, as did the girls. For the first hour they jointly went over material and made sure everyone understood the theories and problems they were working on. Michelle was hung up on one particular problem but they all helped her understand it. The next hour required some reading and then they had to complete the assignments at the end of a chapter. Cole and Stef worked together on the assignment while Mark and Michelle did too.

The two couples talked in hushed tones as they studied together. Stef thought she heard Michelle giggle at one point and glanced over. Something did look suspicious. Mark had a nervous smile on his face and Michelle's left arm seemed to be moving below the table repeatedly back and forth. Stef went back to studying with Cole but a groan and a shifting in his seat by Mark five minutes later caught Stef's attention again. This time when she glanced up Michelle noticed and smiled at her. Michelle used her free hand to quickly give Stef a sign. She put her thumb against her fingers making a circle then waved her wrist back and forth a few times. The handjob gesture was unmistakable and Michelle's mischievous smile added the final dimension of understanding.

Not to be out done, Stef slid her chair closer to Cole like Michelle had done earlier with Mark. Cole was talking to her about a part of the third problem when her hand almost innocently settled on his left leg. He kept trying to explain the answer but looked over at Stef when her hand pressed against his crotch. Cole was wearing shorts and his soft penis was, like normal, down the left leg. He gasped quietly as her hand enclosed and squeezed his dick through his pants. Cole tried with his head to indicate Mark and Michelle as if she should not do this. Stef just cocked her head towards them too, making Cole look. He soon realized what was happening on the other side of the table as well.

As Stef felt Cole's cock begin to harden and lengthen down his pant leg, she shifted her hand to come up from the bottom. Inside the pant leg, she easily pushed his boxers aside and took the spongy soft head of his cock in her fingers. Cole shifted and tried to hide a moan as her fingers expertly teased the super sensitive head, making his cock harden more. He looked nervous as he gazed at Stef, who in turn smiled back at him. Cole then turned back to look at Mark and found Mark was watching him as well, but with the same strained look on his face.

Cole's dick was soon hard and had pushed Stephanie's fingers back down and out his pant leg. The cockhead of the long dick was sticking out of his pants. Cole shifted uncomfortably to try to rearrange the tightness of his pants in his groin and leg. He was also back to watching Stef as she continued to smile. She laughed softly at him too.

Michelle had been looking at Mark too instead of the others but they all looked in her direction when they heard her chair shift. Cole and Stef watched Michelle slip below the table onto her knees now that the chair was back. Cole and Stef saw her disappear under the small table. Cole could feel her feet hitting his as she shifted into position before Mark on the floor. Cole then heard the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down and turned to look at Stef. She turned back to him smiling and shrugged her shoulders and then giggled.

"My parents are just upstairs," Cole whispered, with a worried look.

"They won't come down, will they?" Stef said.

"No, probably not," Cole agreed.

"Don't worry. We'll hear them coming down the stairs," Stef said.

"Yeah, I guess," Cole replied.

Cole glanced back at Mark when he heard him suck in his breath. Apparently, Michelle had just taken Mark's cock into her mouth. Mark's eyes were nearly shut and his head tilted back as he slumped in his chair. Stef was still teasing the soft mushroom head of Cole's hard cock when she too heard Mark. She shifted her gaze from Cole's face to glance at Mark. When she saw the sheer pleasure on Mark's face, she laughed softly. She turned back to Cole and studied him for a second and his lust filled eyes as he watched Mark's face. Not to be outdone, Stef pushed her chair back and sank below the table too. She somehow found room under there with Michelle. It probably helped that both guys were sitting somewhat askew to their right now.

Cole's gym shorts didn't have a zipper. However, Stef got him to lift off the chair enough to pull them and his boxers down in one swift motion to his ankles. Cole's legs now had space to open. This gave room for his big cock to push upward as Stef's hands resumed their tender massage.

Cole couldn't believe what was going on in his basement. His good friend Mark was getting a blowjob from his chemistry lab partner and prom date. Cole was hoping he was going to get the same treatment. He didn't have long to contemplate that possibility.

"Oh, shit," Cole moaned, louder than he expected as Stef sucked his cockhead in her warm wet mouth.

Cole glanced over at Mark to see if he heard the noise but Mark's head was still back and his eyes closed shut. Stef had Cole's balls in one hand and his shaft in the other as she slurped on his large head. Her tongue danced a pirouette around the rim of his cockhead making him groan more. 'If she keeps up this level of assault on my cock, she will be getting a mouthful of cum soon,' Cole reasoned.

Cole heard Mark grunt, "Ahh!"

He looked at Mark just as Mark opened his eyes and saw Cole. He smiled weakly. It was a knowing smile like, 'I know where your dick is now too."

Cole then closed his eyes himself. Stef had taken Cole's cock to the back of her mouth and she pushed down. He grunted like Mark as he felt the head of his cock pop into Stef's throat and move down. He loved when she deepthroated him. He felt like his whole dick was being squeezed and devoured. She grabbed him behind the balls and pulled them to her lips as they reached the base of his cock. 'God, that feels incredible,' he thought.

Cole could not contain himself any longer and he growled, "Oh, fuck!", as he felt his dick being completely devoured by Stef and his balls being gently pulled. She took him in and out of her throat repeatedly, driving him crazy. He glanced towards the stairs hoping not to see his mother there watching as his girlfriend swallowed his cock to the root.

Cole glanced back from the empty staircase when he felt Stef's mouth leave his cock. Her fingers expertly teased the soft spongy head for a minute as Cole thought he heard whispered tones below the table. Next Stef let go completely for a while and Mark and he saw and felt movement below the table. It didn't take a genius to figure out the girls were switching places. Mark and Cole looked at each other in shock at first but then just shrugged. Both seemed okay with the idea the girls had decided to share.

Cole felt the new touch to his cock and could notice the difference right away. It suddenly struck him that this was only the second hand of a woman to ever touch his dick. He moaned slightly at the thought of the new experience. He could tell Michelle was examining it by the way she pushed it to the side and then up against his belly. He felt like sliding his chair back from the table more to watch her but thought against it for fear she might stop if their game was discovered.

Michelle's hand cupped his hanging balls. Next he felt her lips and tongue on them before one of his nuts was sucked into her mouth. He loved it when Stef did this too. Michelle played with his balls for a while making them slick with her saliva and kneading them between her fingers. It felt every bit as good as when Stef did it. Cole then heard Mark gasp. He looked up to see his friend with wide open eyes. Stef had probably just deepthroated Mark. Cole grinned as he knew what his friend must be feeling right now.

Cole's attention was forced to return to the job Michelle was giving to his cock. She had kissed up and down its length several times like she was measuring ever inch of his big cock. Her hands played with his wet balls and shaft as she finally took the head into her mouth. Her tongue flicked over his cockhead with dizzying speed and made him groan. Michelle was a talented cocksucker in her own right. Stef was great but Michelle could definitely make a guy happy.

Michelle's hands worked Cole's cock in conjunction with her mouth on his big cockhead. She gagged slightly when his cock wedged once into the back of her mouth. 'She is not the deepthroat artist that Stef is,' Cole thought, 'or at least not use to my size.' She went back to deeply sucking on his cockhead and the feeling was driving Cole crazy. He could feel his orgasm beginning to brew in his balls as Michelle fondled those too.

"Oh, geez," Cole groaned.

He looked over at Mark who looked even closer to cumming. His head was back and his face was contorted with the blissful pleasure Stef was undoubtedly giving his cock. Cole closed his eyes from the intense feelings. He was getting very close to giving Michelle his cum when she abruptly stopped. Her hands still held his cock but she was pinching the shaft near the base.

"Oh, fuck," Cole moaned.

Michelle was moving again and whispering to Stef. Cole's brain was clouded with the desire to cum but he tried to hear what they were saying. He looked again at Mark and from his changed expression; Stef was obviously not working him either at that moment. Michelle's hands left Cole's cock and she moved out from under the table. Her face was a bit flushed and her lips red, but she was smiling as she looked at Cole. Stef appeared on the other side of the table.

"Did you realize we switched," Michelle asked Cole with a devilish smile.

"We did," Mark groaned, still breathing heavy.

Stef said, "Cole, what's through that door?"

"The laundry room," Cole stated, still recovering from nearing getting off and wondering what was going on.

"Can we go in there?" Stef asked.

"Why would you want..."

"Michelle and I stopped because we want to do something else. Will we be okay in there if we go quickly?"

Cole realized want they probably wanted, "If we're fast, probably."

The girls led the way and the guys trailed behind. Mark's cock waved back and forth through the zipper of his pants. Cole had to pull his shorts up to walk. His cock also swayed back and forth as he walked. Stef opened the door and hit the light switch. She closed the door after everyone was inside.

"This is risky," Cole offered.

"We need to go fast," Stef agreed.

The guys were a bit uncomfortable with their hard-ons on display for all to see. They also weren't sure of exactly what the girls had cooked up under the table. Unlike the girls, they were not used to an audience when they had sex. They were still neophytes to any kind of sex after all. Several times before, Stef had engaged in sex with Chris or Jordan in the same car as Kendall and Kyle. Michelle had been fucked by John while sucking on Wally's cock. Both of them were less intimidated by the presence of others.

"What're you talking about...?"

Michelle was standing by Mark. She moved in front of him blocking Cole's view. He could see her hand stroking back and forth and figured she had taken Mark's cock in hand. She was whispering something to him Cole couldn't hear. Stef then moved to him and did the same, holding his big stiff cock, teasing the soft head. She rubbed a bead of pre-cum into the silky smooth skin.

"What are they talking about?" Cole asked.

"Michelle is asking his permission to fuck you," Stef said.

"What?" Cole said a bit too loud.

"She wants a chance with your big cock. I told her I didn't mind if it was okay with you," Stef added softly.

"But...I'm not sure that is..."

"She's a good fuck, Cole. Almost as good as me," Stef chided. "Besides, I've seen you ogling her big tits. I thought you might like to touch them."

"I...I wasn't looking..."

"It's okay. I don't mind. They're beauties. I can't blame any guy for looking."

"But, I like your..."

"I like your big cock too but I don't mind sharing it a little if you don't," Stef explained.

"Well, I don't..."

"We don't have to if you don't want to."

"But, I...I'm not sure about this."

"You don't want to fuck her?"

"I...ahh, I would but..."

"It's okay with me. I'm not worried about you running off with her."

"It is?"

"Just don't enjoy it too much," Stef said, with a giggle in her voice. "I still want you back afterwards."

"Don't worry about that," Cole stated.

Stef turned slightly and called Michelle. Michelle said one more thing to Mark and turned as well. Mark and Cole exchanged looks like they couldn't believe this was happening. It was true; Cole had stolen glances at Michelle's great tits before and often wondered how they would feel compared to Stef's smaller firm breasts. Mark couldn't believe he was about to fuck the best looking girl in school, not that Michelle wasn't more than he had ever hoped for before.

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