Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 06


"Oh, god, that scared me," Stef mused.

"I thought the cops were back," Cole claimed merrily.

They laughed some more. They managed to get their breathing back under control enough to kiss.

"That was wonderful," Stef stated.

"It sure was," Cole agreed. "But then again, every time with you is wonderful."

"That's a nice thing to say," Stef said, kissing him passionately.

Cole's dick was beginning to soften. He could feel his cum and hers starting to leak down the sides of his cock to his balls and the seat below.

"Stef, can you reach the tissues on the floor?"

"I'll try."

But as she did, her leaning caused him to pull back even more from within her allowing a flood of fluid to follow. Stef retrieved the tissues but there was little left inside her now.

"Oh, geez. You slipped out," Stef fretted.

"Yeah. You might as well climb off now to make it easier."

Stef handed Cole some tissues after taking some herself. She held them to her sex as she climbed back over into the passenger seat. Cole used his to soak up their combined cum from his cock, balls, and the seat. They finished cleaning up and then dressed. It was eleven-thirty.

"God, it's getting late. I need to get home," Stef professed.

"Okay," Cole said, throwing the last of the used tissues on the floor and starting the engine.

He backed out of the parking space and headed for the exit. It was less than a minute ride to her house.

Stef leaned over and kissed him, "Best study session yet."

"It was great. Wasn't it?" Cole agreed.

"See ya in school," Stef said, exiting the car and running to her front door.

She waved goodnight again as she shut the door. Cole was home a minute later.

The next day, early in the day, Cole ran into Mark between classes.

"Got a minute," Mark asked, and Cole thought he wanted to talk more about the chemistry lab later.

"Sure. What's up?"

Mark pulled him aside, out of the flow of kids to classes. "I've been meaning to talk with you about the other night."

"Last night at the pool you mean?"

"No," Mark said. "The other study session over at your house when we swapped girls."

"Oh, yeah. What about it?" Cole asked.

"Well, it's just that it was pretty wild is all," Mark said.

"Yeah! It sure was. I knew you could tell also when they switched under the table but then to want to switch in the laundry room to fuck, that was crazy," Cole exclaimed.

"It sure was!" Mark agreed.

"Those two can be pretty uninhibited sometimes," Cole allowed.

" was kinda weird too, don't you think?" Mark confessed.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, it was great sex. Any guy would be bonkers not to what to fuck either one, right?"

"Yeah, definitely," Cole agreed, but now sensed Mark was going somewhere with this.

"But don't you think it's kinda, I don't know, weird to be doing each other's girlfriend like that?" Mark questioned.

"Sure! But I guess they just wanted to have some fun swapping," Cole replied.

"You mean Michelle wanted to sample your big dick, don't ya," Mark stated.

"Well...I don't know...maybe that was part of it," Cole conceded.

"I think that was it. I doubt Stephanie really wanted to fuck me," Mark proclaimed.

"I don't know...she seemed a willing..."

"You guys took a lot longer than us too," Mark when on.

"I guess so..."

"We heard you talking," Mark stated.


"We heard Michelle say she wanted to do it again sometime with you," Mark said.

"Yeah...she said that... but I told her Stef would have to agree..."

"Well, we didn't hear your answer but Stef gave me a nervous kinda look when we heard Michelle," Mark claimed.

"She did?"

"Yeah. I'm not sure for all her liberated ways that she really wants you messing around with Michelle all the time."

"I wasn't planning on..."

"Honestly, it would bother me too," Mark stated.

"Mark...I'm sorry but..."

"I think Michelle could easily come to prefer your big dick over mine if this goes any further," Mark stated.

"Mark...I'm not interested in having more sex with Michelle," Cole proclaimed.

"You're not?"

"Well, I mean she is an awesome girl but she's your girl. I just want to be with Stef."

"You do?"

"Yes, of course. Stef is the world to me," Cole stated.

"Well, good! Because I feel the same way about Michelle and this swapping thing was getting in the way."

"No problem, dude. I mean I'm not looking to do anything but be with Stef."

"Okay, good," Mark agreed. "Me too."


"Thanks for agreeing on this," Mark said.

"No problem, bud."

Mark and Cole went off to classes and didn't see each other again until chemistry late in the day. This was the day of the big lab and everyone got right to work. Stef was surprisingly already in the classroom setting up the various apparatus even before Cole got there. Her attitude toward chemistry had definitely changed. She was no longer the too-cool-for-class chick, talking blatantly with her friend in the back corner. Now she was an active participant, with even Mr. Stern noticing the difference.

"Hey," Cole said as he walked up to her.

"Come on, chemistry nerd," Stephanie harassed him. "I'm doing all the work."

"Give me a break," he said smiling. "It's a long walk from Calc here."

"Yeah, well, let's get going. We've got a lot to do. Look at Michelle and Mark. They already have the first titration going."

"Alright...alright, I'm with ya," Cole agreed, but with a smile at her new found interest.

The experiment, though difficult, came off great and Stef and Cole achieved the desired results on the four parts of the lab. Mark and Michelle also succeed on all four parts. Two other teams in the class did well too, but many of the rest struggled, with at least one, if not several parts going wrong. Mr. Stern walked around the whole time observing and even offering assistance to the teams in trouble. Stef and Cole, like Michelle and Mark, were elated at the outcome. This would bode well for them with their already solid A's.

"We should celebrate," Mark was saying, as they exited the class.

"Yeah," Michelle agreed. "We deserve it for working so hard."

"You guys have something in mind?" Stephanie asked.

"It'd have to be tonight," Cole said. "I have a family thing on Saturday and Sunday."

"You do?" Stef said.

"Yeah, I need to talk with you about that."

"What about?"

"You want to go with my family and me up to my uncle's place? It's on a lake up north," Cole added. "It's my aunt's fortieth birthday and they're having a party."

"It's too cold for swimming in a lake," Michelle piped in.

"We won't be swimming but boating most likely. My uncle always wants me to go fishing with him too since he has three daughters," Cole stated.

"You sure it is okay for me to go?" Stef asked.

"My mom said you could. That is if you wanted to," Cole offered.

"Where would I sleep?" Stef asked.

"Not with Cole, I bet," Michelle chimed in with a laugh.

"No, no! My brother and I normally share one of the bedrooms but I'm sure I could convince him to sleep on the porch with me if you wanted to come," Cole proposed.

"Who all is going to be there?" Stef asked.

"Just my family and my aunt, uncle, and their three daughters," Cole answered.

"How old are the daughters?" Stef questioned.

"The oldest is fifteen, the second one is thirteen, and the youngest is eleven."

"Well, I don't know, Cole. I...ahh..."

"She needs time to think about it, Cole. But we can go out tonight to answer Mark's original question. Right?" Michelle stated.

"Tonight's fine with me," Mark stated.

"You guys okay with tonight?" Michelle asked.

"I am," Cole said.

"Me too," Stephanie said, but she was obviously deep in thought about Cole's proposal.

"What should we do?" Michelle asked.

"Our last celebration involved going to get ice cream," Mark added.

"Yeah, well, this is bigger," Michelle stated.

"How about we go out to dinner?" Cole suggested.

"That sounds good," Stef replied.

"Where?" Mark said.

"I know a place up in the mountains that has good prime rib and other stuff," Cole said.

"Sounds fine by me," Mark said.

"Yeah...let's go there," Michelle said.

"Good by me," Stef added.

Chemistry was their last class of the day and they all headed for their lockers. The women wanted to change so Mark and Cole drove them home. On the ride home, Stef picked up on the invitation for the weekend.

"Cole, you really want me to go?" Stef asked on the ride home.

"Definitely...why would you think otherwise?" Cole asked.

"I don't know. I thought you might be inviting me because you felt you had to."

"No way! I want you to go. I asked my mother if you could," Cole said.

"It sounds like a family affair. You sure I won't be in the way?" Stef said.

"No. It'd be fine," Cole said.

When Stef hesitated to give any response, Cole got nervous she might not want to go.

"You don't have to if you don't want to. I just thought since I was going to be away..."

"Okay. I'll go with you," Stef said.

"You will?"

"Sure! Sounds like fun," Stef said, with as much conviction as she could muster.

"It will be," Cole said excitedly. "We'll have a great time. I promise.

"Cole, it's okay. You don't have to go crazy. I'm sure I'll enjoy it."

"You might think it'll be lame, but I think you'll have fun," Cole professed.

"I'm sure I will," Stef said.

They kissed as Cole dropped her at her house. He would pick her up in an hour to go to get Michelle and Mark. Mark would be at Michelle's house.

Cole and Stef picked up Michelle and Mark and they went out to have their celebration dinner. The restaurant that Cole suggested was great but expensive and the guys gulped a bit when the bill came. Michelle and Stef offered to pay but the guys would have none of it and split the bill. On the ride home, Michelle seemed not to want the evening to end so soon. She suggested that they go somewhere else. She even suggested parking up at the lookout but Cole and Stef laughingly said they weren't going back there anytime soon. They explained to Mark and Michelle what happened. Then they all got a huge laugh about it.

"Oh, god. You guys were nearly busted," Mark said, laughing loudly.

"Yeah. It was close," Cole admitted, laughing too.

They joked a bit more until Cole arrived back at Michelle's.

"How about we go for a swim?" Michelle proposed.

"We don't have suits," Mark stated.

"Yeah," Stef agreed.

"Too bad my parents are home or we could go skinny dipping," Michelle said, with a mischievous smile.

"Yeah," Mark agreed, but weakly.

"Thanks, okay. I need to get home and pack for the trip," Stef said.

"Oh, you decided to go?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah," Stef replied.

"And we have a pretty early start," Cole agreed.

"Mark, you want to come in for a soda at least?" Michelle asked.

"Sure," Mark responded.

They parted ways wishing each other a good weekend. Michelle's last words talked about the prom the next weekend and the fun they would have.

Cole drove Stef home. When they neared her house she was reminded to tell him something.

"Cole, I did finally get my parents to agree to let me go to Kendall's lake house after the prom."

"You did?"

"Yeah! Amazingly enough! I must have caught my mom in a good mood or something. It took some doing on her part but I heard her arguing with my dad about it and he reluctantly agreed. I think the fact that it was you instead of Chris or Jordan weighed heavily with my mom and she convinced my dad it was okay."

"What does that mean? I'm too nerdy to try anything?"

"No! Not that, silly. It's just for some reason my mom trusts you immensely. It must have to do with us growing up together," Stephanie offered.

"Yeah. She thinks I'm the safe boy next door type," Cole observed.

"If she only knew," Stef said with a chuckle, "that you have the biggest dick of them all."

"That would shock her, huh?" Cole said, giggling with Stef.

"The fact that I even know how big you are would shock her," Stef confirmed.

They kissed goodnight and agreed on a pick-up time the next day.

The trip with Cole's parents to his uncle's lake house took two hours. They were able to squeeze into his father's SUV. Cole sat between Stef and his little brother, Kyle, in the back. When they got there, Stef was impressed with the size of the house and the views of the nice lake from the back deck. Cole introduced her to Uncle Steve, Aunt Nancy, and the three daughters. The fifteen year old was Mandy, the thirteen year old, Megan, and the youngest was Molly. The three cousins seemed immediately enthralled with the older gorgeous Stephanie. They started peppering her with questions about high school, girls' sports, and the upcoming prom. Cole had to drag her away to show her the rest of the house and the lake.

The rest of Saturday was a busy day. They all went for a ride in his uncle's boat. That was fun and so was the whiffle ball game they all played afterwards. Cole and Stef were teamed with Mandy and Megan against the two dads, Kyle, and Molly. The women, who were sisters, were inside fixing dinner and chatting. Cole and Stef's team won in a close contest after five innings. The score ended nine to seven.

After dinner everyone either watched TV, played board games, or cards. The time flashed by and before they knew it the time was eleven. Cole had showed Stef her room to put her bag in earlier. Now he walked her there and kissed her goodnight. Kyle had gone along with sleeping on the sofas on the three season porch with him.

The next day Cole and Kyle were up early to go fishing with their uncle. Stef stayed behind and helped with breakfast preparations. It was a good time for her to bond more closely with Cole's mother and aunt. The three girls helped too while Cole's ad watched the news on TV. The guys returned after a few hours with several large-mouthed bass and a couple of perch. They planned to have them for lunch as they would be leaving around four that afternoon to head home.

After breakfast, Cole and Stephanie finally got a few minutes alone. They were out on the deck looking out over the water. The parents were going for a boat ride and trying to convince the daughters and Kyle to go. They reluctantly agreed when Stef and Cole called down that they were going for a walk.

"I know this cool trail up the road a ways," Cole said.

"Okay,' Stef replied.

They held hands as they walked along the quiet lake front road. The many trees obscured much of the lake most of the time from their view. As they neared the path Cole had been talking about, Stef asked him something.

"Cole, Michelle stopped me in school to talk about the prom and afterwards at Kendall's cabin."

"Oh, yeah."

"Yeah. She went on and on about what a wild time we're going to have at the lake."

"Should be fun," Cole agreed.

"Well, I got the distinct impression she was implying we should have like an orgy. You know everyone fucking everyone else," Stef stated.

"You sure?" Cole asked curiously.

"Would you want to? I mean you want to fuck her again?"

"Ahh...geez...ahh, that's kind of a tough question," Cole answered.

"What do you mean? Do you?" Stef queried.

"Stef, I may not be the most experienced guy in the world but I'm smart enough to know that's a loaded question."

"It just requires a simple yes or no answer."

"But no matter what I say I'm likely to be wrong!"

"Well, I guess I already know your answer then anyway."

"How can you say that?"

"Because if the answer was no you would have told me," Stef explained.

"Oh, my god! That's not fair. How do you know what I was going to say?" Cole pleaded, as they stopped at the entrance to the path.

"It's simple logic. You want to fuck her again or you'd have told me no."

"Damn, I knew this was going to get me in trouble, see? If I said yes, you might get upset. If I said no, you might not believe me either. I know from Mark that you heard what she said about wanting to do it again."

"So your unwillingness to answer the question means you want to fuck her again."

"What...what...what if I said this," Cole said, thinking fast. "What if I said I'd definitely say no if I knew it would bother you. I'd never want to fuck her for the rest of my life if it meant I could not be with you again even one more second!" Cole stated emphatically.

"You mean that?"

"Yes! Definitely! If I knew it would end things with us I would never do it," Cole proclaimed.

"Well, that's a better answer," Stef said with a smile.

"It's the solemn truth," Cole claimed.

"That's sweet, Cole! You're a smooth talker after all for a chemistry nerd with little experience with women," Stef stated jokingly.

"See, pays to be a smart guy once in a while," Cole agreed, finally feeling enough relief to smile too.

"Come on, Chemistry Man," Stef said. "I might just have a place for your test tube."

"I like the sound of that, Chemistry Woman," Cole said. "I think I know what to do with your two beakers too."

"Mmm, I bet you do," Stef replied, as she took his hand and pulled him down the path.

Cole took over the lead and escorted her up a hill. They went around and behind some giant boulders. They climbed up onto the top of one and could see for miles. They could see much of the lake and several houses.

"Wow, this is pretty," Stef said.

"It's quite the view, huh?"

"It sure is," Stef agreed.

They looked out over the lake for a few minutes before Stef squeezed his hand getting him to turn. When he did, she had a devious smile.

"This is great but I was kinda hoping for some place a little more private," Stef said.

"Right this way." Cole led her down off the boulder to a spot where the boulders blocked them in on three sides. Only someone coming through the heavy brush from the top of the hill would possibly notice them.

"How's this?" Cole asked.

"Perfect," Stef said, noting the seclusion and the layer of pine needles on the ground. "I've been dying to get you alone."

"Me too," Cole agreed.

Stef smiled up into his eyes and then knelt down. She quickly pushed some pine needles together to make a pillow for her knees. Then she looked up at him smiling again as she began unfastening the front of his shorts. When they were open, she pushed them and his boxers to the tops of his sandaled feet. His big cock popped out but not yet fully hard.

"Mmmm. This looks good enough to eat," Stef stated with a giggle.

"It's all yours, Babe," Cole moaned as Stef touched him.

Stef picked up the rapidly expanding dick and pointed it right at her face. She leaned in and kissed the head tenderly. She sucked on the tip making Cole moan. Then she parted her lips and took him all the way to the back of her mouth. This really made him groan as he felt his cock being consumed in her warm wet mouth.

Cole felt something on his left thigh. He looked down to see a mosquito feasting on his blood. He slapped his leg startling Stef.

"What was that?" she asked, removing his cock from her mouth.

"A damn mosquito," Cole explained.

"Maybe we better hurry," Stef offered.

"Yeah. Come on up here and turn around," Cole directed with a smile.

"What're you going to do?" Stef asked, rising from her knees and smiling back.

"I'm going to fuck you from behind while you lean against this rock," Cole stated.

"Oh, that sounds delightful," Stef agreed.

"Let's get these shorts down," he told Stef, helping her peel them down like his.

"Now turn around and face the stone, slut," Cole said jokingly, acting like her master.

"Yes, oh, master," Stef replied meekly. "Fuck me with your big hard cock, master."

"I'm going to fuck you so deep I'm going to come out your mouth, wench."

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