tagMatureChemistry Help Ch. 04

Chemistry Help Ch. 04


(The reader may want to read the first three chapters so they don't lose track on this one.)


Ty walked into Chemistry with a smile on his face until he saw Angie behind the desk. Angie looked up and saw Ty before shuffling a bit. As Ty sat down, he could feel himself stiffening under his jeans. It had been a few days since the initial confrontation after Ty placed that substance into Mrs. M's mystery beaker and the same time since she gave him the impromptu fellatio as well as her phone number. Since then, Ty had been seduced by her and she had left her adulterous husband after he tried to sneak in the morning after. It had been a quiet few days since everything transpired.

As Mrs. Milton stood before her class, she could feel the rush of young eyes onto her form. She opted that day to wear a tighter sweater than usual and a really tight skirt since she was on the mend from the heartbreak her soon-to-be-ex caused. Some of the students looked at her differently as they seemed more attentive. Whether it was because it was her first day back or the outfit could be debated, but there wasn't a shortage of students who went up to her after the bell rang and welcomed her back and offered their sympathy.

Ty snuck out as the students went up to her and almost ran into Brittany in the hallway. As he looked at her, she noticed the look of shock on his face.

"Tiger, you look like you've seen a ghost."

"I have." Ty then proceeded to talk to Brittany about Mrs. M's outfit as well as the way she was carrying herself. Brittany listened as Ty related to her how Mrs. M seemed to change in the last few days and how she caught her husband walking into their house in the early morning. The fact that Angie hadn't called Ty in the few days she was gone was strange to Ty, especially since Brittany had no idea about the transgression he had committed with her.

"So, you think Mrs. M's gonna go Latourno on someone?" The comment almost made Ty jump. Brittany laughed.

"I was only kidding, tiger. Why would you want an old cougar like her when you can have a hot ass like mine?" Brittany leaned in for a kiss which Ty eagerly returned before the bell rang. As they ran off in separate directions, Ty breathed a sigh of relief as he headed towards Math.

Meanwhile, Mr. Anderson walked into Mrs. Milton's room and stood there for a moment admiring her outfit. The principal then cleared his throat as Angie turned. She smiled at him as she walked over and shook his hand. Mr. Anderson noticed her handshake was back as well as her swagger. In his mind, he was impressed and could feel himself losing the control he had over her during the previous few days.

"Angela, are you sure you are ok?" he asked. She turned to him with a smile and a slight bounce.

"Mr. Anderson, I am fine. Just needed to get back to work instead of moping around in the hotel room. "

"Did you say hotel room?" the principal asked. "Angela, that's not gonna work. You can't stay at a hotel while the separation is going on." Angie looked at Mr. Anderson.

"Well, I don't really have a choice. All my supposed friends were actually his friends including the one who had been sleeping with him. I'll be fine, really. "Angie could tell that Mr. Anderson wanted to ask her something, but she also knew that he was happily married, or at least that's what she thought.

"Well, I hope it gets better. I'll check in with you later, Angela." Mr. Anderson walked away as the new sense of confidence washed over Angie. Maybe this turn of events was beginning to become something better already.

Later that day, Ty was driving Brittany home when she unexpectedly slid down and began rubbing his crotch with her hands. As he breathed heavy, she looked at him.

"Ty, would you like to try something?" she asked as she attempted to unzip his pants. Ty was torn between smiling and just pulling over to the side of the road. As he slowly pulled over into the parking lot of a city park he saw, she finally fished out his cock and began slowly licking it. Brittany was very caught up in her work. Slowly she began exploring his dick from the tip down to the base where she reached under with her delicate fingers and started to rub his sac just a little. Free from any wandering eyes, Ty allowed himself to moan loudly as Brittany maintained her pace, slowly enough to torture him but quickly enough to make him want to climax. It was while this was going on that his phone went off.

Ty was about to hit the button when Brittany quietly looked up at him and told him to answer. This kinkier side of Brittany was appearing more and more lately and Ty wasn't sure in his mind whether he was enjoying it or if it was more intimidating than anything. Slowly, he reached for the phone and noticed it was Angie's number.

"Hello Mrs. M." he answered as Brittany kept up her vigil on his swollen member. It was taking him every ounce of willpower to keep his voice as regular as possible.

"Hello, Tyrone. Did you want to come in during first period tomorrow for that inventory?" Angie knew that Ty was trying to avoid her that day although whether because of respect for her fragile condition or out of fear wasn't yet clear. Ty attempted to answer normally until he felt a moan coming from deep within him. Angie heard and took note.

"I'll be there Mrs. M."Ty was hoping that his response would end the conversation before he climaxed all over Brittany's face. Angie decided to toy with him.

"How good is she Ty? Is that little tart as good at sucking your cock as I am? Just say yes or no like I asked you a different question." Ty was torn. In his mind, he wondered if it was such a good idea to answer her question. On one hand, she was more experienced than Brittany, but Brittany was his girl after all.

"No," he answered. Again, he was hoping she would get the clue and hang up.

"Don't you wish it was my mouth on your cock than hers? Licking and sucking you off.....mmmm I wish I was there to give her pointers and let that wonderful cum fill up both of our mouths." As Brittany began sucking him faster and harder, Ty attempted to end the conversation.

"See you first period, Mrs.M" He quickly pressed the end button on his phone before moaning loudly and shooting his load all over Brittany's face. She closed her eyes quickly before she began to feel for something to wipe with.

"Tiger, you're suppose to let me know when you are close," she complained. She then proceeded to wipe off her face as Ty finished driving her home. She quickly leaned over for a kiss before she ran into her house since they saw her dad's truck in the driveway. Ty then proceeded to his house.

The rest of the day was hard for Ty. He was unsure if he wanted to go to first period the next day. There were parts of him that wanted to feel Angie on him, to feel her lips caressing his shaft. Still, there were parts that wanted to stay away because of Brittany. It was hard for him to fall asleep that night and even harder for him to stop thinking about the next morning.

As Angie put the phone down, her purple vibrator began to buzz her clit. She could feel the vibration as she slowly slid it up and down, imagining it being connected to her eighteen year old stud instead of plastic and motors. As she slowly slid it down to buzz her anus a bit, she thought about what she would do to him that next morning. The possibilities began to drive her closer as she slowly slid the full length of her toy into her moist box before climaxing. As she fell asleep, all she could think about was the next morning.

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