tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChen Submits at Work

Chen Submits at Work


My wife Chen worked at a major bank in the Bay Area analyzing companies and determining if the bank should invest. Often she would travel to nearby company headquarters to meet fellow financial types and gather information. There was this one genetic engineering company she had questions about; something didn't seem right but she couldn't figure out why, so she arranged a meeting with the CFO. She came home that night still puzzled after a skype video interview with the CFO. He had been curt and dismissive of her concerns about his company, but had scheduled an in person interview at the company for the next day. She still felt something wasn't adding up but wanted to go the extra distance to make sure before submitting her evaluation.

That night she told me a bit about the CFO as we lay in bed.

"He's too young and aggressive for the job" she said, after admitting she liked his blond good looks and broad shoulders. He had seemed to enjoy her looks too, she giggled, by the way his pants had tented out when he stood up to retrieve some papers during the call. "Of course he's going to get hard looking at a hot Chinese girl with a great figure" I said, an idea popping up in my mind.

"You men" Chen said "his pants made him look really hung, too." She giggled playfully, toying with my own hard and sizable cock. "I wonder just how big he is" she murmured as she slid down the bed to take my cock in her mouth.

"You should take advantage of your looks to distract him" I suggested, as she took a break and fondled me. "Wear your favorite black thong and leave an extra button undone on your blouse so he gets just a little look".

"I couldn't" Chen exclaimed, "It would be professional, and he might get ideas".

"Precisely" I replied, "he'll be distracted and you'll get the chance to push for clarification on those points you want".

Well my young and naive wife decided a little teasing might just be the thing to help her out and told me she'd call and let me know how my advice worked out. As soon as she left for the interview I looked through the paperwork she'd left on the counter and called the CFO. At first he was skeptical but eager; eventually when I emailed him some pictures of Chen in compromising positions from her own email account he agreed to videotape the meeting with her.

Now the thing you should know is that although she hides it well Chen is both submissive and incredibly sexual. She's a small girl, barely 5' 2" and 100 pounds, but still curvy, with a tight round ass and small firm breasts topped by very sensitive brown nipples. She wears her glossy black hair in a long thick braid at work and usually dresses in conservative navy blue suits that conceal just how hot she is.

I had discovered just how submissive Chen is early in our relationship and loved the idea of expanding what she would do sexually, but she had a culturally conservative side and was reluctant to allow me to indulge my fantasy of making her submit to a strange man, so I'd been looking for a way to make my fantasy of her sucking another man's cock come true for awhile. When she had mentioned how hot she thought this guy was last night, and especially when she had mentioned his large cock, I had decided to set my beautiful wife up with an experience she'd never dream of doing on her own.

I'd told the CFO to push her limits in the meeting and the pictures I'd sent gave him enough cover if she protested his actions, and like most American males the idea of making a tiny Asian girl suck his dick eliminated any remaining scruples he might have had.

We worked out the technical details easily and I soon had several good views of his office from discretely placed cameras. When Chen arrived I saw she had left enough buttons undone on her white blouse to tempt a man to peer closely in hopes of a glimpse of her cleavage and small round breasts. Her dark blue skirt fell just above her knees and clung to her hips and butt as she bent down to put her computer and papers on the floor beside her chair.

At first the interview went as planned and the CFO (I'd learned his name was Mark when we'd talked) gave his boring predictable answers to the normal financial questions. Just as I was despairing that he was going to wimp out Mark stood up and told Chen to come over to his side of the desk and examine some graphs on his computer.

When Chen leaned over next to him he slid his left arm around her, to direct her attention. Behind her I saw his fly gap and a very large cock emerge as he shifted his position. At first Chen was clueless, focused on the computer screen, but suddenly she gasped and tried to stand back up; she'd obviously felt his huge hard on pressing into her ass. Mark laughed and used his hand to push her back down until she was bent over his desk with her legs spread and her face shocked as she looked into one of the carefully positioned cameras.

"How does it feel?" Mark teased her in a cruel voice. "I bet I'm bigger than any man you've ever had" he continued, jabbing between her butt checks with his cock.

"Please, please, stop" Chen moaned as he lifted her skirt to her waist allowing himself access to her spread thighs. "No, don't..." Chen trembled as he cupped her pussy with his free hand before pulling her thong to the side and fingering her. Chen moaned as he felt her, but couldn't stop his fingers from playing with her soft tender slit.

"I won't tell anyone if you stop" she begged.

"Oh, I know" Mark whispered in her ear, leaning over her "but I'm not going to stop until I've come."

I could see his cock thrusting between her legs, becoming slick with her juices as it rubbed against her lips from behind (Mark had put one of the cameras on the floor facing upwards so I got a perfect view of his long thick shaft rubbing against Chen's pussy, parting her outer lips on its way up to her lower belly and leaving a sticky glistening trail across her lightly furred triangle). "What are you going to do about it?" He teased, grabbing her blouse and undoing her buttons. He pulled her shirt apart and pushed her bra below her breasts, pulling hard on her stiff nipples with both hands.

"Uggh, aaaa" Chen moaned in pain (and, as she later told me, intense pleasure) as he forced her first to stand back up and then shoved her to her knees. Chen was helpless to resist, her shirt gapping open, her skirt still tangled around her waist when he grabbed her braid with one hand and pulled her face to his cock.

I had a quick glimpse of his thick plum sized cock head, glistening with his precum before he shoved it into my wife's open mouth. Chen gasped and sputtered as he filled her mouth and throat with his immense rod, forcing her to suck him. Now Chen can deep throat better than most girls, but there was no way, even with his grip on her braid that she could take all of his cock. She did try however, and I watched mesmerized as much of his thick shaft disappeared into her bulging throat, only to reappear shining with her spit. Chen got to work, clearly determined to make him come and end her humiliation.

I saw a huge smile light up Mark's face as my wife reached up with trembling hands and undid his belt and pants, and pulled his slacks down to his calves. She quickly began to massage his balls with one hand, while sucking in her cheeks as he slid in and out of her mouth. When he popped free of her mouth she stuck out her small pink tongue and tongued the precum from his cock head before licking up and down his entire erection, taking time to swallow each of his furry balls one at a time. Mark relaxed and sighed as he leaned back on his desk, watching this beautiful Chinese girl suck his cock.

After several minutes of watching Chen worship his penis, flicking her tongue along his sensitive glans while tugging on his shaft with both hands and occasionally opening her tiny mouth wide and taking as much of him as she could into her throat before retreating to breathe, Mark hauled her to her feet, kicked the tangle of her skirt and panties away and shoved her back down on the desk. Standing behind her he ordered Chen to stick her ass up and pushed his thick cock into her tight pussy. His head was shiny with spit but even so I could see it wasn't going to easily fit into her tiny pussy. I could see her slit stretch around his head as he began to push into her from behind.

"Nooo, please...let me suck you" Chen begged him. "I'll do whatever you want next time, but let me make you come with my mouth".

Mark pushed deeper into her, eliciting more despairing moans from my wife as he stretched her pussy more with each thrust. His balls swung around slapping her thighs and clit as he desperately tried to get his entire cock into her too tight hole.

"Agggg...you're too big, please, please can I suck it?" Chen groaned as she felt Mark filling more and more of her. When Mark at last relented and pulled his thick erection from my moaning wife I saw their fluids coating her thighs, pussy, and almost all of his huge hard on. Incredibly a final inch or so of cock remained clear of her juices.

Chen wasted no time getting back on her knees and grabbing his cock. She gave Mark the best blow job I've ever seen, alternating taking as much of him into her mouth and down her throat as she possibly could, stretching her tongue to try and reach his balls as the veins in her neck bulged from the mass of his shaft, flicking her tongue into the slit of his cock head, rubbing his balls gently with both hands, bobbing her face up and down as she gazed up at his face imploringly.

Mark held back as long as he could but eventually he gasped, grabbed the back of her head and shoved his entire cock into her mouth. Chen writhed on the floor, her throat spasming around the intrusion, her face reddening from lack of oxygen as he emptied his balls into her belly. I saw her swallow several times before he finally took his cock out. Chen gasped furiously, struggling to regain her breath, but when a final drop of cum oozed from his cock she leaned forward and looking up and meeting Mark's eyes, carefully licked it off and then slowly polished his entire cock with her tongue. When she released his drooping rod with a sigh, it was perfectly clean.

She stood up on shaky legs and carefully replaced his cock back into his slacks, zipped him up and walked around the desk to pick up her stuff. "I may have a question or two in the future" she said, flexing her jaw. "Until then please send all the data I need to the office".

When she turned and left Mark sat back at his desk and smiled into the cameras. "Thanks" he mouthed.

Later that night I asked Chen how her meeting had gone. "He's a jerk" she said, "but you have to put up with all kinds of stuff in my job. I may have to go back to see him next week."

I smiled.

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