tagBDSMCher Ch. 01

Cher Ch. 01


I sat in the back of the auditorium, my eyes burning with tears as I relived one of the worst days of my life. Work had been extra rough and although I was usually able to slog through the “shit”, I was super-emotional for some reason. The so-called friends that I was supposed to meet for happy hour never showed and some asshole stepped on my pinky corn when I went to Taco Bell for a lame attempt at dinner.

So here I was, trying not to cry as I crunched on a dry stale taco shell and greasy beef while I hid out in the theater. I knew that they were going to do a Noel Coward play and I just wanted to watch rehearsals while my insides healed. I had managed to swallow most of my dinner when I started to choke and couldn’t dislodge it. I coughed and coughed, wanting to scream for help. The dark alcove swam before me, the gilded walls melting … I thought I was dreaming when I saw the man with the soft, blue eyes.

Then, there was nothing.


When I came to, I was lying on a cot in one of the dressing rooms. A cool cloth covered my head and my mouth tasted like vomit. I sat up, my head pounding and felt despair overwhelm me yet again. What the hell else can go wrong today?

The door opened and a man stuck his head in. I recognized those blue eyes and sighed as he stepped in, closing the door behind him. “You’re awake.” His voice was gentle as his eyes swept over me. “How are you feeling?”

“My head aches, but I think I’ll survive.” I stood, massaging the back of my head.

“Here, let me do that.” He moved forward so quickly that I did not have any time to react. His strong hands moved through the hair at the base of my skull, searching for the muscles and I sank back down to the cot as the wonderful feeling of another’s hands made me tingle. “I hope that I’m not too forward, but I’m very good at giving massages.”

He was as good as his word. While he rubbed my pain away, he told me how he and a friend had heard me coughing and had found me passed out in the back row. He had done the Heimlich maneuver on me, dislodging the chip and a small amount of food and had brought me back here to recover. I felt momentarily refreshed, even though I still had to face the world. That realization brought me to my feet again.

“Thanks for taking care of me and I’m sorry to have been a burden.”

“It was no problem.” He smiled, reluctantly releasing me. I had felt the connection as keenly as he had but was too embarrassed. “Can I call you a cab?”

“No. I can catch the bus.”

“Nonsense!” He said. “Let me get you a cab.”

“Well, all right.”

As he escorted me back to the front, he introduced himself. His name was William and he was the lead actor in the play. I should have guessed, I thought, listening to his smooth rich baritone. His blond hair was sprinkled with grey and fell on his shoulders, framing his expressive mouth and sparkling eyes. His large hands were manicured and his light spicy scent made my heart flutter. He’s so handsome …

A taxi pulled to the curb and William opened the door, taking my hand and helping me in. I felt like a princess … heading home in a pumpkin to an empty house. “Thank you again.”

“Um, would you like to see the play?”


“The play? Would you like to see it? We open Friday. I could leave you a ticket at the booth.”

Blood rushed through me as I gazed into his eyes. Am I dreaming this? He wants me to come to the play! “Yes,” I said in a steady voice that surprised myself. “I’d like that.”

“And then, maybe we could have dinner afterwards?”

I don’t think I could have smiled any brighter. “I’d like that, too.”

“Good.” We smiled awkwardly at each other. “I’ll see you on Friday, then.”

The cab pulled away, leaving him on the sidewalk, waving to me. I waved back, then shouted in joy, startling the cabbie, who didn’t appreciate it.

How could he have known that a brush with death had just brought me William?


The rest of the week went by like a slug in a grassy field: extremely slow. I went through my workdays with a perpetual smile pasted on my face, my thoughts on Friday night and dinner with William. I had resisted the urge to sneak back in the theater to see him, which took all of my willpower and put my excess energies into shopping for a dress and getting my hair done.

When I surveyed the fruits of my efforts, I knew that I looked good and hoped he would see the same. The dress was a shimmery gold with belled sleeves and a deep slit at my right hip. My black hair was gently curled around my face, my eyes were dramatically lined with black and my lips glistened with sparkly red. I wondered if he would have a problem with the fact that I was a little on the muscular side because of my love for swimming but pushed that thought out of my head. I was moving too fast. After all, it was just a play and dinner.

The ticket was waiting for me at the box office with a little note attached from William. Please join me backstage after the performance. My heart leaped again. I took my seat with the other patrons and watched the performance, finding that my attention was drawn to William. He was breathtaking. It seemed as if it had just started when the actors came out to take their bows. The audience stood when William and his leading lady came out and I clapped fiercely, smiling at the thought that I would be spending time with this marvelous man in just a few seconds.

Then his eyes caught mine and he smiled even brighter, bowing in my direction. I dipped my head in acknowledgment and when the lights came up, headed for the backstage doors. The guard checked my name on the list and I made my way back. The hallway was boiling with people; actors, stage crew staff and patrons and I frantically searched for William. I finally saw him at the end of the hall, talking to another actor.

“William!” He turned and began to make his way towards me. We met in the middle and he grabbed my hand, the power of the contact startling both of us into temporary paralysis. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as he pulled me forward and embraced me warmly. He felt so good. I closed my eyes and hugged him back. We remained like that for several moments before he pulled back.

“You look absolutely beautiful.”


“Come on. Let’s go into my dressing room. It’s too loud out here.”

We retreated to his dressing room and he popped the cork on a waiting bottle of Asti, offering me a glass. We drank deeply, communicating through our eyes. I wasn’t sure what he was feeling but I felt as if I was in a dream. My skin was tingling and my heart was fluttering under the intensity of his gaze. “I’m so glad you came.”

“Me, too.” I stammered. There was a knock on the door and some of his friends poured in, breaking the tension and for the rest of the evening, we weren’t alone again. We went to dinner with the rest of the cast and ended up at someone’s house, having late, drunken cocktails. I was happy to find that he was the perfect gentleman, always making sure that my glass was filled and that I was comfortable. “You don’t have to do that, William.” I fussed, watching as he removed one of my shoes and massaged the sore instep of my foot.

“Yes, I do.” He replaced the shoe and moved to the other, looking up at me. “It’s my job to serve you.”

It’s my job to serve you. His words struck a chord in me and my pussy suddenly gushed. What was he saying to me? I decided to take a risk. “Then what should you be calling me?”

Kneeling, with my foot in his hands, for my ears only, he whispered, “Mistress.”

A jolt of electricity slammed through me and he arose, his eyes on me as if he were searching for my approval. I stood, taking a moment to catch my breath. I met his eyes, then wrapped my arms around him, placing my mouth at his ear. “Then you need a name, slave.”

“My middle name is Sherrill.” He murmured, holding me close.

“Then you’ll be cher. Cher as in Sherrill and cher as in ‘cher’, dear to me. Do you agree?”

“Yes, mistress.” He whispered, giving me a squeeze.

I bit his ear lobe, sucking the flesh into my mouth and smiled at his gasp. “Good. Then I think the first thing you should do is take me home.”

“Whatever you say, mistress.”

We said our goodnights to everyone and he took my hand, again helping me into the cab. I felt like a firecracker with a lit fuse, waiting for the explosion. I would never have ever thought that our date would end like this. He was not William, but he was my William. My cher William. I thought. My love slave. My pussy itched.

cher,” I said softly so that only he could hear. “Take your penis out.”

He unzipped his pants and drew his penis out. He was a little on the small side but I didn’t care. I’d never liked those huge dicks anyway. As I watched, his cock grew and thickened in hardness.

“Stroke yourself.” His fingers began to stroke his shaft, slowly and lovingly, his eyes closing for a moment, then swiveling to meet mine. I was amazed to see the trust in his eyes and it took my breath away. “Do you want me?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And you want to be my sex slave?”

“Oh, yes, mistress.” His penis twitched in his hand.

“And you’ll do anything I want?”

“Yes, mistress, anything.”

“Then take your hand off your penis and cum for me. Think about eating my pussy … “ I didn’t even get to finish the sentence. His prick enlarged and thick ropes of cum shot out of the slit, landing on the back of the seat and dropping to the floor of the cab. He was biting his finger to keep from making noise and I saw that it had deep teeth marks. “That was good, cher. You have earned a reward.”

“Thank you, mistress.”

We pulled up at my house and after paying for the cab, I handed him my key and let him open the door. Once inside, I turned off the alarm system and kicked off my shoes. “It’s time for your reward, slave.” I felt a tingle as I said the words. I had never done anything like this before but the connection between us was too strong to deny. I wanted to please him and if being his mistress would please him, then that’s what I would do. “Get on your knees.” He dropped to his knees, watching as I strolled into the living room and laid down on the couch, my legs parted. “Crawl over here and eat my pussy.”

He crawled across the floor and pushed my dress up. I watched in trembling anticipation as he leaned down and inhaled my wet musky panties. His hands touched my ankles, pulling my legs farther apart and began to lick his way up to my drooling pussy. I put my head back and moaned, loving the feel of his tongue against my sensitive flesh and his teeth as they nipped the insides of my thighs. My toes curled when he started licking the wet cotton center of my panties, mouthing the inflamed lips underneath.

A mini-orgasm ripped through me. My sex slave smiled as his thick fingers hooked in the sides of my thong and pulled them down, spreading me open again. He turned the panties inside out and sucked on the part that had touched me, his eyes locked onto mine. I moaned, so turned on that he was so totally into me. He set the thong aside and lowered his face to my overheated snatch.

I trembled as his breath cascaded over my wet pussy lips, then his long tongue began its assault, heading straight for my hidden nub and sliding wetly and deeply into my slit. I arched off the couch, his name on my lips as juice started to leak from my pussy. That proved to be a teaser. He moved to the side and thoroughly laved each outer lip and inner lip, driving me mad with desire as he blatantly ignored my pulsing hole. He was my slave but I was the mistress. He had me strung like a tight bow and it was obvious and so fucking sexy to know that he had power over me as well.

“Suck me, cher. I can’t wait any longer. I want to cum on the tip of your tongue.”

“Yes, mistress.”

His tongue slipped into my hot hole and I gripped the cushions as the sensations raced down my spine. He knew exactly what to do. He licked different ways until he found my G spot, deep inside and buried his face in my hole. I grabbed his head and rubbed my slippery cunt against him, not caring if he couldn’t breathe, only focusing on the sweet orgasm that was building from the base of my asshole and arising through my pussy.

“Oh, cher, cher, cher!” All I could do was scream his name as my climax overtook me, whipping me to a frenzy. I released his head, jerking as he gently laved my super-sensitive clit and throbbing hole, sucking my thick juices up. “That was perfect, cher.” I panted weakly. I knew at once that I wanted him, but I worried that it wouldn’t meld with his wishes. Could I perform as his mistress and treat him as a lover? I decided that I could and that I would have to, for my sake. His blue eyes bored into mine. “Undress me.”

He pulled me to my unsteady feet and stripped the dress, garter belt and hose from me. A thrill ran through me as I saw that he didn’t mind the ravages of age on my body. His hands caressed me as if I were twenty years younger, stroking my ass cheeks, circling my nipples and sliding between my legs. I saw that his crotch was bulging.

“Shall I undress, mistress?”

“No, let me.”

He stepped back, confusion on his face. “Please, mistress. It’s my job.”

I pushed him back until his back was against the wall, pressing my naked body against him. “You said that you’d do anything I wanted.”

“Yes, I will, mistress, but ... ”

“But what?” I pressed my mouth to his, pulling his jacket off and unbuttoning his shirt. “You’re questioning my wants?”

“No, mistress.”

“I think you are and I told you that I don’t want to be questioned! You do what I say!” I sat on the side of the bed and yanked him onto my lap.


“Yes.” My fingers opened his pants and I pulled him onto my lap. I loved the fact that his wet penis was hanging between my legs as I prepared to spank him. “You deserve this.” The first smack brought a cry of indignation from him. He squirmed and I held him tight. I laid three more spanks on his lily-white buttocks, ignoring his curses. “Am I your mistress?”

He went silent for a moment. “Yes.”

”And do you accept the punishment that I’ve just given you?”

His cock rubbed against me as he wriggled. It was hot and hard. “Yes, mistress.”

“Good. See that we don’t have this argument again.” I stood, heading toward the bedroom. “Now, let’s go to bed.”

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