tagBDSMCher Ch. 02

Cher Ch. 02


When we entered the bedroom and I saw my big king-size bed, I had another idea.

“Get on the bed.” He crawled onto the bed and sat looking at me, expectantly and I smiled. “Lie on your back and wait.”

Excitement poured through me as I opened my closet door and selected a few items from my lingerie drawer. Fishnet stockings, held up by black silk garters, slid up my long legs. A black bustier went around my chest, my chocolate nipples hanging tantalizingly over the lace cups and black high-heeled shoes with thick chunky soles went onto my feet.

He didn’t glance at me as I moved past and went into the master bathroom, adjusting my makeup by replacing my lipstick with a dark raisin color and putting a small beauty mark over my top lip. Now I was ready. I was ready to be his mistress and ready to make sure that he knew he belonged to me.

“You may look at me, slave cher.” I saw a ferris wheel effect of emotions on his face. First, surprise, then lust and finally, complete and utter submission. I strode over to the side of the bed. “What do you think?”

“You look beautiful, mistress.”

“Do you think you deserve this body?”

“No, mistress.”

“Do you think you deserve to fuck me?”

“No, mistress.”

“To lick my pussy?”

“No, mistress.”

“Then what would you do to prove to me that you deserve my body?”

“Anything, mistress.”

“Then start by licking my shoe.” I lifted my right leg and my foot in his hands. He began to lick the shoe with long strokes. I shuddered and my nipples tightened. “All right, that’s enough.” He shrank back, his eyes imploring. “Lay back down, on your back.” He moved back to the center of the bed. “That wasn’t enough to convince me.” I climbed on the bed and straddled his face, looking down into his eyes. “Convince me more.”

I placed my pussy onto his face and moaned as his mouth and tongue started laving me again. He wrapped his arms around my hips and pressed me harder onto his mouth and I groaned. I grabbed onto the headboard and began to rock against his face. “Oh, yeah.” I heard myself say, answering his growl. “Show me how well you can eat my pussy, slave.”

“I live for eating your pussy, mistress.”

Ecstasy raced through me and I moaned as his tongue pistoned in and out of my quivering cunt. “Slower, slave!” I bellowed, moving my hands to my 34Bs and pinching the eraser-sized nipples. “Oh, yeah. Eat my pussy, slave, you worthless piece of shit! You’re only worthy of sucking my cunt!” He groaned as I pressed harder on his face. His nose was buried into my fat pud, the tip grazing my tingling clit. I rocked again, moaning as he drove his tongue deep into my weeping pussy, my clit grazing his nose again.


The guttural growl escaped my lips as I ground my pussy down onto his face, humping him like I was in heat. My orgasm started from deep within my creamy pussy, boiling like a volcano until my muscles clenched. I felt like an animal; there was nothing but the importance of my climax in my mind and I came so hard that my asshole throbbed in pain. I sat back a little and he gasped, breathing in the oxygen that he had been denied. I glanced down at his cock, pleased to note that it was still standing tall.

“Mistress, may I please have more?”

“You’re awfully forward for a slave.” I smiled, loving the feeling of power. “I guess I can allow you to fuck my asshole, slave.” The lust-filled look in his eyes made me shiver and I moved back over his face, this time presenting my asshole to his mouth. He immediately began to tongue my crack, flicking over my pucker. I hadn’t really had anyone do that before but the feeling of his tongue pushing open and entering my sphincter made me shout in pleasure. “Oh, yeah. Fuck my asshole, slave!”

I felt his long tongue stroking my ass innards, tasting my anal essence and I bit my finger to keep from shouting aloud. “You think that’s enough to convince me that you deserve to fuck my pussy?” He moved back up and pressed my hole to his mouth, sucking on my clit again. I almost came apart right then, but he moved down and tongued my hole, lapping up my pussy honey. I rubbed it in his face, grunting as I worked my way to a second climax. “You have to make me cum again, slave.” I felt the telltale signs that another orgasm was approaching and ground my pussy down harder.

When I exploded into a million pieces, I was breathless. His tongue was lodged in my throbbing pussy and his finger crooked into my asshole. I came again and came hard. The aftershocks seemed to go on and on, fueled by his moans that vibrated into my body. It was several moments before I could move and lift myself from his face.

As I climbed off, I noticed that he hadn’t cum. His poor prick was reddish-purple with need, his thighs quivering. “Why haven’t you cum, slave?”

His voice was small, thin. “You did not tell me that I could, mistress.”

Wow! I marveled over his restraint. He was waiting for my word. I hovered over him, noting the sheen of sweat that had formed on his body, tiny beads bubbled on his upper lip. I decided to torture him a little bit. I ran my nails over his chest and across his heaving belly. He groaned, his fingers clutching the sheet. “You want to cum, cockbitch?” He nodded, gritting his teeth. “Why should I let you cum?”

“Because I did as you asked, mistress.”

“And you think that’s enough?”

He moaned, silent for a moment as he wrestled with himself. “Yes, mistress.”

“You are insolent, slave!”

“Yes, mistress.”

“All right. You may cum.”

He shouted as his cock pulsed, thick ropes of cum spurting out and landing on his chest. I was surprised to see how much he had cum but I had come to a larger realization. I was meant to be a mistress and cher was meant to be my slave. I commanded him to clean up and watched as he wiped his cum up and quickly swallowed it, licking his fingers clean. He remained in his kneeling position, looking up to me expectantly.

“It’s time for you to leave.” He nodded and rose to his feet. “But first, you must put me to bed.”

“Yes, mistress.”

His big hands were gentle as he stripped the remainder of my clothes off and let me slide into the big bed. I ordered him to kiss my wet slit and lick my asshole before I pulled the covers around me.

“Good night, slave. See yourself out.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And make sure that you’re here bright and early.”

“Yes, mistress.” He walked to the door, pausing to gaze at me, before switching the light off. I thought I saw a flicker of love there but was too scared to wish that. The whole dominatrix experience had overwhelmed my emotions and I was ready for down time. “Good night, mistress.”

I sank into blissful oblivion.


When I awoke the next morning, I wasn’t sure of where I was or of what had happened the night before. But my sticky pussy reminded me. Rubbing a finger through those fat juicy lips, I relived the humiliation the orgasms that I’d had and soared towards another one, remembering how he had waited for a word from me to cum. My teeth rattled as I climax, moaning in delight. Mmmm, wonderful way to wake up.

The bedroom door opened, scaring me at first, but when cher crawled through, I relaxed. He was naked, except for his boxers, and he soundlessly moved to the side of the bed.

“Good morning, cher.”

“Good morning, mistress.”

I flung the covers aside, reluctantly pulling my fingers from my still-pulsing pussy. “Would you like a taste?”

“Yes, mistress.” I dropped my hand down to his eye level and had a mini-orgasm as he sucked on my fingers, licking each one clean with his long tongue. It was so erotic. When he was finished, he gave me a small smile. “May I take you to the bathroom?” He must have seen the confusion on my face. “Get on my back and I’ll give you a ride in.”

“All right.”

I swung my legs over the side of the bed and slid my naked ass onto his back. That alone was an interesting feeling. My juicy pussy rubbed against his spine with each movement and I sighed, the sensations making my skin tingle. When we reached the bathroom, I stepped down and slid onto my toilet, releasing a golden stream.


“Yes, cher.”

“Please save some for me.”

“Save some what?”

“Some of your piss.”

That startled me. I certainly had heard of golden showers, but nothing like this. He explained to me that it was very sanitary and that he would not become sick. I wasn’t sure if I was really willing to do this but the look on his face touched me. “Just a little, cher.”

“I understand.” He knew what I was feeling. “Stand up.”

“I need to wipe.”

“No!” His forcefulness surprised both of us. “Please, mistress. Let me clean you.”

I stood, grimacing at the drips of urine that were running down the insides of my thighs. cher pushed my knees farther apart and moved between them, affixing his mouth onto my pussy. Just that feeling was exquisite. I started to release the small amount of piss that I had left and he moaned, his tongue dancing across the opening. I shuddered as his fat tongue lapped every nook and cranny, bringing me to one of the sweetest orgasms I’d ever had. Holding my waist, he licked the streams of urine from my legs, giving me a thorough cleaning, then let me sink back onto the toilet seat.

“Thank you, mistress, for gracing your lowly worm of a slave with such a fantastic treat.”

I allowed him to return me to the bedroom and numbly shrugged into a thick robe, one that I had not had prior to this morning. He gave me another small smile and kissed my hand before going back down on all fours and taking me into the kitchen.

The table had been set for one and the smoky smell of bacon filled my nostrils. A single white rose lay across the plate and a large bouquet of wildflowers nearly overflowed out of a vase in the center of the table. “Wow.” I whispered, sliding into the chair. cher arose, washing his hands and whipped up two vegetable omelets. He put one on my plate, followed by several slices of bacon and filled my glass with orange juice. “This is very nice, cher. You might spoil me if you do this too often.”

“It’s my job to please my mistress at all times.”

I took a sip of my juice, waiting for him to sit down, but he did not. I turned to find him crouching on the floor, munching on a slice of bacon. “cher, please join me at the table.”

“I am a wretched piece of shit, mistress. I do not deserve to share the table with you.”

“Then I will not eat.”

“Mistress … “

“No, cher. I will not eat unless you eat at the table with me.” I sat for several minutes before he arose and sat next to me, still looking undeserving. “William, I … “

“I understand.” He said dejectedly.

“No, you don’t.” I touched his hand. “There are some things that I will do, but I won’t do that.” I paused. “Maybe I’m too soft to be your mistress.”

He leaned forward and caught my mouth in a deep kiss, drawing a moan of pleasure from both of us. “No,” He whispered against my mouth. “You’re perfect, mistress.” My heart fluttered at the warmth I saw in his eyes. Maybe this would work. As long as he loved me, this would work.

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