tagLoving WivesCherry and Jack Ch. 01

Cherry and Jack Ch. 01


Jack was badly disappointed. He had heard rumors that his beautiful wife, Cherry, was cheating on him, and made up his mind to find out. A few hours earlier, she had called him and told him she had to work a couple of additional hours at the department store where she was a sales clerk. This was a fairly common occurrence, although they never seemed to have any extra money to show for the overtime. He borrowed his brother's nondescript car and waited where he could watch the employee exit.

Minutes after her normal quitting time, he saw his wife leave the building arm-in-arm with Cliff, a co-worker of hers that Jack knew and distrusted. After kissing her, which wasn't really much of a surprise, Cliff climbed into his pickup truck and headed for the parking lot exit, with Cherry following in her car. "So much for working late," Jack told himself, and followed, staying a safe distance behind.

When the truck turned onto a nearby road, followed closely by Cherry's car, Jack knew where they had to be going. That particular road winds through a wooded area to a nearby lake, specifically to a boat landing that is used by fishermen. A popular place during the daytime, with well-shaded picnic tables and a good view of the lake, there were no lights so nobody would have any reason but an ulterior one for being there at night. He slowed down, making no attempt to follow closely, since he didn't need to and didn't want to take any chances of being seen.

The lake is almost exactly a ten mile drive from Cherry's job so when Jack knew he was within a few hundred yards of his destination, he made a U-turn and parked facing back toward town, making sure his hazard lights were on. The night was warm and clear and the full moon and stars provided all the light necessary as he hiked the rest of the way on the grassy shoulder of the road. When he walked around the last curve, he saw the truck in the parking space closest to the boat ramp, with the car right next to it. Since he was so close, Jack left the road shoulder to take cover in the heavy shadows around the picnic tables. The tree nearest to the truck, about thirty feet away, was an oak with an unusually thick trunk and he stood behind it, looking through the V-shape where the first limb split off.

He wasn't sure exactly what he was doing there. He might have called it curiosity but he was not curious about what they were here for; he was sure of their reason. He wasn't really pissed off either, certainly not enough to challenge Cliff, who was twice his size, to a fight in this remote place. Knowing his wife was cheating on him made him feel more disappointed than angry. His disappointment stemmed from the fact that he had suggested to Cherry that it would be fun to do some swinging with other couples, or that he would like to watch her fucking some other guy. She had never rejected the ideas and had even said she would do it sometime, but the time had never arrived. Now, here she was, getting fucked by some guy out in the boondocks and he wouldn't be able to watch her doing it. Suddenly, the passenger's door of the pickup opened and Cherry stepped out. Jack smiled when he saw her beautiful nakedness and the disheveled state of her long blonde hair. Her sexy body, especially her lovely breasts, was clearly visible in the light that spilled out from the interior of the truck. She had told him they were 36C but that statistic did not describe how saucy and perky they were. Cherry closed the door and walked around the end of the truck and out of sight, carrying her purse. Jack heard the click of the keyless entry of her car and wondered why his wife would be getting back into there.

Cliff, also naked, appeared, pulled down the tailgate and climbed into the truck bed. "Of course," Jack told himself. "There's a lot more room in the bed of the truck than anywhere else except on the ground. It's a nice, warm night so that's where they're gonna get it on." His deduction was proven correct when Cherry reappeared, carrying the blankets that were normally kept in the trunk of her car. The two of them spread them on the floor of the truck bed; she climbed aboard and they lay down, out of sight behind the walls of the back of the pickup.

Jack's cock was as hard as he could ever remember it being, as he thought of what Cherry and Cliff would be doing momentarily. He knew that what he really wanted was to watch their naked frolicking, but he also knew that would not be possible. Even if he dared get close enough to look inside the truck bed, it would be too dark and heavily shadowed for him to be able to see enough details to be worth doing. He decided that, although he couldn't watch, he would still be able to hear what was going on, but he would have to get closer to do that. Knowing that, in a few minutes, the people in the truck bed would be so wrapped up in each other they wouldn't be able to hear anything else, Jack bided his time. After waiting what he considered to be long enough, he strode, silently and as quickly as he could, across the hard ground until he was crouched in shadow by the same door that Cherry had exited from. Except for intermittent noises from the woods and the gentle sound of the waves in the lake, the night was quiet. Jack listened carefully. "Mmmmm, I really love that. Keep licking me there."

Jack recognized Cherry's voice but he wasn't sure exactly what would be happening. He knew how much she enjoyed having her breasts licked and sucked and he also assumed there would have been some of that while they were still inside the cab of the truck. Although it seemed too soon, they might have already gotten to the point where Cliff was eating her pussy. That was another of her favorite things and she liked to cum first from that. Jack was quite certain Cherry wouldn't fuck a man who didn't eat her out first.

"Oh! Oh, yeah! Oh, God, eat my pussy."

Cherry's plea was accompanied by a series of soft thudding sounds, and Jack realized what they must be. She must have been fucking her pussy up into Cliff's face, accompanied by thumping her arms on the blankets on the truck bed, the way she did on the mattress when Jack was eating her out at home. He envied Cliff the marvelous place his face was buried in, with the fragrant and delicious juices. Cherry kept her delectable pussy clean-shaven, meaning that his tongue was enjoying her soft and smooth flesh with not even her feathery blonde pubic hair to get in the way. The thought of another man's tongue on his wife's pussy seemed to make Jack's cock even harder, which he wouldn't have thought possible.

Cherry continued murmuring her pleasure with what was happening, sometimes uttering a seemingly startled "Oh!" Jack was sure that happened when Cliff's tongue stroked her clit, because that's when she would make the same exclamation with him. By concentrating his listening, he could hear a gentle lapping noise, which might have been the waves striking the lake shore but Jack preferred to believe it was the sound of Cliff licking Cherry's pussy lips. His own tongue made that same sound when it caressed those same swollen lips. Cliff wasn't saying anything. That was understandable; when a man is eating a pussy as delectable as Cherry's, his mouth is too busy to waste time talking. For a few minutes, he listened to the lapping sound, accompanied by the rustling noises of Cherry's body moving around as she slowly lost control from the pleasure the tongue was giving her.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she was whimpering, and Jack knew she was getting closer to cumming. "Yeah! Yeah! Suck my clit!" He could almost feel Cherry's engorged clit in his mouth, with his tongue licking the top and sides while her pussy was ramming into his face.

"Oh! Oh! Yes! I'm cumming!" Jack pictured his wife's thighs squeezing Cliff's head while her hands were pressing his face into her pussy. He could hear the sounds of them thrashing around and he imagined Cherry's legs swinging from side to side with her in the throes of cumming.

"Ah," she cried out joyfully and Jack knew she had climaxed. After that, the only noise from the truck was more of the soft lapping sounds as Cliff, his head released, licked up all the delicious juices that Cherry's pussy had produced while she was cumming. She would be lying on her back, happily relaxed, and reveling in the feel of the tongue on her still swollen lips.

For a few minutes, all sound ceased until Cherry spoke. "I really love that, Cliff. I love it when you eat my pussy and I cum and you lick it off. Did you like the taste of it?"

"You know I did, Honey. It tastes great. And it's less filling."

She giggled. "My turn, now. Lie here where I am." Jack could hear the two people changing position. "You're almost ready for me," she told Cliff a few seconds later. For the next minute, there was only silence.

"Yeah, Baby, suck it. Suck my cock!" Jack was aware that Cherry wasn't much for giving blow jobs. She would much prefer getting a cock in her pussy and he didn't know why she was sucking on it now until she chided Cliff for a breach of what she regarded as proper etiquette.

"Don't hold onto my head like that. You know I'm not gonna suck you off. I just want to make sure your cock is good and hard and wet so I can put this rubber on it. I damn sure don't wanna get knocked up by you."

A minute later, there was a muffled "thump" and, a few seconds after that, Cherry's face and upper body rose into sight, just high enough that Jack could see her luscious breasts and her navel. She likes to get on top, in the cowgirl position, where she can control the action and stroke her clit against the man's cock when she wants to and as hard as she wants to. The thumping noise would have been her knee against the truck bed when she straddled him, getting into position. Jack shrank back even more into the shadows, but Cherry was concentrating on getting Cliff's cock into her eager pussy and wasn't concerned with anything else just then.

"Just lie still until I get it in me," she told him. "Uh! Mmmm, yeah. I really like the way that big head feels." Cherry's face began moving slightly down and up.

In the bright moonlight, Jack could see his wife's eyes closed and her lips peeled back in a grimace of extreme pleasure. Gradually, her up and down movements became longer, her face staying in view but going slightly lower each time. Jack knew what she was doing. They were in the cowgirl position, with Cherry raising and lowering her body while she impaled her pussy on Cliff's cock. He knew how she would continue the same movements, taking it in deeper with every stroke until the entire length was imbedded in her. She had done the same thing with him, although it hadn't taken as long, and Jack couldn't help remembering just how great it had been, lying on his back and watching his own cock being enveloped by her beautiful pussy. Even better was how incredible it had felt as her well-trained muscles squeezed his shaft. "God, I love the feel of your big cock. Just lie there and let me do the work; I don't want you to cum too soon." Cherry continued moving her body up and down, her face a mask of ecstasy.

Jack would have liked to somehow sneak up behind them and watch Cliff's cock going in and out of her pussy but he knew he couldn't without being caught. He had to settle for listening to Cherry and watching her and wishing it had been his cock that was giving her so much delight. Her pleasure was intense, he could tell, by the look on her face in the moonlight and by the way she moaned every time she lowered her body. As Jack listened to Cherry fucking herself on Cliff's cock, he could see her movements starting to become faster and more erratic, with her body squirming and her head rolling from side to side. She could continue like that, he knew, until she started cumming. Even the truck was moving, rocking slightly from the strenuous movements of the two people in its bed.

Cliff might or might not be lying passively on his back, even though she had told him to. Against her wishes, he would probably be thrusting his cock up into Cherry's lovely pussy every time she stroked down onto him, expressing his own pleasure with moans and grunts. Jack knew him well enough to know how he would act but he didn't really care about that. He was much too fascinated by watching and listening to his wanton wife expressing her pleasure, verbally and through the movements of her sexy body. He had known throughout their three year marriage that she was an extremely sensuous woman who enjoyed sex to the utmost, but he had never watched her from this angle or really listened to her sounds of pleasure before.

He was watching and listening to her now. "Fuck me, Cliff! Fuck me good! Make me cum!" she was pleading to the man who was lying under her. Her whole body writhed while it moved still faster up and down, her firm titties bouncing erotically. Once again she started whimpering, loudly and in time with her down strokes. Jack knew she was right on the edge of cumming.

"Yes! Oh! Oh! Yes!" Cherry crooned joyously as she slipped over that edge. Jack hoped Cliff would know enough to keep fucking her hard and to have his hands on her hips. He would need to hold her steady so she wouldn't fall off him and to keep his cock in contact with her clit. When Cherry starts cumming, the best thing is to keep fucking her until she climaxes, and to maintain that contact. She enjoys it so much more that way, and the man with her does too.

"Ah! Oh!" Cherry cried out, and her body gave a great spasm as she climaxed. After her orgasm, she seemed to slump forward, probably sprawling on top of Cliff. Jack could no longer see anything, and his wife had ceased the noises she had been making but there were still sounds of movement and the truck was still rocking. He heard Cliff grunt loudly a few times and when he stopped, the sounds stopped too and the truck was no longer moving. Apparently he had also cum.

"Nice of him to wait until after Cherry was done," Jack told himself. He knew that she likes to cuddle after fucking but he wasn't sure that Cliff would be agreeable to much of that and he didn't know how much cuddling they would want to do in the back of a truck. He did know that he needed to hurry back to his car so he would be able to get home and compose himself before Cherry returned. His cock was so stiff it was hard to even walk but he managed to rapidly hobble behind the oak again and, when he looked back, nobody was looking over the side of the truck bed.

Moving as quickly as he could under the circumstances, Jack returned to his borrowed car and drove home, parking in front of his house. Once inside, he moved his favorite chair from its usual place in front of the television set so it was facing the front door. Although he didn't know exactly what he wanted to say, Jack knew he wanted to be there to greet Cherry as soon as she came through that door.

His wait wasn't long. Less than twenty minutes after his own arrival, she unlocked the door and opened it. "Hi, Sweetie. I'm home. Is your brother here?" She was surprised to see her husband sitting in front of the door in his favorite chair, but walked over to kiss him before asking why he was there.

He stood up and gathered his wife into his arms and they kissed soundly on the lips before he answered. "I'm waiting for you. No, my brother isn't here. I just borrowed his car and have to take it back tomorrow." He sat back on the chair, pulling Cherry onto his lap with his right arm around her waist. Any anger that he might have felt earlier had dissipated, replaced by his love for her. However, his disappointment was going to remain at the front of his mind until they had gotten some things out in the open.

She still had questions. "Why did you borrow your brother's car? And why is your chair here instead of where it usually is?"

"I borrowed the car to follow you and Cliff up to the lake."

"To follow ME? And Cliff?"

"Yes." Jack then went on to describe what he had seen and heard, especially what he had heard her saying to Cliff. Cherry realized she had been caught and that there was no point in denying what she had been doing. She was also aware he was acting more affectionate toward her than angry.

"Okay. Okay, I'll admit it. I did go up to the lake with him and we did have sex in his truck, just like you say. What are you going to do now? Are you mad?"

"No, I'm not mad. Just disappointed." "Disappointed?"

"Yes, disappointed. All the time I was watching you bouncing up and down on top of him and hearing you saying how good it was, I was wishing it was me in there with you. But, since it wasn't me, I was wishing the two of you were here in our bed where I could watch everything from close up, besides hearing it."

"Would you really want to watch me fucking Cliff? Here? In our bed?"

"Damn right. Cliff or somebody else. I've told you that before, you know."

"Yeah, but I didn't take you seriously."

"Well, I was serious then and I'm serious now. What about it? Would you bring this guy here and fuck him in our bed while I'm watching."

"Well..." Cherry had to turn that idea over in her mind for a minute before answering. "You know, thinking about you up there watching us is getting me really hot. If I wasn't so tired and fucked out already, I'd be jumping your bones. And the thought of you watching me and some other guy in our bed is making me even hotter. I don't know about Cliff, but I would be game."

"I know he's pretty much on the kinky side and if he knows I'm cool with it, he should be willing. Why don't you ask him tomorrow? Friday night would work for me and I don't think you have anything doing either, do you?"

"No. Friday is okay. I'm pretty sure it's okay with him too." Cherry squirmed around, trying to get more comfortable on Jack's lap. "When you were watching and listening, did you get horny?"

"I sure did."

"Did you er, do anything about it?"

"No. I haven't been home all that long."

"I didn't think so," she responded, patting his erect cock inside his pants. Cherry stood up, facing her husband, and knelt in front of him. She separated his legs and walked on her knees until she was between his thighs.

"Then I'm gonna do something about it." Cherry unfastened his belt and pants and unzipped his fly.

Realizing what his wife had in mind and extremely happy about it, Jack raised himself off the chair to help. She hooked her fingers into his pants and pulled them down around his ankles. Cherry grinned lewdly at the big bulge that looked like it was trying to rip through his undershorts. She worked the waistband around that bulge and pulled the shorts down. Free of the restraints, Jack's cock sprang up into the air, just as stiff as it had been when he had retreated from beside Cliff's pickup truck. It had softened somewhat on the drive home and while waiting for his wife but the discussion and the anticipation of Friday night, combined with what he knew she was doing had brought it back up to a full erection. Cherry removed his shoes and pulled his pants and underwear all the way off.

With Jack naked below the waist, she leaned forward, resting her elbows on his thighs and holding his cock gently in the fingers of her right hand. "You weren't kidding when you said you were horny," she remarked, smiling and licking the head of his cock.

Although Cherry had enjoyed being fucked by another man earlier that night, she actually loved her husband and always delighted in giving him this special treat almost as much as he would enjoy receiving it. A tongue skillfully caressing her pussy could send her into ecstasy and a big cock like Cliff's could do the same, but what she was about to do was reserved only for Jack. For one thing, she knew he would have enough sense not to grab her head. After rising up higher on her knees, Cherry slowly lowered her head, taking Jack's cock into her mouth, loving the feel of its hard roundness passing between her lips. As her mouth enveloped more and more of his hard shaft, she caressed it with her tongue, relishing the smooth, tight skin. Moving slowly, knowing how horny he was but wanting to make it last, Cherry lowered her head until her lips were being tickled by Jack's pubic hair and the head of his cock was pressed against the back of her throat. She paused for a few seconds, enjoying the way her mouth was so pleasurably filled, before slowly raising her head again, laving the hard cylinder as she withdrew her mouth.

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