tagNovels and NovellasCherry Hill Ch. 08

Cherry Hill Ch. 08


Reginold Devlin zipped up his suitcase and watched his wife Ellenor do the same to hers. He admired her large breasts, and watched how they stretched the expensive silk blouse she wore. His gaze moved to her lips when she started to speak, but then dropped to her tits again, when she repeated the same thing she'd been muttering since he told her to pack.

"This is ridiculous. I don't know why we are going back. We can just pretend we didn't get the call." She pulled on her heels and stared back at her husband. "And why the fuck didn't you tell me earlier? I mean you've known for a month now and you're just now telling me "

"Elle, get over it. The old man had a mistress, how we're you and I supposed to know?" Reginold said and picked up his suitcase. "I'll meet you downstairs." He kissed her cheek and walked out of the room. As he moved down the hall a noise coming from his daughter's room, brought him up short. He groaned and felt his cock growing hard. He knew what was happening and he knew he wanted to gaze upon the sweet cunt that was being fucked by his son.

He adjusted his package and called down the hall. "Reggie, stop wrestling with your sister, you know you're too old to be doing that anymore." He had never confronted the two of them, but he suspected they knew he and Elle were aware of the comings and goings that happened under their roof. "Come downstairs, both of you. There's some things we need to talk about."

Reginold plodded down the steps and headed to the living room. Soon his wife was there by his side and fifteen minutes later his son and daughter were there. He stared at the straining nipples of Sabrina's chest and then he noticed her face seemed to have a sliver of white cream on her chin. Reginold coughed, drawing Sabrina's attention. He casually rubbed his chin and raised his eyebrows. It took her a moment, but he watched her eyes grow wide, her hand come up, her finger swipe away the come and her mouth devour the thick milk in less than a second. His cock jerked.

"Yes, Daddy," Sabrina smiled softly, "you wanted to see us?" She arched her back and stretched. "And thanks for telling Reggie to stop wrestling with me. I'm not sure what's come over him lately."

Reggie smirked. He had seen his Dad and Sabrina's little exchange. He also watched his mom take it all in and he knew his cock was still at half-mast. "What y'all got bags for?" he asked.

Ellenor licked her lips and thought of the large hunk of flesh buried in her son's slacks. She shifted in the seat next to her husband and took a deep breath, pressing her palm against her stomach to calm the desire rolling deep inside. "Your father got a call from an old solicitor in London. It seems your grandfather, my late and dearly departed husband, prior to your father, left behind a bit more than money when he died."

"Oh?" the two Devlin kids said simultaneously. They reigned in their sexual antics and took a seat, noting the seriousness of their mom's expression.

Reginold took over. "He had a lover and it seems she's passed on. However, she also left behind a pair of twin sons. Seems they are only eighteen and she had no funds. He left her nothing and she's been providing for them, but now she's dead and they have no one."

"So," Sabrina shrugged. "Why the fuck do you have too?"

"There's no one else. Besides, we are the only ones they knew to call. It seems their mother, kept track of your father and I. So when she passed, the boys found out about who their dad really was and well. . . they want a new life in the States, with money, or they'll slander your grandfather's name," Ellenor said.

"Again... so?" Sabrina said.

Reginold cleared his throat and stood. "The Devlin name has been a proud name over in London and though there was some scandal when I married my father's widow, it is still a name that holds weight when a Devlin is in Europe. WE will keep it honorable."

"At least in Europe," Reggie chuckled under his breath. He shrugged his shoulders and stood up. "Well I guess we'll have a couple of brothers when you get home."

His parents stood up too and Ellenor moved up to her son. She pulled him into a warm embrace, purposely pressing her breasts tight against him. Her lips rested on his neck and she kissed him, then whispered in his ear. "They'll never be my sons. You'll always have that right." She slid her lips to his mouth and kissed him gently, allowing her tongue to slip quickly inside. Ellenor pulled back and then watched as her husband separated from the kiss he'd given his daughter.

Reginold left the room, his cock straining against his slacks. His vixen of a daughter had stroked his member and confessed she'd been a naughty girl and would need a spanking when he got home. She had then quickly tongued him and let him taste his son's seed from her lips. How she'd pocketed it in her mouth and talked amazed him.

When the door closed behind them Reggie grinned. "Hand me the phone babe," he told his sister. She gave it to him and he pulled her over to the couch. He dialed up a number of folks from Cherry Hill, the first was Lance. "Hey buddy. I've got an offer you're gonna love. But you have to work fast. How would you like to set up your cameras and mics in my five bedroom, 4 bath house and have a good ol' fashion fuck fest?"

Sabrina's eyes lit up as she heard her brother. Her mind conjured up all the people she wanted to invite. The more she thought about it the hornier she got. The hornier she got the more she wanted to fuck. The more she wanted to fuck the faster the clothes her brother and her had haphazardly tossed on, were shed.

When Reggie hung up the phone it was after agreeing that Lance would be there within the hour to set up. Reggie would call others, he told Lance, after he was done drilling his sister. Lance had chuckled and said, "Save some for me."

Reggie had answered, "Hurry the fuck up then."

He watched his sister slide herself over his legs and he slid down the cushions of the couch, just enough to get his cock at the angle she needed it. "Fucking hot, sis," he groaned as she slowly lowered her pussy down to the swollen head of his shaft. He watched another inch become swallowed into her hot hole, and then another after that. Soon she had all of his thick member and she was rolling her hips, grinding her cunt against him. He could feel her clit mashed against his pubes and he growled. "Jesus, I love to feel that."

Her answering moan was a thrill that filled his ears. He grabbed her breasts and twisted the hard beads that were arching toward him. "Ohh... harder Reggie," she cried and rocked back and forth and rolled left and right.

Reggie grunted and twisted her nipples again. Wrapping one hand around her back, he pushed her toward him. Her breasts swayed and slapped his face. He licked the tops and sides and nuzzled the cleavage with his nose and chin. Eventually, he captured her titty with his teeth and brought a cry of pleasure from her lips as he pulled and teased the sweet bead of sin. Reggie gnawed on her bud and sucked with strong pulls of his muscles. His cock continued to slide in and out of her as she lifted and dropped onto his big member.

Sabrina pushed her fingers into her brother's hair, and held him to her. "Reggie, ohhh fuck baby. You're gonna make me come."

"No, sweets you can't come. Lance's coming and wants you too. Hold out and come for us both. Can you do that?" Reggie asked.

Sabrina moaned and pouted. "Both of you. Mmm... fucking both of you at the same time? You promise, he'll be here soon?" she asked, still bouncing and riding her brother.

"Yeah, so don't come."

"Ohhhh... fuck, Reggie... I need to come though, so bad." Sabrina's eyes were clenched tight and her head was rolling back and forth.

"Get off my cock baby girl. Come on; get off and suck me. You can't come though. I'll shoot my load all over for you and you can come later. I promise baby, he'll be here soon."

Sabrina moan showed her disappointment of losing her brother's meat, but the idea of forestalling her climax so she could come on two cocks was enough to make up for it. She dropped to her knees and began to suck on her brother's impressive shaft. She rolled her lips down over the head and slammed it back down to the base. Her deep-throating technique was worth a blue ribbon if one earned those in cock sucking. She bobbed up and down and then abandoned his sex so she could suck his balls.

She felt his fingers in her hair and she knew he was going to force her to drop his sack and go back to his cock. He pulled her off of him and she grinned. "You come all over me, and you tell me right now those two new brothers get to fuck me too."

Reggie glared hotly at her. "You fucking slut," he muttered. "Deal. You fuck 'em first and then their mine."

"Deal," she slammed her mouth down and kept him locked in her jaw as she stroked him with her tongue. Her fingers teased his balls, squeezing them with enough pressure that he knew she was there.

"Commmming " Reggie shouted and unloaded milky streams of white pearls into her mouth. "Ohhh fucking... holy shit... ohhh my god, bitchin'..."

Sabrina worked his fluids free, until she was sure she had it all and then she continued sucking him getting him hard and ready. When the doorbell rang, she popped her mouth off his cock and ran to open it. She wasted just enough time to make sure it was Lance, opened the door, pulled him in and slammed it shut behind him.

"Get in there and fuck me you pervert," she demanded and pushed him toward the living room. Soon she was on the floor straddling her brother, riding his cock while Lance too, plowed her pussy with his thick tool.


"I'm sorry hon, but you've got the wrong number," Lynn said, almost ready to hang up the phone.

"Oh shit, sorry about that," came a breathless reply. Lynn was about to excuse her but the "Fuck it, wanna come anyway, Ms. Kessel?" cut her off. Lynn thought about it for a second, and aside from jogging with the girls in the morning, she hadn't done anything social for a long time. It might be good to just kick back and relax.

'But what if you get too relaxed? What if they find out?' Lynn thought quickly. Almost equally as quickly, her internal voice responded with, 'Go, you whiny little bitch, that or end up single and a spinster all your life.'

"Sure, I'll be there. Devlin's place, got it," Lynn said. There was a moan on the other end of the phone that got cut off just as the connection broke. Lynn felt her sex twitch at the identification of that sound; a near orgasmic groan with the lapping of pussy in the back ground. "Sounds like the party's already started." Lynn felt her clit start to swell under her jeans and she had to start breathing deeply to slow it down, otherwise it'd be hard all night and she'd be too horny to think about the consequences of her actions.

"Maybe I'll bring Natalie, she hasn't been out in ages, either. Sounds like the cock is going to be abounding, and she hasn't had a man for a while," Lynn thought. Her clit throbbed again at the thought of her neighbor's fuzzy brown pussy. She'd seen it before at the Memorial Library, she'd seen the girl in one of the private study rooms while "studying" late night for her finals last semester.

Her book was open, and so were her thighs; the sound proof room masking her screams, moans, and sighs of ecstasy. Lynn was glad she was in the process of locking down the library and that she and Natalie were the only two in there; she took the time to hide in the stacks to where she could still see her nubile neighbor furiously fucking herself with some kind of toy. Lynn's skirt went up, her knickers down, and her hands were vigorously working her mammoth clit and bringing fresh pussy juice from her inner depths by the finger full to let her jerk her sensitive mini-cock.

Even now, she shuddered thinking about it, her clit already starting to throb to life, her pussy heating from it's normal slow smolder to a raging inferno, the moisture starting to coat her walls doing nothing to quench the flames. She squeezed her thighs against each other and she swore she heard herself squish.

"Down girl," she told herself, her hand already absently stroking her freakish clit. She had to tear her hand away, but not before giving it a few strokes, her body trembling at the contact. Lynn cleared her throat and forced her hands away, thinking about anything she could to try to get herself calmed down. "Should I call her first?" Lynn asked no one in particular. Her eyes met the green digital display on her stove and she saw it was only 6:30. "Fuck it, I'll just go over," she heard her voice say. She mentally agreed with herself and she walked out the back door, crossing the backyard of the college kids living next door before approaching Natalie's house. She crept around the garden and stepped up on the back porch. Dancing lights from a TV caught her eyes just as she was about to knock.

"Must be home," Lynn said, and knocked loudly. There was no answer, and after a second, she knocked again, this time, the door came open. Lynn stood in embarrassed silence as she listened to the creepy creaking of the heavy metal hinges.

"Natalie?" she called inside before opening the heavy door further. "Natalie Meyers, are you home?" Lynn asked politely, only the faint sounds of the TV in the other room returning to her straining ears. Lynn shrugged and entered, shutting the door behind her. She walked to the other room, seeing discarded pajamas along the way, and she froze when she got to the TV.

"You sure do have strong hands," purred a black woman on the television. She was lying naked on her stomach, a pair of feminine hands massaging her well-oiled skin. The camera focused on the white hands for a moment as they slid from the black woman's lower back to her firm, toned ass. She moaned out loud and shifted her legs, spreading them to give her masseuse better access.

"The better to touch you with," the masseuse purred back. The camera stayed stationary but it was perfectly clear that the masseuse was working an entirely different set of muscles than the last massage Lynn had. The white woman's forearm started flexing and the corded muscles started twitching as her fingers undoubtedly teased the sensitive flesh inside the black cunt she was now teasing. The black woman's back arched and she was pushed back down with the free hand of the white woman. Lynn's heart was in her throat and she could feel herself sweating.

The white woman's arm started moving more vigorously, moving her hand in circles as the ebony pussy started juicing loudly enough for the sound to crash through the speakers and into Lynn's ears. The wet, sloppy, slurching noises of hungry pussy devouring fingers hit her like a dump truck; it was a sound she knew well, and a sound that she knew she'd be hearing soon from a different angle as she felt her fingertips rake softly against her thighs and up to her panties which were now thoroughly soaked. She felt the heat pouring from her own pussy and licked her lips as she closed her eyes and thought about what the masseuse must be feeling; what the black chick must be feeling. Lynn's whole body shook with the dirty lust of watching porn in a neighbor's house while the neighbor may or may not be around, and it made her want it more.

Lynn's eyes flashed open at the sound of a deep gasp, she didn't know where it had come from due to the blood pounding in her ears. Her rapidly fogging vision revealed to her that it had come from the TV; the screen now filled with the pink core of a deep black pussy being invaded by the masseuse's hand, the whole thing in the black cunt. Only the bones of her slender wrist were sticking out and Lynn swore she could see the black chick's belly undulate with the motion of the fingers inside her.

"Oh fuck yes, fist fuck my slutty cunt...." hissed the black chick. Her hips started bucking and the invading fist started moving, pulling out to the knuckles then pushing back in, pulling back out, and pushing in. Every stroke brought the tight pink core of the black snatch out with the hand as it tried to suck the fist back into it. Every stroke, the hand got wetter and wetter until it was absolutely glistening with pussy juice.

Lynn's eyes were glued. Her hands were working her clit like the miniature cock that it was, one on the head, the other working the base of the shaft where the monstrous 3-inch clit speared out of her pussy lips like a pike; waiting to impale another pink pussy like the one it stood out from. Her mouth was an open desert, her tongue aching to lick the honey from the hand and pussy in the close up on the screen.

"Fuck me faster, bitch. Punish my cunt," the black woman moaned. The white fist obliged, ramming deeper and faster into the shaved black snatch, the pink core disappearing completely inside the black lips as the fist stretched the cunt it invaded. "Oh fuck, faster, faster " screamed the black girl, almost squealing.

"Cum for me, slut. Cum all over my fist," ordered the masseuse. The black girl just let out a guttural moaning scream in response, her voice shaking with the pounding her pussy was getting. The white fist, now almost imbedding itself half-way up its forearm, was soaked, pussy juice dripping and flying off the arm at the end of every stroke before it drove back into to the quaking black twat. The more the black woman moaned and screamed, the faster the white woman fisted her until her whole body arched up, the white girl's fist was a blur and cum spread down the white arm like the hot massage oil it was covered in not so long ago.

Lynn was a mess. Her thighs were coated in her own juices, her clit starting to ooze just like it did before any massive cum, and her fingers were hot, wet, and sticky. She brought them to her mouth and her body trembled, another small gush of cum joining her already slick thighs. As her head stopped reeling, she realized she was wet down to her knees and her dress weighed heavily on her. Guiltily, she looked around the room, leaning against the doorframe for support, but she still hadn't seen or heard Natalie.

After catching her breath, Lynn tried to compose herself as much as possible and started through the house. It didn't take her long to find the attic stairs still down. She made the short climb on unstable knees, but Lynn found her strength rapidly returning to her as her eyes hit the crumpled form of her neighbor in the moonlight of the window. She was up the stairs in a flash; much faster than she thought she could move with all her wits about her, let alone in the distracted state of mind she had been. Her mind was now snapped to crystal clarity and she was checking out the scene around her unconscious library patron.

Natalie was out, looking like she'd been masturbating with a candy bar or something; there was the heavy scent of chocolate, caramel, and cum still hanging in the air. There was a puddle on the ground, looking like the same color that was still slowly leaking down her thighs. She was breathing though, and that was Lynn's primary concern. The eroticism of the scene was really starting to weigh on her though, and between the stimulation she'd just had and the thought of Natalie fucking herself with a candy bar, she felt her clit twitch and her pussy heat back up to the inferno that it had been. Knowing full well that it was pulling her dress up from her crotch as she was kneeling over her neighbor, she couldn't care less.

Her fingers found the puddle of candied cum on the floor and she couldn't help but take a fingerful and bring it to her lips.

"You're one hot little number," Lynn said, inhaling the scent of woman and Baby Ruth simultaneously. The thick sauce hit her parting lips and it was found by Lynn's tongue a second later. The mixture of tastes caused fireworks to explode in her mind and her loins stirring could have been measured on the Richter scale. "Oh fuck, baby," she moaned and got another fingerful.

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