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Cherry Spies


Cherry giggled quietly as she watched the pool boy struggle in her mother's invisible bonds. He was being disciplined again for some probably imagined slight or mistake her mother cooked up. The boy was eighteen, but was tall and rippling with muscle, clearly making an effort to build up his body. Her mother, on the other hand, was a petite woman with a slight figure, elegantly attractive. She wore her red silky gown, while the pool boy was naked, his penis straining towards the sky, throbbing and jerking like mad.

The pool boy was pinned spread eagle against the wall, his eyes kept shut, his whole body shaking, his muscles flexing and clenching as he struggled against the magic bonds that held him in place. Her mother lay back in her seat, legs crossed, giving him a look of bored tolerance. With only her thoughts, she teased the poor pool boy's cock with pleasures, perhaps a phantom handjob or blowjob or maybe some psychic fucking. Or maybe all three, the way he was struggling.

And of course, even as his hips jerked and his cock bounced, even as he moaned and gasped and whimpered and made an "O" face, he was unable to cum, his balls swollen and dark with unspent semen. Her mother said one of that the simplest, yet most devastatingly effective spell in a Sex Mage's arsenal was the orgasm block, and Cherry could believe it, seeing how much the pool boy was suffering. Her mother had also sealed the pool boy's lips to gag him, but even from her hiding spot in her mother's closet, where she peered through the thin spaces between the slats, she could make out the muffled cries the boy was giving, consisting largely of words like "mercy," "please," and "cum."

Cherry was told words would be unnecessary once she got her own magic, that she'd be able to see boy's thoughts directly, especially the sexy thoughts. It seemed a weird idea, but Cherry couldn't wait to get her magic. Just another year, maybe two at most. And then she could do to other boys everything her mother was doing to the pool boy right now. She thought about that cute boy Jake down the road, whom she'd masturbated to thoughts of a few times. And according to his FapReport profile, he'd tried jacking off a few times thinking of her.

Ooh, when she got her powers, she was going to make sure Jake saw her in a bikini when his nuts were extra full, and then she was going to wait until he tried jerking it, and then she was going to use her powers to punish him for it. She wasn't sure how yet, but she fully intended to make sure his tongue was involved in servicing her. Goddess, waiting for her powers was almost an agony!

Cherry let her hand slip down between her legs and up her skirt, touching herself over her panties. As she watched pool boy buck wildly, giving a high-pitched whimper as her mother induced some new, more intense sensations, she imagined herself and Jake in similar positions. Jake pinned, perhaps on the floor, as she sat elegantly in a chair, one foot planted on his chest, the other foot hovering over his cock, wiggling her toes to cast her spells. Jake begging to suck on the toes, even as his thoughts babble-begged her for a blowjob.

She might give him one, but only while sitting on his face. And of course, she wouldn't let him cum, no matter how full his balls were. According to his FapReport profile, the longest he'd gone without relief was three months. Cherry decided she was going to make him wait six before even considering letting him pop!

Cherry pulled down her now damp panties and held back a gasp as her fingers touched her sensitive, naked clit. She rubbed herself in slow circles, timing the rubs with the rhythm of the pool boy's whimpers. She had to keep quiet; she suspected that her mother suspected her little "observation sessions" of her pool boy playtimes, but until she actually got caught, she was going to assume they were her little secret. She wasn't even sure what her mother's reaction would be if she was discovered, but Cherry had to admit, there was a certain thrill at the idea of getting away with something.

Cherry felt her breath getting deeper as she masturbated, and forced herself to slow down, controlling her reactions. In a way, she was forced to tease herself even as she watched her mother tease the pool boy. A deliciously cruel irony, she thought.

She bit down hard on her hand as her body shook in orgasm, fighting not to make a sound. However, as she came, her legs shook, and her right foot kicked out, thumping against the wall. Cherry would have froze if not for her still-going climax, shivering for several seconds as her finger pressed against her clit. She thought the noise she made might have been covered up by the pool boy's moans, because her mother hadn't gotten up and thrown open the closet. And yet as she looked back through the slats, she could swear she saw her mother's eyes moving away from the closet, back to the pool boy.

Well, either mother knew now and was fine with it, or Cherry had gotten away with her spying. She wasn't about to ruin the illusion. She resumed touching herself, slowly now, repositioning her body so she was less likely to bump something.

Her mother smiled slightly. "Do you know why you're being punished?" she said. The pool boy could only moan. "Because you broke one very simple rule. Do you know which one?" Another loud moan and a shake of the head. "You fantasized about my daughter."

Another, more vigorous shake of the head, and a louder moan. In the closet, Cherry blushed as red as her namesake. The pool boy had thought about her? Holy cow! Her mother was a total knock-out, elegant and sensual even when she was being perfectly casual! How could Cherry, with her slight curves and small breasts and shy attitude, draw the attention of such a hunk? Sure, her red hair tended to bring compliments, but Cherry had always felt lacking in the sex appeal department, especially standing next to her mother. The thought of the pool boy, thinking about her as he masturbated, made her sex grow hot, and she found herself quickly approaching a second orgasm. She forced herself to slow down, not wanting to miss her mother's words.

"Yes, you did," she said. "And if you didn't before, you certainly are now. You're imaging that's her mouth on your cock, aren't you?" Despite another moan of protest, the boy's cock bounced excitedly, and his hips jerked in a way that suggested attempting to thrust into a kneeling girl's face.

"Naughty boy," mother continued. "That's my daughter you're thinking about. Imaging catching her in her bedroom right after a shower. Tearing away her towel, and grabbing her arms. Pulling them up and back and pushing her against the wall, and thrusting your cock in between her legs. And she coos and cries in your ear to thrust harder, deeper, faster." The pool boy shook as her mother burned the sensations of a tight, young pussy against his cock. He thrust brazenly into the air. Precum was flowing steadily from the tip now, and a few drops flung free as his hips bucked and his cock flexed in vain.

Cherry thought she was going to burst! Thank goddess she was hidden in the closet. How did her mother know Cherry's own exact fantasy of the pool boy? She knew in a world of Sex Magic, female dominance was an inescapable fact of life, that thoughts of male dominance were considered silly and old fashioned. But her core burned with lust at the thought of the pool boy taking her and fucking her with full abandon. She came again, suddenly, and almost couldn't suppress the squeal she made.

Mother shook her head. "So naughty. You're here to serve me. Only me. And yet you think about other women. About my daughter. I know she's about your age, but you know she's off limits, even to your thoughts." The boy moaned loudly. Mother chuckled softly, looking very pleased with herself. "Yes, I suppose you couldn't help it. When I sent you that picture of the pool, she happened to be in the shot while she was sunbathing in her bikini. I wasn't even thinking about that. The point was to show you the work that needed to be done on the pool. Instead you focus on my daughter's nearly naked body." Her mother tsk-tsked at him, shaking her head. "You boys and your dirty little minds."

Cherry was fighting to breathe quietly even as her hand rubbed more vigorously. Jeez, mother had sent the boy a bikini pic of her? So embarrassing! She didn't really have the curves yet to pull off that kind of look! Still, if the pool boy liked what he saw, well, maybe she shouldn't be so hard on herself.

Of course, she'd heard a boy with full nuts would want to fuck damn near anything if he went long enough without relief. Cherry wondered how long it had been since mother had emptied the poor boy's balls. For a moment, she almost felt sorry for him, seeing how dark and swollen they were. But the moment passed when she heard his sexy moans and watched his toned, muscled body shake with lust. She almost wished her mother would keep him corked until she herself gained her powers. Then his next release could be inside her. The thought made her cum once more, and she clenched her body tightly into a ball to try and limit her movements.

"My daughter will be turning 19 in a few months, you know," her mother said. "She could gain her own magic any day now. She'll be able to see all your little fantasies about her." She smirked. "Of course, she'll also get to see all your little fantasies about me. And all your memories of the things we've done. Won't that be embarrassing?" The pool boy actually blushed at that. Being worked over by her mother was one thing, but the thought of Cherry finding out the things they'd been doing? Cherry wondered what sort of things her mother could have done that would humiliate a boy already used to the treatment he was getting now.

For the next few minutes, her mother sat silently and watched the pool boy with a cool expression. The pool boy continued to moan and thrust and whimper and shake as her mother visited increasingly intense pleasures on his penis and balls, and refusing to let him cum. As Cherry watched, she slowly rubbed herself, easing down from her own pleasure, until she was relaxed enough to pull away. She watched the rest of the scene play out. No more taunting, just intense stimulation.

And then suddenly, the scene stopped. The pool boy fell from the wall, collapsing onto his hands and knees. His body jerked and shivered, and his penis clenched, but it was clear the simulating spells had ceased. He spent a few minutes catching his breath, hs mouth open and his eyes blinking as the spells wore off. He looked up at her mother, exhausted, horny, and humbled. He crawled over and her mother extended a leg out, presenting her bare foot. The boy kissed her toes, his cock twitching as he did so.

"Now, go fix that leak in the pump that you were supposed to take care of last time," she said. "Do it right, or you can forget about any 'leaking' of your own for quite some time."

The pool boy nodded quickly, stood, and almost dashed out the door, his still-hard cock flopping before him. Cherry's mother stood and stretched, tightening her silk robe. She then looked over at the closet, smirked, and gave Cherry a wink, then walked out of the room.

Cherry sat in the closet, frozen for a moment in surprise. Then she swallowed hard, waited another few moments, and snuck out of her mother's room. She didn't see her mother anywhere upstairs, but when she got to her room, she noticed the door was open, and her navy blue bikini was laying on the bed. There was a note on top of it, saying, "Try not to distract him too much." Cherry grinned, changed, and went out to catch some sun.

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