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Cherry Tongue Twister


The last embers of the fire were still glowing brightly as we sat together on the floor with a stack of pillows behind our backs. My head was on his shoulder and my hands were busily at work, plucking green grapes from the stem. I dropped them one by one into Nick's mouth as he sat there with his eyes closed and his arms casually crossed in a relaxed pose. I bit one of the grapes in half and slowly ran the juicy middle section of it across his lower lip. He smiled a lazy smile and then licked all around the grape, sliding the tip of his tongue down the outer edge of my thumb. My hand retreated and with a greedy grin, I quickly popped the grape half into my own mouth. He gave a tiny moan of disapproval and leaned forward, lightly nipping at my lower lip with his teeth. Then he slowly slid his tongue into my mouth and tried to retrieve the ill-gotten fruit. Our tongues circled and slid and jabbed in mock battle. He slid the grape to the front of my mouth several times, but I snagged it repeatedly and pushed it to the inside of my jaw. I finally swallowed the fruit and we both giggled.

It was wonderful spending time together like this...no rush...no agenda...no fear of interruption by the cell phone or his pager. Too often in our hectic lives, we faced distractions that kept us from connecting. Times like this were perfect to recharge. It had been a crazy day for both of us and some quiet time in front of the fire before snuggling up in bed was exactly what we both needed.

Nick reached toward the tray of fruit on the low table next to us and selected a couple of ripe stemmed cherries. While flashing him a wicked smile, I quickly reminded him that in college I was the only girl in my dorm who could successfully tie the stem of a cherry into a loose knot with my tongue. Of course, he dared me to prove it to him. I spent the next several minutes unsuccessfully trying to make good on my claim. He laughed and took the cherry stem from my mouth and replaced it with the cherry itself. I savored the tart sweetness of the fruit as I separated it from the pit with my teeth and tongue. I swallowed the cherry and slid the cherry pit over into the corner of my jaw.

Raising my head from his shoulder, I turned around slightly on our pallet and laid down flat on my stomach with my legs pointed away from him. I propped up on my elbows and leaned over toward his thighs. I gently placed tiny kisses all the way down his left thigh to the top of his knee and then back up again. My left hand followed the path my lips had made and then slowly ventured over between his legs. He inhaled sharply as my fingers began to lightly stroke through the fabric of his cotton pajamas. I squeezed him gently and then looked up to check his facial expression. He smiled and questioningly raised an eyebrow. We had mutually decided that since the day had been exhausting tonight would be deemed a 'no sex' night. I had just changed the rules. The smile on Nick's face told me he wasn't going to complain about my little balk so I gingerly pulled on his waistband and helped him wriggle free of the confines of his plaid pajama bottoms.

I wrapped the base of my hand around his manhood and ran the pad of my thumb up and down the underside. After several minutes of alternating between caressing with my thumb and kneading his shaft with my palm and fingers, he was almost purring. I saw a drop of glistening wetness at the crown of his shaft. I couldn't resist. I slid my tongue across it and then swirled it slowly around the tip. His purrs turned to moans.

I tightened my grip and leaned in a little more, placing my head directly over his lap. I slid the cherry pit from the inside of my jaw to my mouth and I rolled the edges of my tongue up just a teeny bit, so the cherry pit rested smoothly in the slight indentation in the middle of my tongue. I opened my mouth just enough to slip the tip of his throbbing cock between my lips. I created a gentle suction with the tight shape of my mouth. Slowly, I moved my head up and down. I held my tongue taut, sliding it back and forth the length of his shaft. "Oh, that feels incredible," he groaned. I kept the cherry pit in place at the middle of my tongue. Each time I bobbed my head, my tongue ran the length of him and pressed the smooth cherry pit into his quivering flesh. I kept sliding up and down. After several seconds his breathing quickened and his hands moved to touch my head. He was trying to guide me by gently pushing and pulling, hoping to speed up the pace. I resisted his nudging and continued my slow ride. Seconds turned to minutes and still I would not deviate from the steady pace. He finally gave up and moved his hands to the outside of his hips and curled his fingers up tightly into fists.

I moved my left hand to slide under the smoothness of his sac and started gently caressing him while I continued to move my head. The cherry pit slipped for a moment and I stopped to put it back into place. He shuddered in frustration and moaned saying, "Don't stop...oh, please...don't stop." I quickly realigned the wayward pit and started my slow tongue assault again. In seconds his breathing was ragged and his shaft once again throbbed with pleasure. I loved seeing him like this. There is such sheer power in watching the deliberate movements of your hands and mouth push someone slowly toward orgasmic release. His broken gasps and jerking twitches of ecstasy easily ignited my sensual flame. Giving him more and more pleasure tightened the turning coil of passion deep within the pit of my stomach.

I smoothly slid him into my mouth and relaxed the back of my throat as much as I could. The cherry pit slid down on its own almost to the end of my tongue. The back side of the pit pushed against my tongue and the front of it pressed up against the base of the underside of his rock-hard shaft. I kept my head still and tightly held the whole length of him in my mouth, with the tip of his manhood pressing into the back of my relaxed throat. Then I started sliding my tongue very firmly first to the left and then to the right while I rolled the cherry pit hard against the underside at the base of his cock. I thought Nick was going to bolt straight off the floor into a standing position. His body jerked and he gasped and moaned loudly. I rolled the cherry pit back and forth now as hard as I could. Each pass of my tongue brought audible sounds of delight from my lover's lips. After a few seconds I slipped the pit completely out of my mouth and I locked my lips tightly around his shaft. I sucked in hard and pushed down with both of my hands against the top of his thighs. I pulled my tight lips up the length of him. When a little more than half of his shaft was out of my mouth, I plunged my head back down and thrust him deeply into the back of my throat again. I continued that pumping motion, faster and faster. His hips bucked wildly. He rocked and pushed against the floor with the open palms of his hands as hard as he could. He screamed out my name over and over as I felt the hot jets of his cum shoot into the deepest part of the back of my throat. The intensity was so strong I almost choked, but I managed to control my gag reflex. I swallowed hard just to be able to breathe and when my throat moved as I swallowed Nick let out a guttural cry. My throat muscles clamped down on the tip of his sensitive shaft while he was tightened in orgasm. His body shook and his hands aggressively slammed up against the sides of my head. He pushed me down quick and hard against him. He squeezed my head even tighter between his hands and yelped, "Oh....oh....oh..." over and over again. He shoved my open mouth down further onto his exploding cock. I breathed deeply through my nose and forced my throat to relax while he rammed his shaft down my throat. I held him tightly in my mouth until his body stopped shuddering; then I slowly released the pressure of my tightened lips and mouth.

I carefully dragged the tip of my tongue along the length of him while the fluid from his passionate release spilled out of the corners of my mouth and flowed slowly over his shaft. Fortunately, Nick never seemed to mind that I wasn't much of a swallower. I knew men often took it personally if a woman didn't revere the swallowing of their fluid as a form of penile worship, but I had told Nick after we'd dated for a while that a margarita was for swallowing and I simply wouldn't budge on that one issue. After the first time I practiced my 'deep throat' technique on him, Nick had promptly told me that he would never be offended if I spit out what didn't go down on its own. He told me that if I promised him a lifetime of that kind of fellatio, he did care if I painted the house or watered the lawn with the excess.

I laughed at the thought of how inseparable we had grown over the past ten years. We shared a symbiotic kind of closeness...a partnership and a true friendship. Who could really ask for anything more? I sighed contentedly and rested my head on Nick's thigh as I patiently waited for him to recover. After all, there were still pineapple rings on that fruit tray and I had something else in mind to try.

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