tagLoving WivesCheryl and Her New Friends Ch. 02

Cheryl and Her New Friends Ch. 02


Part II My Wife Parties More that First Evening

This is a work of fiction; it involves interracial sex, and other sexual acts. This is a fantasy world, so there are no STD's, nor are there negative consequences of any of the relationships, condoms may or may not be used, it is meant purely for entertainment, it is fiction. This is the second episode of Cheryl's continuing sexual adventures, there will be more, but not sure of how many at this point, so stay tuned. This episode involves multiple male partners and one female, oral sex, exhibitionism, and some humiliation, so be warned. Copyright of the author, no reprints, etc.

With a hot porn movie playing on the TV, I sat with my wife Cheryl, discussing the events of the afternoon. She sat next to me on the couch, watching a white woman sucking one black cock while a second was pumping in and out of her pussy. Cheryl wore a small, shear robe, barely covering her naked body, having showered after her earlier sexual romp with the two black males and myself.

"I am still not sure of how to handle all of the sensuality of this afternoon." Cheryl commented as I continued to fondle her right tit, tweaking her nipple.

"Well, I really enjoyed the party, watching you sucking and fucking those two black studs, that was hot. You obviously enjoyed the two men, I know you had at least six climaxes while they screwed you." Now my other hand in her crotch, my fingers toying with her clit.

"You obviously enjoyed watching my debauchery," Cheryl replied. "I didn't realize you were so perverted, I mean you are, and I think I am enjoying being a part of that perversion.

"And participating too. It was real thrilling! You were so hot earlier." I commented as I slipped two fingers in her vagina, causing her to moan with pleasure.

"You're getting me hot again, are you ready to perform again?" My hot wife asked as she squirmed. I leaned forward and licked her nipple, sucking on it gently.

"Maybe we should go out and have some more fun this evening." I added as she ran her hand over my head, pulling me back to her breast, I began licking the flesh of her breast.

"Why? Would you like to see me with more men?" She held me to her breast, moaning softly. "You are such a pervert. You probably want to see me sucking and fucking more hard cocks, making me a hot slut. You probably want to see me with come all over me."

"Mmm, that does sound like fun, watching you, legs spread, several men screwing you." I comment as she grinds herself onto my hand. "We could go to the adult bookstore, and find several studs to fuck you."

"Damn, that does sound hot! But, if I am going to fuck some more studs tonight, I want to go somewhere more pleasant, like a hotel bar." Cheryl groaned as she shuddered in a small climax. "If you want me to be a slut, then I'll be a slut, but you may have opened the door to more than you expected. I am getting so fucking horny!"

"Okay, we'll go to the hotel south on the interstate where we have had a few hot evenings. You have commented several times about the men leering at you when we have gone there for an evening of hot fun." I added.

"That does sound like fun. I can show off, and I can choose who I want to take back to the room." Cheryl said in a husky voice. "I'll wear that little wrap skirt, the sheer blouse I haven't worn out . . ."

"And the half cup bra, the black one, and black hose, with high heels." I completed her outfit.

"Okay, you'll have to take me to dinner there too. You can show me off there, too."

I called the hotel for a room reservation, and made dinner reservations. Cheryl wore jeans and a regular blouse, packing her hot outfit in a small bag, with a few other items like a dildo, plus more hose. We arrived at the hotel about seven, and Cheryl changed into her little outfit, I had her leave her panties in the room.

As we walked into the restaurant, I ushered her ahead of me with my hand on her ass. Several single males watched us as the hostess seated us. Cheryl smiled at the men as she gave them a bit of a show of her legs.

We finished dinner, and noted several men watching us intently. I made sure we put on a little show of my wife as we exited the restaurant. I again had my hand on her ass as we walked through the restaurant, plus Cheryl bent over, pretending to pick something off of the floor as we passed a table with two males. We headed to the bar, and selected a table across from the bar, on a raised area. Cheryl seated herself so that she could show off her legs as she sat facing the bar.

Over the next twenty minutes or so, eight men seated themselves along the bar just across the floor from where we sat. I had my hand on Cheryl's leg as we chatted about the different men who gathered, watching us. Cheryl would spread her legs slightly, and then put her knees back together.

"I need to use the ladies room." Cheryl announced as she moved to rise from her seat.

"Fix your bra so more of your nipples show, let the guys get a good view when you return." I requested.

"Don't worry, the guys will get a nice show, I am enjoying all of this attention." She said as she stood, and headed to the ladies room.

I observed her little exhibition as she returned to the bar, my wife strutted slightly, making her tits jiggle provocatively as she walked by the men, and back to her seat. Her nipples were quite visible just above the black lace of the bra, and visible through the sheer blouse. As she seated herself, I knew she had spread her legs far enough to give the men a good look at her inner thighs, the tops of her hose, and maybe her bare pussy.

I watched her smile at two of the men as they paid close attention to our activities. I slid my hand onto her leg, and massaged it gently as the men gazed at my hot wife.

"Spread your legs a little more, honey, show the guys your hot thighs." I felt her legs move and noted the looks on the faces of the men, and how they nodded in approval.

"Let's go to the upper bar seating area." I said and began to rise. Cheryl slid sideways turning slightly, and spreading her legs so the men had a very good view of her upper thighs as she stood.

"I could pickup the nice guy in the sport coat and we could go back to our room with him." Cheryl said as we moved past the males seated at the bar, who gazed at her intently as she passed, her tits jiggling lewdly.

"Not yet, I want to see if we can attract several males for a little party." I said as we made our way up the stairs to a second level, overlooking the bar. "Open your blouse another button or two, and you sit here, closer to the stairs."

We sat at the table at the top of the stairway; Cheryl quite exposed as the men walked up the stairs. I had her sit with the hem of her skirt at the tops of her hose, and legs spread slightly, so the creaminess of the inside of her upper thigh. With her blouse open a bit more, she was lewdly exposed for the strange males.

"I thought I was going to pickup a stud and take him to the room for a hot fuck?" My wife asked as she adjusted her attire.

"Well, I would prefer we find three or four males to have a party with you, a small gangbang." I commented, my hand resting on her leg at the juncture of the lower hem of the skirt, and the tops of her hose. I knew my hand was visible to the men as they passed us when the came up the stairs.

It was just a couple of minutes before two of the men came up the stairs. The two nodded gawking at my wife's lewd display, at us as they passed, smiling,. Cheryl returned their smiles as she and I chatted. Three more men ascended the stairs, moving past us, and the other men, to a table further down the second level. I noted they had left a table between themselves, and the first tables of two males, making me consider a move to where we would be between them.

"Let's move to the table between the two groups of men. We'll put on a little show for them when we move." I rose, and then assisted Cheryl. I walked just behind and to her left as we passed the men on her right. As we walked past, I hiked her skirt up baring her ass to the men, then, as I guided her to her chair, I made sure the other table of males got a good view of her hot ass.

We watched as one of the men from the table of three stood, walked past us, then down to the bar. He obviously placed an order for drinks, and we watched as the bartender put the drinks together, and then brought them up. The man had ordered for all three tables, and the bartender delivered our drinks first, then the other tables. The men evidently knew each other from their reactions. The bartender enjoyed the little show my wife put on, but would miss the real show.

"Uh, if you need additional drinks, someone will have to come down and order, I don't have any help, and can't come up here, unless to bring your drinks." He said as he passed us, still staring at my wife's slutty display.

"Okay," I thought, "he just told me we would be alone up here."

"Spread your legs more, sweety." I commented to Cheryl as she sat next to me, my hand across her shoulder, my hand draped over it, and nearly touching her right breast. Then, I slid my hand down, cupping her tit as the men to our right watched us. I fondled her tit as the men watched, chatting with Cheryl, discussing the reaction of the men.

"Well, they are enjoying you displaying me like a slut." Cheryl said softly as we became more bold.

"They sure are. I think it's time to step up the level of our show. The bartender won't be back up, and I watched him put the rope across the bottom of the steps, so we won't be bothered by any others." I said as I continued to fondle her right tit openly.

"And what nasty thing do you have in mind for me to do in front of these gentlemen?" Cheryl asked a gleam of evil in her eyes.

"Well, I think you should start by rubbing my crotch, obviously playing with my cock. In a minute or two, you should unzip my pants, take out my cock, and give me a blow job."

"Right here?" my wife responded, a bit taken aback by my boldness.

"Yes, I want you to suck me off, while these guys watch you. I want you to show them how much of a slut you are. You will also make a show of swallowing my cum when I climax in your mouth." I directed her, and without any further complaint, she began fondling my hardening cock inside me pants. I watched her as she smiled at the men at the table to our left. She boldly unzipped my pants, and easily fished my cock from my pants, leaned over and began sucking my cock. I took that opportunity to not only lean back, and slide forward in the chair, but pulled the hem of her skirt up to her waist, exposing her ass to the other table of men. She eagerly bobbed her head up and down on my cock, slurping and licking my ever hardening cock.

It was too much. I felt my climax building. My hand went to the back of her head, and I held her head still as I shot my load down her throat. I groaned with pleasure as I finished shooting my cum in her mouth.

"Mmm, that was fun." Cheryl commented as she raised her head, smiling at the five men who were enthusiastically watching her performance. She took a sip of her wine, and turned forward, looking over the railing to see what was happening below.

I slid her blouse open a bit more, exposing her right breast to the gazes of the men around us. One of the men from the table to our left rose, and stepped behind us.

"Very interesting little show my dear. Would you care to show us more of your sexual expertise, my dear?" he said as he leaned over between us.

"What do you have in mind, love?" Cheryl said as she turned looking up at him, her cleavage very visible, legs spread wide showing her inner thighs, and pussy.

"Well, you seem like a woman who enjoys a hot time." He continued.

"Mmm, yes she does, you should have seen her this afternoon." I interjected.

"Oh, what happened this afternoon, sweety?" The man asked his eyes widening as he spoke, staring at her visible flesh.

"Go, ahead, honey. Tell him what happened earlier today. Tell him how much of a slut you were." I said, sliding my hand closer to her pussy.

"Well, if you insist, hon." Cheryl turned a bit more toward the man, spreading her legs a bit more obscenely. "Hubby found two really hung black studs and brought them to our place and surprised me. I spent almost two hours sucking and fucking their big, delicious cocks."

"So, would you like to have some more cock tonight? Maybe, the five of us?" He spoke, requesting my wife to be the center of a gangbang.

"Sounds like fun to me. What do you think, dear, do you want me to gangbang these horny studs?" Cheryl asked emboldened by the thought of an evening of hot sex.

"Only if I get to watch you getting gangbanged, my horny slut." I added, slipping two fingers in her very wet pussy. "It would be great watching you sucking and fucking these five guys."

"Well, we have a suite upstairs," he began.

"Oh, I'd prefer our suite, sweety," Cheryl interrupted him, "I have a few extra things there, and I wouldn't have to retrieve them first."

"Mmm, what do you have there? We have a nicely stocked bar." He added.

"Bet you don't have a couple of dildoes for me, or the extra hose I might need." My wife added off handedly.

"Well, no. Would you put on a show for us with the dildoes?" He questioned.

"Yes, of course I would." Cheryl smiled up at him.

"Well, it is your suite then. Shall we go my dear?" he asked politely.

Somehow, we made it to the elevator without being arrested for indecent exposure or something like that. Cheryl allowed two of the men to molest her on the way up to the room on the elevator, her dress was around her waist, and blouse open as they fondled her tits and ass.

Cheryl remained nearly naked as all of us walked the corridor to our suite. As soon as we entered the room, two of the men pushed my wife onto the bed, her skirt still up around her waist, and blouse open. One quickly moved between her legs, his head buried in her pussy, lapping at her lips madly. The other male knelt at her head, his cock aimed at her mouth. She willingly opened her lips and accepted his cock in her mouth. He thrust his hips gently back and forth in a fucking motion, humping her face. The male eating her pussy raised up on his hands, moved forward and easily slid his seven-inches in her well lubed pussy. As excited as the men were, they took only a few minutes to reach their climaxes, depositing their semen in my wife's pussy and mouth.

With her legs still spread wide, and cum oozing from her recently fucked cunt, another male clamored on the bed and between her lovely thighs. He took a minute to zero in, slipping his cock slowly into her well-lubed cunt. His thrusts began slowly and deliberately, I could see Cheryl was getting a lot of pleasure form his fucking. She turned her head to the other side, accepting another hard cock in her mouth and began sucking him. I enjoyed the scene before me, my wife, legs wide, a man fucking her, and sucking on the hard cock of another man.

Cheryl shuddered in her first climax of the evening, clamping her legs behind the male fucking her, and grasping the base of the cock in her mouth. She groaned with pleasure as she shook, then continued fucking and sucking her two current lovers. They soon exploded in her, as the two men had earlier. Cheryl greedily swallowed the come of the male whose cock was in her mouth, and held the man fucking her tight with her legs.

As I climbed onto the bed, I ordered my wife onto all fours so I could fuck her doggy style while she sucked off the fifth strange male. She was very sloppy from the cum of the first two males who had dumped their loads in her cunt. Although she was sloppy, after watching her obscene performance, it took me only a few minutes to add my come to that of the previous two. She groaned with pleasure as the man she was sucking also exploded in her mouth as I pumped my load in her.

"Ah, fuck that was hot." Cheryl said as she flopped over, and spread her legs for the men to see her well used, and oozing cunt. "What is next, guys? What would you like to see this slut do?"

"You suck the guys hard, they fuck you for a few strokes, and then you finish sucking them until they cum in your mouth or on your face." I directed as the men moved back in, and onto the bed.

Cheryl sucked one cock semi-hard, and then the man slipped it into her sloppy cunt, took about six strokes in her, then pulled out. He then mounted her chest, shoving his cum covered cock back in her mouth. She eagerly sucked on his cock, and then as he began to cum, she pulled his cock from her mouth, allowed him to shoot two streams of his semen on her face, then she finished him in her mouth.

Almost without a break, the five men used her mouth and cunt again, shooting their loads on her face and down her throat. My wife eagerly accepted the cocks in her mouth cunt, then back to her mouth, swallowing part of their come, and smearing the rest on her face.

I watched as she had several climaxes while the men were fucking either her mouth or cunt for the second round. I walked up to the side of the bed where I jacked off on her face as another male unloaded in her mouth.

Cheryl got off the bed and headed for the bathroom to clean up. She showered and then returned wearing only a pair of black hose, and high heels. All of the men were naked, but few sported even semi-hard cocks.

"Okay, my horny slut, get out the dildo, lay on the bed, and put on a show for the studs." I directed her. She pulled a ten-inch black dildo from her bag, and layback on the bed, legs spread wide. She began sliding the head of the rubber dick up and down her pussy lips. I walked over, and handed her a tube of lube so she could get the dido slippery and easily slide into her gapping fuck hole.

Only two of the men were able to rise to the occasion, have my wife fuck, and suck them. She willingly sucked them hard again as she used the dildo on her cunt. She climaxed as the two men took turns shoving their cocks in her mouth, as she shoved the dildo in and out of her cunt. The two men shot their loads, on e in her cunt, the other down her throat, which she swallowed. The rest of us applauded her lewd and obscene performance as she finished climaxing one more time with the dildo in her cunt.

Cheryl showered one more time after the men had left our suite. She wore only a sheer little robe when she came out of the bathroom.

"Well, for the first day of being a slut, I think your performance was absolutely spectacular, my dear." I patted her ass as she walked by me, and around to the side of the bed, and then lay back. She spread her legs wide, her well-used, her puffy cunt aimed directly toward me.

"Mmm, glad you enjoyed watching me being a fucking slut. Do you like the way my cunt looks? Well used by a bunch of hard cocks, today." She commented lewdly as she slowly gyrated her hips for me.

"Yes, I really enjoyed watching you sucking and fucking all of those studs today. It was extremely exciting watching you being so lewd and obscene, a whore for all that cock and cum." I commented, continuing to watch her obscene display of herself.

"I really enjoyed being a hot slut today, and I hope you enjoy the change. I am turning into a nymphomaniac, I guess, I do enjoy lots of hard cocks, and all of that hot come." She replied in a breathy tone. "What's next for your horny slut?"

"Well, maybe I should leave the next chapter of 'Cheryl, the slut' up to you." I commented as she lay back fondling her tits, cupping them in her hands, flicking her nipples as I watched.

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