tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCheryl In Chains Ch. 03

Cheryl In Chains Ch. 03


Something was wrong. Cheryl realised it even as she crawled along submissively behind her Mistress, Lily Allen into the Club. Lily was nervous and jumpy and not at all like the confident, dominant young woman that Cheryl had served now for a couple of months.

They cut quite the sight as they moved through the Club. Lily was clad in a form fitting red, leather cat suit with black high heeled ankle boots and her black hair tied in a severe ponytail on her head. Cheryl meanwhile (complete with blonde wig over her shaven skull) was nude, her sexy, slim body on full display for the patrons. She had a large metal collar around which the leash Lily held was attached and protruding from Cheryl 's backside was a dog's tail which was on the end of a dildo jammed into her tight asshole.

"Come on bitch, hurry it up, we do not want to be late!"

Snarled Lily all the while almost dragging her slave along, and wishing she could have allowed Cheryl Cole onto her legs to walk this part but knowing that someone somewhere would see it and report it if she did.

Finally they reached the locked room at the back of the Club, where you only got in my invitation. It had taken Lily Allen a long time to get invited into here and in fact, though she didn't like to admit to it, she was only here now because of who her slave was - The Black Queen wanted Cheryl Cole desperately apparently. At the large imposing wooden door Lily was frisked and checked by burly female guards before she was allowed to enter.

The chamber she entered was spacious and palatial. Twin rows of black pillars ran up either side of the room and at the head were a series of stone steps that led to a platform on which there were three thrones. The red throne on the left sat empty. The white throne on the right was occupied by Pippa Middleton while the large black one ion the centre was sat on by Kate Middleton - Princess of the People!

Then, without bidding, Lily Allen dropped onto her knees, lowered her eyes and bowed forward in honour of being granted this audience with Kate. She knew she had to wait for the order to stand but it was not forthcoming. Indeed, rather than movement from before her there was noise behind her and another entrant into the Royal Chamber. Lily risked a peek round and was surprised and disheartened to see her rival Mistress Jessie J strut into the room also clad in a red cat suit! Jessie was leading one of her new slaves, the bouncy beauty from Coronation Street, Michelle Keegan and mirroring Lily's action she stopped and dropped to her knees to pay respect to the 29 year old Duchess Of Cambridge.

"Welcome ladies to The Court. I believe you each have a suitable tribute for me? Ms Allen, you may stand and bring yours here."

Lily got to her feet and tugged at Cheryl's leash and marched up the large stone stairs with Cheryl crawling on behind her.

"Here she is Mistress. I present and give to you Cheryl Cole."

Kate gave a cool smile as Cheryl was left on the floor kneeling before her. It was her sister, Pippa that got up to inspect her though. The younger brunette walked slowly around Cheryl, staring at her sexy body, feeling it, testing it then she ran her hand through Cheryl's hair before suddenly jerking her hand up and ripping Cheryl's life like wig from her head to reveal her shaven skull. Kate nodded her approval.

"Very good, she will suffice, you may step down now Lily. Jessie bring your tribute to me now."

Through the same process Jessie J led Michelle Keegan up and presented he to the Royal sisters. Michelle's gorgeous hair did not come off but her large tits had big, steel rings pierced through them and her lower back had a tattoo that read "Kate's Kunt".

Pippa inspected her too, pulling at the nipple rings and checking her tattoo. She gave a nod to her older sister.

"Very good Jessie. You too may step down. Wait beside Lily. Pippa, get Liz through she can take these two sluts through to the play room I rather fancy we shall have some fun with them later."

Pippa picked up and rang a little gold bell on the arm of her white throne and Elizabeth Hurley appeared, complete in tiny, sexy French maid's outfit. She walked up the steps and received her instructions before taking Cheryl's leash in one hand and Michelle's in the other and then led them away through a side door off the Royal Chamber. The Duchess got to her feet and slowly descended the steps to stand before the two young singers both dressed in red. Jessie and Lily stood to attention each aware that they were in direct competition now.

"Ladies,you are aware that I have an opening here in The Court for a Red Queen. That insufferable little cunt Zara refused the role so I am opening the position up to an outsider. Both of you have brought me a suitable tribute and for that I thank you. Now you will have the opportunity to win the position for a probationary period, to see if you fit in or not. To decide which of you shall fill this position I am proposing a little competition. Do you both agree to this?"

Kate's voice was plumby, poised and measured but held a menace that was unmistakable. However, both Lily and Jessie readily agreed.

"Oh good. Maid!"

Her call and snap of her fingers were swiftly answered by Keira Knightly and Victoria Beckham appearing also dressed in sexy, black and white French maid outfits. They stood to attention and listened carefully as Kate addressed them.

"Help our guests out of their outfits and take them to the appropriate positions on either side. Make sure they are facing each other."


Liz Hurley walked the Duchess's two newest slaves into a room that had a large, red, heart shaped bed in the centre. She unclipped their leashes and pushed both onto the bed. They looked up at her obediently.

"The Duchess will be in to see you properly later, until then the two of you get on the bed, in a sixty nine position and you lick and suck each other until someone tells you to stop. There are cameras and microphones throughout the room watching and taping you. You do not speak to each other at all. You do not make either of you cum. You just lay there and lick each other until told otherwise. Understand you common little cunts?"

Liz's voice held nothing but disdain for the two younger girls and she sneered as they pathetically nodded their agreement.

"Then get on with it!"

Liz turned on her heel and left them, eager to view the competition in the main room. Cheryl looked into the large, doe eyes of Michelle and watched as the busty young actress pushed herself further up the bed and parted her legs. Clearly she would start on her back. Looking at Michelle's neatly trimmed snatch Cheryl Cole licked her lips and crawled up the bed and turned, hovered over her lithe companion and then dropped her head down and began to tongue at the sweet lips as Michelle reciprocated the action at the other end.


Back in the main room both Lily and Jessie had been helped out of their red outfits. Kate and Pippa watched on as the celebrity maids took the clothes, stored them in a pile then led their charge to stand between two of the pillars on either side of the room and guided their limbs into shackles so that they were spread in a large X shaped between the pillars, their ankles and wrists spread wide. Once both dominant brunettes were secured the Royal sisters stood in the centre of the room and looked to both sides of the room at the two candidates.

"As I explained Ladies, you are in a competition to determine just who will sit upon the Red Throne as The Red Queen in my Court. You know the privileges and advantages that will bring so I will not explain further. The competition is thus. Myself and Pippa shall take our favourite riding crops and come round behind you, we shall take turns whipping you. The first candidate to make any noise, a whimper, a scream, anything. Shall be deemed the loser. Understand? The winner shall be deemed the Red Queen, at least for the probationary period. Do you understand?"

Both singers nodded their agreement but Kate wanted more and demanded that both spoke to agree to the terms of the competition and their full consent to be whipped. It was strange for both girls as they were dominants used to lashing and abusing their own slaves and subs not being on the other end of things. The maids, Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightly returned each carrying a horse crop and presented them to their Mistresses and as Kate and Pippa inspected them and weighed them in their hands Lily glared across at her rival. She remembered the shaving of Cheryl Cole just a few weeks ago. Lily had offered Cheryl Cole's famous locks to the highest bidder and that had been young Jessie. But the younger girls attitude had infuriated Lily from the beginning and at times they had argued and snarled at each other. How ironic they should end up as challengers for such a position so soon after. Lily gritted her teeth and steeled herself there was no way she would lose to this bitch. Pippa took her time and peered at Jessie's firm, pert ass cheeks before standing to one side and lashing her crop down and across them. Across the room Lily stared at her opponent and willed her to make a noise but the young woman kept admirably silent. Lily heard Kate move behind her and braced her body for impact. When it came it was a stinging pain across her ass and she managed to make no noise. She breathed out as the sharp pain infused her, she could see what subs saw in this. Pippa's next blow sounded and appeared to be even harder than the first but Jessie just smiled across at Lily as she took the strike. It was unnerving and for the first time doubt began to enter Lily Allen's mind. She had no time to consider it any deeper though as Kate's second blow landed and Lily jumped but managed to bite her lip and make no noise. Three more blows apiece were delivered and both young singers asses were now bright red and marked all over. The Royal Sisters were not holding anything back in the competition, as both wanted to win. Pippa's latest effort was delivered with a grunt of effort that demonstrated how much she had put into the blow but still Jessie J managed to make n noise, though by now the smile had long since left her cocky face. Kate was not going to lose to her younger sister and her next blow changed direction mid flight and dived between Lily's spread legs and connected with her soft thigh flesh. The unexpectedness of the blow shocked Lily and she gave an audible yelp. "Yay! Unlucky Sis, I win again. Let her down Pip and lets get going to get stuck into those common tarts they brought in!" The White Queen, Pippa Middleton, released Jessie J from her bondage and Keira Knightley return with her red outfit. Kate was busy rubbing Lily Allen's body and she held her gaze as she spoke. "Well done Jessie as per our agreement you are now The Red Queen of my Court. Myself and the White Queen will be gone for some time, until then enjoy yourself." Forgetting her disappointment for a moment Lily called out as Kate, Pippa and the maids made to leave the room. "Wait! What about me? Aren't you going to let me down?" Kate stopped and smirked. "With us gone The Red Queen is in charge here. Why don't you ask her?" And with that they were gone. Lily struggled against her chains then looked across and Jessie J and very suddenly wished that she had not been so dismissive and confrontational towards the younger singer earlier that month. Jessie smirked and picked up the riding crop that had been used on her and began to very deliberately slap it in the palm of her hand and hissed. "Sucks to be you bitch!" And stalked toward Lily...


Kate gave her sister a smirk as they left Jessie and Lily to it. Lily Allen had been altogether too cocky and smug, particularly after she took charge of Cheryl Cole and had, in the opinion of The Black Queen been needing to be taken down a few pegs. Jessie would perform that role admirably, she really was quite the fierce young woman. Long term Kate doubted she would fit in with the Court but as a blunt instrument to deal with Lily she was perfect. Liz Hurley gave the sisters a curtsey and opened the door for them to enter their sex room and allowed the two women to enter before filing in behind them along with Keira and Victoria. "What the bloody hell is going on here?!" Demanded Kate in an outraged voice as she gazed upon the sight of Cheryl Cole and Michelle Keegan engaged in a lusty, naked , sapphic sixty nine. The two nubile Northerners immediately broke off from pleasuring the other and started to stammer explanations which were swiftly ended by Kate ordering them silent. Their eyes moved to Elizabeth Hurley as if imploring her to tell The Black Queen what had happened but when the maid spoke it was to crush them. "I left them here with your explicit instructions to be kneeling and awaiting your arrival. I swear I don't know what has got into them my Queen, I can only think that they have not been well enough trained as submissives by their previous owners." Again Cheryl and Michelle risked trying to speak but in an instant Kate had ordered them silenced and Keira and Victoria leapt into action with black ball gags that they pushed into the new slaves mouths and cut off their words. "Clearly, you two bitches are in need of a reminder whose Court you are privileged to be in today. I am your new Mistress and I do not brook any disobeying of my commands. Get off the bed and get on your knees before me! Now!"

"You three! Take that one and get her out of my sight (Kate pointed her finger angrily at Michelle). As for you, you cheeky Geordie slut, well Pippa and myself will deal with your insubordination ourselves!"

Keira, Victoria and Liz had seen the Black Queen in this temper before and wasted no time in grabbing the young actress by her arms and hurrying her away, besides which the nubile, big breasted brunette had a body that would be fun to play with, toy and abuse. Just as they left Kate stopped them.,

"Don't mark the bitch, I want that soft flesh left for me understand?"

They nodded and exited leaving just Kate and Pippa towering over Cheryl Cole. Kate continued her verbal diatribe with ill-disguised glee.

Look at you. The great Cheryl Cole. One of the sexiest girls in the world - according to pathetic wank mags anyway! On her knees, pathetically pleading and shaved as bald as a coot. How apt. I've never really understood the British public's obsession with you slut. You are cheap, common, no class at all. All you have are your looks and believe me they are fading already, you will soon be yesterday's news - just another Northern piece of scum that got out of the slums for a few minutes of fame. Isn't that right?"

Cheryl knelt there and nodded. She agreed with the Black Queen.

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. Now we have established that you can begin your servitute to me. My feet need cleaning, use your tongue and clean them to my satisfaction."

Kate sat on the bed that Cheryl and Michelle had been romping on and crossed her legs so that her right foot hovered enticingly just before Cheryl's face. Kate bounced it a few times and then allowed Cheryl to begin to kiss and lick her toes. Foot worship was nothing new to Cheryl Cole so she determined to be as good as she could be. Her tongue moved smoothly over each, small Royal toe, licking them perfectly before sliding between them and poking down the to join of skin. She finished with Kate's big toe, taking it into her mouth and sucking on it like it was a cock she was giving head to.

Cheryl's tongue then curled under and lapped attentively at her Queen's soul, licking off any dirt and sweat that lingered there. Kate pushed her forward and before she knew it half her foot was buried in Cheryl Cole's mouth. She laughed at her sister.

"I rather think I'm doing a public service here, now the tuneless, little bitch won't be able to sing!"

Pippa burst into sycophantic laughter and added.

"Oh rather sis. Do hurry up I want to stick my stinky foot in her mouth too!"

Cheryl obediently continued to clean Kate's foot and then moved onto her other foot and then repeated the act with Pippa's two feet until they had all been licked clean. While Cheryl had been seeing to Pippa's feet Kate reached under the bed and took out two velvet lined boxes. She positioned them on the bed and with Cheryl's wide eyes watching opened them to reveal two large strap on dildo's. They were beautifully carved and completely resembled real cocks. One was white one was black.

Now all thoughts of feet were forgotten, attention was fully on which of Cheryl Cole's holes these two phallic appendages would be entering. She knelt attentively as the two sisters took their colour cocks and strapped them firmly into place.

"Bend forward and present that slutty, common pussy to me!" demanded Kate with authority.

Cheryl did as she was told and slid forward, presenting her bubble butt to the Royal bitch. Seconds later Cheryl was penetrated from behind by that black, plastic dick. Kate shoved herself all the way in and grabbed her slave's shoulders to ram herself right the way in. Once she was in Pippa dropped to her knees and leaned back and presented the white cock to Cheryl's waiting lips. She allowed it to slide inside and as quickly as that Cheryl Cole was taken from both ends in a spit roast position.

"Yes! That's it you common Northern slapper, that's exactly how the likes of you should be used."

The sneer in Kate's voice was unmistakable.

"Oh rather sis" agreed Pippa, "This trashy whore's mouth is just made for taking cock, look at this, I can get it all the way in!"

And she could. Pippa's strap on had a set of plastic balls at the base of it's plastic shaft and they were rubbing on Cheryl Cole's in as drool spilled from her lips and dripped onto the floor.

"Well I guess that explains how someone so untalented as this bitch can get so far. She must have sucked plenty of dick to get on all those awful TV shows and get those record deals."

"Oh rather, I certainly wasn't her talent or ability anyway, have you heard her singing, bloody awful noise!"

The two posh sisters discussed Cheryl almost as if she wasn't even there, carrying on their conversation while fucking her at both ends with their strap on cocks.

"I say sis, you don't fancy swapping ends do you? I've had just about enough of staring at her cheap, plastic face."

Kate was agreeable to that suggestion and with Cheryl just kneeling there the two Royal sisters swapped around and plunged their dicks back into Cheryl's holes. Which, of course, saw Cheryl take Kate Middleton's plastic cock straight from her own asshole into her compliant mouth. Cheryl's body gave a shiver of excitement at her high brow humiliation and quickly began to suck on the new cock in her mouth.

As Cheryl Cole was spit roasted on plastic cock the two Royal Sisters smiled at each other having taken yet another peasant into their harem of compliant, obedient sluts. They would no doubt tire of Cheryl before too long, some other target would take their fancy, some newer, younger, more exciting slut they would want to take on thus allowing Cheryl to progress to the role of Lady's Maid, joining Liz Hurley and the others but for now she was a perfectly adequate fuck slut and her body was serving her new Mistresses well.

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