tagGroup SexCheryl Pt. 03

Cheryl Pt. 03


I had left the 'meeting' with 3 local principles dripping with cum and my pussy buzzing from all the cock it had pleasured. Over the next 6 weeks I spent 2 hours at each one of their homes on Tuesdays being used in whatever way they desired. Most of it had been pretty normal stuff: blow jobs, straight sex, doggystyle and anal had become normal to me. The only rough night I had was with Mr. Kemp, the Principal at Libby HS. He had decided he wanted to tie my wrists to a beam in his living room. Strung from the ceiling and wearing only my green panties, he used his belt to spank me for several minutes. It was a fuck storm of pain and pleasure for me. The strap often straying off course and marking my lower back or the back of my thighs. By the time he stopped and let me down, I was unable to stand and fell to the floor in a puddle of sweat and my own juices from the erotic orgasm I had just endured. He was rough on me, but it brought me to the edge of ecstasy and then threw me over the cliff into an explosion of pleasure. While I lay on the floor, Mr. Kemp rolled me over, pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and used me as a cum sock for the next few minutes. I had no energy to help him, so I held on as he came inside me.

That's what my life had become - school, volleyball and sex with old principals. It was a wonderful life.

My team rolled through the district and regional playoffs and reached a ranking of 4th in our state. The state tournament was the highlight of our season and we rolled through our first two matches without loosing a set. Having reached the semi-finals we were matched against top ranked Bellerive HS. I hated them. Not so much the girls on the team. They were a decent set of people and clearly good at volleyball. But their coach was the biggest dick I had ever met. Coach Sheperd had no problem talking about other teams and other players as if they were little pimples on his hairy ass. The night before our semi-final match he was taped on tv as saying I was the most over-rated player in the state and that if coaches watched my skills set instead of my assets, I would not have won the awards he felt should have gone to his girls.

Yes, that pissed me off.

We had just warmed up for the match as both teams returned to their locker rooms for final instructions. I had stopped to get a water bottle and was the last one into the hall way. As I went through the exit door, Coach Sheperd was waiting for me.

'Cheryl, your season ends tonight. You don't belong on the court with my girls and you know it. After we embarrass you and your team, you can go back to being the whore that we've been hearing so much about.'

Fuck, what had he been hearing? It was probably true knowing what my last 3 months had been like, but his school was over 120 miles from ours. How had he heard anything?

'You're wrong Coach,' was all I could fire back, 'we're better than you and we will win this thing.'

He laughed out loud in my face and then he scared the shit out of me. He grabbed both my arms, pinned them against the wall and whispered in my ear, 'if you think you are that good, then you won't mind a little bet on this match, will you?'

'Leave me alone! What the fuck are you talking about?' I was afraid and didn't know what else to do.

He started in on his plan. 'If you win, I will quit as coach of Bellerive, but if I win, you come to my hotel room and show me what everyone is talking about.'

'You'd really quit?'

'Yes, I will resign tomorrow.' It was a con, but I didn't know it yet. He had already been hired by East Columbia State University, but the announcement wouldn't be made until after the tournament.

'You're on,' I shot back, a little too quickly, 'finally this state will be rid of you.'

He grinned, 'The things I am going to do to you will change how you see life.'

And he turned away walking toward his team's locker room.

The match was intense and came down to a decisive 5th set, but they gained momentum and we lost the semi-final match. My season was over. Shit, maybe my entire volleyball was through if everyone knew what I had become lately.

Sheperd walked down the line of players congratulating each of us on a great season. When he got to me, he leaned in and whispered, 'your fine ass is my playground tonight.'

I shuddered a little bit and then felt the familiar warmth of my pussy getting ready for a good time.

It took awhile to get cleaned up, get the team talk over with and share some tears with my teammates. But eventually everyone headed back to the hotel and we went to our rooms. I waited another half hour and then started toward Sheperd's room to pay off my bet.

I knocked lightly on the door and he let me in with a huge shit eating grin on his face. When I walked past him and into the room, I was shocked to see his entire coaching staff waiting for me.

'Cheryl, you are our party tonight. The celebration for winning and moving on to the finals tomorrow. You will be fucking and sucking on everyone in the room to pay off on our agreement.'

My head looked down. My shoulders stooped. My knees buckled just a tiny bit. His coaching staff consisted of 3 guys, including himself, and one woman. It wasn't as if I was out of my league in being able to handle all of them. I just hadn't prepared myself mentally.

He reached around me, one hand grabbing a tit and the other grabbing my pussy. And then he squeezed hard. So hard I couldn't stop a muffled squeal of pain. He took the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up over my head. I hadn't bothered wearing a bra because I knew I wasn't there for looks. He slid off my shorts and left me standing there in my panties. Then he tugged on them too. He pulled them up so they rode up my ass and wrapped around my pussy lips tightly, creating a beautiful camel toe for the coaches to admire.

I heard one coach whisper under his breath, 'Damn, oh fuck, damn she is hot.'

And that was the end of the ceremony. Sheperd put his hands on my shoulders, spun me so that I was now facing him and forced me to my knees. He pulled out a wonderfully large cock from his pants and slapped it back and forth on my face a few times.

'I know that you know what to do with this cock.' And he was right.

I slid one hand under his balls and began to rub. As I worked up his sack, I slid his cock into my mouth and began the familiar bobbing motion on his rod.

'So, the rumors are true, aren't they? You really are the cum slut I've been hearing about.'

Another one of the coaches was now sneaking up behind me.

'I hear you fucked the entire football team in one night. Is that true?'

Of course, it was, but I had a mouthful of dick and couldn't answer. So, I spread me knees further apart and made my back entry look more inviting. He didn't have to be asked. He started working the tip of his cock around my vagina until it opened up enough for him to push his way in. His thick member felt so good that my eyes grew wide and I moaned on Sheperd's cock.

'She really loves your cock Shawn!

At least now I knew the name of the man who was fucking me doggystyle. That is a point back in my favor as I try to keep my self-respect. I began the rhythmic bobbing back and forth on both the cocks I was servicing. Trying to concentrate on the blow job and still fuck back enough on the cock inside me from behind so that he felt he was getting what he wanted. My orgasm was about to explode out of me.

'Awwwwwwwwww, fuck yes, fuck yes, awwwwwwww fuck that's good!' I moaned for everyone's enjoyment.

It hit hard and I had to slide Sheperd's dick out of my mouth so I could concentrate. I kept one hand on the floor to steady myself and the other wrapped around his erection so he could still bob back and forth. He grabbed the hair on the back of my head and lifted me up so my mouth was at cock level again. 'Don't stop you cum slut. You still have work to do'. Yep, he was still a huge dick of a person.

I deep throated him for a few moments and felt the flinching of his dick signaling that he was about to blow. The splash of warm cum began to fill my throat and I moaned again. This time so he would feel like the conquering hero. He laughed out loud and with one foot on my shoulder he pinned me to the floor.

'I own you know.'

'Yes, Sir. As you wish,' was my submissive reply.

He pulled me off the floor with one hand and guided me toward the large bed in the room. The female coach was naked and had been masturbating watching me get fucked. My face was guided to her pussy. She grabbed the back of my head and drew me in closer. The smell of sweat and wet vagina I was familiar with, but I had never eaten out a woman before. I had enjoyed having someone bring me to climax this way so I kind of knew where to start. I plunged my face into her slit and started searching for the bean with my tongue.

'There it is,' I thought to myself. Swollen and sensitive, she was glad I found it so quickly. She began to make that high-pitched breathing noise that women make when getting off. The final male coach was already to have his turn on me too. Clearly, they had done this before because as I was getting her pussy sloppy, he pushed into me from behind and the clasped hands face to face. It was some kind of a ritual or something, but they knew what they were doing. It created the perfect rhythm for me to rock back and forth on so he was enjoying his fuck and she was getting the pressure on her clit that she needed. They timed it almost perfectly. As he groaned out the fact that he was cumming deep inside me, she yelled out loud about her fantastic orgasm. I was feeling pretty good about my skill set right then!

An hour had passed and I had already been fucked 3 times and brought the female coach to climax.

'Go get a quick shower and clean up,' Sheperd commanded. 'When you get back out, we will start all over again.'

'Yes Sir. As you wish,' I repeated my mantra and I went to the shower to spray off all the cum and pussy juice I had collected.

When I came out the coaches were sitting around the room watching the tv. They had taken video of my services and were stroking themselves as they watched my athletic body do it's work on each of them.

'I have something for you,' Sheperd stated with a grin.

'Of course, he does,' I thought to myself. 'A hard cock ready to shove up my ass I bet.'

'Not many people know this yet, but I have been hired to coach East Columbia starting in 4 months. I would like you to come play for me on a full scholarship. It's already a top 10 volleyball school and with your skills and my brains, we could win a national championship.'

I was in shock.

'But you've always said I was over-rated and didn't deserve any of the accolades I've received.'

He came back at me quickly, 'That's just coach speak. I was deeper inside your head than all of us were just inside your hot pussy.'

'True,' I thought. 'I certainly was distracted by his rudeness during the year and they really had gone balls deep in me just a few moments ago.'

'So, you think I can play at that level?' I asked timidly.

'Yes, Cheryl, if fact, I believe others will be hoping they can play at your level very, very soon.'

I grinned and crawled onto the bed. Thoughts of losing the semi-final match were long gone. I cupped his genitals with one hand and began to suck on his cock again. This time because I wanted to thank him for the scholarship to college.

Then a thought ran through me head and I giggled.

'Why are you laughing, Cheryl?' Coach asked.

'I was just thinking that for the next four years, the scholarship term 'free ride' is going to have a whole new meaning.'

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