tagTransgender & CrossdressersCheryl's First Date Ch. 02

Cheryl's First Date Ch. 02


Still trembling from his very passionate kiss, I turned and locked my door behind us, then walked into my living room. I have decorated my apartment in very feminine style, with a mirrored wall, soft, thick carpeting, and delicate furniture upholstered in rose satin. He was just standing there, devouring me with his eyes. I sat daintily on my pretty loveseat and patted the cushion next to me. “Sit here by me, Jimmy,” I invited.

Now that he was in my apartment, I knew from the way he was looking at me that our date was about to get considerably more intimate. If he were to find out the secret in my panties and reject me, I did not know if I could bear it. His male presence was so strong that I felt overwhelmed with desire for him. I could feel my heart pounding in my breast as he came and sat next to me. My emotions were on overload as I admired his boyishly handsome face and looked deep into his dark eyes. I glanced down and saw the swelling bulge in his slacks and realized with delight that I was the cause of his erection. He was reacting to me as any man might react to an attractive woman, and that realization was extremely exciting to me. A warmth began in my bosom, spreading slowly throughout my body until I knew I must be positively glowing. I could feel myself trembling in my panties. I wanted him so!

He put his arm around me and looked deep into my eyes. “You are so beautiful, Cheryl, so very beautiful,” he whispered. I placed my hand gently on his pants as his lips met mine. As he kissed me, I stroked him, feeling him pulse under my soft hand. His kiss was very intimate, and he fondled my breast through my blouse as his tongue thrust deep into my throat.

I wanted our kiss to last through all eternity. I wanted his hard maleness deep inside my quivering body. I wanted him to possess me, to own my virginity, to make me his girl forever and ever, but I was so timid. I wanted to please him so very much, but I was so afraid that when he lifted my skirt and lowered my panties I would lose him forever. Despite my deep, feminine emotional reaction to him, my fears were very real to me, and a tiny corner of my mind tried to find a solution to my problem while he kissed me. Suddenly in a flash of inspiration, I knew what to do. When he broke the kiss, I breathlessly murmured, “Jimmy, darling, I really would like to show you something. May I?” He smiled at me indulgently, and I disengaged myself from his embrace and went into my bedroom. “Wait right there, sweetheart,” I cooed.

I went to my lingerie drawer and took out my very sexiest slip. It is midnight black nylon satin, with a nylon lace bodice and a lacy hem. Like all my lingerie it is, of course, scented with my perfume. I brought it back out to the living room. “Jimmy, do you like this?” I asked, holding it up in front of him. “It is so very soft and silky,” I purred. I rubbed it against his cheek, then his lips, allowing him to sniff the scent. I could tell in his eyes that I was driving him crazy. I sat next to him again, looking at him adoringly. I undid his fly, and his maleness stood up like a rod, stiff and straight. “Ohhh, darling, you are so hard!” I sighed. I began stroking his penis with my silky slip, letting him feel the delicate luxury of a lady’s lingerie on his erection. I could feel him begin to pulse heavily under my gentle caresses, and I leaned next to him, giving him breathy butterfly kisses on his ear, his cheek, then his mouth. When my moist, trembling lips touched his, his whole body stiffened, and I could feel his hot semen shoot into my slip.

I was so totally involved in his pleasure that suddenly, I had the orgasm that had been building in me since his first kiss. My whole body quivered, then I spontaneously poured out my love into my panties. We clung to each other in a desperate kiss until we were both spent, then he held me for a long time, until my trembling quieted and I relaxed against him. I knew that I would give myself to him next time, without hesitation, regardless of what might happen.

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