tagLoving WivesCheryl's Surprise

Cheryl's Surprise


"What were you and Mark talking about?" Bill asked.

"Nothing much, why?" Cheryl answered.

"I don't know, he just had this look on his face," Bill replied.

They had just gotten home from a neighborhood party and were getting ready for bed. "What do you mean?" Cheryl asked as she pulled back the covers and slid into bed next to her husband.

"An interested look," he said.

Cheryl reached out to turn off the light. "We were talking about plants and gardening. He wants to re- do his front gardens this year."

"Not that kind of interested," Bill continued suggestively

Cheryl picked up the tone of his voice and laughed softly. "Oh sure, Mark is that kind of interested in me."

Mark lived a few houses down the street. He was divorced and in his early forties, which made him a few years younger than Bill and Cheryl.

"I swear, Hon, he looked like he was going to kiss you."

Cheryl giggled again. "Oh please."

"You looked like you wouldn't have minded, either," Bill went on.


"What? I was watching you two, and in my mind I could see him leaning forward and kissing you. Your eyes were so bright, I could practically see your lips parting and your body pressing forward against his," he kept on.

Cheryl turned to face him in the darkness. "Bill, we were just talking about gardening."

Bill was ready to let the matter rest, and leaned over to kiss his wife goodnight. He was surprised when she kissed him back with some ardor. Usually at this hour she was too tired and wanted to go right to sleep. Bill continued with the kiss and let his hand wander up his wife's thigh under her night gown. Her legs parted and he cupped her panty covered mound. She moaned softly into his mouth. He slipped his fingers inside the legs of her panties and traced her labia, finding it already quite moist as she moved closer to him. He began to manually stimulate his wife's clit while he kissed her, feeling it get firmer beneath his finger. Her hips started to move and her body started to shudder in what seemed like record time. Bill was amazed at how quickly his wife had reached her first orgasm.

He reached up and started to peel Cheryl's panties off, with her lifting her hips to help him. He stripped off his own pajamas and was immediately between her open legs. She was unusually eager and helped pull him into her. His swollen dick slid easily into her waiting wetness and she cried out from his sudden deep thrust. Her hands went to his back and then down to his ass, pulling him hard against her.

From there is it seemed like an urgent race, each of them spurred on by the other and by some outside erotic force. Bill was caught by his wife's surprising lust and exploded first. He kept thrusting hard and fast as his balls exploded, spurting his hot seed into Cheryl's juicy cunt. The explosive throbbing of his cock carried Cheryl right over the edge and they clung to each other as joy swept through their bodies.


A few nights later Cheryl came home to find the house empty. She called out for Bill or the kids and finally she heard Bill respond from the back yard. She went out the back door to find Bill and Mark at opposite ends of the hot tub, each with a beer in his hand, laughing about something.

"What are you two doing?"

"Mark came by and we started talking about the hot tub, so I suggested we have a beer and try it out," Bill answered. "Why don't you join us?"

"I don't think so," Cheryl answered. "Where are the kids?"

"They are all out for the night, they won't be home until after 11," Bill replied.

"Come on, have a drink with us," Mark smiled at Cheryl. "After all you were the one who was telling me how great the hot tub is."

Cheryl gave Bill a quick glance, because she hadn't mentioned this part of her conversation with Mark the other night, but Bill didn't seem to notice. Cheryl went into the house and came out with a glass of wine and pulled a chair over next to the hot tub and sat down. Both of the men frowned at her.

"That isn't exactly what we had in mind," Mark said as she sat down.

"I don't feel like putting a bathing suit on," Cheryl answered softly as she took a sip of her wine.

"Who said anything about a bathing suit?" Bill laughed.

At that Cheryl peered over the edge of the hot tub. It was hard to see anything through the swirling bubbles, but she definitely did not see any tell tale flashes of color. "Please tell me you guys aren't naked in there!"

"Okay, we won't tell you," Bill laughed some more. "Hey, you were the one who was telling me how good it felt to sit in here nude," Mark responded softly, trying to catch her eye.

"Yeah!" Bill said quickly, "how come you don't tell me how much you like being in the hot tub nude?"

"Well, I..." Cheryl stammered.

Bill climbed out of the hot tub. "Bill!" Cheryl exclaimed as his naked form emerged from the foaming water. He walked right over to her and started unbuttoning her blouse.

"You told Mark how much you liked this, I think you should show him," Bill answered evenly as he continued to undress his wife in front of his neighbor.

"Oh all right, get back in the hot tub!" Cheryl said, pushing his hands away.

Bill turned to get back in and Cheryl took her clothes off as quickly as possible, but both men were eying her intently as she slipped her panties down her legs. As soon as they were off the she clambered over the edge and submerged herself in the swirling heat. She let out an audible sigh as the warm wetness enveloped her in its continuous massage.

She had left her wine glass on the table and Mark stood up as he offered to get it for her. He was about six feet tall and in very good shape, lean but muscular with a flat stomach that showed a hint of the six pack that was undoubtedly there when he was younger. Cheryl watched him in spite of herself and Bill followed her eyes as she checked Mark out. When Mark handed her glass to her, his package was right at eye level and Cheryl blushed deeply as she stared at his semi erect cock. Mark sat back down on the far side of the hot tub, letting his body sink back out of sight.

They were all quiet and Bill slid in close to his wife. His hand under the water traveled up the inside of Cheryl's thigh. Cheryl didn't want to make a scene and bit her lower lip when his finger started tracing her labia. She was breathing slowly through her nose as he pressed his finger tip lightly against her clit and stroked. She couldn't help but moan. Her foot had floated up and Mark reached out and started massaging her foot, her toes, her instep.

"Stop it you guys," Cheryl breathed, "Ahhhhhh." She groaned as Bill slid a finger inside of her. "Stop!"

"I saw you checking Mark out," Bill purred in his wife's ear, "and I know you weren't talking just about gardening the other night. You were imagining him in the hot tub, weren't you?"

Cheryl nodded almost imperceptibly. "Well, he's here now, what do you think?

Cheryl turned to look at Bill with a puzzled look on her face.

"You were imagining him making love to you, weren't you?" he continued. Cheryl nodded again. "I was imagining it too," Bill added.

Mark had moved across the hot tub and started to kiss her neck. Cheryl leaned her head back, but then said, "Not here, inside."

The three of them got up. Mark and Bill grabbed towels and started to dry Cheryl off together. They used the excuse to caress and massage her some more, before quickly drying themselves.

Cheryl led them into the house and to the bedroom. She turned and Mark was right behind her. He immediately started kissing her as he backed her toward the bed. Bill moved off to one side and sat down to watch.

Mark laid Cheryl back on the bed as they continued to kiss. He rolled over on top of her and started working his way down her body. He kissed her neck and shoulders before traveling down to her breasts. He blew softly on each of her stiff nipples and Cheryl arched her back as his warm lips surrounded one of them. His hands were moving lightly all over her body awakening nerve endings in her skin. He worked his way lower, kissing her stomach and down between her thighs which parted willingly for him.

He took his time, kissing all around and Bill watched his wife writhe trying to force her pussy into his mouth. Finally Mark parted her lips with his fingers and plunged his tongue into her pussy. Cheryl gasped out loud as his swirling tongue danced inside of her. His nose was pressing against her clit and she was desperately trying to fuck his face. Her pussy was flowing and Mark was lapping it all up. Then he took her hot hard clit between his lips and sucked gently as he slipped a long finger into her drenched chamber, pressing softly on her g-spot.

This sent Cheryl completely over the edge and she bucked hard against his face as wave after wave of searing white heat washed through her. Mark continued to kiss and caress her softly as the fever of her orgasm subsided. He was down near the foot of the bed and he stood for a moment. Cheryl sat up and wrapped her fingers around his swollen cock. He reached out and caressed her face, sliding his hand behind her head and pulling her forward. She tentatively reached out her tongue and licked the head of Mar's cock. Then she licked it from his balls to the tip, driving her tongue into the small opening trying to get all the sweet precum that should could, before completely engulfing him.

Bill was quite surprised at this, as Cheryl almost never paid any oral attention to him and now here she was desperately sucking another man's cock like a little slut. The sight of his wife's pretty face stuffed with dick was very arousing and he began to stroke his own cock.

Mark took Cheryl's hand and brought it up to his scrotum. She took his nut sack gently in the palm of her hand and squeezed lightly. Mark moaned at the mixed sensations of his neighbor's mouth on his cock and her hand gently kneading his balls. He wondered what it would be like to cum in her mouth, but knew she wanted him to make love to her, so he softly withdrew from her mouth and pushed her back on the bed.

"What do you want Cheryl?" Bill asked from his seat off to the side.

Cheryl turned her head and looked at him, but didn't say anything. She closed her eyes.

Mark had climbed up on the bed and was kneeling between her drawn up parted legs, but he just rested there waiting, letting Bill direct this.

"Say it," Bill said. "Say it or you won't get it."

"I want his cock," Cheryl answered her husband in a whisper.

Mark looked over at Bill to see him hold up his hand, signaling him to wait.

Cheryl looked over at Bill then back at Mark. She turned her head toward Bill again. "I want his cock," she said more clearly. She turned back to Mark, "I want your big hard cock deep in my pussy."

Bill nodded and Mark lifter her legs behind the knees. Cheryl reached out and took the tip of his cock and started to massage her clit with it before aiming it straight into her tunnel. Mark pressed forward and slid easily into her velvety wetness. He could feel her silky cunt walls expanding as he thrust into her. He pushed in all the way and held himself steady for a moment, so they could both get used to the sensations. He began a teasing cadence, of several shallow strokes followed by a long slow deep thrust.

Bill watched his wife's face and his neighbor's ass. He could see Mark's cock disappearing into Cheryl's pussy. He watched the expression on her face as it slowly changed from enjoyment to frustration. Mark's teasing cadence was driving her crazy and she wanted all of his thrusts deep and hard. Her hands reached up and grabbed his ass, pulling him into her. Her hips came up to meet his thrusts.

"Come on, fuck me!" she urged.

She could feel his pubic bone slam into her clit over and over. His thick rod was driving into her womb, pushing up against her cervix. Each hard thrust sent little jolts of electricity into her brain until they all began to run together in a crescendo of white hot pleasure. Her whole body started quaking and laughter bubbled up from somewhere deep down inside of her. She clung to Mark as she tried to recover her breathing and her composure. Her chest and neck and face were completely flushed.

Cheryl looked up at Mark and asked "Why didn't you cum?" with a bit of a pout.

Mark smiled down at her, "I didn't cum yet," he said as he kissed her face softly. He slid out of her body and whispered, "turn around."

Cheryl turned over and got on her hands and knees. Mark immediately began to massage her pretty ass cheeks while letting the length of his cock slip between them. He slid his hard slippery shaft up and down between her soft globes before spreading her thighs with his hands and entering her from behind. At this Bill couldn't take watching any more and came over to the bed. He lay down on his back beneath his wife and licked her clit as Mark drove his cock in and out of her gushing pussy. He licked them both, Cheryl's clit and Mark's shaft, and to his surprise, Cheryl took his cock into her hot mouth and sucked him at the same time. He was in heaven with his wife's lips wrapped around his shaft as his tongue lapped at her engorged nub.

Cheryl was quaking from the combined sensations and was pushing her ass back hard into Mark's forward thrusting hips. Mark was concentrating hard, holding back. The little flicks from Bill's tongue were making it awfully difficult and he was dangerously close to the edge.

He pulled out of Cheryl causing her to moan in disappointment, which sent new tingles of pleasure into Bill's swollen dick. Mask said, "Wait, Bill, you lie down the other way." And Bill did as he was told. All of sudden Mark had taken charge. "Cheryl, mount Bill," he directed. Cheryl straddled her husband and took his stiff cock in her hand. She aimed it into her pussy and sunk down on him in one swift movement. Their moans were intermingled. Cheryl started to move up and down on Bill's pole, but Mark pushed her forward. He slipped in behind and put his cock right along Bill's.

Cheryl could feel the tip of Mark's cock trying to force its way in next to her husbands. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," she started muttering. "I don't know if I can take this.'

Mark kept pushing. The head of his cock was in Cheryl's pussy and sliding up along Bill's shaft. Bill could feel Mark's pulse as both of their cock's throbbed. Cheryl was practically incoherent, completely filled. Mark caught Bill's eye over Cheryl's shoulder and they smiled a conspirator's smile. They knew they were fulfilling her unspoken fantasy and taking her someplace completely new.

They started moving slowly, Cheryl couldn't believe she was being fucked my two men at the same time. She was making animal noises as the huge invasion stretched her and stimulated her in ways she had never felt before.

The two men could feel both Cheryl and each other. Her silky walls were completely taut against the lengths of their shafts. The undersides of their cocks were feeling new sensations as they rubbed together in her tight tunnel. Bill could see the look of concentration on Mark's face as he tried to hold off, and he could see him losing. He could see Cheryl's face completely flushed, her mouth in a permanent O and her eyes unfocused. At the same time he could feel his own balls start boiling. He squeezed hard trying to hold it in, but he could feel himself losing control. Bill watched the transition from agony to ecstasy sweep across Mark's face as he felt the first jolt from Mark's cock and he got carried right along with him. Both men roared. They could feel each other erupting, spasm after spasm, so that they weren't even sure whose was whose any more.

Having two cocks spurting in side of her at the same time sent Cheryl straight into orbit. The lights flashed in her head as she cried out. The waves rolled up from some unknown place and overwhelmed her, crashing into her with incredible force and sweeping her completely away.

All three lay together, so intimately intertwined and at the same time so lost in their own bliss.

Mark stroked Cheryl's face and kissed her tenderly. He placed his hand on Bill's shoulder as he eased himself off the bed. Bill and Cheryl kissed deeply and Bill rolled Cheryl over. He slid down her body and began licking furiously at her pussy. His cum and Marks cum were leaking out of her and the whole area was hypersensitive. Cheryl immediately was lost in the throes of another wave of pleasure. Her hands grasped Bill's head and held him in place as she came all over his face. When her final orgasm subsided, Bill crawled up and gathered his wife into his arms.

Mark watched the two of them for a moment. Then he slipped quietly from the room, knowing it was time for them to be alone together.

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