tagNovels and NovellasChesterbury Tales Pt. 04

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 04


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

Chapter Four : The Host's Tale

Emma and Jake shared a table with Julie and Robert, finding them entertaining company, enjoying an excellent meal with a cool bottle of Pouily Fuisse with the fish, and a smooth vintage beaujolais with the pheasant. Noticing Emma looking at the photographs on the walls, Robert explained that they were studies by Bill.

'We display erotic pictures of explicit sex for our guests, to stimulate discussion and put them into the mood for an uninhibited week-end. And it looks as though Susan's already lost hers '

Susan had broken into a loud, coarse laugh. The others turned to watch as she dipped her hand down the top of her dress, hooked the palm of her left hand under her right breast, and heaved it free from her gown, tipped with a hard, thimble-shaped nipple. 'How about that, then?' she asked.

'Beautiful darling ' Martin cried, 'absolutely superb ' Susan bent over her goblet of red wine, dipping the nipple in the ruby liquid before offering it to Martin.

'Have a taste.'

He promptly leaned over to take the dripping nipple between his lips. To Emma's surprise, the beautiful, sophisticated Delia, sitting opposite Susan, who had been the one to badger her into this display, laughed gaily.

'Here, George What do you think of this, then?' she asked. She hoisted a large milky-white breast from the top of her gown. 'They're far more sumptuous than Susan's, don't you think?'

George peered closely at the proffered breast. 'Stand up the two of you, and let's have a proper look.'

George and Martin helped the ladies out of their chairs. They stood side by side, unhooked the bodices of their gowns, allowing the breasts to swing free. Susan's were long and pointed, with a faint tracery of light blue veins, tipped by pink, pimpled areola around brown thimble-shaped nipples.

Delia, on the other hand, had large heavy breasts, sagging slightly under the weight. They were almost as white as alabaster, with flat, pebble-shaped, stiff nipples surrounded by pale areola. The ladies thrust their chests forward and shoulders back to emphasise the fullness of their breasts.

The men looked with mock concentration at the two ladies, each taking their time, weighing with both hands the breasts of first one, then the other lady. They stood back, whispering seriously to each other. The remaining guests laughed, offering words of flattery to the two ladies.

Martin and George then turned to face the ladies. George was the spokesman. 'We think that both pairs are perfect specimens of female charm. We have concluded that to compare them with each other would be meaningless. So, let's just say that they are different - thank God - but equally delightful.'

Martin nodded his agreement. 'Absolutely '

The whole company applauded, the two ladies kissed each other's cheek before the men assisted them in returning their breasts into their bodices, but not without a some squeezing and shameless fondling of the supple, soft flesh. Julie called for attention. 'We thought it would be rather fun, since we're to be imprisoned together for rather longer than we expected, to have a story-telling week-end. It's not absolutely imperative for you to tell a story, and nobody expects you all to be a Chaucer. This is hardly Canterbury Tales, but if you can join in the spirit of the thing, don't feel embarrassed. But of course, if you do tell a story, it is expected to be on the sexy side. In fact the sexier the better. And if the stories encourage you to act out your fantasies, feel free. We'll enjoy watching, or even participating. But for anyone with objections to a little exhibitionism, we won't mind them slipping off to bed if things get too embarrassing for them.'

There was a general ripple of laughter and comment.

'Embarrassing? Absurd ' said one with a chuckle.

'We're all good friends I hope,' said another.

'Let's go into the lounge where Mary has agreed to take charge of the bar. And to make our theatrical friends feel at home, she has volunteered to dress in a fancy costume. And Anne has decided to join her.'

The guests moved into the lounge. Emma noticed the four exquisite Victorian oil lamps and two silver candelabra illuminating the room, aided by blazing log fires at each end of the room. It looked cosy and warm with the snow piled up in the windows. The chairs and settees were deep and comfortable, liberally supplied with cushions. Robert drew the heavy tapestry curtains across the large window to shut out the wintry weather.

Mary entered from the dining room with a dramatic display of a showgirl, dressed in a white fluffy leotard, with cut-outs displaying the nipples of her lush breasts thrusting through the apertures. Nor did it do anything to hide the cheeks of her pert bottom. The head-dress was in the shape of rabbits' ears, she wore white mesh stockings with a broad red garter on the left leg, and a cheeky bobtail on top of the cleavage of the cheeks of her pert bottom, completed the costume.

Her flowing, wavy hair hung loose over her shoulders giving tantalising glimpses of her nipples as her long tresses swayed. A cheer and a ripple of spirited applause greeted her. Jake's eyes opened wide, staring in appreciation whilst Emma, with her professional eye, examined Mary's figure and bearing with approval.

Anne was dressed as a schoolgirl wearing a white blouse which was at least two sizes too small. It stretched over her bust threatening to burst the buttons, her full unsupported breasts and proud nipples showing through the flimsy material. A pleated navy-blue skirt barely covered her rounded well-buttocks or the fleecy joining of her thighs. She wore black socks with flat heeled shoes.

The two scantily clad ladies were greeted with applause and compliments from the guests. After the noisy welcome, Mary moved between the guests, replenishing cocktails. Emma, who was sitting with Jake in one of the settees, noticed his eyes twinkle with pleasure as Anne, facing away from them, leaned over to pour coffee showing the lush bare cheeks of her bottom displaying a surprisingly hairy cleft.

Jake was reminded of similarly dressed women when working in some of the illicit night-clubs in South Africa. Then, however, the skin of the girls was glowing dark-brown and probably more lustrous. Julie called for attention.

'To start the ball rolling and to break the ice, so to speak, Robert will tell us the first encounter.'

Emma and Jake sank themselves deep in a comfortable sofa. The other guests were scattered in armchairs and other sofas in couples. Emma noticed that the women were not sat with the men she supposed to be their husbands. But there was no sign of jealousy; it was a party atmosphere where everyone was smiling and jolly.

'Our first sexual encounter, then, is when Robert and his first wife, Anji, went to an eighteenth birthday do. It was over ten years ago now. Robert and his first wife lived near Leicester. They were deep into amateur dramatics in those days and Robert had got a reputation for coaching young hopefuls for RADA auditions. One of these hopefuls was Dennis, whose eighteenth birthday it was. Go on Bob, it's your story.'

Robert took up the story.

Well, it's a story in three acts, I suppose. Dennis fancied himself as an actor but hadn't really got the necessary talent. He was pretty, but no charisma. He'd just played the part of a servant in a play with Anji, and they had got on well. Anji always got on well with men.

Dennis had enjoyed a good review for his performance from our local press critic and friend, so he was feeling pretty good about it. After the official birthday party for his family and friends during the late afternoon, we went home to change for the evening party intended for the younger people.

For the prologue to the story, I have to tell you that Dennis's parents went to stay with his aunt and uncle to avoid embarrassment. After all, the lad was eighteen now Anji and I had a couple of brandies at home whilst changing into more casual gear before going back to the party. When we got there it turned out to be rather crowded.

It so happened that these parties often had the same nucleus of people. As the evening progressed and alcohol was consumed, couples got together in dark corners, groping and snogging, sometimes fumbling into clothing, feeling for the aroused private bits.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Anji under the staircase with one of our actor friends. He'd got one hand down her dress squeezing a breast and the other stroking the cheeks of her bottom. Anji's hand was rubbing slowly up and down inside the fly of his trousers. I expect he'd end up with sperm all over them

I ended up in the arms of a slim young woman, whom I knew only vaguely but who seemed to know me. She sat me in an armchair in the corner of the lounge and perched on my lap. She was rather drunk, pestering me to coach her for a RADA audition. I thought she was Dennis's girl-friend, but wasn't sure.

She seemed very young. I had one arm round her neck reaching under her sweater, into her bra. Her breasts were mere swellings and I could feel the ribs under her spongy nipples when I rolled my fingers round them. My other hand was up her skirt, exploring her willowy thighs, trying to find a way to the tempting warmth I could feel in her knickers. She didn't mind being felt this way. In fact she seemed to be enjoying it.

'How old are you?' I asked her. She kissed me passionately, if somewhat unskilled, rubbing the palm of her hand over my own bulge.

A moment passed before she muttered 'Nineteen ' adding 'but no-one ever believes me ' She went on to promise all kinds of personal favours, trilling with delight as she nibbled my earlobes, if I coached her for drama school. But matters didn't often go much further than fumbles and feels at these parties. From time to time these fumbles would be put on hold whilst the men went to refill their glass and that of their partner of the moment.

During such a pause for refreshment, whilst I tried to work out how to breach the girl's impregnable knickers, I was way-laid by a tipsy lady, an actress I knew well. She dragged me into the kitchen for a passionate exchange, so I couldn't get back to the young slim girl straight away. My new companion had looser fitting knickers which allowed me a quick grope at her hairy sloppy fanny, much to her gasping enjoyment, and a quick tickle of her clitoris. She squirmed and twitched.

'Mmmm You've got such sensitive fingers,' she told me. 'I've just had a lovely mini orgasm '

When I eventually got back to the young willowy girl she was snogging with another fellow who had her skirt waist high, his hands on the small cheeks of her bottom stroking them sexily over those tight invincible knickers.

Anyway, the evening wore on and the guests eventually began to leave in ones and twos until there were only four of us left. Anji was slumped in one corner of the settee looking dishevelled with the top buttons of her dress unfastened, showing an expanse of white breast. Her dress was riding up her parted thighs. She rarely wore knickers on these occasions - she claimed they got in the way. I could just see her fanny lips with a tuft of dark hair under the folds of the skirt.

I was in the armchair again with the same young girl slouched across my knee, her hand on my erection. Dennis was draped, eyes closed, along the settee, his head in Anji's lap. He had one leg flopped onto the floor. An empty beer glass dangled from his hand. I was pretty drunk by then with my hand up the girl's sweater playing carelessly with her nipples. By this time, her bra was round her neck and I still couldn't get over her almost flat chest with chunky nipples. Nineteen, I mused She doesn't seem more than fourteen to me. Even so, I was still trying to work out how to get into her warm, damp knickers.

Now for act one It was as I was trying to breach the girl's impenetrable knickers that I noticed the long bulge in Dennis' jeans. They were skin-tight. He must have soaked in a hot bath with them on to get them to shrink to such a tight fit. They were moulded to his narrow hips and thighs, so that any shape inside the jeans stood out. And his penis was certainly standing out.

His shirt was open to the waist, a medallion dangling from a chain round his neck over a hairless chest. The young girl suddenly decided that she wanted to go to the toilet and left the room. Gazing through the boozy haze at the Adonis-like Dennis with his softly contoured face and tousled, blonde curly hair, I thought how attractive he was. He was completely relaxed, with a contented look on his face.

My gaze was held by that bulge down one thigh in Dennis's jeans. I got an irrepressible urge to undress the beautiful young man. I'd never had any inclination before to play with another man's prick, but on that occasion Dennis looked so innocent and irresistible. I had a sudden, irrational urge to fondle his prick. To rape him even Perhaps it had something to do with the frustration of not being able to get inside the young girl's knickers, but I was feeling frustrated and randy.

I slid across the carpet on my knees and gently unbuttoned the waist band of the young man's jeans. Before unzipping him I had to slide my hand down the inside of the fly - you could cause a nasty injury if you caught hairs, or, worse still, your willy in the zip. Without even opening his eyes, Dennis pulled his stomach in to ease the passage of my hand into the waist band. I don't think he realised it was me.

Probably thought it was one of the girls. I folded back the jeans, which freed his stiff prick. It sprung out just like a released spring, slapping against his belly. And it certainly had got stiff. He wasn't wearing any underpants because the shape would showed through the tight jeans. Instead he wore a translucent pouch which was pushed to one side, not holding very much of his equipment at the time.

I sat staring at this pale prick. I remember thinking how exquisite and fragile it looked against the light silken curls pointing up to his navel. There was hardly a mark on the smooth, almost white skin. His testicles were almost hairless, tightly wrinkled. Anji lifted her left eyelid to see what was happening, her eyes opening wide in surprise.

We glanced at each other impudently, before I unashamedly put my tongue to his willy, running it along the underside from balls to tip. She gave a challenging look as if to say I dare you I smiled back at her to turn my attention to the elegant column of solid pale flesh.

Willies come in three basic shapes Julie tells me. The straight truncheon shape, the torpedo shape and the curved banana shape. Each shape comes in various sizes of length and breadth. Dennis had a slender torpedo shaped willy; a bit thicker in the middle, narrow at the base and pointed at the end. It was the first time I had seen another man's at close quarters.

I curled my forefinger and thumb into a circle, placed it over the tip, drawing the foreskin down so that I could take a look at his knob-end. I could feel Dennis's groin begin to tense. It seemed to me, on closer examination, that this was a very beautiful willy indeed. Smooth, pale and forlorn. It was already seeping from the end and I smeared it over the bulbous head, paying particular attention to the sensitive joining of the foreskin to the underside of the shaft.

Dennis was obviously enjoying the experience, so I knelt back on my heels, removed his shoes and socks, peeled his jeans over his legs, removing them and the silky pouch altogether. He was naked from the waist down, his stiff willy really outstanding from the light blonde curls, his balls dangling defenceless between his narrow thighs. The shirt fell open. He was virtually naked; almost nymph-like.

When I glanced up again, Anji had taken her left breast from her cup bra, to push the swollen, brown nipple between Dennis's lips. I should explain that Anji's tits were pretty big, though slack and mushy like bags of jelly. Her muscles had long ago given up trying to hold their weight firm, so she squeezed them into a half-cup bra which lifted them into a terrific, seductive shape with a deep cleavage. Her nipples were the flat, hard variety.

She was smiling at me, watching me stroke my hand delicately up and down the pale shaft, cradling Dennis's soft, squashy balls in the other. He was just lying there, eyes closed, enjoying the attention he was getting, clenching and relaxing the muscles in his groin. Anji was caressing his hairless chest, teasing his pimpled nipples with light scratches. I was fascinated by his genitals. His penis was almost feminine

It was at this point that the young lady came back in. She looked on thoughtfully for a few seconds before squatting down between Anji's legs. Then she pushed Anji's dress up to her thighs exposing her hairy groin, and, to the surprise of us both, thrust her head between Anji's legs, to lap at her drooping lips.

Now, Anji's fanny lips were very bulbous and long. They dangled They hung low, like her tits You could take them into your mouth like grapes and suck on them. She loved that After the first show of surprise, she smiled happily and closed her eyes. She was enjoying being suckled at the breast and the fanny at the same time by different people. So I took the plunge. I levered Dennis's prick from his belly and slipped my lips over it, slowly taking it until it was completely engulfed.

By this time I was feeling irrepressibly randy. I chewed lightly on the willy, rolling it round the mouth with the tongue, teasing it mercilessly. I felt a hand fumble with my zip to release my own stiffness. It was the young girl who had come up for air from between Anji's thighs. When she saw my stiff willy, she pushed my trousers down to the knees to get my balls in her hand. Then she just watched me sucking prick as she fondled me.

By this time, Dennis was fully aroused, moaning softly. I held his delicate shaft in one hand, thumb pointing up the underside, not too tight, and began to pump it. At the same time, I sucked the head in and out, running my tongue around the rim. Suddenly, his hips jerked, his prick stabbed hard, his sperm splattering against the roof of my mouth. It was fantastic I kept my hand and mouth going until he'd finished. It was an incredibly lecherous experience.

I leaned over to kiss Anji, emptying his sperm into her mouth, before rolling him off the settee onto his knees, turning him over with his face thrust into Anji's cleavage. By this time she'd unhooked her bra and opened her blouse. I saw the tight cheeks of Dennis's small buttocks, just like a girl's, with a pink-brown puckered opening, right there in front of me.

In a moment of sheer lewdness I pushed my prick between the cheeks of his arse, meaning to fuck his cleavage. I was desperate for release. At the same time, I put my arms round his waist, grasped his half-softened prick, stroking and pumping it. Suddenly he grunted, suckling on Anji's hard nipple, and pushed his buttocks against me. To my utter amazement, my cock nudged at the brown hole and sank a couple of inches into his arse. Just like that Easy A bit tight, but easy

The young girl saw it slide into his bum, her jaw dropped and eyes popped with disbelief. She was still fondling my testicles. It was such a fantastic feeling, I just couldn't hold back. The excitement just welled up in my groin and I shot my load with some force into the youth's bum. His hips were parted, jerking as I came into him. His buttocks were trembling. They fluttered I was still holding his prick and cradling his balls but he didn't spill any more come. But I'm sure he had a dry orgasm.

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