Chesterbury Tales Pt. 07


The squatting nun slowly lowered herself onto the stiff penis whilst the others watched avidly with eager eyes as it sank, bit by bit, between her moist lips.

'Now, slide your groin up and down twelve times. The other nuns also wish to sample the feel of the male organ implant inside them before it ejaculates.' And the dark-haired nun raised and lowered herself slowly to the obvious delight of the others.

'Right, time to change over. It may be necessary, at times, to lubricate the penis with saliva to allow easy penetration of the vagina. Particularly if the penis is a thick specimen or the lady's vagina on the dry side.'

Emma leaned forward, took George's stiffness in her mouth, giving it a generous covering of her saliva as she rocked her mouth up and down it lightly. She then hoisted her skirt and slowly lowered herself onto the offered penis closely watched by the others. Her complete anonymity aroused her lust so that after twelve strokes, she was desperate for more.

The other nuns followed this example, one after the other, lifting their black habits up to the waist, sinking their loins onto the erect penis, whilst the rest looked on with keen interest, eyes shining and licking their dry lips, as the stiff penis penetrated their vulvas one after the other.

When all the nuns had tasted the delights of George's stiff erection, the Mother took it in her grasp, pumping it up and down in front of their eager eyes.

'And now, sisters, to the moment when the seed is ejaculated from the end of the penis, to flood the cervix and seek the egg to penetrate.'

Still pumping the cock, the Mother Superior crouched in front of George's groin, with open mouth. He had almost reached his climax during the nuns' trials and it wasn't long before his buttocks jerked violently, erupting several jets of starchy semen spurted into the Mother's open lips, some it dribbling onto her black habit, white pearls on black fabric.

The nuns squealed and clapped their hands together with delight at this amazing sight. The leader passed from nun to nun, kissing each one on her lips to pass on a sample of the sperm from her mouth, before swallowing the remains.

'The Lord has given us these physical attributes for enjoyment in the act of love, but we nuns have sworn to denounce such pleasures of the flesh. When the need arises you must come to me for solace.' The nuns watched the penis begin to slowly deflate.

Julie had stood aside to watch this performance with relish and arousal. Now, as the nuns thrilled to the sight of George's ejaculation, she peered into the bar to see how Anne was getting on.

Anne was bent over the table, whimpering in the middle of orgasmic contortions. Julie's eyes glistened with exultation at Anne's joy. Julie moved into the room.

'Now, gentlemen, please remove your underpants and shoes, and come with me for private absolution.'

The men wasted no time in carrying out the request and stood in line at the door. Julie stared with greedy eyes at the dark brown half-filled tube lolling over the large bag of testicles as Jake stepped out of his pants. She licked her lips in eager anticipation of feeling it penetrate her. 'Soon,' she thought!

Tearing her eyes away, she returned to the lounge where she spoke to the nuns. 'There are five more men waiting to be inspected.'

The Mother Superior turned to the others. 'Stand in a line sisters, and we'll escort them away in turn as they enter.' She turned to Julie. 'We're quite ready.' Julie opened the door and beckoned the men to enter.

Emma was taken aback at the sight of five masked men in morning coats and bowler hats, naked from the waist down. Her eyes couldn't decide which penis to rest on first. She looked from one to the other. All five were in a state of partial arousal, swinging between their thighs as they approached the line of masked nuns. Each was met by a nun, smiling behind her mask, which lead him by his genitals into another part of the room.

Although supposedly unaware of their identities, Emma found Bill. She guided him by his swelling protrusion to the corner of the room where she had him lay on the carpet. She examined his genitals in detail. His penis was of average length, though unusually thick, surrounded by a mass of fair pubic hair covering enormous testicles.

'Now, they're really something,' Emma thought. 'Bigger than Jakes!'

She stroked his hairy thighs, nuzzled his genitals, thoroughly engrossed in her private sexuality with the stranger. She remembered the thrill of her first experience with a stranger on her eighteenth birthday and her first smell of sex.

After rolling the foreskin back and forth a few times, Emma lifted her black skirt, straddling his waist facing his feet. Taking the stiff penis in one hand, she held it in one hand to rub it over her hot, wet vulva. She stabbed it under the hood of her clitoris, rolling the hard head against it to masturbate herself.

When the excitement in the pit of her stomach reached breaking point, she sank heavily onto the penis, feeling its girth pushing through the supple walls of her vagina, stretching the folds. The sensation was exhilarating.

Emma bounced savagely up and down on it, desperately trying to reach the elusive relief. With the fingers of her other hand, she clawed at her clitoris, anxious to add to the final thrill. Her breathing became loud, gasping out audibly for sexual satisfaction.

It was almost there! Hump, hump, hump! 'Oh! Come on! Come on!' she shrieked to herself.

Emma tried to push the huge testicles into her passage in her frustration. 'God! I'm coming! I'm there!' And the gates of her orgasm crashed open, coursing through her as she continued to bounce uncontrollably onto the erect penis filling her vagina. She was aware of the cock inside her pitching and knew that the seed of life was being pumped into her.

Within a few minutes all the other nun's vaginas were enjoying being serviced by solid rods of male flesh. Some were on their backs, others bent over with legs wide apart, others sat astride their partner, all with their black habits hoisted up to the waist.

Julie saw Mary, the Mother Superior, clutch at Jake, leading him to an armchair to enjoy that weapon of sheer joy.

'I'll have him later,' she thought. She herself joined George on the ottoman, sitting over his lap, facing him, her well-lubricated and eager vulva impaled fully on his freshly aroused projection.

George sighed with contentment. 'How did you know my fantasy was to fuck a nun?'

'Ah!' Julie replied. 'A little novice told me!' And she started to bounce up and down impatiently on his sturdy prick. Very soon, the room was full of various sounds of pleasure and squeals of surprise and delight. One by one the noise of orgasmic relief was heard above the general orchestration of lovemaking, until all were spent and the clamour subsided.

After a well-earned rest, satisfied laughter and relaxation, whilst lunch was being prepared, the guests all retired to their rooms, retaining the secret of their identity. Except that one or two of the women had recognised the vital parts of their partners.

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