tagNovels and NovellasChesterbury Tales Pt. 11

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 11


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

The Host had told of a birthday orgy involving a current top film star, the Theatre Company Manager of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director of how the 'Wife of Bath', with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team, the Politician about the husband's revenge.

Chapter Eleven - The Model's Tale - Going to Heaven

During dinner on the fourth day, there was lively discussion about fantasies and their aphrodisiac value. Did the reality live up to the expectation? Susan was impressed by the effects and the props used to give a realistic feel to the event. It was generally agreed that Robert and Julie must have an inexhaustible supply of costumes and props.

'Gathered over the years,' was Julie's explanation, 'mainly from old musical comedies, as you could probably guess by the style and quality!'

'No, no! Most convincing.' Laurie assured her.

'Well, Gertie as a tale to tell this evening, after we've cleared everything away and put the kitchen back into ship-shape order!'

Gertie had accompanied Bill for the week-end party, but was not his partner in real life. She was a model for girlie magazines, enjoying dominating men and showing off her body to make them drool! At twenty-six years of age she was getting towards the end of her marketable life already! But her beautifully smooth olive skin with a well shaped body together with a striking face, large dark brown eyes, long narrow nose and wide mouth with thin lips and small pointed chin kept her in demand for the time being.

There was some Italian blood in her on her mother's side. Smooth shoulders with firm, large breasts set wide apart, suspended on either side of her chest. The right breast had a mole on the inner slope and the nipples were very dark chocolate coloured set in polished saucer-shaped circles of coral. Gertie was 5'9" tall, mainly due to her long legs. The cheeks of her bottom were firmly rounded and provocatively outstanding.

With long frizzly hair, which was almost black with a blueish lustre, Gertie had a completely bald groin below her completely flat belly. Not a hair was to be seen anywhere on her vulva or mons. She stood with an arrogant and self-assured posture, and sat down with a casual elegance, showing off her long legs to perfection, inviting onlookers to speculate on what lay between the upper thighs.

Her story was about a simple country girl and her aunt.

Some of you will know that Albania is a rugged country with villages dotted around the mountain sides. Even many years ago the country was rife with warring factions and religious disagreements. But The town of Kukës has possibly the most beautiful setting of any town in the country. It is high above Lake Fierza, just below the bald summit of Mount Gjalica. there are some beautiful quiet small villages nearby with a mainly catholic population. Of no particular political or economic significance, it was left alone for many years.

But as time went on, in the mountains of the north, the spread of the Muslim faith was strongly opposed by Roman Catholics. But slowly, backwardness, illiteracy, the absence of an educated clergy, and material inducements overcame the objections.

Mary was a simple country girl whose parents had died when she was quite young. She had been brought up by the nuns, helping to tend the cattle and sheep, churn butter and so on. She was deeply religious, but, when she became of age, she went to live with her maiden aunt, a small unattractive lady in her early forties. Both Mary and her Aunt Ruth were ignorant of the facts of life, living a frugal life on their small farm in the country, taking produce to market on a Friday and going to church twice every Sunday and never forgetting to say their prayers before retiring to bed.

One day, Mary awoke from a dream in which she had seen her father in heaven, and had talked to him. All that she could remember, now that she was awake, of what they spoke about, was her father suggesting to her that she went into the village church to seek the way to heaven. She was left with a feeling of joy all the next day.

She spoke to her Aunt Ruth about it, and after a long talk, they agreed that Mary should go to Father James and ask him about the way to heaven and what, if anything, he could do to help her to see her father once again.

Father James was a benign sort of man, with a serious aspect. He was a celibate bachelor, of course, but employed an elderly lady to keep house for him. Having reached the age of fifty, he had no hopes of attracting the opposite sex for, though a man of the cloth, he had a fertile mind. In his younger days he had seduced quite a few members of his flock in return for utter silence and promising them salvation and a place in heaven.

But his lewd activities amongst the parishioners had come to the notice of the Cardinal who had quietly moved him to this small village community where his actions would be closely watched by his flock. Village gossip would make quite sure that he kept his cock to himself.

When Mary approached him after the early Sunday service, he saw a simple young lady with a pleasant round face and well proportioned body. He was reminded of those far off days when the younger females would allow him liberties with their bodies as a way to reaching up to heaven. And some mature ones as well!

So, when Mary told him about her dream, and her father's advice, she asked him how she might see heaven.

'The path to heaven is steep, my child,' he said in a quiet tone, 'requiring the deepest devotion and unquestioning service to God. Are you prepared for that?'

'I am aware of the price I may need to pay in prayer and extra devotion,' Mary assured him quietly. 'But my father was insistent that the church would pave the way to him. And I would like to try.'

'Come to the church tomorrow morning at half past eleven and we'll see what we can do for you.'

So, with a skip in her step, Mary returned to their cottage with her Aunt.

The next morning, when everyone was in the fields working, or tending to their livestock, Mary nervously entered the door of the church, standing in the gloom, allowing her eyes to get used to the dark. Father James was there and beckoned her to join him. He welcomed the innocent young lady and escorted her into a small side chapel where he sat her down facing him.

'First, Mary, a sip of wine to relax your spirit.' and he handed her a glass of rough red wine from the local vineyard. Being unused to alcohol, it went straight to her head.

'So, you want to see heaven, Mary?'

'Yes. To find my father,' she replied quietly.

'Reaching heaven is a serious process of self discovery,' he explained. 'But I can help you do that but it will require the Holy Spirit to enter your body, seek out the key that is hidden within you, to unlock the gate of paradise. We must pray together for that to happen. Is that what you would like?'

Mary nodded.

'But first, I must ask you to remove your clothes, for we enter the world naked, and we can only hope to enter heaven if we are naked as well.'

Mary hesitated.

'It is the natural state that God made us in his image,' the Vicar explained. 'There is no sin nor any embarrassment in nakedness, that is a convention designed by man to protect his mate from unwanted molestation. In the eyes of God, there is no sin it, and, if we are to sacrifice ourselves to the Holy Spirit, and allow it to occupy our soul, it can only be done through a naked body.'

Mary stood, slowly unbuttoned and discarded her dress, followed by her bra and knickers until she was standing before him naked. Her breasts were small, but nicely rounded with little pink nipples. Her belly was also rounded with a deep navel. Her hips and thighs were not particularly voluptuous, but the pride of the body was the patch of luxurious ginger hair over her pubis and vulva.

James's eyes were glued to the beauty of it. His penis stirred at the sight of a twenty-year-old virgin.

'Let us kneel together.'

Keeping his eyes on her sturdy body, Father James took hold of Mary's hands between his, squeezing them lightly.

'Dear Father, give this thy child Mary, the strength and courage to welcome the Holy Spirit into her being, that she might seek salvation and the sight of heaven. Bless the flesh of this lady, your newest recruit to the Kingdom of Heaven. Give her joy in her heart to overcome her fear. Fill her with thy mercy and with the Holy Spirit.'

They muttered 'Amen' together. Mary felt bewildered and mesmerized by the soft voice of Father James, but was appeased by his gentle words.

She was asked to face the small altar, which she did. Her back was now facing the vicar, and he was able to study her firm buttocks and notice the tuft of ginger hair in the crack. Her waist was fairly thick and her shoulders sloping.

'Please kneel' He placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly pressed her to her knees on a fairly large padded stool facing the rail.

He gazed on her buttocks. It will be a great pleasure for him to enjoy having his Holy Spirit enter her, but he might need to take things slowly to gain the young lady's confidence.

'Look up, Mary.' And she gazed on the stained glass high above the altar. The late morning sun was streaming through it, throwing a shaft of light onto her face, and the ginger curls of her hair, glittering like threads of gold.

He whispered to her quietly. 'The Holy Spirit enters your body, Mary, through the soft secret passage between your legs. It is in the most inaccessible part of your body. That is why the Lord put it there. It is a momentous moment for you to be filled with the spirit. It is a form of holy communion. But it is not a step to be taken without careful thought. I believe you are a virgin, unknown to any man.'

'Yes, sir.' Mary muttered, with bowed head., blushing.

She was aware of the special feeling she got in that part of her body from time to time, though she had been warned by the nuns to ignore it until the time came for her to be married. Until then, it must be left untouched and unattended. To be kept hidden away. Not that she felt the need very often. Just occasionally, when she saw the youth of the village, stripped to the waist, getting in the corn, did she feel any uncomfortable stirring.

'Then we shall have to proceed with care and sympathy,' Father James went on, 'but you must know that the Lord in his wisdom, has provided you with the means of adequate lubrication, to assist in the passage of the spirit into your body. Shall we test it out?'

Mary nodded.

'Well, Mary, the nipples of a woman's breasts are usually sensitive to the touch. They often trigger the production of a special lubricant in your private passage, to make it soft and slippery. Let's try.'

And from behind, he put his arms round her, placed one palm on the belly and the other over her right breast, beginning to rub the small nipple in small circular movements, feeling it stiffen and swell, much to Mary's embarrassment. But she felt a rippling feeling in her loins that was new to her. A bubbling sensation. Father James felt the twitching in her belly as well, with smiling satisfaction.

'Good! Now lean over the rail for me, and part your legs a little.'

Mary did so. Father James raised his eyebrows. Her virgin gash was well endowed with thick, heavy labia, surrounded by a thick growth of ginger hair. Although innocent of any salacious anticipation, the vaginal opening was now moist, nature having worked its own way of stimulating the glands that released the precious honey.

'Are you ready to accept the Holy Spirit into you today, Mary, or would you prefer to wait for a few days to get used to the idea?'

'Oh, now please! I can't wait,' was the response.

'First we must make quite sure that you are ready to receive the holy visitor. To do this, I shall need to touch you between your legs.'

Mary winced as Father James placed his palm against the lush vulva, squeezing the heavy lips gently to feel the honey oozing into his hand. He marveled at the wonderful contours of the virgin vulva - or any other vulva for that matter. But to be the very first to touch a maiden's pussy is something extra special.

Spreading the inner heavy brown labia apart with his fingers, Father James studied the pink valley of flesh that opened up, with its little buds surrounding the oozing vaginal opening. The opening which was now flexing to show the white starchy honey. He raised the clitoral hood to uncover the pale nub of her sex.

Pressing it with his finger sent a shudder through Mary's loins. Mary had not felt that jerk before. She couldn't decide whether it was agonising or thrilling. It certainly gave her a sudden tingle of unexpected delight.

'You are quite ready,' he smiled. 'Then, open your body ready to receive the love of God through his servant, in your personal secret shrine, designed in his wisdom for the act of worship.'

Propping herself against the rail, legs spread wide, face lifted to heaven beyond the shaft of sunlight, Mary suddenly cried out. 'Take me into thy bosom, O Lord.'

Father James lifted his cassock and looked down at his turgid penis, half filled. He took it in the palm of his hand, wet with her juices, as if weighing it. It was some time since it last sank into a warm vagina. As he fondled it, the penis grew harder and longer. Today, he would begin transporting ladies to paradise again.

It wasn't a very large penis. Just over five inches long and not too thick. In fact, an ideal size for a virgin to lose her maidenhead.

'Now, Mary, you will feel your hidden passage penetrated and begin to stretch and fill. Since it has taken no visitors before, you may find it a little uncomfortable, but that will pass as it continues its journey to seek the key to your paradise. Then you will be filled with delight and joy. Whatever happens, though, you must not speak or the spell will be broken.'

Mary felt the bluntness nudge at her vulva. She was frightened, but daren't speak. The lips were slowly pressed apart to allow the shaft to reach the portals of her vagina - her most secret mystery. Holding her breath, the experience of having her vagina penetrated for the very first time was overwhelming. Her mind focused on the sensation of the flesh moulding itself round the intruder.

The shaft slowly pushed deeper and deeper into her tight passage until she felt it entirely submerged within her. Then, gradually, it started to slide up and down. In and out. Behind the dizziness, and whirling in her head, she heard Father James whispering.

'The Holy Spirit is seeking the path to your mystery. Exploring and searching your hidden passage for the key to open the gate to your heavenly paradise. Praise be to God for his goodness and mercy.'

'Praise God!' Mary panted in awe as she focused all her being on the first fuck of her life, though if course, she herself had no concept of fucking.

And Father James ravished the sweet virgin pussy with steady, firm thrusts. It was tight and warm and slippery. It was a wondrous feeling for him to once more relish the rapture of fucking. His cock slid in and out of her warm, soft pussy with ease as he continued to lull Mary into a feeling of security with soft words of praise for her bravery.

But Mary wasn't really listening. She was beginning to delight in the new experience of having her pussy filled with cock. It soothed and excited her at the same time. Her loins clenched and her internal muscles gripped the Holy Spirit. She looked up at the window in continued amazement as her body reached a curious feeling of joy and ecstasy. There she saw the kingdom of heaven in the stained glass. She cried out 'Hallelujah.'

Then, at the pinnacle of a supreme peak of rapture never before experienced, she fainted, just as the Holy Spirit spurted its blessing into her.

After she had recovered, Mary was still in a daze of exaltation. She asked to visit the church again the following day, so that she could renew the wonderful feeling of being filled with the Holy Spirit and having it search her body for the key to heavenly bliss.

Mary didn't confess all to her Aunt Ruth. She told her that they had just had a preliminary talk, for Mary had sworn on the bible to tell no-one whatsoever about her experiences. If she did, she doubted if she would be allowed a repeat visit.

So on her second visit, Mary wore a simple cotton muslin dress over her otherwise naked body. The anticipation of her visit had affected her loins to the extent that she felt the juices seeping from her secret passage already. She longed to have it felt and penetrated again, to feel that exquisite moment of happiness.

Once naked before Father James, sipping the red wine he had given her, Mary asked if she might see the Holy Spirit that had so easily sought her mystery and gave her such heavenly bliss, before doing so again.

'Ah, that is a most private and heavenly thing,' he explained. 'But if you swear on the bible never to divulge what you see to any other person, I think I might be able to show you the Spirit.'

All this she swore solemnly before Father James raised the hem of his cassock to expose his genitals, now soft and relaxed.

Mary gasped. She was spellbound at the sight. She had never before seen the genitals of a man. She thought it was beautiful.

'But how can a thing as soft as that penetrate my secret passage?' she asked in awe.

'Ah,' came the reply, 'we have to persuade the Holy Spirit to enter it, to fill it with its holy blessing. Once that has occurred, the instrument of the Lord will once more be capable of filling your mysterious passage in its quest for the key to your heaven.'

Mary stared wide-eyed in wonder as the penis began to stir and thicken. Encouraged to touch it, which she did in silent reverence, Mary saw the shaft lengthen and thicken in her hand.

'You have filled the instrument with the essence of the Holy Spirit. It is time to allow it to penetrate your secret.' And once again, Mary leaned over the rail, her buttocks thrust out proudly, eager to accept the visit of the Holy Spirit. She gasped with joy as she felt it reach into her, searching for the key.

Father James was delighted with his new convert, fucking her greedily with long, slow strokes until the urges of the flesh forced him to gather pace, propelling him to the final thrusts of agonising triumph. Jerking loins and heavy muscular spasms emptied his sperm into her willing vagina.

For her part, Mary was convulsed in a spasms of her own. She had discovered that touching the little button above her filled passage helped to bring about that most thrilling of bodily resolutions as she looked up at the window of heaven, crying out God's name and her thanks for his beneficence.

Mary was eager to repeat the event straight away, but Father James assured her that she must not be too demanding of the Holy Spirit, who had to be allowed to recover from the labour of his worship. He told her to be patient and to return again the following Monday when he would once again transport her to heavenly joy.

Not surprisingly, Aunt Ruth was curious and not a little suspicious that Mary should be so reluctant to talk about her meetings with Father James. But she didn't make too much of it. Instead she determined to follow her niece the next time, and see for herself.

So it came about the following Monday that Ruth followed Mary at a discreet distance. But when she slipped quietly into the church, her niece was nowhere to be seen. As Ruth was about to leave, thinking perhaps the Manse was the place to go, she heard voices.

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