tagNovels and NovellasChesterbury Tales Pt. 12

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 12


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities. The Host had told of a birthday orgy involving a current top film star, the Theatre Company Manager of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director of how the 'Wife of Bath', with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team, the Politician about the husband's revenge, and the Model's tale told how a country girl found heaven between her legs.

Chapter Twelve. The Stockbroker's Tale. The Husband's Relapse

Emma came to consciousness the fourth morning with a feeling of well-being glowing throughout her body. She snuggled into the warmth of her self-satisfaction as the events of the previous night began to trickle through to her consciousness. The detail came to her piece by piece and she realised that Bill was still beside her, snoring lightly.

She turned her head to look at him. He was tousled and had morning stubble on his face but he looked peaceful and content. Her hand stole to his groin and gently fingered the flaccid penis which had filled her so often during the night with such joy and exhilaration. Without trying to wake him, Emma lifted the covers to steal a look at his soft penis.

The warm stale smell of sex invaded her nostrils provoking her sensuality. She wriggled herself under the sheets until she could smell his strong musky scent and nuzzled her lips into his hairy thighs, finding the soft tube and drawing it into her mouth. She tingled with arousal as she felt it twitch inside her cheeks, the legs parting slightly with a instinctive reaction.

The whole length was now in her warm mouth and her hands were fondling the large plums in the huge hairy pouch. Throb by throb, the shaft thickened and stiffened as she felt Bill begin to stir. A long sigh announced his approval. He lay on his back, legs now wide apart, enjoying the attention Emma was paying to her new idol of manhood. Bill pushed back the covers to watch her head nodding up and down.

Emma felt his loins begin to rouse, tremble and shake until, with a lunge, he erupted his first seed of the day into her waiting mouth. Emma gulped down the discharge, licking the spent shaft until it began to soften again. She cuddled up in Bill's arms happy and content. He smiled at her.

'Good morning darling! Will you always wake me up in that way?'

'Hello! I will if you like, though sometimes it would be nice if you woke me with something similar.'

He laughed. 'I promise darling.' He went down on her to stimulate her genitals and flick his tongue over her clitoris, until Emma shuddered into a quiet orgasm.

On this fourth morning, the weather was slowly improving, but it looked as though they would be stranded for a day or two more yet. After an eventful night spent by the various couples, breakfast was a lively event, with personal jokes and exchanges of private experiences.

After it, the guests met to hear another tale, this time by Enid.

At thirty-eight, Enid was a high flying, very wealthy stockbroker, and wife of the Laurie, the government minister. She was small, and not particularly pretty, though not unattractive. Slim, dressed this morning in an expensive tweed suit, her fair hair was combed back and tied into a bun. Enid was wearing tortoise shell spectacles, looking for all the world like a school mistress of the Miss Brodie sort.

With pale grey eyes and thin lips, no one who didn't know her intimately would have thought she had any sexy thoughts at all. Though not a recognised beauty, Enid had a voracious appetite for sex and, to make up for her lack of beauty, she had studied and perfected the art of satisfying men. She also had an unquenchable appetite for sperm, collecting it in a liqueur glass, to sip and savour the texture and taste.

Fellatio, erotic stimulation and knowing exactly when to prevent ejaculation and so keep her partner on the brink of sexual agony until they beat their heads and cried out in frustration, was her speciality. She also had a few tricks up her sleeve to increase their arousal. She had ultimate control over her bladder and could trickle urine onto their chests and into their navels and into a wine glass at will, without difficulty.

Emma remembered Enid's naked figure from the group activities. She was not very tall, with sloping shoulders and small rounded breasts, set close together on the front of her chest, with almost girlish pink buds for nipples. Slender hips showed prominent thigh bones, and between them, the sparse light hair covering her flat mound. Her legs were a good length and well proportioned but, like the rest of her body, on the thin side.

The outstanding feature of her body was the surprisingly large bean-shaped clitoris, its tip jutting out from under the prominent dome of flesh, which men found fascinating and loved to suck and nibble like a grape. Some women as well! She was also very good at reaching awe-inspiring orgasms with thrashing limbs, screams and wails as though in her death throes.

A slim vulva barely protected the thin pink gash, with its protruding, small puffed lips. Enid's nectar was quite salty with a faint flavour of mushrooms.

This was her tale.

A city stockbroker, called Charles, was in something of a quandary. His wife's cousin had come up from the country to spend a few weeks with hin and his wife, Amanda, following the death of her husband some weeks earlier from a tragic road accident, leaving her a wealthy widow. His problem was that she was extremely attractive and Charles - who had a weak head where attractive women wearing expensive perfume were concerned - had fallen for her straight away.

Amanda had welcomed her cousin, Rachel, with delight and enthusiasm, since they hadn't met for several years. Both were the same age, and their mothers were identical twins. The cousins were delighted to find that they had many physical similarities. Hair colouring, build, general deportment - all were strikingly similar. Perhaps that was why Charles took to her, though her perfume was most alluring.

The main difference between the cousins though, was their general attitude to life. Whilst Amanda was something of a bimbo - a beautiful butterfly, blonde and simple - Rachel was intelligent and forthright, though no less beautiful. During her marriage she had a number of discreet affairs with distinguished men of equal discretion, whilst Amanda doted only on Charles, ignoring any outside attention from others - of which there had been plenty, though she probably hadn't noticed.

Her husband, however, was not so single minded and recently had been discovered having an affair with one of Amanda's charming friends. There's nothing worse than competition between a woman's friends for her husband's heart - well, his genitals actually! Amanda was heart-broken and it took much persuasion, and a diamond necklace from Charles to persuade his wife that it was just a minor relapse on his part, and that he loved her, and none but her. She believed him. I said she was simple!

Now, by a strange coincidence, always a vital ingredient in these tales, one of Charles's colleagues, also a city stockbroker was seriously affected by Amanda's quiet beauty. He found her irresistible. He doted on her. He dreamed of her. His case was desperate, but there was nothing he could think of which might persuade the lady to return his passion. The coincidence is that Derek had been included as one of the distinguished lovers of Rachel, having finished the affair some time before he first met Amanda.

Lying with her husband in bed on the evening of Rachel's arrival, Amanda asked Charles what he thought of her cousin? A bemused Charles admitted that Rachel was very beautiful, but that he personally was not attracted to her in any way whatsoever. She believed him! He didn't even blush at the lie!

'Oh, lovely!' his wife retorted. 'Then you won't mind if she stays for a week or two?'

Charles heart missed a beat. 'She may stay as long as you wish, darling.' And he immediately started to work out how he could seduce the visitor. The anticipation of sinking his manhood deep into Rachel, affected his enthusiasm and, tentatively feeling his wife's vulva, and finding it rather damp, he drew up her nightie, rolling on top of her to show just how much he adored her. With every stroke, of course, he was thinking of her cousin. Amanda whimpered and oo-ed and ah-ed until she reached the satisfaction of a delicious orgasm - the first one in several weeks, before he discharged, withdrew, rolled over and slept..

It has to be said that Rachel was not altogether immune to Charles's attractions, for he was a handsome man, witty and attentive. And above all, wealthy and distinguished. She was drawn to him. Were he not his cousin's wife, she thought, she would make a play for him, enticing him into bed.

Over lunch the day following Rachel's arrival, Charles admitted to Derek - for that was his colleague's name - that he was really stunned by his sister's cousin. When Derek discovered that they were talking about his previous mistress, Rachel, he persuaded Charles to invite him to join them for cocktails that very same evening, to meet her. And so it was that Derek and Rachel met up again to reignite their association - but as a means of helping each other, for Rachel had not altogether given up on the idea of a sexual fling with Charles.

'We agreed our affair was only a passing whim on both our parts,' he told her when they were alone for a few moments. 'Though I am cut to the heart by Amanda. She dotes so much on the husband, that I am a loss to work out how I am to seduce the wife?'

Rachel patted his hand. 'Leave all to me, she said. 'I shall prepare the ground, but I need you to put it about that Charles is having a torrid affair with a woman in the office. I'm sure there are many attractive ladies in the City office.'

'Oh, that's easy,' he grinned.. 'they cue up to be seduced!'

That evening before dinner, Charles took his customary walk round his large garden. He was accompanied by Rachel, Amanda having excused herself to deal with domestic matters. Charles was unusually quiet, for his mind was in a turmoil having this delightful woman alone at his side for the first time.

'Are you feeling well, Charles,' Rachel asked. 'You are very silent. Have you no conversation this evening?'

'Well, I confess to be out of sorts, in a way.'

'Can I be of help?' Rachel asked.

'Ah! Now there's the problem. In one way that would only make matters worse. In another unlikely way, it would solve everything.'

'This sounds most intriguing. Tell me more.'

'I'm afraid if I do, you would run to my wife and repeat everything to her.'

'Goodness me. What do you take me for? I respect you both far too much to be the runner of tales.'

And so it was that Charles poured out his heart to her, saying he would not rest until he had his arms wrapped around her delightful body and taken her. And with that he took her in his arms and embraced her.

'The very perfume you wear intoxicates. It drives me to such lascivious thoughts that I dare not name!'

He didn't need to. Rachel knew only too well what they were. She kissed his cheek lightly and touched his crotch as though by accident, before pushing herself away from him, with some reluctance, with a flutter of excitement rippling through her loins.

'You must go in to Amanda immediately,' she said, 'we can't be seen like this.'

He walked briskly away towards the house just as Derek appeared at the gate. They waved. Derek had seen the furtive embrace, sensing that the cat was well and truly out of the bag. This was the time for the second act.

'I think one good turn deserves another,' he told Rachel. 'Charles is fond of you, which the flush on your face tells me you are not unhappy about. I am fond of his wife, which she is unhappy about. If we play our cards right, you can enjoy the fruits of Charles body, and I can enjoy those of his wife.'


'Convince her that Charles is still seeking affairs, and she'll seek revenge in the arms of another. That is, me!'

The following morning it fell easily into place. Whilst taking their early walk in the park, Amanda asked her cousin about her love life. Having been assured that there was no man sharing her bed - but with a little time, her circumstances in that direction might change - Amanda shared her best-kept secret with Rachel without prompting.

'I have to confess, Rachel, that there are one or two rather dishy men sniffing around me,' she confided, ' but one particular you know.'

'Oh, do tell!' she was implored.

'Why, it's Derek. But, of course, there's no chance that I would ever succumb to his advances. So why am I surprised that I do not find the thought of it unwelcome?'

'Ah,' he cousin retorted, 'it certainly isn't love, then, but perhaps ...'

'No, no. No-one will ever replace my husband in my heart. Nor even in my bed!'

'What? Not even if you were a slighted wife seeking revenge?'

'O goodness, Rachel! No revenge should ever be taken against a husband if they falter. To wrong his bed is such a vengeance, which of all vengeances -

'Is the sweetest,' Rachel broke in with a light laugh. 'Oops. Sorry, darling, I'm talking silly, aren't I?'

'Yes, indeed. Surely one can forgive a single, silly indiscretion in ones' husband.'

'No man worth having is true to his wife, or ever was, or ever will be so. He has strayed once already, you say. So, why may he not stray again?'

'Dear Rachel! Do you really think so?'

'Once a rake, always a rake. That's the trouble with men, my dear. Once they've deceived you and got away with it, they'll try again, believe me!'

This troubled the simple Amanda. And that very same morning over coffee with other friends at the fashionable coffee house in the town, it was divulged that Charles had been seen embracing one of his staff in very intimate circumstances. Amanda was devastated.

The other friends pretended to be shocked at the revelation. Rachel smiled inwardly. Derek had wasted no time in setting up the rumour. Nevertheless, she persuaded Amanda not to confront her husband for the time being, until they'd devised a suitable revenge, which was agreed.

Amanda was still upset at lunch.

'I'm plagued to death. I don't know where to turn. Why do husbands do it? We women may come in different shapes and sizes, but that essential part of us which they all seem to find so desirable, is the same in all of us. Why do they seek for it all the time in others?'

'To make quite sure what you have just said is true. After all, how else could they be persuaded that all women were the same in the vital respect?'

'You think the gossip true - that he's going astray again?

'I suspect so,' was Rachel's response. 'Yes, I did suspect as much, but did not wish to alarm you.'

'Alarm! What should I do? Advise me, please. What would you do?'

Rachel shrugged. 'Care as little for him as he does for me.'

'That wouldn't stop him. He'd never notice!' Amanda sobbed.

'Look, Amanda, if you knew ...' She hesitated. This was the time to put the knife in. 'Listen. You yourself are likewise to be led astray if you would consent to ...'

Amanda interrupted. 'Aye, but more as a joke than in earnest.'

'You call it a joke, do you? Well, I must tell you in earnest, what I've had to put up with on your account.

Amanda looked at her in surprise.

'I have been forced to sit,' Rachel went on, 'and hear you praised for hours, without one compliment about me! Not one. If you are a real woman, you'd have been in an ecstasy to hear how feelingly he spoke of your hair, your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your teeth, your tongue, your chin, your neck, and ... well, so on, and so on. He's smitten by you.'

'Hang on. Who is this you're talking about?'

'The guy you find objectionable, and who is becoming a target of my attention. Derek.'

'Rubbish! I'm sure I am not in love with him, nor never shall be. So I am no rival to you in his affections. But do you think my husband could play false?'

'All husbands are false their wives. Deceivers all. I told you only yesterday - once a rake, always a rake. That's the trouble with men. And your husband is no exception. Women find him a very attractive dish. And being egotistical, like all men, he can't resist temptation!'

Enid interrupted her story again at this point, to assure the guests that present company were, of course, excepted in this generalisation. All those present did not deceive their spouses - indeed, they were encouraged to admit their fantasies and preferences. Although, in her heart, she knew Rachel was correct. Men found it difficult to resist the temptation of a handsome woman, and women of a handsome man, for that matter!

This sparked off a short discussion about temptation and whether men were to blame for not resisting it or women for putting the temptation in their way in the first place. This was an argument Susan and George had had several times, after she had discovered his affair with a willowy blonde. With immediate recriminations over, it led to a much more open sex life for them.

Now sitting across Johnnie's lap, Susan could feel the stiffness of his cock pressing against her. The attention he had given to her breasts and nipples whilst Enid was telling her story, had got her worked up. She decided she wanted to feel full of cock. Her kimono was spread like a tent over both laps, so she groped in the opening of Johnnie's gown, steering his stiffness directly into her cock-ready vagina.

The guests settled down to the rest of the tale, the couples gently fondling one another.

Well, continued Enid, Rachel decided that it was time to be open with her cousin. Otherwise matters might get into a, awkward tangle she wouldn't care to unravel should it happen. Much as she would have liked to have made love with Charles, to upset her cousin was not a price she was prepared to pay. And, Amanda would argue, some men are small and some are very tall, some are fat and some are thin, but that fascinating piece of anatomy dangling from their groin is the same in them all.

Poor Amanda. She really was naive and lacking in experience! Maybe it's better that she stays that way, for once she discovers the truth about the wonderful variety to be found in men's appendages, she might lust for more and more! If, for instance, she fell for Derek's charms, she would certainly feel fulfilled once penetrated. Yet, Rachel realised, she didn't know what Charles was hiding there. It's a shame she never would!

'Look, darling,' Rachel began, 'I'm going to confess to you quite simply, that the other woman your husband is chasing, is your own cousin. Me!'

Amanda gasped and stared in disbelief. 'But he promised me ...'

'Promises are nothing to a man with lust in his heart. But I have no wish to give in to his desires,' she lied. 'So, I have devised a plan to uncover their deceit for what it is. For neither of them know what is in the other's mind. Derek is prepared to cuckold his friend, and Charles is prepared to be disloyal to his wife. So! Trust me!'

And Rachel outlined her plan which they intended to put into action the following evening. Assignations were made by Rachel for both parties, persuading Derek that Amanda was reluctantly willing to revenge her husband's infidelity like for like.

Then she promised Charles that she would assuage his uncontrolled desire to sample the delights of her body and explained how he might pretend to meet a business colleague, whilst sneaking into her room by the back stairs.

Neither of the men suspected anything amiss, so impatient were they both to fulfil their aim of sinking their shaft into the target of their lust.

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