tagNovels and NovellasChesterbury Tales Pt. 13

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 13


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities. The Host began with a tale about a birthday orgy involving a current top film star, the Theatre Company Manager's tale was of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director's tale of how the 'Wife of Bath', with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team. The Politician's tale was about the husband's revenge, and the Model's tale about a country girl finding heaven between her legs - with the aid of her vicar. For the morning story of the fourth day, The Stockbroker's Tale showed how two resourceful women turned the tables on their partners who were trying to deceive them.

Chapter Thirteen. Enid's Fantasy

Enid's morning story of the cousins deceiving their partners by swapping beds, had amused the guests, though Emma did say that it reminded her of the play by Vanbrugh, called 'The Relapse.'

'Ah, but in the play the men get their woman. In my story, the women get their man!'

'True,' Emma conceded. 'A great story, though, either way!'

The guests had been invited to dress for lunch in Eastern robes and turbans, as members of a Sultan's household. The ladies were to regard themselves as concubines in the Sultan's harem, the men as slaves or eunuchs. The dining room windows had been transformed with drapes of coloured silks festooned with heavy tassels, giving the appearance of a large tent.

The table had been removed, in its place a large board, set some eighteen inches from the floor, was covered with a golden damask cloth. Large coloured cushions were spread on the floor around the board. On it were large bowls of fruit of every kind, cold meats, salads of several descriptions spiced with herbs. Large metal finger bowls were set down the centre of the table, with silver goblets filled with wine, whilst large silver jugs full of various wines were on side tables. Places were set with plates, forks and large napkins.

Before the meal, the guests were offered glasses of a strong, sweet liqueur to freshen their appetites. It was received with smiles and appreciative murmurs. A deep reverberating gong sounded to summon the guests to take their places at the table. Julie announced that Bill was take the place of the Sultan, and sit at the head of the table.

Bill made a royal entrance followed by Emma as his Sultana, to sit on his right hand. They approached the head of the table to sit on the cushions. A signal for the guests to follow suit. Anne and Mary, dressed in long diaphanous dresses which did little to hide their heavy breasts, with belts round the waist, their hair hanging loose over their shoulders, took the parts of wine maidens, making sure that the goblets of each guest was never empty.

The wine maidens stood at wine tables set behind the Sultan, moving to the guests whose goblets required replenishing. As they leaned over to fill the goblets, their full, heavy breasts hung from their bodies, swaying tantalisingly beneath the almost transparent fabric. The rub of the silk against their nipples kept them aroused and stiff.

As the meal was coming to its end, strong Oriental coffee was handed out. Julie took Enid by the hand, helping her to her feet.

She turned to the Sultan. 'Today, O Great One, is a special surprise for your charming concubine, Enid. With your permission O Great One.' Julie bowed. 'Come with me, Enid, for you shall enjoy the excitement of your dreams.'

The giggling Enid was escorted into the lounge area where Julie had already arranged a selection of locks and chains.

'I'm to put you in chains, Enid, and return you to the Sultan as his slave. There you are to receive your reward.'

Enid's eyes lit up. 'How did you know about my fantasy, Julie?'

'Let's just say a little bird told me,' Julie replied as she fastened Enid's wrists behind her back. Leg irons were fastened round the ankles connected with a length of chain.

More chains were wound around her waist and, finally, a blindfold was placed over her face and a gag over her mouth. When the shackling was complete, Enid was escorted back into the dining room and left standing in a silence.

A voice suddenly boomed out. 'O evil one! Thou hast been discovered fornicating with the Sultan's stable-man whilst watching one of his highness' white stallions at stud. You were caught at the moment of your orgasm, even as the stable man ejaculated copiously into your willing vulva.'

There were gasps of mock despair from the guests as the charges were made. Enid recognised the voice of Jake.

'The stable man was publicly castrated this morning before being beheaded for his miserable misdeeds. It is now your turn to be punished. Your nipples will be sliced off with my scimitar and your clitoris gouged out with my dagger. Then they will be thrown to the dogs. Do you plead for mercy? Are you ready for your penance?'

Enid held her head high. 'I do! I am!' she called in a loud, clear voice. The blindfold was suddenly snatched away from her face. The room was now lit by carefully placed coloured flood-lights complemented by several s spot-lamps, two focussed on her, throwing grotesque shadows on the walls and silk drapes.

The table and the food had been removed, the Sultan reclining on a low ottoman with the Sultana at his side, her right hand delving into his silk pants, casually caressing his genitals. Squatting at his feet, legs tucked beneath them, were three maidens in silver masks, displaying naked breasts, each maiden holding a golden goblet.

At the Sultan's left shoulder stood Jake, tall and proud, naked from the waist up apart from a fancy neck-band and turban. He wore baggy silk pants fastened round the ankles with red bands, and at his waist, a thick sash from which hung a curved scimitar on his right and a fancy dagger inset with jewels on his left. His feet were bare and, in his hands he held a parchment scroll.

Glancing round, Enid saw four other warriors, similarly dressed but with open blouse-like tops tucked into the waistband. In place of scimitars they wore leather batons. On the head of each warrior was a turban and a plain white cloth mask covering the whole face with the exception of eye slits and a breathing hole. They held long whips.

Jake rolled up the scroll before placing it on a small circular marble table at his side. At a gesture from the Sultan, the four warriors flicked their whips with menacing loud cracks. Enid felt herself grabbed from behind, her arms lifted high behind her back, making her head and shoulders bend forward.

A wide plank covered in red velvet was passed through her manacled wrists and ankle fetters. Before she realised what was happening, two women took hold of her thighs, tipping her backwards on the wide plank, her feet planted wide apart. The chains round her waist were removed noisily as Jake stepped forward to her.

Taking hold of her flimsy gown, he ripped it apart from top to bottom with one violent gesture. The torn remnants draped from her sides revealing her small palpitating breasts with their girlish pink nipples, now like hardened buds.

Jake took hold of the right nipple between finger and thumb, holding it away from the breast. His eyes shone with evil excitement. He took the scimitar in his other hand, threatening to slice off the nipple. Enid looked on in horror. For one dreadful moment she really thought he was going to do it!

'No!' she cried. 'I'll do anything you ask but please not that!' Jake smiled cruelly as he replaced his scimitar and released her nipple.

Enid shrieked again as Jake's powerful hands gripped her knickers and ripped them apart. Between her slender thighs, with their prominent thigh bones, the sparse covering of light brown hair was insufficient to hide the large clitoris pushing out from beneath it's hood. The small inner lips were pouting from between the meagre outer labia, glistening with her dew.

After contemplating her slim-lipped genitals for a few moments, Jake took his dagger and pointed it at the clitoris, chuckling in a sinister way. Running his middle finger upwards between the puffed lips, he scooped her juices onto the pad of his finger. After inspecting it he suddenly thrust his hand to her face. 'Lick, bitch!' he barked. 'Suck!'

Enid opened her mouth and took in the finger, wet with her own juices. Jake removed it and repeated the scooping action, this time with two fingers, presenting the sticky ooze to Enid's mouth again. 'Suck!' he ordered. And she did.

He stepped back gesturing to the three naked women. With an excited yelp, they scrambled to their feet and ran to the bound Enid. All three half-crouched, wiping two middle fingers through the lips of their own oozing genitals, before rubbing the slimy wetness over Enid's lips and into her mouth.

'Since you are so fond of penis, you shall have a large one. Pushed fully inside you!' barked Jake as the three women continued to wipe her face and lips with their sticky secretions.

'Look!' Jake moved away to the side of Enid's head. Enid's mind whirled. From her angle of forty-five degrees she saw Mary walk forward, holding a silver salver on which was laid a long, thick, dark-purple baton, one end chisel-shaped, the other encased in a large hairy sack, with purple stains which looked for all the world like blood. She went cold as she realised what it was supposed to be and what they intended doing with it!

'Before this hardened pizzle is inserted into your wanton vagina, until it is completely submerged, you are to be whipped unless you repay your sexual transgression by offering homage to my stiff pizzle!

Jake reached into his baggy trousers. He drew out his big, hard penis. Taking Enid's head in his hands, he jerked it towards his groin.

Enid groaned hungrily. 'Give it to me! Let me have it!' She was ablaze with the fire of lust.

'Suck!' he ordered, thrusting his penis at her face. Enid opened her mouth, pressing her face into Jake's groin, her hot tongue lapping at the shaft as it slid over her soft palate to the back of her throat. Enid was no stranger to fellatio. She had practised the art of deep throat until she was able to take a fully erect penis into her throat without discomfort.

When manipulated in this way by Enid's insatiable tongue, no man was able to with-hold his climax for long. Two of the naked women transferred their attention to her girlish nipples, teasing them with nibbling teeth and massaging tongue.

The third naked woman took a close interest in Enid's genitals, pulling the lips apart to examine the pink folds of wet flesh. She flicked her fore-finger over the prominent clitoris, rolling it between her thumb and second finger, sending Enid into shivers of rapture.

This stimulation of her nerve centre spurred her on to extra effort in exciting Jake's large shaft, her head bobbing back and forth with her tongue, lips inflaming his sensitive head until he could hold back no longer. With lurching hips, he was racked with muscular spasms until, a loud grunt he wrenched himself out of her mouth to aim profuse sprays of sperm into a goblet, held by Julie, to the maidens' gleeful squeals of delight.

Once Jake's ejaculation was finished, the goblet was presented to Enid's lips, the starchy-white contents slipping into her welcoming mouth, to be rolled around her gums and cheeks, relishing the taste and texture. Enid was a zealous sperm lover. The male seed, in all its varieties and tectures, fascinated her.

Delia's fingers - it was she who was the third masked woman - working on Enid's love bud, had so provoked her sexual lust that the captive was fast reaching her orgasm.

Enid swallowed the precious sperm, blurting out 'Fuck me! Please! I want a hot prick in me!'

She whimpered and squirmed until a tight scream choked in her throat as the spring of frustration coiled tighter and tighter inside her groin.

Then, with a piercing screech, her orgasm exploded, releasing the tension in her loins. Her legs thrashed in their chains, her hips bucked and twisted until her agonized cries finally subsided and she fell back on the supporting plank, panting. The spectacle of Enid's orgasm was awe-inspiring! It never failed to impress the onlookers with its sheer animal intensity. There was a ripple of applause from the ottoman as the Sultan and his lady clapped and smiled in appreciation of her performance.

'And now,' Jake growled at her, 'before the final humiliation, you will be violated by each of the warriors as punishment for your misdeeds.'

And the first masked warrior stepped forward, handed his whip to Anne, taking hold of tyhe sturdy baton from his waistband. Enid look on is disbelief. Surely he wouldn't thrust that thick shaft into her soft vagina! The warrior presented it to the portals of her passage. She closed her eyes.

The warrior opened his trousers to present his erect penis, foreskin already retracted. Two other warriors approached Enid on either side, lifting her hips from the plank to allow the first to plunge his sturdy weapon between the small puffed folds of her vulva, to its deepest extent. This brought a cry of shock from the captive, believing she was penetrated by the baton. She squirmed her hips, but was firmly held by the two strong warriors as their colleague lunged into her hard and furiously.

Enid rolled her hips with hunger, begging for more with a demanding shout. 'Fill me to the brim! Give me your cock! All you've got! Give it to me!'

It wasn't long before the clenched muscles in the warrior's buttocks showed him to be reaching his peak. A grunt announced his climax, withdrawing from her as his juices spluttered into the wine goblet held by Julie. Having had much practice, Julie was expert in catching the jets of sperm, though the dribbling ejaculation was easier to catch.

The warrior turned to the Sultana to display his still erect shaft, semen leaking from the head, bowing his head in salutation. She applauded him with a smile. Anne knelt before him, taking his softening penis in her mouth, to lick it clean of sperm before returning his whip to him.

Meantime, Enid was lifted bodily to allow the plank to be withdrawn from behind her back before being turned over roughly by the arms of four men. Two women held her ankles up so that her thighs parted to expose her taught buttocks, puckered rear entrance and gaping vulva. Scented oil was dribbled down the crease between her buttocks by one of the maidens as, suspended by strong arms, Enid was swung gently back and forth.

Another warrior stepped in to her, pulled out his solid staff to present it to her proffered gaping entrance. As Enid was swung towards him, with one thrust he embedded his shaft deep inside her anus. She yelped with its force, swinging gently back and forth on the solid phallus. Before the warrior reached his climax, Enid's body started to tremble and shake.

'Yes! Yes, yes!' she gasped, crying out in the joy of another triumphant orgasm. As she subsided she was allowed to hang still until the warrior's buttocks began to quiver and jerk as he pulled away to spurt his offering into the wine goblet.

As he, in his turn, posed his proud weapon to the Sultana, Anne greedily sucking away the juices, a high bar stool was brought to the performers. Enid was rearranged into a sitting position on the stool, tipped backwards, supported by strong arms, with her legs pulled up high and wide.

A third masked warrior came up to Enid holding his jutting erection. Without preliminaries, he lunged straight into Enid's unprotected, defenceless orifice. At the same time, Julie, now fully aroused, straddled Enid's head, rubbing her yearning cunt over Enid's nose and mouth as the warrior fucked her.

She moaned with elation as his cock flogged her poor vagina with unremitting vigour, his testicles slapping her small buttocks with each thrust, urged on by the other onlookers. Enid wept and whimpered. With her body submitting to the battering it was taking, she licked furiously at the vaginal lips of Julie, now whooping with jubilation.

The warrior was equally vocal, grunting and groaning with each thrust until his rhythm was broken by convulsive lunges. Just in time, he withdrew from the swollen vulva, to erupt with several jets of thick sperm, deftly caught in the goblet by Julie, sparking off yet another orgasm in Enid's tormented body.

Julie gave a final yell of victory. She and Robert had jointly defiled the millionaire wife of a cabinet minister! She felt terrific satisfaction at watching the smooth bodies of the rich and famous being violated and treated with disdain. Fucking, she thought, was a great leveller. Queens and kitchen maids were no different when it came to being fucked. And there was more to come for Enid.

The fourth warrior was already standing in preparation. As soon as his colleague had withdraw to display his weapon to the Sultana, before presenting it to Anne to be cleansed, the fourth warrior took his place at Enid's buttocks, sliding his rigid column into the warm, soft interior, still quivering with orgasmic release. He penetrated her impatiently and ruthlessly, first with slow then fast pounding stokes, now deep, now shallow.

Enid was in a trance of sheer sexual delight. The warrior's breathing became heavier and more erratic until, eventually, he ejected his sperm into the waiting goblet.

'Now!' Jake barked at the tray carriers as the warrior payed his respects to the Sultana.

Two warriors replaced the plank through Enid's chains, tipping it backwards so that it was necessary for Enid to support herself with open legs planted below her. Her well-used vulva was leaking, her fair pubic hair tousled and wet.

The two maidens moved forward with the salver between Enid's legs as she looked down at the dismembered penis. It no longer mattered to her numbed brain that this object was enormous. She was intoxicated by the voluptuous feeling in her body. They laid the tray on the floor.

Mary took up the dark purple object attached to the large, stained, hairy sac, holding it high in front of her ceremoniously, where it was silhouetted dramatically in the spot lights. A hush of expectation descended on the harem. In complete silence, Anne took up a small stone jar, pouring the contents over the top of the object. A thick white cream dribbled down the shaft.

The awesome object was lowered until it's head was placed against the entrance of the fleshy vulva. Enid couldn't believe that they were going to penetrate her with that terrible weapon. But Anne on one side and Delia on the other, pressed their fingers into the tops of her thighs pulling them apart to open up wide the thin entrance of Enid's vulva.

'No!' Enid screamed suddenly, throwing her head back. 'No!' She screwed her eyes tight shut, jaw open. With great glee and a certain amount of malevolence, Julie poured the contents of the goblet into Enid's open mouth. It gargled in her throat, half choking as she frantically tried to swallow it. Julie laughed to see Enid's puny body being violated with such savagery.

'Yes' Jake ordered loudly. Mary began pushing the object into the orifice.

Enid's scream strangled in her sperm-infested throat as her vaginal muscles took a grip on the thick shaft. It felt tight and inflated, stretching every fold of her vagina, finding every crevice between them, filling her with a supreme feeling of lust. Moaning with her sensuality she strained her thighs as wide as she could whilst Mary finally inserted the full length of the pizzle into the expanded vulva. Enid felt brimming over with prick.

'Fuck me, please! Give me all if it! Fuck me with it!' she sobbed, writhing her thighs on the huge inserted object. 'Split me open with it!'

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