tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChesterbury Tales Pt. 21

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 21


The end of the story will only make sense to those who read the first chapter.

It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

The Host began with a tale about a birthday orgy involving a current top film star. The Theatre Company Manager's tale was of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director's tale of how the 'Wife of Bath', with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team. The Politician's tale was about the husband's revenge, and the Model's tale about a country girl finding heaven between her legs - with the aid of her vicar. For the morning story of the fourth day, The Stockbroker's Tale showed how two resourceful women turned the tables on their partners who were trying to deceive them, whilst the Aristocrat's tale was about a sexual orgy, incest and murder in the stately home. The TV Presenter's related her experience of group sex with an African Chief and his bodyguards, whilst Jake, the actor, had a delightful story about an African tribe whose Princess found her Prince. The final tale from the Marketing Director was how, on her wedding night, the bride managed to lose her virginity to three men!

Chapter Twenty-one: The final game
After the story of the wedding night, and since this was to be the last night of their captivity, it was agreed that the men should retire to their rooms, leaving the doors ajar. The ladies would then slip into a room and enjoy half an hour of sex with the occupier before moving into the next bedroom, until each had lain with all the men.

Julie spoke up. 'Before we retire, though, ladies, I think we should all show our genuine love and affection for Jake. It's up to all of us to thank him for his generous love during the past few days. He's given us a new dimension to our love making!'

'Hear hear!' Susan added, serious for a change.

Julie sat cross-legged on a settee, with Jake's head reclining in her lap, whilst the others sat around his relaxed body. They began to cuddle him, pet him, caress him, stroke him, kiss him and fondle him. Not in an overtly sexual way, but in a show of real love and affection. Every square inch of his body was fondled and caressed. His torso stroked, his thighs smoothed, his lips kissed, his face licked, his ear lobes nibbled.

Eventually, and inevitably, attention turned to his genitals. The women were gratified to see his fine, ebony penis respond, jerking itself throb by throb to a full-blown, stiff rigidity. After a few moments of careful attention to the rearing monster by the women, kissing and licking it, fingering the dark, wrinkled testicles with light strokes, Gertie straddled over him, facing his parted feet.

Emma took hold of his prominent prick, pointed it at Gertie's cunt lips who impaled herself slowly on the rigid rod. Turning to Robert and Martin, Susan - laughing with delight as usual - and Enid sat on their laps, impaling themselves on their stiff pricks, wriggling their bottoms from time to time. With the help of the other ladies, who busily caressed the men's thighs and fondled their testicles, they were kept on the boil, watching Gertie and Jake.

Gertie was slowly gliding up and down Jake's thick black rod, the swollen lips of her vulva clinging tightly to the rigid shaft, her juices coating it liberally with her honey. The strokes came faster and more reckless as she began to feel the enthusiasm growing within her.

Emma knew from her earlier experience what Gertie must be feeling with that thick hard shaft filling her willing soft flesh. Her eyes were glued to the scene before her, watching the large dark-skinned shaft slipping in and out of the swollen, almost purple, lips of Gertie's ample vulva. Emma was feeling promiscuous with all this erotic activity, making no objection when she felt fingers probing between the cheeks of her bottom.

They reached through to fondle the warmth of her floppy folds of hairy flesh. She glanced round to see who it was and found Mary smiling at her over her shoulder. Emma smiled back in encouragement and pushed herself back firmly on the teasing fingers, reaching her own hand behind her to return the complement by feeling Mary's smooth, wet genitals between smooth thighs, toying with the protruding dribbling lips. Their faces closed together and met in an affectionate kiss.

Bill took advantage of Emma's distraction to cup his hand between the plump thighs of Anne, who was occupied fondling Jakes testicles. Bill was fascinated by the hairiness of Anne's genital region, trailing his fingers between the silky curls, snaking their way into the slippery folds of her vulva. His other hand reached for her breasts, set high on her chest, to softly squeeze the fulness and caress the hardened nipple.

Gertie felt Jake begin to tense his loins, starting to jerk with involuntary spasms. 'He's going to come girls!' she announced, lifting herself off him and sliding backwards until her wide furry loins covered Jake's mouth and nose.

She grasped his throbbing ebony rod in both hands. The women craned their heads nearer, holding their breath in anticipation and exhilaration.

The tension continued to mounted inside Jake. His groin began to tremble and shake visibly with increasing intensity. His knees juddered spontaneously. With eyes screwed up, his groaning mouth gobbling furiously on the sweet cunt, his whole face twisted into contortions of frustrating agony. The trembling grew wilder as the ladies kept their eyes on the small crimson crevice at the tip of the large polished bulbous head. Their fascination intensified with excitement as Gertie tried to control his jerking body.

With a sudden explosive yell from Jake, an abrupt thrust of his groin, a small globule of starchy liquid emerged from the crevice, dribbling over Gertie's fingers firmly massaging the column. Almost immediately, another thrust of the hips brought a bigger spurt, then, with a mighty lunge accompanied by an animal cry, three successive gushes of thick starchy liquid exploded from the opening and erupted in glittering sprays onto Gertie's right cheek and shoulder.

The ogling ladies gasped in awe and girlish delight at this display of virility. Susan clapped her hands together, laughing with pleasurable surprise. During a short tense pause before a sixth less forceful jet of juice burst from the opening, Emma let out a long murmur of incredibility as an orgasm, brought on by the combination of Mary's fluttering fingers on her clitoris and watching the surging semen, rippled through her.

The thick globule of Jake's sperm splashed over Gertie's breasts, followed immediately by a seventh and eighth with successive diminishing force and quantity, as the tremors of Jake's body abated. A late, minor twitch brought out a ninth blob of thick juice which dribbled down Gertie's hand, now grasping the bottom of the shaft and pulling back the skin to show the women the liquid oozing from the dark purple head.

She leaned her head down, placed her open mouth over the bulb of the ebony shaft, squeezing her hand up the shaft until the last drops of Jake's emission was expelled onto her tongue. The whole ejection process had lasted some eight seconds. Jake was smiling broadly and happily, gently licking Gertie's generous cunt.

Gertie slithered forward, sat once more on the still erect shaft as Enid stepped up to her with a desert spoon to scrape the thick trickles from her face, shoulder and breasts into its bowl until she had gathered up all but a smear.

'Look!' she said, presenting the spoonful of semen to the other ladies. 'That's some load of come girls!'

Emma whispered, 'Wow!'

The spoon was passed round for the ladies to sniff at. Emma dipped in her little finger, licking it as she sat back to nestle her vulva in Mary's warm palm beneath her. Delia laughed at that, took a goblet from the side-table, placed the spoon in it so that the thinning liquid tricked from the spoon, adding champagne until the glass was full.

Stirring the spoon briskly in the pale liquid, she swigged the lot down to the amusement of the others. Emma clapped her hand together with delight at this aphrodisiac show of lust whilst Susan chuckled merrily.

Susan stood up from Martin's lap to reveal his sturdy six-inch shaft, rising proudly from its sparse nest of fine fleecy hair. His testicles hugged tightly to the bottom of the shaft rather than tucked beneath his legs. If anything, the balls stood slightly proud of his thighs.

Delia squatted to the right of George's chair, reached into his lap and drew back the foreskin of the pointed penis uncovering the head, which wasn't broad and round but shaped more like a small rugby ball. She began jerking it up and down slowly.

'Look,' she called to the others, holding her hand still, drawing their attention to the trickle of clear fluid leaking from the end. She looked into George's face, grinning as she continued the stroking at a faster rate.

'Lean back,' she told him. He did as she asked and Mary immediately stood astride his face, lowering her shaven cunt to his mouth. Delia's hand rubbed faster and faster as she concentrated on the slit in the end. More liquid seeped out onto her clenched fist. To help him along, she leaned over and took the penis in her mouth, continuing with her jerks whilst rolling her tongue over the end and closing her lips holding over it to nibble the end.

George licked at Mary's cunt with relish, pressing his tongue round her clitoris, between the cunt lips, scooping up the juices into his mouth. It wasn't long before his hips suddenly lifted from the seat, his hand gripping the side of the ottoman as his loins started to clench and his thighs flutter. He moaned louder and louder with frustration into Anne's cunt as the tautness built up inside his groin.

Delia lifted her head and looked down with open mouth as she concentrated on pumping his wet shaft even harder until his loins began to jerk fitfully with increasing vigour. The onlookers leaned forward, all eyes glued onto the end of George's torpedo. It continued to buck in a paroxysm of jerks, his knees flexing rapidly as liquid oozed from the end of his shaft.

When it seemed that George would burst, he gave a mighty bellow. His shaft erupted in a long stream of white semen. It gushed out, splashing into the corner of Julie's waiting mouth. After a brief, breath-taking pause, another cry accompanied a second, then a third jet. His convulsions abated but twitches continued as two more spurts of liquid flowed from his penis over Julie's slower moving fist.

The liquid was less thick than Jake's and came in short streams rather than thick globules. It ran down Julie's cheeks and dripped onto his groin. The ladies were overwhelmed by the loud shouts and sheer power of George's orgasm. Only when he gave a huge sigh of relief with a final trickle of sperm did they clap, with murmurs of approval and congratulations.

'That calls for another pick-me-up,' Julie announced and Mary brought him a glass of brandy and champagne as Susan ran to his side and kissed him passionately on the lips.

'Thank you darling!,' she said to him, 'that was absolutely magnificent. Such a wonderful orgasm; I was so proud it,' and she nuzzled her face into his lap, kissing and lapping at his softening torpedo. He pressed her face into his lap as he smiled with self-esteem at the other ladies.

Finally it was Robert's turn to show off his prowess. He was a natural exhibitionist, enjoying the undivided attention his erection demanded. He flexed the muscles in his groin to make his stiffness jerk back and forth. The ladies enjoyed watching that! It was as though it had a life of its own.

He stood and exhibited the pride of his firm athletic body. Not quite up to Jake's extraordinary dimensions, Emma thought as she studied Robert's swaggering penis, but still a superb example of male endowment. The lack of hair round the base made it appear bigger, perhaps. Certainly the lack of hair gave it a depraved appearance, with its swarthy, olive bloom, rearing vertically above a bag of hairless flesh distinctly showing two large plum shapes weighing down the sack.

Only a rock-hard penis could hold that weight up, she thought. She saw that the shank had a thick inch-long scar on the upper side, the result of an unfortunate accident when he was younger she had been told. It provided a hard ridge below the natural one where his large head met the shaft, giving an additional thrill to the ladies during intercourse.

He was now ready to show his virility, since he had been taking his usual aphrodisiacs during the day; Korean ginseng and Spanish fly which a regular customer had brought him from Switzerland, strong ale and champagne washing down half-a-dozen oysters for his lunch. Besides, the scenes he had just witnessed had turned him on.

His cock was swollen to near bursting point but he knew that the firm discipline he applied earlier in the evening to avoid ejaculation would give him some additional staying power before the final moment of release. Mary gave him a brandy and champagne cocktail which he sipped slowly as he stood, legs apart and groin thrust forward for the benefit of the audience.

Julie laughed. 'Come on Bob. We've seen it before. Get on with it.' But Emma was hypnotised by it, unable to avert her eyes from his pride. Bill watched her fascination with quiet amusement.

Robert smiled at Julie. 'We'll do it standing up, I think, Susan. From behind me. Anyone can join in if they feel like it.'

Julie laughed again. 'If they like the feel, you mean!'

Susan stood laughing behind Robert, pressed her body into his muscular back and, reaching her hands round his middle, grasped the upright shaft in both hands and began slowly to jerk it up and down. Robert looked down with pride at the sight of the half exposed head with Susan's closed hands sliding the outer sheath of skin up and down the stiff inner shank, pushing his foreskin over the head and dragging it back over the shaft.

Emma was now kneeling in front of Robert, her gaze rooted to his prominent part, scrutinising the raised scar and every vein and the baldness of his groin. The muscles in his thighs and bottom were tensed and prominent, like whipcord.

Mary suddenly called out, 'Shoot it into Emma's mouth.' Emma leaned back onto her heels, her arms propping her up from behind, sliding her knees between Robert's parted legs, positioning her mouth in front of the cock.

'Go on, Bob! Do it!' Julie cried out.

Robert loved a challenge. 'I'll have to finish myself off then, so that I can get a proper aim!'

He took over the manual urging of his shaft with his right hand from Susan, whilst she reached through the cheeks of his bottom. Chuckling happily, she cradled his heavy balls in one hand whilst, having wet the middle finger of the other with the slime of her nether lips, she eased the first inch of it into the brown puckered orifice hidden between his thighs. Robert gave a jerk as he felt the finger enter his anus, pushing slowly in and out.

He was beginning to breathe hard. Enid, kneeling, had edged her way to Emma's side and started to finger her vulva, opening its petals to show Robert the pink inner flesh whilst rubbing her thumb over the clitoris. Mary, Anne, Julie and Delia all stood in front of Robert, wide open knees half-bent, loins thrust forward. The fingers of one hand parted their fanny lips, the other fingers fluttering around the genitals, flaunting them at Robert.

Robert's senses were aflame with at the sight of all the women flaunting their genitals at him, fingering their various cunts. His loins were now tightening, clenching and unclenching, desperation growing inside his groin. The finger invading his anus was inflaming his craving for release. He deliberately relaxed his muscles to boost the taunting tension to a higher pitch, watching pearls of fluid drip from his bulb onto his slowly jerking fist.

Involuntary twitches abruptly gripped his insides until his groin was in the grip of a supercharged tension. Gazing at the tantalising display of women's vulvas, he still held back, keeping his muscles relaxed with all his will-power. But a persistent trembling shook his entire body. He threw his head back, screwed up his face with the effort, howling like a wolf as his knees gave beneath him, his hips beginning to buck wildly.

He was starting to lose control of his muscles but still he managed to hold back. Then, with a snarling howl, the cock suddenly burst. His head snapped forward to look down at Emma as he pulled back on his shaft, thrusting his hips forward.

With a great surge of relief his floodgates opened with a huge outburst of viscous fluid. Forcing his stiff shaft downwards, the first emission caught Emma's nose, trailing into her mouth. This brought up a loud cheer from the onlookers. Robert's loins recoiled and thrust forward again, twice in quick succession, disgorging more gouts of his seed. Emma moved her head quickly, managing to catch one of the spurts in her mouth, the other splashing her chin.

'Yeah!' cried Susan as the shaft convulsed yet again with a double contraction, spilling a seemingly unending stream of gelatinous juices splattered over Emma.

Emma counting nine spurts at irregular intervals before the convulsions had finally died down. Robert must have been ejaculating for over twelve seconds. Gertie had taken the desert spoon to hold under the end of Robert's projection. He squeezed his hand up the shaft to empty a long dribble of liquid into the spoon.

Scooping up what she could of the gooey sperm from Emma's face and breasts, Gertie filled until the spoon would hold no more. On the side of her little finger, Enid scraped up the sticky remains sucking it clean after each wipe. Robert was grinning with pleasure and self-admiration. The ladies were amazed by the abundance of sperm. Julie clapped her hands in delight.

'That, ladies,' she told them, 'is what you get from swilling down oysters with champagne and applying self control until your body overwhelms your efforts to resist it's irresistible sex drive.'

Emma was most impressed. 'Gosh, how often can you do that?' she asked. Robert just smiled at her.

'OK folks!' Robert called them to attention. 'It's your own time now. Just settle down and relax to prepare for the night activities.'

Emma immediately crossed to Bill, sat him in a chair, lowered herself onto his lap, kissing him long and hard with eager tongue exploring his inner lips and teeth. She was going to enjoy her last evening to the full. His limp penis was beginning to show signs of life once again as Emma fondled it, feeling the pulsing expansion of the shaft.

Julie, on the other hand, made a bee-line for Jake, hauling him onto the floor among a nest of cushions to kiss him passionately. She whimpered with sensuality as her hands roved freely and eagerly over his dark body, her fingers running though the mass of curly hair below his belly, curling them between his hips and cupping his balls for a few moments before moving up to grasp the base of his iron-hard shaft.

'You have a simply wonderful set of equipment, Jake,' she purred into his ears. Her kisses moved down his chest and belly until her cheek butted up against his stiff ramrod.

'Yours are superb as well!' he whispered in response. 'Such sexy tits and a welcome slippery fanny. I can't remember having spilt so much sperm over four days before.'

'And still more to come, I hope!' She turned her head and took the bulb between her lips as her hand began to slowly stroke the dark rod. She felt his sensitive fingers exploring her bottom and inner thighs, dipping into her wet entrance as she parted her legs.

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