tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChiara and Annie Ch. 06

Chiara and Annie Ch. 06


This story is my property and cannot be copied or distributed without my express permission. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and the not-so-innocent. Any resemblance to people living or dead is merely a coincidence.

Our folks dropped us off at mine and Annie's dorm. We pulled all of our stuff out of the cars and I gave my mom and dad a hug and kiss, then gave Marc's mom and dad hugs and kisses too. Marc shook my dad's hand and gave my mom a hug and kiss, then grabbed our bags and the amp that his dad gave me to go with my new guitar. Annie hugged and kissed everyone, she was like an excited puppy. When we got up to our room we dropped our stuff and crashed on the beds.

I looked at the new ring on my finger and grinned, "Was this a great weekend or what?"

Marc kissed my cheek, "Uh, one word, understatement."

"Shit yeah!" Annie laughed from her bed.

We all laughed and started talking all at once. Each trying to out talk the others. Finally Annie told us to shut up.

"Okay, let's each pick one thing that was our favourite from the weekend. Kiki, you go first."

I lay there thinking for a minute then lifted my head to kiss Marc. "When Marc asked me to marry him."

Annie smiled at both of us. "Watching you two make love Friday night. You were so beautiful together. Okay Marc, your turn."

"That sexy strip tease you guys did last night and you both giving me head together, my mind's still blown."

We all laughed again, and Annie came over to my bed and the three of us tried to snuggle, which was next to impossible on a twin bed.

"Uhm guys? Maybe we should just push the beds together." I suggested.

We got up and moved a few things then moved the beds so they were touching in the middle of the floor. We got on the beds with Marc between Annie and me. He wrapped his arms around us and we snuggled into him. We lay like that for quite a while, just enjoying being in each others' presence. After a while Marc gave us both a squeeze and said he needed to go back to his place, but would come back later if we wanted him to. He leaned over and kissed me until I was tingly, then he kissed Annie. He grabbed his bag and slipped out the door.

Annie and I lay on the bed and grinned. "Wow, are you tingly too sis?"

Annie chuckled, "To my toes little sis."

Once we stopped tingling we unpacked our stuff and headed to the common room to watch some tv with the other girls. Annie sat on a comfy chair and I was on the sofa with Jenn, one of the girls from our floor. We watched the tube for a bit then Annie caught my eye and gave me an evil grin.

"Kiki! You keep blinding me! What have you got on your hand?"

I played along, holding out my left hand and waving my engagement ring around. "What? You mean this little bauble?"

Jenn stared at my hand for a second then she started screaming and calling the other girls to come see. In a matter of minutes there was a dozen girls admiring my ring and firing questions at me.

"Who's the lucky guy?"

"My boyfriend, Marc." I said.

"You mean that hottie you've been seeing?"

I smiled dreamily, "Yeah he is pretty hot."

"Hot puts it mildly! Does he have a brother?"

"No he doesn't, but he does have a totally awesome twin sister." I snickered as I grinned at Annie.

"Really? Do we know her? What's her name?"

"Really, she's fucking amazing. Yeah I think you've met her, her name is Annie."

Annie grinned and waved at the girls.

One of the girls stared at Annie, "How could you hold out on us Annie?"

Annie had a sheepish grin, "Well to be honest Marc and I haven't been on speaking terms for a while but Kiki changed all of that."

The girls all wanted to hear about how Marc proposed and what I'd worn when he did. How I felt, if I cried, what my folks thought about me getting engaged so young. I tried to answer all of their questions as best as I could. Annie finally intervened and told the girls that I needed a rest as I'd had a very exciting weekend. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back to our room.

Annie was laughing when we got back to our room, "God I think every girl in the common room wishes she was you right now Kiki!"

"I know, did you see the look on Ashley's face? She was almost drooling," I giggled.

We flopped onto our bed and Annie wrapped me in her arms, kissing me softly. I kissed her back, my tongue slipping into her mouth.

"I love you stretch," I murmured to Annie.

Annie kissed my nose, "I love you too pipsqueak. That was pretty hot last night huh?"

"I've never done anything like that before, I almost came I was getting so turned on."

"You and me both, it was totally hot when Marc came all over us. I loved licking his cum off of you."

I kissed Annie again, "Me too, I thought it was so naughty. Wouldn't it be fun to do it again?"

Annie laughed, "I don't think we'll have a hard time talking Marc into it. He liked having us give him head together."

"Oh god, you think?" I giggled.

"Oh come on! We're love goddesses Kiki! Marc was putty in our hands last night. Well rock hard and horny putty. But still putty."

I laughed, "Don't forget tasty Annie!"

Annie licked her lips and smacked them loudly and talked like Yoda, "Yes, very tasty yummy is Marc."

I laughed so hard I fell out of our bed. That sent Annie into another fit of laughter. I got up and rubbed my sore rump, still laughing.

"I think I'm a spazzy love goddess sis," I giggled. "My bum hurts now Annie."

"Aww, come here and let your big sis kiss it better."

I got back on the bed and got on my hands and knees with my bum pointing at Annie. She ran her hands across my bum and kissed it a few times. I giggled and wiggled my bum in her face.

Annie grinned at me and said "God Kiki you're almost worse than me now! Get away you little horn dog!"

Annie smacked my butt and told me to behave or she'd have to put me over her knee.

I gave Annie a dirty look, "You wouldn't dare!"

Annie gave me a look right back and said, "Try me."

I stuck my tongue out at her and pouted. "Annie? Do you think Marc and I did the right thing this weekend? It kinda felt like we were being pushed into it, but at the same time I know Marc's the only guy for me."

"Oh Kiki, if you only knew what Marc told mom and dad. I sat in on a few of his calls. I've seen how Marc's acted with his past girlfriends and it was nothing like he is with you. I even talked to mom and dad on my own, and we all agreed that Marc needed a push before he lost you. I'm sorry if we forced your guys' hand but Marc loves and needs you more than you both know."

I laughed and called her a scheming bitch, then told her mom had basically told me the same thing. I looked at Annie for another minute, not sure if I should ask my next question.

Annie smiled at me, "You're dying to ask me something else aren't you Kiki?"

"Well, I was just wondering how you felt about what our moms told us. About them, and about our dads, and what they all do."

Annie being Annie laughed and hugged me close. "Well how do you feel about us pipsqueak?"

Her question left me hanging for a minute. "Well I love you Annie, you're my best friend. What we have is wonderful, we're so close, it's sexy, maybe a bit naughty sometimes, definitely hot and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Annie kissed me, "Well after seeing our moms together don't you think their relationship is a lot like ours?"

I giggled and grinned at her, "Yeah but they have two guys to fuck!"

Annie laughed again, "Well I haven't gotten the chance of fucking the one guy we've got yet!"

"Hey now! You got him long before I came on the scene, and if I recall someone snuck in a blowjob this weekend." I said as I playfully poked her in the boob. "Hey I just thought of something. Do you think our dads fucked our moms when they got together?"

Annie frowned, "Like my dad fucking your mom and your dad fucking my mom? God I feel sorry for your mom, I've seen my dad and he's hung like a bull."

The mental image of Annie's dad fucking my mom with a giant cow cock was too much for me. I started to giggle and moo like a cow. That set Annie off as well and soon we were both mooing and giggling.

And of course that's when the love of my life walked in already looking confused. He just stood there and watched us acting like complete morons before he said anything.

"Uhh, hey you two. Did you tell the other girls about me and Kiki?"

Annie caught her breath first, "Yeah, Kiki was blinding me with her diamond. It's all her fault."

Marc laughed and said, "Well that explains the dozen congratulations, seven sorry I was off the markets and four phone numbers I got in case I changed my mind."

"You'd better throw those phone numbers away loverboy, you're mine. And besides there's only one person I'll ever share you with."

Marc was stunned speechless for a minute, "What? Uhh well, right, okay. This is the first I've heard of this. Do you know about this Annie?"

Annie's laughter barked out, "Marc are you for real? It wasn't just Kiki going down on you last night."

I put my arm around Annie's waist, "Marc, the only girl I'll share you with is the only other girl who loves you as much as I do."

"That would be me," Annie said with a little wave and smile.

Marc shook his head and grinned, "God what did I do to deserve this? The two hottest girls on campus want to share me as their love slave. I must've died and gone to heaven."

"Did you hear that Annie? We're the hottest girls on campus!" I grinned up at her.

Annie grinned between Mark and I, "Yeah whatever, I kinda like the love slave part."

Marc got a nervous look in his eyes, "Whoa, hold on now Annie. I was just joking around, I didn't mean that the way you're taking it."

Annie moved over to Marc and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Don't worry bro, it's nothing sinister or anything, I was just hoping you'd eat me out as pay back for the other day. Kiki says you're fucking awesome and I, well it's been a while since I've been with a guy, and well, I trust you."

Marc looked at me like he was asking permission.

I nodded my head, "It's okay loverboy, I'll be right here."

Marc turned to Annie and kissed her, their mouths fought for dominance and their tongues wrestled back and forth. I don't know how they did it but somehow they got their shirts off with almost no interruption of that kiss. Annie yanked off her bra and Marc's hands were there on her breasts, palming them and tweaking her nipples. Annie moaned into his mouth.

Marc pulled away for a second. They were both breathing heavily. "Annie, I'm going to make you cum until you beg me to stop." He picked her up and put her on the bed. Then he undid her pants and slid them off and her panties quickly followed. Marc stood up and took off his pants and boxers, throwing them across the room. I could see his cock was fully engorged.

Marc and Annie seemed to be off in their own little world. They started kissing again and groping eachother.

I cleared my throat and they looked at me, panting and flushed. "Before you two get too busy here are my rules. Number one, you can't eat Annie better than I do. Number two, you can't eat her better than you eat me. And number three, if after all this pussy eating you want to fuck you have to ask me first."

Annie and Marc looked at me like I'd lost my marbles. "You're kidding right?" Marc asked incredulously.

I grinned and giggled, "God, have fun you two. I'm going to lock the door, get naked and enjoy the show."

With the door firmly locked and my clothes in a pile on the floor, I sat on a chair with my feet propped on the bed.

Marc and Annie had kept busy and were now in full make out and grope mode. Marc was busy sucking and nibbling her nipples while she played with his hair and caressed his back. Annie was moaning loudly and squirming under him. Marc started slowly kissing his way down Annie's body.

Seeing Marc and Annie like this was turning me on and my hands were rubbing my breasts, pulling my hard nipples and tweaking them.

Marc had worked his way down to Annie's pussy and looked up at his sister grinning like he just got handed the golden ticket. Annie nodded at him and said 'please' very softly. Marc took his queue from his sister, he looked down at her pussy then softly blew on it, which caused her to inhale sharply. He ran his fingers through her neatly trimmed landing strip then moved lower, inhaling her scent. Marc slowly licked Annie, making her moan and grab his hair again.

I knew his technique, Marc was going to torture his poor sister now. I smiled and gently rubbed my pussy while I watched, knowing exactly how this was going to play out.

Marc licked up Annie's pussy, taking her pooled juices onto his tongue. He looked at me and grinned then dove back in and started licking her pussy with a vengeance. His tongue danced across Annie's clit making her moan and writhe. Marc teased Annie with his flickering tongue, batting her clit around and dipping it into her opening to get her nectar. Annie arched her back and made a sound like a cat in heat.

I grinned, knowing what Annie was going through, since Marc had done the same thing to me every chance he got. Two of my fingers slipped into my hot little pussy and I moaned myself. My finger rubbed my swollen clit and I moaned again, humping the air a few times.

Annie was mewling like a kitten and rolling her hips, pushing herself into his mouth. "Oh fuck Marc I'm so close. God that feels good, don't stop baby. Mmmmm yes."

Marc slowed down, prolonging Annie's torture. He eased up to the point where he was barely licking her. She cajoled him, trying to get Marc to make her cum. "Oh come on Marc don't be mean, especially after I was so nice to you. Make me cum baby bro."

Marc's response was to slip a finger into Annie's pussy and wiggle it around while he nibbled her clit. That brought Annie over the edge and she wrapped her legs around Marc's head. She cried out and her body shook as her juices splashed out and covered Marc's face. "Oh fuck yeah that's what I need baby, don't stop, I feel another one coming."

Marc kept at it, slipping a second finger into her and rooting around for Annie's g spot while he playfully nipped her clit and pussy lips. Annie's second orgasm came fast, making her arch her body like a tight wound spring. She screamed at the ceiling and clawed at Marc. "Oh fucking Jesus! Shit shit shit! I'm cumming Marc, I'm cumming oh god oh god. Slow down baby, slow down I need to catch my breath."

I could feel my own orgasm building, my fingers digging into my pussy and wriggling inside me. My other hand was torturing my nipples while I jammed my fingers into my cunt. My juices were leaking out of me and my hand was soaked, my orgasm rolled over me like a tidal wave. I rocked back in the chair, almost fell backwards and squealed as I came, my legs stiff and shaking and my eyes rolled back. My juices dribbled down my crack and soaked into the chair.

Marc didn't slow down though, instead he dipped a finger from his other hand into her pussy then slowly eased it into Annie's bum while he kept on with licking and fingering her. Annie got a serious case of trucker's mouth as she kept cumming, cursing and screaming as Marc reamed her ass and pussy at the same time. That was a new trick for Marc, he'd be doing some explaining to me after we were done.

I felt sorry for Annie, she was having orgasm after orgasm. Marc was working her pussy hard, she was thrashing about, trying to get away but he had her pinned. Annie's movements slowed from exhaustion, she started whining and whimpering, begging Marc to stop between sobs.

"Baby, please stop baby, I'll be a good girl Marc I promise. Oh god, oh god I can't take anymore baby. Please stop. My little pussy can't take any more."

Marc slowly let up on Annie. He gently slipped his fingers out of her then softly rubbed her clit.

Annie laid on the bed with her eyes closed and an angelic smile on her lips.

Her eyes slowly opened and she looked right at us. We were both grinning while she collected herself.

"Oh. My. Fucking. God! Marc that was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Now I know why Kiki is so protective of you. She knows gold when she sees it." Annie sat up and hugged Marc tight, giving him a big sloppy kiss. Then she hugged and kissed me too and thanked me for sharing her brother.


With mid-terms only a few weeks away, we spent most of the next few weeks studying and making sure we knew our course material. Although we spent a lot of time studying together Marc, Annie and I spent very little time exploring our new relationship.

Mid-terms was a frenetic week of studying, exams and more studying, with sleep and food where they could be squeezed in.

But eventually all of our exams were done and we had a day's grace before our marks were posted.


Marc, Annie and I were hanging out in his room. I had brought my guitar and amp and was noodling around, playing little snippets of songs.

Brad, one of the guys I'd smoked on guitar hero poked his head in, "Five bucks each for 'za if you want in. Oh hey, are you going to play for us tonight Kiki?"

I smiled and said "Sure, why not?"

Brad leaned back out of the door, "Guys! Kiki's gonna rock the house! Awooo!"

Before Annie or I could get out our money Marc handed Brad fifty bucks.

"That should cover us bud, and if someone's short cover them too." he said.

After Brad left, me and Annie both gave Marc a kiss. "You're such a sweetie, loverboy. Always thinking of other people." I said.

Marc and Annie helped me move my guitar and amp to the common room and the pizza arrived shortly. After everyone pigged out the guys started chanting with grins on their faces, "Ki-ki, Ki-ki, Ki-ki, Ki-ki."

I got up and slung my guitar around my shoulders, retuned it and tried not to blush in front of them. "So would you like to hear one of my songs or one that I know?"

Brad, who seemed to be the spokesman of the crew asked if I knew 'Talk dirty to me', I laughed and started chunking it out and singing along. The guys even joined me and we were all laughing by the end of the song. I started mixing things up myself, throwing in an original among my repertoire of songs. An hour later I was parched and raw voiced. The guys were suitably impressed and gave me a standing ovation.


Marc and I were heading to my home for Christmas. I was waiting out in front of our dorm with Annie when Marc pulled up in a sharp blue Mustang.

"I thought dad said rent a compact car loverboy," I said as I threw my bags in the trunk.

Marc grinned, "They ran out so I got my pick from the lot."

I snickered, "You went to the rental agency where Brad works didn't you?"

Marc smiled innocently, "I may have..."

I grinned and pulled Marc down for a very nice, very long kiss.

Annie came up and tossed her bags into the trunk too.

Marc looked at her, "Uhm aren't you waiting for mom and dad, sis?"

"While you two were making googoo eyes at each other dad called me and told me something came up and I was supposed to go with you guys to Kiki's."

With my excellent navigating skills it only took us two hours to drive an hour and a half. We all piled out of the car and my mom and dad came out to greet us. Of course Annie made sure she got her fair share of hugs and kisses.

While Marc and dad got our bags out of the trunk Annie pulled me to the side.

"Okay what the fuck is going on?"

I was confused by Annie's question, "Huh? What are you talking about Annie?"

"That there is a mansion little sis, what's that about?"

"Well dad got patents on a few things he cobbled together, plus he made a killing on the dot com boom. Sorry sis, I didn't really think it was important."

Annie giggled, "You didn't think it was important to tell your best friend that you were loaded?"

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