Chicago Hotel Adventure Ch. 02

byLothario the Great©

His body moved like a piston of its own accord, slipping and sliding inside her tight pussy with engine-like speed. Without slowing down, he working his index finger into Sylvia’s ass. She grabbed his wrist and tried to slow the descent of the digit into her body, but she didn’t stop him entirely. As soon as the finger was buried to the last digit, she came. Then Wes wiggled the finger, and she came again. He fucked hard twice, and she orgasmed a third time in a row.

“No, no please, I’m gonna pass out,” she whimpered, but Wes kept assaulting her holes. Now her asshole was hot and slick, and he worked a second finger inside her. She bit her lip to keep from screaming, and once both fingers were fully inserted, she came. This orgasm was an amazing thing to watch, twisting the girl like a whip across the carpet, her tits flopping all around. Sylvia made incomprehensible sounds as she shivered and shook. When she collapsed on the floor at the end of the orgasm, Wes was still inside her from both sides. He moved a finger, and Sylvia jumped like a puppet on a string. He wiggled again, and she jumped again. Then he fucked her hard and deep as fast as he could, and she came immediately, then again, and finally one last time. As Wes shot his orgasm juice deep into Sylvia, he saw her eyes roll back and her head hit the floor.

Wes turned the sleepy-looking girl onto her back, and softly licked between her legs. That woke her up. She grabbed Wes by the ears and tried desperately to pull him away from her cunt, but he would not have it. He licked her until she came, then fingered her and licked her until she came, then shoved his tongue up her asshole and fingered her until she came. At the point when he realized he’d actually lapped the juice from Sylvia’s ass, he decided he must really fucking be in love.

Sylvia kicked at Wes, worming herself away from him on the floor. “Bastard,” she muttered, then she groggily turned around and moved herself down to his cock. It was very sensitive after two orgasms, but she goggled it up into her mouth without permission.

“Sylvia, wait,” Wes requested.

“Fuck you,” Sylvia said, and she started to suck him off hard, sucking him with true power and relentless intent. Wes couldn’t help but get hard, but his cock was very tired. He decided to hold on for dear life while the girl had her way with him. He grabbed Sylvia by the ears and ground his teeth together as he fucked her face. He could actually sense his head going down her throat, and he was fucking impressed. Ten minutes later, when the orgasm came, his body was a ragged mess of fatigued muscles. Sylvia gagged on the flood of jizz that exploded in her throat, and she spit much of it back onto Wes’s body. After the orgasm, Sylvia crawled up onto his body. Wes was terrified.

“Can I borrow this for a minute?” Sylvia asked. Instead of gliding the cock into her pussy, she took the painful, throbbing shaft and rubbed her clit with it. She moved her pussy in a circle against the cock, and it was only half-a-minute later when she came. Wes thought she looked like a girl in the movies who is playing out a death scene, allowing her spirit to shake off this mortal coil, as her face went blank and her body fell lifeless against Wes except for the rapid beating of her heart, which Wes could feel through her breasts.

A loud knock came on the door. Sylvia instantly became alert. “Shit,” she said wearily.

As quickly as their tired bodies could move, they put back on all the clothes they had been wearing. Sylvia pulled back her disheveled hair with a scrunchy. Wes went into the bathroom as Sylvia opened the door.

He heard Faith. “God, he is such a jerk! I’m crashing here tonight. Where’s your boyfriend, anyway?”

Wes flushed the toilet that he hadn’t used and opened the door. “I’m here.”

“What are you guys doing, anyway? The TV isn’t on.”

“Excuse us for living, Faith,” Sylvia answered. “We were thinking about getting some guys together and going to see a movie.”

“Excellent,” Faith said. “What’s playing?”

Sylvia gave Wes a worried look that lingered a little too long. “We thought we’d see ‘Paycheck.’”

“That lameass sci-fi crap with Ben Affleck? Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Ben Affleck. When are we going?”

“Well, we were thinking of going to a late show.”

“After the curfew? Bitchin’. I didn’t know you had it in you, Sylvia. Who else is going?”

“I thought we’d ask around.”

“Were you gonna call me?”

“No, we weren’t gonna call you. You’re upstairs with Roger having fun.”

“Well it’s not fun anymore. He slapped me hard on the ass. He thinks I like it.” She looked at Wes. “What are you looking at, pervert?”

Wes rolled his eyes and said nothing. The phone rang, and Faith answered. “What? No, fuck you… Roger, you need to learn to respect me… No. No. I don’t think you are sorry… GRRR. Fine! I’m coming back up.” She slammed down the phone. “GodDAMN he is such an asshole. Call me if you go to a movie.” And with that, she was gone as quickly as she’d arrived.

Sylvia sat on her bed, then leaned back against the pillows and shut her eyes. Wes fell into an armchair.

“I hate her,” Sylvia said.

“She’s okay,” Wes said. “She never learned as a kid, that’s all.”

Sylvia looked at Wes. “You’re a nice guy.”

Wes smiled, looked away. “Not trying to be. Life too short to pick fights.”

Sylvia hugged herself. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“I know. I didn’t think I could do that.”

“Do what?” Sylvia asked.

“You know. Cum that many times.”

Sylvia grinned. “You’re embarrassed to say it.”

Wes looked out the window. “Old habits die hard.”

“Yeah,” Sylvia agreed. “I’ve got my clothes back on, but I still feel naked around you.”

Wes remained silent. Sylvia had something to say, and he’d let her.

“These past two days… I’ve never felt so safe. Even telling you that sounds dangerous in my mind, but I do feel safe so I don’t mind saying it. It’s not just about the sex. I want to know more about you, I wanna know everything. And after what you said in the tunnel, it was just so sweet.”

“But we jumped each other in the tunnel. And it’s all about the sex right now.”

“You’re complaining?”

Wes slowly moved his head no. He wasn’t complaining at all.

Sylvia let her head fall to the side in a girlish way, her curls falling carelessly across her face. “The sex, god, it’s so good. It was always work before, with other boys, you know? Something tricky, like I was auditioning for a job. But with you, last night, it was sweet and raunchy and so safe, and it keeps getting better, and I just want to be as close to you as possible in every way. I feel so… I feel like I could do anything. Anything for you, Wes.” She stared at him with intense eyes. “I want to turn you on, to light something inside you like you lit something in me. Listen to me, I’m even talking differently. I don’t know anything about lighting something inside, anymore than I know when to say the word ‘fuck.’ But there’s something burning in me, and it makes me want to say ‘fuck’ over and over, and to let you fuck me.”

Suddenly she lifted her shirt off again, then slipped out of her sweat pants. She now laid stretched out on the bed in her black bra and panties. “I want you, Wes,” she said almost to herself as she turned and moaned. She crawled on her hands and knees so that her ass pointed toward Wes, the thong barely covering her. Wes suspected she didn’t feel covered to begin with, nor care.

She said, “You made me cum so hard. I never came like that before. It’s like you see big red buttons on my body and you just keep pushing them. That thing with my asshole, I had no idea I’d like that, but I adore it, and it’s because you’re the one doing it.”

Wes felt desire churn inside him like the pool under a waterfall, threatening to drown him. Almost without willing to do so, he stood and walked to the bed. Sylvia sprawled her sexy body across the covers, looking up at the boy hovering over her.

“I still smell like you,” she whispered through pouting red lips.

Wes leaned down and kissed her gently on the mouth. She tangled her fingers up in Wes’s short black hair. They could not go back to the empty passion they had shared the night before; perhaps there never had been anything empty about it to begin with. Their new kiss communicated a million small messages, full of hopes and dreams of a life they might share together, on whatever level would work. At least they had Chicago.

The two young lovers turned off the lamps and slipped under the covers. They undressed each other but not quickly. First Wes lavished his goddess with kisses across the neck and shoulders, down to her soft cleavage nestled between her bra-covered breasts. Sylvia enjoyed rubbing her legs up and down Wes’s thighs. She unbuttoned his shorts and pushed them down. When they were both in their underwear, they continued to take their time making out. Even the simple act of holding one another was filled with deeper meaning, because their bodies were still warm from the hour-and-a-half they spent making love. Sylvia’s belly was sticky where Wes had first sprayed his seed across her.

Wes lingered at Sylvia’s bosom, nibbling her hard nipples, lapping at the soft flesh of her mounds as though they nourished him. Once her bra was off, Sylvia twisted in the bed, her intentions unclear until she was in a position where she could kiss Wes’s chest at the same time he was kissing hers. They laughed as they licked each others nipples, both responding lustfully to the subtle seduction. Soon they were kissing downward, until Sylvia’s panty-covered loins rested on top of Wes’s face. He gently pulled her panties off as he felt her do the same to his boxers.

They worked tenderly on each other. Instead of assaulting Sylvia’s bald pussy to make her cum, he simply tasted her, gliding his tongue in and out of her, experiencing all her textures with his tongue, smelling her deeply. Sylvia meanwhile explored Wes’s hard penis, licking every place she could reach, pumping him softly, creating suction on the swollen head. Wes held Sylvia’s ass as he probed her with his mouth, and she wrapped her hands around his thighs.

After a very long time of sixty-nining, they moved back together under the covers. Wes moved inside Sylvia as though it were the most natural act he had ever committed. Sylvia barely sighed as the cock moved deep inside her. They rocked against each other under the covers, kissing and tasting one another, exploring their bodies with their hands.

Perhaps an hour later, Sylvia began to murmur softly. “Hold me,” she pleaded, as she held her body tightly against Wes. Her legs trembled as she tightened her grip around his waist. “Uh… UH… UH… UH…” she moaned as her climax poured over her gently. She moved her body methodically around the penis inside her, allowing the orgasm to continue without diminishing. Sylvia was still coming when she begged, “Come inside me now.”

Wes gently placed Sylvia on her back and got into position so he could massage himself with her hot envelope. After only a few minutes of deliberate stroking, he cried, “Sylvia,” and shot his sperm into her. Wes heard her make a sound that could have been either laughter or sobbing. She held Wes tightly as he collapsed onto her. Wes knew exactly what Sylvia had meant about the feeling of safety; the warm wetness surrounding his penis was the safest place he’d ever been.

Wes fell on his side but did not remove his penis from Sylvia’s genitals. They fell asleep still copulating. An hour later, Sylvia began to hump against Wes. She was still half-asleep. Wes responded automatically by embracing Sylvia in his arms. The friction against his naked penis caused it to grow hard, and soon he had slipped back inside her. He enjoyed the pleasant sensation of sleepiness and the memory of his dream, and this carried him through their love-making. After only five minutes of sleep-fucking, they both came at the very same time. Wes pulled out involuntarily and spurted his semen across Sylvia’s legs and pussy.

Sylvia also ejaculated onto Wes, although neither of them was fully aware of it. She simply felt Wes’s cock pulling out, then a sensation of her own juices spitting out as though she had to pee. This intensified her orgasm, and she cried out. Wes covered her mouth with his own, and they kissed passionately as both their bodies slowly recovered from climax. Soon they were sleeping once again in each other’s embrace.

Around 3:00, there came a pounding on the door. Both kids woke up.

“Faith,” they said at the same time.

Wes put his shorts and t-shirt back on and slipped into the bed. Sylvia groggily pulled on her sweatpants and tank top, then kicked their underwear beneath the bed. Wes listened as Sylvia opened the door and spoke.

“Faith, are you TRYING to get us busted?”

“Us? I’m the only one who’ll get busted here. Why didn’t you call me to go see a movie?”

“Because it’s late, and we both went to sleep early.”

“Well, fuck!” Faith said. “I’m bored. Let’s do something. Naw, forget it, you look like a zombie. Just kick Wes out and let me go to sleep, too.”

“Don’t wake up Wes,” Sylvia demanded. “He’s tired.”

“You’re being so damn weird about Wes!” Faith said. “He’s in my bed.”

“Look, you’re right, no one cares what’s going on with all of us. Just go back to bed with Roger, and we’ll all be fine.”

Faith was about to say something, but Wes saw (through squinting eyes) that Faith wasn’t going to go through with waking him up. She threw her hands in the air and left, slamming the door behind her.

Sylvia slipped under the covers and cozied up to Wes in the bed with clean sheets. “I hate her,” she said. Minutes later, they were both fast asleep.

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The old gross-out again.

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A fun to read story

I like reading about young lovers, maybe reminders of the past 😎


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