tagMind ControlChicago Love Doctor Ch. 02

Chicago Love Doctor Ch. 02


I am sitting quietly by your side and the waiter has just left our table. I am wearing a low-cut dress you said I would enjoy wearing. You called earlier today and told me I would like to have dinner with you, and where I would like to have it, and I nodded and smiled and hung up. The Signature Room? I've never been there, but suddenly I have a tremendous desire to go there. We can look at the lights of the city, how peaceful and relaxing. I trust you completely. And now, here I am, exactly as you said I would be, sharing a lovely meal with you. Your hand, which went under the table when I first sat down, did not touch my knee; instead, it dipped under the white table cloth and you pushed aside my dress and pressed gently against my clitoris. I smiled at you and took a sip of wine as you smiled back.

I am enjoying being your client, enjoying seeing you again as you told me I would when you called. We met a few months ago, when I came to you for one session of hypnosis. I do not remember much about our time together; only that I entered your office late one night feeling depressed and lonely, and left the next morning, feeling exhausted but tranquil. I remember my skin felt soft and smooth, as if I had showered, but I can't be sure because I have no other memory.

And here I am, sitting with you now, craving your touch, wishing you could lift my breast right out of my silk brassiere and suck it gently right at the table. My pussy is hot, and my legs are spread for you. You are pushing your hand against me, pulsing on my pussy, and reading the menu casually at the same time. You tell me this is what I want and I nod in agreement. You press your finger into me more forcefully and gently lift at the top of my clitoris, touching me, playing with me. I want to be your little toy; in this moment, I live for that.

My mind wanders. I wonder if I might be able to suck you later in the evening, for a long, long time; I think about gently licking and sucking on your balls. The waiter is back with our appetizers. He notices my nipples through my blouse, hard and ready to be touched and sucked, and I see his eyes widen. I smile, and he smiles back sweetly. I'm in such a good mood, being with you. He leaves and you whisper in my ear what I'd like to do to you, and I agree and smile. Can I remember all that? I feel drowsy all of a sudden, but I am determined to remember everything. I so want to please you. Yes, I want to run my tongue over your balls, I do want to suck them, gently, as you told me, yes, I do want this. I want to rub myself all over you, exploring between your legs, sucking you everywhere, licking you everywhere, fondling your bottom and your balls while you sigh. Yes, these are all things I want, you are right. And I will slowly lie on one side and suckle your dick as you lick my pussy and pull me towards you, your hands on my bottom. Yes, I want to love doing that with you. Then I will slave over your penis a little more, get it all wet with my mouth, take it all into my mouth, and then turn around so that you can suckle my tits, caress them and lick them and suck on my nipples, so ready for you. I love this. You will then enter me and fuck me very hard, while I feed my tits to you, yes, I will love this.

All the while we are sitting in the restaurant, your finger continuing to pulse on my pussy, up and down, up and down. My panties are wet and I am trembling, wondering what else I can do to please you. You tell me I would like to start right now, and I rise from the table and walk out to the hallway. There is a ballroom with a view of the city, you say, and I would like to place my hands on the window while you push up my dress and enter me from behind, up, up, until I feel the pleasure I have been waiting for. Yes, I feel so wet, just thinking about this, and I walk down the hall and find the ballroom and push open the door. I let myself inside. It is dark, no private party tonight except us.

Within a minute, you enter the room, and I put my own finger on my pussy, and press against it, anticipating you. You walk toward me and I turn away and I feel you hike up my dress so, so gently, press your fingers into my thighs and rub them up and down for a moment. You slowly pull my panties down and then I receive my reward; the warm, round head of your penis entering me, pushing, pushing into me. You tell me that I want to settle back on it, and I say yes, I do, to myself, and I reach down and gently caress your balls, tug at them very sensitively while you sigh. I love that you want me to ride you. I wonder if anyone can see us. You push my legs apart with your fingers, and reach around to press on my clit with your finger again. Yes, it is wonderful, you are telling me, and I love it, I do. I want more and more, the more you give me, you tell me, and I completely agree. My eyes are half-closed, as if I am hypnotized again; isn't that funny? Your right hand is pushing on my clit, your left hand is fondling my breast, and you are pushing into me over and over as we sigh contendedly together. How much more of this can I have? I want to do everything with you, you say. Yes, I do. I do. I think about how happy I would be to suck on your balls again, how happy I would be to fondle your bottom and lick your back, do anything I think you might like. I want to push my tits in your face, until you beg to come up for air.

You comment that you think you see someone watching us in a high-rise nearby, and you tell me that I want to put on a show. Yes, yes I do. I unbutton my dress in front, and you undo my bra, and my breasts spill out everywhere. I hold them and turn towards you, and you lean over and suck them as you pull me towards you and pull me onto your cock. I am shaking from the energy expended already, but I want more, you say. I want you to pull me farther, farther onto your cock, so close that my pussy swallows it, and I want you to fuck me until the person watching us gets off, too. I feel pussy juice dripping out of me. You feel a little messy, too. You finish for the moment and I kneel down and lick your penis and your tummy, and clean you up. It's what i crave, you tell me, and I do. You lean down after I stand up and you press your face between my legs and lick me until I am all clean, too, ready to put my panties back on. I think about how much I love having you nibbling on my thighs and I get moist again.

You tell me I want to go back to your place, so we get a cab together. In the cab, I fold my coat on my lap and you sneak your hand underneath it and massage my mons until we get to where you live. You pay the cabbie and we exit. There is a charming little park next to your home, and as we walk past it, you decide I would like to be with you there. We go to the park, and I pull my breast out for you to suck on and I spread my legs for you. You suck on me for a moment, and then we go to your place.

The lobby looks familiar; I remember that. I remember the soft lighting, how cozy and relaxed I felt. Inside your place, you tell me that I like you to do a lot of work, too. I stand without touching you, while you gently suck my neck. You unbutton my dress and kneel down and kiss my tummy. You unbutton lower, lower, all the way to the pussy. You remove my damp panties and tell me that I want to keep my spiked heels on. You lift my dress off my shoulders and soon I am standing in front of you with nothing but my heels and a lace bra. You pick up a camera and take a picture of me, and I am so flattered by that. You tell me I want to touch my pussy, and lick my finger, and I oblige, of course. I want you to feel so, so happy, so content. You look at me very seriously, considering what I might like, and I wait for you to tell me what that might be. As I wait, I caress my breast and tug on it, waiting for your love.

I kneel down and you walk toward me so that I can take you in my mouth. I twirl my tongue around the head of your cock; it satisfies me. I was hungry before, now I am still hungry but feeling a little more sated. I begin to caress your balls and I love this. I pull you toward me, tickling your bottom, and you do not resist. I massage your thighs and suck and suck to my heart's content, like I am sucking from a bottle. You are the only thing that satisfies me; I will be available to you whenever you call. I take you deep, deep, down my throat and I wonder, will I ever get enough of you? I could suck you all night. I still feel so very, very hungry, you say, and it's true.

You take my hand and lead me to a bedroom which seems oddly familiar. Does it look like my old bedroom? Why do I remember it? It is very dark, the shutters are closed, not letting in street lights. There is a form on the bed, and I gasp for a moment in fear, but you grab me from behind and hold onto my tits, helping me feel secure. My eyes grow accustomed to the dark, and I make out the shapely figure of a woman. You let go of my breasts and turn on a soft light, tell me that you have something for me that I want. I am so curious. Look at her. She is about five foot seven, a few inches shorter than me, with beautiful tanned skin, dressed in a taupe pair of silk panties adorned with cream-colored lace, and on top she is wearing a cream-colored bra that is designed only for fun, not everyday wear. Instead of a bra, it gathers around the breasts, looks like a bordered shelf to display her perfect, lovely orbs, and I realize that yes, this is something I do want. She smiles and winks at me. Winks! How cute she is. Big brown eyes, and long blond hair slightly twisted into an adorable braid. You tell me I want to go to her, and don't be shy, and I feel so good about this, so accepted. I do want her. I can't believe I get to touch her, suck her everywhere if I want to. My cunt begins to throb. I walk to the bed and she is perched on one elbow, looking up at me. I kneel down and run my fingers over her inviting breasts. I lean down and slowly lick one, not on the areola, but just the breast, and she sighs.

I hear a voice somewhere in the room, I don't know where it is coming from, that tells me that you have forgotten how to make love to a woman, and you need me to teach you, and the sweet girl and I look at each other and giggle. She leans ever so slightly toward me, and I am so eager to show you what to do. I love her little bra, it turns me on so much, and I don't want to remove it, I just want to caress those amazing breasts, let them fill my mouth like sweet soft plums. I take one in my mouth and make lazy circles around the tit, and suck so gently while I caress her beautiful waist. Her skin excites me; I keep thinking of things I want to do to her. I hear you saying yes, yes, I love this, and it's true, I do, and I am glad that you are filming us; I am so complimented by that. Making an instructional video? Or highlights from our time together that we can all watch later while we eat dinner in bed? It makes me chuckle to think of your plans.

My little tanned friend is looking at me as I suck on her breast, and I pull her waist to me and kiss her tummy. I am so wet, and I guide her hand to my pussy so that she can wipe my juice with her hand and massage it into my leg. She slowly wipes me, over and over, with a finger, lingering on my shaven pussy. I want to put my tongue in her right now, I can't wait. I slide lower and lower, and let my tongue lick her waiting clit. My hands slide under her bottom and she involuntarily clenches her pussy and bottom muscles as I bring her to me, and part her labias with my tongue, exploring the long line of her vagina, her sweet, light brown haired vagina. She is so juicy, and I lick and lick her to clean her up a bit. I smile and put my finger right on her clit, right where I know she's going to love it. She wiggles a little and I hold her firmly. I am mesmerized by the beauty of her body, I want to go slowly with her, take my time with this princess. All the while I hear a voice telling me all the things I would like to do with her, and I agree to everything, everything. I want to love her to death, put my head between her gorgeous, strong legs, lick her juice away and play, play, play with my finger on the top of her clit, show her how fun it is to be with a woman who understands what to do. My goodness, she is so juicy!

I continue to lick, and then touch and play with her, then lick again, and again, and once again play and get her into a rhythm with my finger, now two strong fingers on her cunt, as she begins to wriggle. I slow her pace down and I hear her whimper a little. I know she wants more, but not until I explore her with my whole body, rubbing her everywhere. I slide back up her tummy and pull a tit out of that beautiful breast shelf she is wearing, and put the tip of it in my vagina, and push back and forth, fucking her tit with my pussy, with one of my hands still on her pussy, my middle finger gently teasing her inside without pressing into her at all, while two fingers caress the labias on each side of her slit. You tell me I love this, and I do, I do, and she does too, and her mouth forms a perfect "o" while I am moving with her, loving this. Her bottom begins to rise; I can feel it, she is getting more and more stimulated. Oh, my sweet little friend is about to have her first orgasm with my finger. I pull out quickly and her eyes open in surprise. That's right, sweetie, I pulled out. I wipe away her juice with my hand and massage it into the hair on her cunt.

Then, as soon as she is dry again, I massage her cunt with just one finger, and reinsert it into her clit, and her eyes close and she looks content, like she knows she is going to get a prize. Her brow starts to furrow and she begins to concentrate and to lose herself and I know she is going to come very hard. You tell me that I am doing a beautiful job, that you may actually be able to remember how it is done. I gently massage her lovely clit with one finger in, one finger on either side until she writhes in ecstasy and screams and shudders, then laughs and smiles, and sits up to kiss me. She leans up to pull my breast out of my bra and suck on it like a baby. She curls up next to me and I hold her in my arms like she is a little baby while she suckles me. A finger finds its way into my cunt, and I look down and realize that it is you, that you are lying on the bed fondling me while my little girlfriend suckles my breast. I love this, you say, and of course I do, I am being sucked at my breast with a strong hand massaging my mons and teasing my cunt, over and over. I lie down and hold my girl to my breast, and you put your face between my legs. You tell me that you are going to tease me the way I teased my new friend, you are going to stroke my pussy as I showed you to, and you put your tongue in me and dart around and open the lips of my vagina like I showed you. I lie there and I look forward to anything you want to do to me. It's what I live for.

Soon your fingers are everywhere, gently pulling my labia farther apart while you plunge your tongue into me. You are going to pull my friend's panties down and fuck her while I watch, you say, and I agree that I will love to see this. She continues to suck on my breast while I stroke her hair, and you begin to enter her over and over from behind. She is so open to you, so wet. I long to suck on your balls, and then let you fuck me while she plays with you. This sounds so fun.

I wish this night would never end. Yes, more, more, more. Is that what you want? Then I want that, too. Please tell me what else I would like.

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