Chick Flicks


Hannah walked into the darkened theatre. She had the afternoon off from work. No husband, no kid, no work. A perfect time to relax doing her favorite thing, she thought. She'd chosen the chick-flick of the week. Usually entertaining and not at all stressful on the mind, Hannah found serenity in the darkness of the theatre and comfort in the simplistic but emotionally rewarding plots of these kinds of movies. She turned the corner around the barrier wall and found no one in the theatre.

"Even better," she thought.

Walking up several stairs she found herself about three quarters of the way up the theatre and walked to the middle of a row. She sits and gets comfortable. The moments pass and she grows bored. No movie to watch yet, canned easy listening music floating through the air, and still not a soul in sight. Hannah checks her watch and realizes the movie should start soon. As if on cue, the lights dim and the previews begin.

The movie does not disappoint. Half way through the plot has been set up well and the protagonist has fallen in love. In a particular steamy scene the character kisses a man outside her apartment. Their hands begin to wander. Passionately, they continued their embrace and exploration. Hannah squirmed in her seat as she took in the scene. She imagined being the girl beginning a new romance. She got butterflies again and squirmed again. She felt a warmth growing between her legs, likely just as the woman in the movie was feeling. She watched as the woman nervously fumbled with her keys as the man kissed her neck from behind. Hannah imagined feeling his warm breath and soft lips on the nape of her neck. She imagined him kissing down her neck and across her exposed shoulder. She dragged her finger gently across her collar bone pretending it was the man's lips. She dipped her hand into her shirt, passed her bra, and found her erect nipple. She tweaked it with her nail. The audible moan that escaped her mouth startled her.

"What the hell am I doing?!?!" she thought.

Her eyes darted around but found no one else in the darkness. She sighed partly in relief and disgust. "You can't do that in here. Someone could come in!" she scolded herself.

Quickly she composed herself and focused on the movie. The scene had shifted to the woman's bedroom and was intensely more arousing. Her arching back shone in a shadow and her rhythmic rocking resulted in moans from both her and the man. Almost impulsively Hannah began rubbing her exposed legs. She gently brushed her thighs with her finger tips around the hem of her skirt. Over and over again she brushed against the inside of her legs with her warm fingertips. Her breathing quickened as she felt herself moisten. Warm and wet now, she felt an ache inside: an ache that would only yield to a climax. Realizing she'd gone too far to stop now, Hannah reached under her skirt and grasped her panties and pulled them to floor. Removing one foot at a time, she pulled them away and placed them in her purse. Her heart racing, she looked around and still found no one in the darkened theatre.

Somewhat assured of her privacy, Hannah returned to rubbing her legs. This time she moved up and down the inside of each leg. Slightly parting her legs she reached up towards her now throbbing pussy. She could feel the heat radiating as her index finger approached. She poked passed her lips and found her wanting and very wet opening. She dipped her finger inside and twirled it against all sides of her walls. She threw her head back and gasped at the wonderful feeling. Spinning her finger inside she found enough moisture to spread around. She pulled her finger out and ran it up and down the length of her pussy. Stopping at the clitoris, she found it erect and throbbing. Rubbing the moisture she'd found earlier into her clit, Hannah opened her eyes and looked around.

"I just might get away with this!" she thought. "This is hot!"

She continued rubbing in a circular motion placing more and more pressure on her clit. Rubbing faster, her breathing quickened. Gently moaning she kept one eye on the sex on the screen and occasionally looked towards the stairs just in case. She felt the pressure build behind her clit and move through her body. She moved two fingers into her now saturated pussy and being moving them in and out while her thumb brushed against her clit with each stroke. Only a few strokes in, she drew in a deep breath and moaned as her orgasm began.

She felt her contractions clench at her thrusting fingers. In and out they came stressing against her pussy's best efforts to grasp them. She moaned in unison with her contractions as her brain flashed white hot. She closed her eyes and took it all in: her fingers deep inside herself, her shallow and labored breaths, and the light headedness. Opening her eyes, she looked around and still saw no one. Hannah sighed in relief and crossed her legs and continued watching the movie.

Later that evening Hannah smiled as she recalled the afternoon's events.

"What are you smiling at?" her husband Jimmy asked.

"I went to a movie this afternoon. It was, uh, pretty good," she replied.

"Didn't you go see that stupid chick flick?"

"Yeah, but there was a particularly hot scene."

"So," he retorted.

"Well, it made me hot and I kinda touched myself," Hannah replied as she looked away sheepishly.

"You did what?" Jimmy asked surprised as he'd ever been.

"It just kind of happened. No one was there and the scene was hot, and I got hot, and it just happened," she replied embarrassed.

"Did you like it? Doing that in public?" Jimmy asked.

"I actually kind of did. The chance of being caught made it even hotter than it normally would have been. I guess I'm an exhibitionist of sorts."

"Well can I go with you next time? I'd like to get in on that."

"Sure," Hannah replied passing her husband a telling smile.

The following day Hannah called her husband.

"Hello?" answered Jimmy.

"Hey babe! So that movie I watched yesterday is on today at 12:30. Can you take a long lunch and join me?" she asked.

"Sounds great," he answered grinning.

At 12:30 he met her in the vestibule. They stopped by the concession stand for snacks, turned in their tickets and made for the theatre. Just as before, there was no one inside. They walked towards the top and then down the next to last row and sat down. The movie began as before. As the minutes passed, Hannah fidgeted in her seat as she anticipated the upcoming scene and what she hoped would be a fun time with her husband. Finally it was time. The man on the screen kissed the woman and the scene began to escalate. She glanced over at Jimmy and smiled. Smiling back, Jimmy felt his cock begin to harden. Torn between his Hannah's arousal induced smile and the actions on the screen he lost any concern he had for their privacy.

The crotch of his jeans tightened as he hardened to his full length and girth. Sensing his discomfort, Hannah reached over and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His cock reached upward into the cool air as he sighed. Wasting no time Hannah gripped the shaft and ran her palm up and down the length several times. Feeling every ridge of the head she traced around each side with her finger tip. Hannah got out of her seat and kneeled in front of Jimmy. She grasped his hardness and took his tip into her mouth. Jimmy felt her warmth surrounding his most sensitive area. He threw his head back and closed his eyes. She took in his length and ran her lips all the way down and back up.

She wrapped her tongue around the ridges of his head and gently stroked him with her hand. Hannah glanced upwards and saw the look of pure ecstasy and vulnerability. If someone were to come in they would be seen for sure. Neither of them cared as Hannah felt Jimmy's cock pushing her lips outward. She took him in her mouth again this time stroking at a faster pace. Jimmy grabbed the back of her head and gently guided her further down his cock. After a few more moments of sucking Hannah looked up.

"I need you inside me right now." She demanded.

She bent over the row of chairs in front of her and presented her wet pussy for Jimmy. With what little light was available he saw her juices leaking out of her and dripping down her leg. Not one to waste an invitation, Jimmy grabbed her sides and gently slid himself into her. Slowly, he buried all seven of his stiff inches. He took it slow as he wanted her to feel every part of him. His warmth, the raised ridges of his head, his bulging blood vessels and finally the soft base. Inch by inch he rubbed against the inside of her dragging his manhood through her.

"Hoooooly shit!" Hannah whispered. "That feels fantastic! Gimmie your cock! I don't care who sees!"

Before she could finish her sentence Jimmy began thrusting. In and out he came gripping her sides at each entering stroke. Hannah looked up and saw that the sex scene in the movie had long since ended but she did not care. She was staring in her own scene of exhibitionism that was much hotter than any film. Her thought broke as Jimmy reached underneath her shirt and found her erect nipples. Gently he tugged and pinched. Though hard to tell because of the cock stroking deep within her, she felt herself become even more aroused from the pinch. Jimmy continued to thrust into her quietly moaning at the feeling of her warmth and moisture.

Jimmy leaned forward and whispered in Hannah's ear.

"This is so hot!" he whispered. "We should do this more often."

"You're right," she whispered back. "Sit down so I can ride you."

Jimmy sat down in his chair and Hannah, still facing forward, lowered herself onto him. Using the armrests as support she slid up and down his cock taking all she could get. She bounced are ass against his legs as hard as she could reaching for every bit of him. Jimmy again grabbed her sides and guarded her up and down. Stroke after stroke she collapsed upon him and then came back up.

"Faster," Jimmy cried. "I wanna cum. Right now!"

Bouncing even faster, Hannah obliged. She felt him moving in and out of her so quickly her breathing could not keep pace. Suddenly she felt his cock begin to pulse.

"Fucccck!" Jimmy shouted.

His cock throbbed as Hannah settled on top of him. She felt every one of his contractions as he emptied inside of her. She leaned back and kissed him. Jimmy, gasping for air, feverishly kissed her back between breaths. Hannah gently rose off of him and cleaned herself with a nearby napkin from the concession stand. After settling back into her chair she glanced over at Jimmy with his head laid back against the chair and his mouth agape.

"Wow. That was totally nuts." He said.

"I know right? That's why I was smiling a dinner. It's so intense to think that someone may see you," Hannah offered.

"Well, I guess we've found a new hobby," Jimmy chuckled.

"Yeah, I think so. I'm thinking we should go shopping next weekend. You can help me try on some dresses."

"Sounds good to me," He replied settling in for the rest of the movie.

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