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Chicken Skin Ch. 02


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We were a giant hit in Nashville and the fans wouldn't leave until we played five encores. We had run out of songs to play, so Elvin led us in a rendition of the Beatles' Ob La Di on alto clarinet, with Willie filling in with an accordion solo. I have to admit my guitar was inspired and for the first time, some of those granny panties the hot female fans tossed came in my direction. Under normal circumstances I would have been revolted at the thought of catching some granny's panties, but after my incredible experience with Earline the night before, I had a whole new outlook at granny panties.

In fact, I played the entire last set with a hard on, looking over at Earline singing, imagining peeling her granny panties off that wrinkled ass of hers. Yes, receiving the most incredible blowjob of my life, possibly the most incredible blowjob in the history of mankind from Earline less than twenty-four hours ago, has changed my viewpoint of granny panties. I found myself fantasizing about her, in just those big white panties coming halfway up her stomach, the top elastic band tucking nicely under her mottled, sagging breasts.

Finishing our last encore, I limped behind Earline, trying to conceal my erection as we exited the stage. We had run so late, that we decided to get a hotel, allowing the bus driver his needed rest and giving us a break from those tight quarters. Our bus driver had already headed to the hotel hours ago, so we got to ride in a limo. Earline and I plopped into the back seat, but surrounded by the rest of the band and a couple of roadies, we couldn't do much in the way of cuddling.

A quick fifteen-minute drive brought us to the Delimore Arms Motor Court, featuring a twenty-four hour restaurant, closed for renovations, and a swimming pool that looked more like a swamp. We quickly checked in and moved our luggage into our rooms. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and soon stood at Earline's door.

Earline was ready for me, opening the door and then standing back. She wore a jet-black bra that lifted her breasts off her stomach in an amazing testament to underwire and some bikini panties. Only a bit disappointed she didn't have on her big white granny panties, I looked her over. The bikini panties were very becoming, nicely tucking under the slight folds at her stomach and hips.

I immediately moved to her, wrapping my arms around her. Kissing her deeply on the mouth I felt her employing the same suction she used the night before giving me a blowjob, nearly sucking my tongue from my mouth. Finally breaking away, I reached behind her, unhooked her bra and listened to the distinct slap of her breasts on her stomach. Curling my hands under them, I raised them as I lowered my head, sucking her nipples one after the other.

Hooking a leg behind me, she squeezed me in close, mashing my face against the loose flab of her breasts. She held me tight for the longest time, until I finally had to push her back just to catch a breath. I looked into her hazel eyes and saw a ferocity I had never seen in a woman before. I reached to her panties as she practically tore my shirt off me, and in the time it took for me to get her panties off, she had me completely naked.

She lay back on the bed, opened her legs and showed me the large lips of her pussy as I kneeled, ready to dip my tongue deep into her cunt, but she grabbed my head and pulled me upward.

"No, I want you inside me. NOW!" she growled.

I immediately crawled onto the bed and moved my hard cock toward her. She grabbed it and in blur coated it in lube from some tube she pulled from her purse. Fully lubed I moved closer to her, feeling her hands expertly guide me into her loose cunt. Pushing my cock deep into her, I felt only a light stimulation around its circumference. I moved, the only real intense feeling I got was at the point of almost complete withdrawal, as my rod got entangled with her copious labia.

Concentrating on her, I continued, moving in unison with her response. Her hips began moving wildly as I drove myself into her, feeling her lips almost suck in my balls with the rest of my cock. Her moans intensified, as I continued, until she arched her back and raised her hips, lifting me in the air. She then flopped back onto the bed, wrapped her legs around me and held me tight. I felt the light pulsations on my cock as her wide opening convulsed in ecstasy.

Caught in her embrace, I laid on top of her motionless, disappointed in the minimal sensations generated inside her pussy. Catching her breath and regaining her composure, she smiled at me, kissed me hard on the lips and with a quick buck of her hips she flipped me onto the bed, on my back.

In a flash, I saw my cock disappear into her mouth and felt the light explode around me as she began that heavenly suction. All I could do was move my hips and experience the incredible feeling rolling over me. In moments I filled her mouth with my come as I closed my eyes and watched the stars sparkle for me.

Unable to move, I must have dozed off, because the next thing I remember was a knocking on the door and opening my eyes to Earline, her head on my thigh, fast asleep. Working my way out from under her, I went to the door.

"Yeah, who is it?" I asked.

"Ace? Is that you?" It was Elvin.

"Yeah. It's me Elvin, I fell asleep here."

"Okay, but we got to get ready, the roadies are already loaded and ready to go," he implored.

"I'll wake Earline and we'll be out in a bit," I replied.

"Okay, how long..."

"As soon as Earline gets ready!" I hollered.

Earline was crawling out of bed. "Wow, I was wondering what it was that ran over me last night."

"Yes, it was kind of incredible," I replied.

Grabbing my cock she said, "Adds a whole new meaning to 'Smoke on the Okra' doesn't it?"

"That it does," I replied, thinking of the way her ass moved as she sang that song, "That it does."

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