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The story is fantasy and not condoned as safe sexual activity. That is why I picked the Erotic Horror category.

She wasn't ugly but attractive wouldn't be the word either. A light skinned Black girl with freckles. Probably around thirty and thin, she was not dressed well but, I wasn't interested in her clothing, only her abilities and of course her lips. Maybe a bit too thin from the massive quantities of cocaine she smoked. Chickennecks smoked a shitload of crack. Shitload is an official measure of weight in the south, you know. That is why she was on that corner at four in the morning. She was out to catch so she could smoke some more rock. Most chickennecks didn't want money to suck your dick if you have the 'Caine. ready rock, freebase or just plain old crack, with you. Crack is the currency for them. The more you let them smoke, the better and longer they sucked and they would smoke until their lips were burnt. Why chickenneck? Because they look like chickens pecking at the ground for food as they suck and lick up and down on your dick. You get deep, deep throat because the coke has numbed their throat. I guess they can't feel how far you are going in and really don't give a damn at that point. They are high, feeling the rush and many will tell you they like to have a dick in their mouth to play with when they are high. For some it is the only time they enjoy it.

From the corner she could see the crack pipe in my hand as I waved it at her. The chickenneck bitch flicked her cigarette away and got in my car asking me,

"You got something to put in it or you need something?" I thought she must know someplace to cop but I already had a place in mind.

"Going to get some now unless you got it on you." I told her. She didn't so I turned the corner and headed towards the huge apartment building that served as one of the many crack markets in the city. It is four a.m. and a number of dealers were peddling their stuff in the rundown lobby as we climbed the stairs and went inside together. One guy, who had a pretty chickenneck with him, who was looking to suck dick on the stairwell for some rock, had six fat twenties for a hundred. He got my benny and I told her maybe next time. The girl I picked up and I headed back to my car. I shoved one chunk of coke in the pipe as she told me. "That bitch is always trying to steal somebody's trick." She was talking about the pretty girl in the lobby. I laughed and handed her the pipe as I drove on. I told her to scoot down in the seat and hit it.

"You put a whole twenny in it?" she was incredulous.

"Yeah. Hit it then hit my dick." I said as I pulled down my zipper and drove.

"You know it, honey". She smiled, scooted down and put the lighter to the crack end of the pipe and began to heat it up to melt is so she could begin her slow inhale and the holding of her breath, keeping the smoke in.

I already had my dick out now and found a place to pull in so we would not be disturbed. Only about half erect, I enjoyed a woman sucking on my dick until it was fully hard. She then became a part of the whole process from beginning to end. I also just really enjoy being handled by a woman who knows how and what to do to make a dick and me feel good. She feels it grow in her mouth and hands. If perceptive she learns to gauge growth and reaction to what she is doing. If she is a size queen my dick will make her happy as well. The better and longer she sucks the bigger I tend to get. I have seen the really big boys in movies and do not measure up to them at all. At best I'm just over nine inches long and about five inches in circumference when really worked and sucked up. Thick but no porn star here.

Porn star or not I had picked the right chicken neck. She exhaled the crack smoke slowly and was reaching for my exposed half hard dick with her left hand, while leaning herself over to the drivers side. Smiling up at me again, she said, "I really love sucking dick like this", and swooped down on it, damn near inhaling my dick. She got all of me in her mouth, right down to my nuts and that is something that rarely happens. She got me all inside because I was not fully hard yet and she began to work on me.

She was really good at her chosen pastime. She swirled her tongue all around my dick. I grew She pulled on my ball sac. I grew. She began moaning and chewing just enough for me to feel it around the base, with my head down her throat. As I continued to grow and stiffen in her mouth she chewed up the shaft until she got to the head. Girlfriend then began sucking on the head and jacking the shaft. Now she has me almost to my full nine plus inches and repeatedly pops my head in and out of her mouth so it makes a popping noise. She is smiling at me with her eyes. No way her mouth could look like anything other than a circle.

Rubbing the top and back of her head I told her she was a good girl, I liked how she was doing it and what a magnificent job she was doing. Chickenneck enjoyed being touched and moaned around my dick that she understood and worked even harder to please me. As the enjoyable time went on, I also told her not to worry about making me cum. I enjoyed her playing with my dick and just wanted her to continue doing so. The chickenneck pulled on my sac again while twisting the other hand around the base of my dick and moaned, while going up and down. I responded with a pleasurable guttural moan of my own and she knew I had told her the truth and was enjoying her. I did think that we could improve on this fun a bit so I put another hit in the pipe for her and told her to sit up and go for it. I have now lavished forty dollars worth of crack on her. She is one happy chickenneck.

She heated the twenty dollar chunk I had put in the pipe and hit it while looking directly at me. As the rush took hold of her she took the pipe out of her mouth. Handing it to me she managed to get out, "You are really fun. I wish we were somewhere so I could sit on your face and suck your dick." It is hard to talk and hold a hit of crack down. I just smiled, while thinking why she would think I would want her chickenneck pussy sitting on my face. I told her to finish her hit so I could take my hit and she could suck my dick again... Taking her hits back to back like that really sent her over the edge. She was so horny sitting there she began rubbing her cunt and tits as the rush took over her body. She took her nearly flat tits out and tweaked the nipples. Her pussy was humping the air. I watched the show for a bit, loaded a twenty for myself and hit it all at once. Putting the pipe in the ashtray I told her to suck on me again while I rushed. She went down on me again doing her swoop thing and shoved all nine inches into her throat. No hesitation, no gag response, just immense pleasure for me as my hit took hold of me. There could be more pleasurable things in life than hitting a crack pipe and having your dick in some bitches' throat. I have yet to find them.

She was working me so well while on her knees that I pulled up her dress and finding no panties shoved my right thumb all the way up her ass. That got a reaction from her that was fully intended for my dick. I loved it and put all four fingers from my right hand up her cunt. I had been right. The last hit she took had made her cum. I slid all four fingers in playing while I went deeper in her pussy. Having my thumb in her ass and the rest of my fingers up her cunt forced her deeper on my dick and further into her throat. The chickenneck was already good. Now she just got better and I found myself raising up off the seat and fucking her face. I don't know how long later the little cocksucking bitch went off like a roman candle. Having all three holes filled must have been her thing as she hollered her orgasm all around my dick. She humped my hand and sucked my dick even better than she was. I had died and gone to chickenneck heaven. She humped and sucked and came and humped and sucked and came. Taking my thumb out of her ass I proceeded to slide my entire fist in her pussy. She had cum enough. She was more than wet enough. My fingers had done a good job of opening her up and with some effort slid my hand up her cunt little by little until I was all the way in. She is still humping, cumming and sucking only taking my dick from her mouth once to look up at me and say.


That was her reaction as my hand; now wrist deep in her cunt was opened up, my fingers strumming her insides and all around her cervix. She hollers another orgasm around my dick but not taking it out her mouth so I form another fist and began going in and out in a circular motion. Now she was in chickenneck heaven. High and getting the fucking she needed, even if it was only my fist.

After she quieted down a bit and I slowly removed my fist from her cunt she clung to me still playing and stroking my now rampant dick. The chickenneck was still suffering the aftershocks of her orgasms or maybe a series of little O's. Looking up at me, shaking still

She then asked me to fuck her ass. Now when you are very thick you don't get offered asshole very often so I took a condom from the glove box and told her to put it on me. She did it with her mouth as I put another rock in the pipe and hit it. I hit it all, positioned the seven way seat all the way down and tilted back. I was surprised the little chickenneck didn't want another hit when I offered it. She climbed on top of me putting my dick in her cunt for a few strokes. Then she changed holes sliding slowly down my pole, holding her breath all the way down. It took a while but all I had to do was watch her as she positioned her asshole around my dick. Chickenneck slid and wiggled and got it in just right, then rested her head on my shoulder while her asshole flexed around my dicks intrusion into her bowel. With some women you feel a tight ring and then a wide expanse of open area. This chickenneck was built different. I had noticed when my thumb was in her ass that my entire thumb was gripped. Her asshole was like a three or four inch tube and it was giving my dick a serious work out. She had settled herself and had begun to move up and down and around on me.

"I don't want to be greedy but, can I have that hit now?" she asked me. I told her yes and prepared the pipe for her as she continued to fuck her own asshole with my dick. She hit the pipe only able to inhale about half of the twenty dollar piece so I finished it off. If her rushing felt to her with my dick up her ass as good as it was feeling to me I had plans to do this again. She had another big orgasm and after a bit removed my hard on from her asshole. She pulled her dress down and returned to the passenger seat kneeling and facing me.

"I need to get you off", she said taking off the ass juiced up rubber and sucking on me again. I did another hit. She went to work as I told her, "It's like a hammer baby. You've got to hit it". She did. Two hands around the shaft and the rest of my dick in her mouth she began the familiar chickenneck suck off. I thought that she did indeed look like a chicken pecking at the ground. I watched, I rushed, and I came. It was good.

Opening the car door she spit out her mouthful of cum she had worked so hard for. I put the last hit in the pipe for her and she shared it with me. I pinched one of her nipples and she came again calling me a big freak. We drove off to return her to her corner.

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