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Child Of Darkness

byEnglish Bob©

Times have changed. Things have changed and people have changed. But in the many years I have been living among the mortals of this world, have I changed? I think for the most part, not greatly. Of course, I have changed my appearance from time to time – my creator and Master, Neros, many moons ago explained the necessity for these subtle transformations – so as to be able merge and blend in with ease, but essentially, since my "birth" nearly five hundred years ago, I have not altered. I am referred to by many names: parasite; blood-sucker; vampire, even. But to me, a product of Neros and Malia – my mortal mother - I will always be what my creators called me – a Child of Darkness.

I have been thinking a lot about Neros and Malia recently. It was they who steered me away from the traditional ideals and desires of our kind. They showed me – despite the understandings of you mortals – that a need for blood is not essential for our survival, that the laughable idea of wooden stakes and garlic is of course a fallacy and that retiring to musty crypts and coffins at the dawn of the day are all completely unnecessary. In short, they – especially Neros - demonstrated that I could act and behave like any mortal.

It was also Neros that explained to me the unadulterated joys of fornication. Male and female mortals were so often the subjects of my education and I found that I could derive sufficient life-force from the act of sex to sustain me. I discovered very early on that this was a much more satisfying method of prolonging my existence than draining the blood of my victims.

Of course the satisfaction that I experience is not purely physical. The pleasure in taking control of the mind of a victim can actually come close to the material joy of fulfillment and renewed vitality. When I am searching for a suitable victim I will often choose them for the control and debasement I can subject them to. When I am in control of a situation – which I always am – my powers, both physical and telepathic, seem almost boundless.

I had happened on the couple purely by chance. A late evening stroll through the dark, rain-slick streets of the old town was my habitual routine. I saw them through the gloom, my sharp feline-like eyes picking them out and immediately assessing them as possible victims. I had dressed casually; my clothes assisting me to blend in as usual. My hair had been trimmed fashionably short and made the most of my handsome, rugged features. Trustable.

The couple – a young husband and wife, I speculated – were huddled together in a vain attempt to shield themselves from what I thought was a most refreshing rain. They were beatific – my victims always are – and as I approached them my mortal appearance ensured that they felt no apprehension or fear. I engaged them easily in idle conversation. It was, and always is, that simple. My mental authority and supreme influence flowed like a stream of molten lava; encircling them, captivating them and drawing them in. Within a few short minutes I knew that they were mine. The female fascinated me. A blonde cascade of hair tumbled innocently about her shoulders and a sheer black dress hid what I was certain was a most delectable form. She was tall in stature – probably due to the high-heeled footwear favoured by her type – but her limbs still appeared long and slender. The male looked older in years but still attractive. He sported a band of gold metal around the second finger of his left hand confirming my assumptions of their marital status. They both looked so innocent as I fixed them with a piercing stare and released the power in me.

"It is time." I stated in a slow, monotone. "Come. We must now go."

I had no desire to know their given names. They had no need to know mine. I led and they dutifully followed, their hands clasped together like teenaged lovers. I smiled to myself as I thought of the control that I had over them. They were under my command completely. There was nothing to stop me taking what I desired.

Once in my opulent apartment, I bade my male companion to sit. Despite my many "lovers" of both genders over the years, I still preferred the feel of mortal female skin under my touch. I was hungry for this woman and my appetite needed to be sated.

The female folded into my arms as I embraced her tenderly. Her blonde head tilted back and the pink lips of her mouth pouted slightly as I lowered my face to hers. Her husband was quiet. Sitting passively, almost unknowingly. Although, of course, he would know. He would remember everything about tonight. The recollection of his sweet wife and what was about to happen would remain with him for the rest of his life.

The lips tasted sweet and moist, like morning dew on a rose petal. My tongue danced and I felt her body melt into mine. My hands roamed, slowly at first, over the outside of the dress. I was pleased with my selection; she did indeed possess a fine form. The rounded curves of her buttocks seemed to fill my palms perfectly. Her waist was slim and, as my hands travelled further up her covered body, I felt the undulating swell of her breasts as they lay, unrestrained by a bra, inside the dress.

Slowly, carefully, I slipped the thin strap of her dress from one pale shoulder. The skin was almost flawless and emanated a heat that exhibited her excited condition. Gently I pulled down the top of the dress and cupped a soft, warm breast in my hand. To my delight I heard a soft moan escape from between her parted lips. I looked deep into her face. Her eyes were closed. It was the face of a sleeping angel.

A wide grin slashed and divided my own face as I rolled a nipple between my finger and thumb and heard the female gasp again. She was responding well to my touch. It was possible, of course, I realised, that this was not all my responsibility. Could the innocent couple perhaps have been not so innocent? Could they already have been looking forward to a night of unbridled passion together? There may well already have been, I thought, an element of excited anticipation before my timely arrival!

My mind – and my hands - returned to more pressing matters. Subtly, I peeled the top of the blonde female's dress down further. A second, perfectly formed breast was exposed by this action and I pulled the pleasantly heavy orb up towards my lips. The swollen bud of her nipple looked crinkled and expectant as I took it into my mouth. Her gasp was more urgent this time – a deep groan of desire. My teeth nibbled gently; not hurting but intensifying the feelings as my hands pulled the dress further down until it encircled her slim waist.

Reluctantly removing my lips from their most pleasant position, I encouraged the now semi-nude female to stand in front of me. She obeyed my command instantly – as I knew that she must. Wordlessly I indicated what her next move should be. Her sightless eyes fixed with mine as she wriggled the dress past flared hips and allowed it to pool around her feet. Slowly she did the same with her black underwear and eventually stepped away from her garments and stood posed before me. I looked her up and down appreciatively. My hands turned her this way and that, eventually manoeuvring her lithe body until she was facing her silent husband.

"This one's body is almost perfect, do you not agree?" I asked

The male nodded his head. He was still encapsulated by my powerful control but was clearly not blind to his wife's beauty. His lips looked dry and cracked as he stared at her naked form in awe.

"Is it not pleasing to see her like this; exposed and revealed before me?"

Again the nod of his head told me that he agreed. How could he not? My attention tuned back to the female. My desire for her was increasing rapidly.

"You have kissed me once. Now it is time to kiss me again."

Slowly, I sat back in my favourite chair and relaxed. My fingers worked at the buckle of my belt and in a matter of moments I had the zipper of my pants open and the garment down around my thighs. My straining weapon sprung forward and twitched with anticipation.

"Kiss me now." I demanded.

The female immediately understood what was required of her and, in full view of her staring husband, dropped to her knees beside me and wrapped long cool fingers around my throbbing appendage. Her long fine hair teased my warm skin as she lowered her head to my groin and I felt her hot breath on me as she guided me towards her open mouth.

Despite my complete control, I felt a tingle of abject pleasure ripple through me as her lips closed around my turgid penis. Her mouth was warm and invitingly wet and, after she had formed a tight seal around me, she then proceeded to raise and drop her head in a wonderfully rhythmical ballet of lust.

I knew that the time for tenderness was now over. My hands rested on the top of her head and entwined themselves in her long, blonde hair. I held her tightly as I began to rock my hips; bucking up and down slowly as I drove my manhood deeper and deeper into her mouth. My mind communicated a need for her to relax and, almost immediately, I felt the tension leave her body. I tilted her head back and pushed myself forward. I felt the head of my cock at the entrance to her throat. A subtle change of position and I groaned deeply as the top half of my tool slid gracefully into her oesophagus. This was a first for her I knew, but it would not be the last.

After just a few minutes of sampling the utter delights of this woman's throat I could feel my passion beginning to peak. My hands were guiding her head smoothly up and down my shaft now – no resistance at all – and, had it not been for the need to explore the more in-depth parts of her anatomy, I would probably have been quite happy to allow my seed to spill into her mouth. But that was not the way for this mortal. She was special, I now knew. She deserved more.

And so, as Neros had done with my mother so many years ago, I was now going to do with this mortal female. I would take her completely. My eyes again feasted on the beauty of her body as I placed her, spread-eagled against the course fabric of a sofa. I stripped away the last vestiges of my clothes quickly and moved between her splayed legs. As her husband watched me I could see traces of tears in his eyes. He was still transfixed but, as he saw my inflamed manhood sink inch by inch inside his bride's hot, tight vagina, he knew that he had lost her.

I knew it was right immediately. Long, slender female legs encircled me and pulled me further into her body. This was unlike any other coupling that I had experienced. For the first time in five hundred years I felt complete. I felt whole.

I thrust and I drove. My manhood was hard and throbbed fearsomely as I took my pleasure. My felt my mind wander. Was I losing control? I could sense the grip that I had on the couple slipping away into the ether. The human side of me – the side I inherited from my mother – was surging forward. I tried to push it back; deep down within me, but the more I thrust into this delectable female, the more it reared its ugly, mortal head.

"What are you doing?" Said a voice from the other side of the room. The female's husband had awakened from what must have seemed a deep, comatose sleep as my control faded. "Please stop!"


This, much louder and more strident cry was from beneath me. I looked down at the blonde head of the female and smiled.

"Don't stop, please." She murmured back at me. "I want you. I need you. Don't let him stop you now."

The female's words spurred me on and, with a deep cry of satisfaction I pulled out of her tight hole. My cock jerked and twitched crazily until she grasped me and pulled me back towards her mouth. The touch of her soft, velvet lips against my sensitive skin was all I needed and, with a long, growling cry, I unloaded my seed onto her.

As the breath choked from my lungs and my heart raced I could hear the slamming of a door in the distance. It felt like it was a thousand miles away but when I turned my head I realised that it was my own front door. For a moment I felt sorry for the female's husband; it must be a crushing enough blow to lose out to another mortal, but to me? How could anyone live with the knowledge that their wife was taken in front of them and then stolen away like a teenagers virginity? But these mortal thoughts were receding quickly. I was gaining control again. The human side of me had been rapidly vanquished

"I am yours." The female purred quietly as she curled up into my arms. "Yours forever."

"Forever is a long time, my sweet child." I replied. "Are you sure that you wish for this? Once it is done there is no turning back."

"Is it not done, my Master? But your seed is on me and inside me. You have left your mark on me."

"The rite is not yet complete." I stated.

Turning her body away from me and pushing her silken hair away from the expanse of pale skin at the side of her neck, I marvelled again at her beauty.

As the two barbed teeth at the far sides of my mouth slipped out from under the protective gums and pierced the female's skin, I heard her gasp out questioningly.

"But my Master, your mind told me not to be afraid. That you didn't need this. It said that my body was all you needed."

As I sated myself on the thick red liquid that was so vital to my well-being, I grinned wickedly.

"Soon you will learn to believe in some of what you hear – or think you hear – and discount other thoughts, my sweet child! You will learn soon enough!" I laughed. A hollow, unearthly sound. "After all, did you believe yesterday in the existence of Children of the Night?"

Well, do you believe?

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