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Chill of Glass


It's 4:45 and as I sit in my office, listening to every move of the second hand and desperate to leave this place. I decide to send you a text:

*Let yourself in. Strip completely. Be on my bed @ 5:15. Do not reply and do not disappoint.*

Five o'clock could not come soon enough. Making my way to my house, I remembered there were a couple stops I need make.

Arriving at home around 6:20, I walk through the front door, look around, and think to myself that it's quiet. As I move up the stairs, from halfway up I see my door ajar. I pause as a smile crosses my face. Regaining my composure and continuing the climb, I step into my room. I'm greeted with your beautiful body lying on my bed, cozy beneath my sheet.

I walk across the room, denying you eye contact, and place a bag on the night stand beside you. Turning my head to the left, I look down into your eyes as you stare back at me. My eyes trace the outline of your figure under the sheet. From your neck to your feet and back up again, I drink you in. Reaching down, I take the sheet, lifting it slightly, and walk it down to the foot of the bed, exposing your naked body to the air.

"Never hide yourself from my eyes," I tell you as I memorize the curves of your body.

My fingers touch the sole of your foot before traveling up to your toes, over to the top of your foot, and finally across your shin. My eyes stay glued to the movement of my fingers as they trace a soft path up to your knee. Gripping your knee, I pull the leg apart from the other before continuing the journey up your thigh. When I reach the top, I slide a finger just inside the slit of your pussy lips and move it upward. Finding your clit, I press firmly against it as my fingers glide past. I raise my finger to taste your sweetness, sucking the wetness from my finger.

"Delicious," I tell you as I look up at you.

My fingers return to your smooth shaved pussy, before moving up and over your stomach toward your breasts.

I take your right breast in my palm, firmly squeezing, to allow your soft flesh to slide out from the pressure of my grip. My thumb and index finger catch your nipple in a vice like grip, pinching and pulling hard, twisting and rolling it gently in my grasp.

My hand moves up your sternum, over your neck, to your chin. Grabbing your lower jaw in my hand, I hold it tightly and I tilt your head back allowing me to lean down and kiss you passionately on the lips.

Turning to the night stand, I reach inside the bag to pull out a glass toy. I begin rubbing the cold hard glass over your left nipple, tracing it and watching your soft bud stiffen and rise from the chilling touch.

"Raise your hands," I softly speak.

Knowing what I want, you lift your arms and grab the head board with your palms. Looking over at me, you see the white rope being pulled from the bag. I secure your wrist together and then to the headboard. Once you are restrained, I pick the glass toy up again and trace it down your stomach to your smooth pussy.

"Spread your legs," you hear, and gracefully part your thighs.

Your lips glisten with your wetness. I'm enjoying running the cold glass up and down your lips, parting them with every movement, and stopping only long enough to press down hard on your swollen clit.

The solid glass trails down to your waiting entrance and slowly penetrates your needy pussy. Pushing it deep inside you until my hand touches your hot wet lips, I pause, with it holding buried in your sex. Reaching down with my free hand, I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head tight against the mattress while I lean in.

"Don't cum!"

I start fucking you hard and fast with the cold object. Each thrust is stronger than the last. The sounds of the plunges and your pleasure fill the room.

"Don't you fucking cum!" I remind you.

Continuing to pound your pussy, I release your hair and reach down, take your clit between my fingers and roll it back and forth. Rhythmically I squeeze it as your body's movements dance a tale of regret for the desire unequivocally invoked by my touch. The feel of your body moving across the bed avoiding it, needing it, wanting it, excites me.

I grab your neck, pinning you to the bed.

"Cum! Cum, now for me baby!"

With those words, you release your orgasm through a series of pleasurable cries and moans of fulfillment, echoing off the walls of the room. I maintain the motion to allow you full enjoyment of your orgasm.

I slide the toy from your pussy and place it on your stomach. Leaning forward to kiss your soft lips, I whisper, "good girl."

I unbind your wrists and rub them softly while maintaining possession of your hands. I look at you again and say in a calm tone, "turn over."

On your stomach, I again secure your wrist to the headboard, swishing your hair from your neck and leaning down to kiss the top of your spine. I kiss you lightly with my lips and slightly with my tongue as my hand moves flat down your back to your ass cheeks. Gripping, massaging each cheek harder as my appetite for you grows. Scraping my teeth across your neck and shoulder now with every tight squeeze of my hand on your ass. I know you sense my hunger growing intense.

I grab your hips on either side and lift. "On your knees," I tell you, as I aide your movement.

Pausing for a moment to admire the beautiful scene before me. Your beautifully shaped ass is high in the air. Your lips still glistening from your previous orgasm. I can't help but admire your vulnerability in this position. My hand returns to caress your smooth round ass.


The sudden sound and sting of my hand coming down on your left cheek makes you squeal, before I rub the sting away. I run my hand between your ass cheeks, moving it down flat across your dripping pussy, grabbing your mons and clit in my palm. I squeeze, closing my hand over you.

"Don't cum," you hear, yet again.

The warm moist air from my breath washes over your ass as my mouth makes contact with your right ass cheek, biting down with just enough force to get a verbal response and to feel your muscles contract. Then, as if you didn't already feel exposed enough, my hands press firmly on either cheek, spreading your ass wide before my hot slippery tongue makes contacts with your asshole. It clinches at the touch before I drag the tip of my tongue across it ever so slowly. Pressing with added force, it pierces just slightly inside before your reflexes force it out. With one last push, I force my tongue deep in your ass as you feel my lips kiss the area around the invasion. You feel it move, in, out, in, out as I begin tongue fucking your tight little asshole. Unexpectedly to you, my thumb presses hard on your clit, parting your wet lips in search of your throbbing bud.

I form hard firm circles over your clit while my tongue deeply fucks your ass and my other hand squeezes and spreads your cheek until you can stand no more.

"Let me cum!!!" You yell out.

I lift my head, removing my tongue from your ass.

"Don't you fucking dare!" I sternly reply, before issuing a slap to your ass.

I leave the bed and make my way back to the night stand. Reaching into the bag, I look over at you, eyes locked onto your steel gaze, and retrieve the next glass object. Holding it up directly in your line of site, you take note of the glass plug.

I trace it down your spine, the hard glass touching each vertebra as it moves. My right hand smooths your hair from your face to see your glow more clearly. You feel of the coolness as it passes between your cheeks and settles in place at your tight saliva lubed ass. I start applying pressure as it gently penetrates you, further and further, opening you until you clasp down on the end. Giving it one last push ensures it is secured well inside you.

"Now," I say, as you again see the glass dildo pass your line of site, "don't cum".

You feel the familiar shape as it slides inside your dripping pussy. I steadily work it in and out your wet pussy. Slowly at first, then gradually increasing tempo and depth. My hand slides under you, across your stomach then onto your clit, as my finger starts rubbing it, matching the increasing speed of the dildo. Your moans grow louder, hips moving more and more attempting to match the pace of the dildo. Just as you approach the edge, I pull the glass from your pussy, reach up and grab your hair, turning your face back towards me.

"Don't cum!"

I reach up untie your hands from the headboard. I rub them again as they are red and sore from you straining at the ropes. I lay you on your side as I climb in bed in front of you, pulling you close to me.

"Now look what you did. It's all red," I say, as I kiss the reddening area of your hands and wrist.

Releasing your hand, I run my hand up your arm to your shoulder and unto your back. Hand flat on your back, I pull you close to me, kissing you deeply, my hand moving slowly down your back and across your ass, feeling the glass plug still secured inside you.

"Oh, looks like we forgot something. Think we will leave that there for now, OK," I say, as I look deep in your eyes.

You offer only a simple nod.

"Come here," I say, as I lay back.

Kissing you again, deeply on the lips, I feel your hand move over my chest and torso, fingernails scraping the fabric of my shirt.

"Think it's about time you took that off," I say softly.

You begin to unbutton my shirt, starting in the middle. and moving up. I reach up, removing my tie with my left hand. Once at the top, you kiss my hairy chin before moving down my neck to my chest, pulling my shirt from my pants. Once unbuttoned, you continue to kiss my chest softly as my right hand runs through your hair before taking a handful, and gripping tightly.

"Take my dick out," I manage to say between breaths.

Your mouth is still on my chest as your hand moves to my belt, unbuckling it before moving to the button and zipper. As the zipper reaches its end, I feel your hand slide inside my slacks, grabbing my hard cock tightly and stroking a few times before removing it from its confines.

I lift your head by your hair off my chest, "feel how hard I am for you?"

You continue to stroke my very hard cock in your palm as I push your head toward it. I kick my shoes to the floor as you grab my pants, pulling them from my legs and removing my socks. You crawl back up the bed between my legs, your hands tracing up my thighs until you grasp the base of my cock, cupping my balls in your other hand. I enjoy the feel of your warm wet tongue moving from the base of my cock, up the length slowly before your lips take just the tip inside. You suck gently before running your lips down the shaft on one side and your hand moves up to the head, twisting once there. Repeating this motion time and again, my cock glistens with your warm a (?). Through low vocal groans, my right hand finds your hair, fist closing tight around each strand.

"Suck on my balls baby," I barely get out, as my hand pushes you further between my legs.

Feeling my right, then left ball kissed softly by your lips until you suck the left one into your hot mouth, causes my hips to lift and a large exhalation to exit my lungs. Your tongue rolls around it while your hand strokes up and down the length. The skin of my scrotum stretches as you pull it from my body until it pops free of your mouth. You go right back, repeating the same effort on my right one.

"Oh...fuck that feels good," I moan out, my head pushing back into the pillow.

I pull your head back up to my now solid dick as you take it deep into your mouth. You take as much as you can right away before lifting your head, followed closely by your hand, until both travel back down. Only this time my hand aides you in your efforts to swallow me further, pushing myself further down your throat then holding you tight against me.

"Fuck!!!" is all I can manage.

I pull your mouth from my cock, "You trying to make me cum?" I ask, chest rising and falling heavily.

"No!" is all you say.

"Lay down!" I tell you. "Spread your legs! Show me how wet you are."

I toss my shirt to the floor, grab your thighs, pulling you forcefully to the edge of the bed. Pushing your thighs to your body, I look down as you run your finger over your wet swollen lips, showing me just how wet you truly are. With your finger still teasing your moist pussy, I grasp my dick and rub it up and down your slippery slit. The sensation of your heat and wetness combine with the feel of your finger as it touches the tip of my hard cock with each pass.

Slowly I push just the head of my hard cock inside your pussy before fully removing it. I watch as your eyes close, your head tilted to the side as I push the head in slowly again, then slowly remove it fully before sliding it up to meet your hard-working finger. As I enter your tight pussy again, I slide the length of my cock deep inside you, pressing my balls tight against the glass plug still occupying your ass. A moan escapes your lips as you take me deep inside you and your hands move up to grip my biceps tightly as I position myself over you. Slow but forceful forward thrusts, the sound of your pussy slapping against me, the feel of the solid glass buried deep in your ass, mesmerize me. I take your hands from my biceps where your nails were digging deep into my flesh and pin you to the mattress. The pace quickens, as the thrust become even more powerful, repeatedly slamming my hard cock deeper and deeper inside your pussy with each stroke.

Grabbing your left leg, I turn you toward your right side and clearly command, "just like that!"

I pick your leg up and continue to force my dick in and out of your tight pussy. With your left leg on my chest, my hand reaches and grabs your breast, squeezing your flesh, watching as it turns red from my passionate grip. My free hand moves up to your neck, fingers wrap themselves around it, feeling your pulse against my palm as I close my grasp around it. With tight grips on your body, I fuck you hard and fast, my dick pounding your pussy walls as you reach and grab my hands as if to say, "Don't let go!"

Pulling my dick from your now soaked pussy, I release my grip of you, leaving only bright red traces on your skin where they once were. I rub the length of my cock against the hard glass plug.


My right hand contacts your left ass cheek, leaving a matching red hand print where it was.

"On your knees!"

You move without hesitation, as I put my hand on your back, pushing your face to the bed. I grab your ass in each hand, spreading your ass and pussy wide before pushing my dick back inside you. Hands tight on your hips, pulling you back onto my dick every time I thrust inside. I grab your hair in both hands, pulling your head from the sheet and forcing you back on my dick. My dick slams into your pussy harder and faster. You feel my hips push the glass plug every time I force myself inside you.

Suddenly, I pull my dick from inside you, pulling on your hair hard with my hand.

"Get down here," I say while I drag you by your hair to the floor in front of me.

You sit on your feet, knees to the floor as I pull your head back by your hair and stroke my cock in front of your face.

"Open your mouth!" I groan, as I look down at your face. "Open it wide!"

I place the tip on your tongue just before the first stream of cum shoots inside your hungry mouth. Stroking and squeezing every last drop from my dick, I grab your chin, holding your mouth open.

"Don't swallow it yet," as I push my cock into your mouth. "Get all of it first."

I pull my dick out your mouth lifting your chin, "Let me see it."

I watch as you open your mouth wide, sticking your cum-covered tongue out slightly. I push your mouth closed saying, "now swallow it."

I watch as the muscles of your neck move down, pushing my cum through your throat.

"Let me see!"

You open your mouth wide for me, presenting your empty tongue. Leaning down, I take your tongue with my mouth, tasting what little remains of me in your mouth.

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Sensual and erotic

Great story, thoroughly enjoyed reading it...like the concept of using glass. Something for lovers of variety.

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