China in the Crystal Shop


I laid one on her heaving stomach, right over her belly button. The second went just below her diaphragm, on the highest soft part of her flat tummy. The last one went between and just above her breasts.

I draped turquoise bead necklaces across her neck, and a fine copper mesh choker open across her eyes.

Finally I reached around and elevated her head, slipping a big puffy handful of steel wool underneath, with a fine handkerchief between.

Throughout all this perpetration, I was keeping myself hard, and every so often I would would drag my dick down her skin, or slap it a few times on some part of her body. I did not neglect the malachite wand either, reaching down from time to time to guide her motions.

Now I stood back and gazed down on a surreal sight: There was a gorgeous young beauty, naked, before me on her back. She was spread eagle on the massage bed, with all four of her limbs encased in 5 gallon buckets of polished semi precious stones, literally held in bondage by the earth itself.

I reached down and slipped the panties over my balls and off my cock. I untied the knot and held them up. Her eyes followed. While she was staring at her panties, I leant in and slowly pulled the malachite wand out of her pussy. Her eyes closed and she let out a long, lush moan.

"Are you ready for the final touch?" I stage whispered to her, holding the wand up next to the panties.

"Yassssssss!" She blinked a few times, and opened both her eyes and her mouth wide.

Wrapping the stone up in the panties, I put the whole thing in her mouth like a bit. She bit down, and I saw her smile around the obstruction.

I picked up my cock and stepped in between her legs. When I pushed inside, it was as if she was struck by a bolt of lightning. I watched every one of her muscles tense and release in a mighty spurt. My cock was caught in the same spasm. Stars appeared in my vision as the sensations raced up my spine.

I pushed in further, and then pulled back, settling into an even rhythm. The turquoise necklace was the first casualty of our passion, sliding off of her neck and landing in a clatter on the floor. Her entire body was shaking as if she was freezing cold, but she was hot to the touch. Her pussy was gripping my cock tighter than ever, which was odd since we had been fucking for almost a half hour. But it felt unbelievable.

I held on to her knees as I thrust forward and backward. The stones on her stomach and chest bounced around and fell off onto the floor. Her whole little body shifted back and forth on the leather of the table, jerking under my weight and springing back for more.

It was so hot and full around my cock, and I felt as if I was hitting the end of her tiny tight vagina, deep inside her body. She jerked and spasmed each time I pushed forward, and I knew she was as transported as I was.

The panty-covered stone shaft clattered to the flow as she let out a gasp of pleasure, under the metal mesh. She was orgasming over and over again, climbing towards a peak.

The stones scattered and flew all over as her hands and feet burst out of the buckets. She actually kicked one of the buckets over, spelling tourmaline ovals everywhere.

Her body convulsed up as she bent up at the waist and threw both of her arms around me, hugging me so tight that my cock went deeper than it had ever gone in. The metal mesh flew over my shoulder and landed somewhere behind us.

Our heads were locked together and our eyes met as my waist pulled up and back, over and over again, my legs on autopilot pumping back and forth as my cock dipped deeper than it ever had in its life.

Her inner wall flexed in and for a split second folded all around my cockhead. She had pulled me in so deeply I was penetrating her pussy's pussy.

That was the straw that broke the camel's backside, as they say, and she came in hard to home plate.

Her face was huge in my vision as she locked her lips on mine. She was almost hyperventilating, French kissing me with exuberance and passion and animal need as her pleasure dominated her.

I held on, bearing down with every muscle I had to stay hard for her through those final needful powerful thrusts. Her body hit mine one last time and continued, her thrusting done.

I staggered back and grabbed desperately at the chandelier. Caught it too, and kept us from crashing backward.

She came back from her climax and fell down on my body. My pulsating cock slipped out, and her body dragged along its length as she descended. Her left arm fell with her but her right trailed around my neck and grabbed onto my jaw for support.

Her mouth closed over my cock, tongue swirling madly. I could not hold back any longer, and finally came. My hips were bucking back and forth as I hung by the overhead light, and she was hugging my hips in a death grip.

Not only did she swallow my load eagerly, but as each spurt was going down her throat she bobbed her head forward to plunge her tongue done to the base of my cock.

Her tongue on the outside met my cum on the inside, and as one they travelled up the length of my shaft and out into her hot mouth. We did this six or seven times, and she was as energetic on the last one as in the first.

I have never experienced an orgasm that powerful before, and I think I actually tripped out a little while it was happening. I don't really believe in all that New Age stuff -- I was shopping for a birthstone as a stocking stuffer for my niece.

But I felt something in that moment, some connection to the universe. I was ... one ... with everything. Like that feeling after the bong hit I mentioned earlier, but exponentially greater. It may have lasted forever or only for a breath, I couldn't tell you -- I left my body. I can't seem to remember anything specific about it; it was that overwhelming. But I can remember it's echoes, and they alone are as impactful as any other experience I have ever had.

When I came to, I was hanging with a death grip from the chandelier, naked and spent and shaking. China was slumped against my leg, clutching my thigh with both hands. All I could think of was Princess Leia from that original Star Wars poster.

She looked up at me with a smile on her face. Then she turned her head and lickedup a drop of cum that was on my leg.

The touch of her hot tongue broke my reverie, and I carefully let go of the chandelier, collapsing down onto the floor, and into her arms. We lay together in a loose embrace, as the room cooled around us.


I went first, cracking the door open to see who was outside. The coast was clear, and I came all the way out, stopping to flash a thumbs-up at back at China. Down the ramp and around the corner, her sister was still on a video call, dangling earrings up in front of her iPhone.

I deliberately went to the other side of the store, to give China enough time to slip out. After a few minutes I looked around, but didn't see her. Then I spotted her outside of the store.on a chair across the hallway. She had a grin on her face. I knew I had a matching one on mine.

There was a dispenser of hand sanitizer on the wall in the corner by the Pyrite, and I used a couple of squirts to clean off the Malachite wand and the two spheres.

Then I went up to the checkout and plopped them down on the counter. As she rung up the three stones, the sales lady asked "Did you find everything you were looking for today?"

I couldn't help but to chuckle a bit.

"Oh yes, ma'am. There is a lot of positive energy in this store."

The lady thanked me, and handed me a paper bag with the three crystals.

"And a really sturdy chandelier."

She looked at me quizzically, and was about to say something when I turned and walked away.

I looked over my shoulder at China's sister, who unbelievably was still on the call, and nodded to myself. Safe to say goodbye.

I left the store and walked over to China.

"Have a happy holiday!" A pretty stupid thing to say, in retrospect, but it had been a strange day.

"Same to you!" Her voice was as sweet as ever.

I just nodded, and held out the bag for her. She stared up at me as she reached out evenly and took it. As soon as her hand wrapped around it I saw her recognize what it was, and she smiled.

"Awwwww!" She purred at me and my heart melted for a moment. "It was fun shopping for crystals with you!"

I looked into her beautiful blue eyes once more and nodded, grinning.


Her smile was huge and bright, and she kept beaming it at me as I walked away.


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