Chinese Takeout Ch. 04


"Uh, yeah, sure Jay-Lin," I thought I heard Ginny say as Olaf shut my door.

Everyone was looking at the van as we pulled away. I was sure everyone was looking at me too. I thought about the advertising on the side of the van and started to giggle, then to laugh. This was too funny. Embarrassing for sure, but also funny.

"What?" Olaf asked as we pulled out into the traffic.

"The van," I giggled, "you picked me up in a condom delivery van?"

"Yeah," Olaf said, sounding puzzled. "That's my day job, I stock condom vending machines."

"Yeah," I was almost crying, I was laughing so hard, "but Olaf, it's a Girls High School, a Catholic Girl's High School. You know, catholic schoolgirls, condoms, birth control, the Pope..." I couldn't talk anymore, I was howling. The look on that teacher's face. On Ginny's face. On the faces of the other girls and the parents as we drove away. God, I was going to be in the office again on Monday but for this, for this it was worth it. I thought about what my Mom and Dad would say if they found out but it was still funny. Oh shit!

"Oh," Olaf said, blankly, "you think that might a problem?"

"I ... I have no idea," I managed to gasp, wiping the tears from my cheeks. "Guess I'll find out Monday but honestly, what can they say? Is this what you drive every ... every day?" I couldn't stop giggling.

"Yeah." Olaf wasn't chatty, that was for sure. But he was smiling. Sort of. I think. I just hoped I hadn't offended him. I really did not want to offend Olaf.

"Oh well, guess they'll get used to it." God, I hoped so. I wasn't sure that I was going to. And the gossip at school. The gossip about this was going to be something else. School? All those parents? My parents? What could possibly go wrong? I started giggling all over again. Oh shit! Monday was going to be ... interesting, to say the least.

"Yeah, guess so." Olaf really didn't give a fuck did he?

We turned off Truman after a few blocks. "Where're we going?"

"I gotta make a few deliveries on the way." Olaf actually sounded apologetic. "Friday night coming up, busy night, gotta make sure all the machines are fully stocked. Picked you up on my way to save time, it'll only take a few minutes extra." He pulled the van over to the side of the road. I looked at the sign above the door beside us.

"Kitty Kat's Strip Bar," I read out loud.

"Yeah, they're a real big customer." Olaf was totally deadpan. I couldn't figure if he was serious, joking or teasing me. He glanced at me as he opened his door. "You wanna wait here or come and give me a hand? Won't take as long if you help out."

A very prominent sign beside the entrance said "Steak Lunches". Men came to strip clubs for lunch? Really? Wow. That was something new. Then again, wasn't that what places like Hooters were all about. Mind you, I'd never been to a Hooters either.

"Uhhh..." I thought about helping Olaf out. Quickly. He was giving me a ride. Every day. The least I could do was help. And besides, I had no idea what a strip bar was like. I was curious. And it was only three forty five. Like, no way they were going to be busy. Lunch must have been done long ago. Everyone should still be working. Hey, why not? I was dying of curiosity now. What did the inside of a strip bar look like? "Okay, sure."

I jumped out of the van, joined Olaf by the side door that was already open. He was inside, doubled over, checking a list he held, pulling boxes off the racks that lined the inside of the rear. There was quite a pile. And hey, I knew what a condom looked like and how big they were and what they were for. I wasn't a total innocent. Ginny had given me a demonstration once on a cucumber we'd "borrowed" from her Mom's kitchen. So I knew those boxes held a lot. I could see what Olaf meant by this place being a big customer.

My brain made the connection. Yeech! That was a bit gross. But hey, different folks, different strokes. None of my business what other people did with their lives. Live and let live, that was me. Olaf jumped out.

I took four boxes. "Load me up," I said, "just leave me enough room so I can see where I'm going."

He did. I ended up with a dozen large boxes that came all the way to my chin. They didn't weigh much, but then, I knew condoms didn't. Still, it was a lot of condoms.

"What's with the steak lunches?" I asked, fascinated. Did guys really come here for a steak at lunchtime and watch strippers at the same time. It seemed a bit strange to me. But hey, what did I know. Guys! Their brains were hard-wired differently I guess.

Olaf grinned at me as he pulled more boxes out. "Oh yeah, not a bad steak either, not filet but it's not the latest nag that lost at Pimlico either. They make their margin on the drinks, charge low for the steak, high for the drinks and the girls work the customers for the big tips. Come on in, just follow me."

What was Pimlico? What was a nag? Whatever. I'd ask Keith tonight. I was sure he'd know. Olaf picked up the stack of boxes, a couple of dozen, shut the van door and led the way in. The door opened for us. I saw another huge guy, almost as big as Olaf, shaved head, ripped and just about as mean looking. Just about. Nobody could possibly look as mean and scary as Olaf.

"Olaf." He nodded. When he saw me following Olaf, his eyebrows arched up. "She eighteen? Can't come in if she ain't."

"Yeah, I'm eighteen," I chirped.

"I.D?" he asked.

"Fuck off, Meek," Olaf said over his shoulder. "Guess you ain't heard yet. This here's Baby Blue, Round Out's Old Lady."

Meek looked at me. Mr. Mean and Tough looked astonished. "Fuck me," he said blankly.

"Later tonight, sweetheart," Olaf chuckled. He actually chuckled like it was really funny and he was having a good time. "Come on, Blue, we ain't got all afternoon to hang around and gossip."

Me? Hang around outside a Strip Bar? In my school uniform? I giggled and blushed all at once.

"I can see where her handle comes from," Meek said to my back as I followed Olaf in.

Jesus, the music was loud. Loud and bouncy, catchy, underlain, or was it overridden, by a fast, pounding bass that had my heart speeding up to match the beat. My feet wanted to dance to that music. I wasn't the only one. I was shocked to find the inside of that strip bar was humming. At three forty five in the afternoon? Really? I couldn't hear a thing over that pounding bass but I could see the inside of the club quite clearly.

The stage was a large horseshoe in the center of the club, a bar area to both sides and all around the front of the stage. A couple of women were dancing on the stage, pole-dancing I assumed. Well, they were swinging around a couple of poles wearing next to nothing, not that I was an expert on pole dancing. I could see a couple of girls in bikini tops behind the bar, serving drinks to a dozen guys seated along that bar right in front of the stage, watching raptly. At least, it looked like they were rapt to me. Their eyes weren't looking anywhere else.

I almost dropped my boxes as one of the dancers leapt onto the bar and sank to her knees right in front of one of those guys. I guess if you stretched it you could call what she was doing dancing, but really, his face was just about buried against her, you know, between her legs. I could just about feel my eyes doing that saucer thing. Wow! I blinked as that guy tucked some money in her g-string. Okay. I found myself imagining doing that for Keith. Now my heart really did pound. Would Keith like it if I did that for him? I wasn't sure but I very much thought so. I did know it would be exciting for me. With Keith. Only Keith. But really, I shouldn't stare, fascinating as it was to watch her.

Circling the stage and filling the gap between the stage and the walls were tables. Lots and lots of tables, with a row of booths down the walls. They weren't empty. No, not at all. More than a few businessmen in suits in small groups, all drinking, a couple of them with girls at their tables. A large group of younger guys and a few girls, looked like college students or something to me, cheering on two of the guys who seemed to be having an impromptu drinking competition, egged on by a couple of the waitresses. A few small groups of guys in jeans and flannel work shirts, the kind old Mr. Purvis next door wore; glasses of beer in front of them, pitchers on the tables.

Nope, it wasn't exactly quiet, but fortunately for my state of mind none of them were looking in my direction.

Olaf was easy to follow. The vending machines were easy to spot when we got there. A couple of monsters right outside the washrooms. Dimly lit, with red lights, but at least there was light. Guess that made sense. Had to be able to see to buy.

"Pile 'em on the floor," Olaf yelled over the music. I carefully stacked my boxes on top of his while he used a key to unlock the front of the first machine and swing it open. Jesus. The inside was just rack after rack of condoms, tray after tray on each rack. I guess Strip Bars really got guys going. Which made sense when you actually thought about it. Just, it was something I'd never thought about. I mean, I knew seeing me taking my clothes of got Keith going. I smiled at the memory. Olaf had already pulled one rack out, opened a couple of boxes and was busy filling them. I stood beside him, figuring out how the dispensing system worked. Fascinating.

"You gotta make sure you match up the make and type right," Olaf yelled, "otherwise some dude selects a Trojan Bareback Lubricated and gets a Trojan Studded Unlubricated, he gets pissed off."

"Yeah, I can see that," I nodded, eyes wide. Yup, I could see that alright. The illustrations on the boxes were pretty graphic. Easy to match, anyhow. Examining those graphic illustrations, I knew that, yup, I'd definitely be a bit pissed if I got a Studded Unlubricated when I wanted a Bareback Lubricated. Yikes! Actually, after looking at the Trojan Studded Unlubricated graphic, I'd be a bit more than pissed. No way! There were girls that liked these things? Double yikes! But then, I didn't hang out in strip bars either, so what did I know?

Although that did make me think of Keith and me. He was going to make love to me, I knew. I mean, last night and the night before, I'd as good as offered myself to him on a plate. I meant it as well. I was going to do the same thing tonight. I'd keep doing it until he got over whatever it was that was holding him back and made love to me. I wanted him to so much. I'd made up my mind completely back on Wednesday evening. I was totally meant for Keith.

I wasn't going to tease him or play with him like my friends did with their boyfriends. Except for Ginny, of course, No, Keith wasn't a boy, he was totally a man with a man's expectations. I was going to give Keith whatever he wanted. That meant I should definitely do something about birth control. Fast. No way did I want to use condoms. I wanted Keith, au natural, everything, with nothing between me and him. Nothing at all. Just him and me. I wanted that so much. Right from the start.

There was a walk in-clinic near home, but the doctors there knew Mom and Dad. Maybe the one near school? They were used to girls from our High School going there. I could duck in there at lunchtime on Monday. Or maybe Keith could just stop for a minute tomorrow, or even tonight. But condoms? No, forget it. It wasn't like I was worried about STD's. And yes, my parents were doctors. My Mom had long ago had a far too detailed talk with me about stuff like that. But I trusted Keith. Completely. Silly? Maybe it was, but I did. As for me, I didn't plan to sleep with anyone but Keith. So yeah, forget condoms, interesting as this was.

"Here, you fill those ones," Olaf told me, pointing, passing me a box and pointing at the trays on the far end from him. I filled. I filled and I filled. I had no idea there were so many different types of condoms. I had no idea a strip bar vending machine used so many. It was one of those full-sized free standing vending machines. And there were two of them! What was this? Did they have orgies here or something?

"What's this for? A week?" I yelled at Olaf as I retrieved another box in response to his pointing.

"Shit no." He was laughing. "That's just from last night. You'll see what it's like on Monday when we come in after the weekend. Half the racks'll be empty."

"Really?" I just about squealed. Jesus, that was a lot! And the Trojan Studded Unlubricated weren't the scariest looking ones either. And there were a lot of them. A LOT! My eyes felt like they were big and round, even if they weren't. Whoa!

"You'll see." Olaf was still chuckling as we finished the last racks and moved on to the second machine.

"Guess I will," I said, still wide-eyed. This was more of an education that I'd expected. I was kind-of glad I hadn't waited in the van. I'd learned more about condoms than I'd believed possible. And other things. Flavored condoms? FLAVORED? Did that mean you ... with a condom ... in your mouth? I mean, I understood blowjobs in theory. God knows the girls at school talked about them enough. And Ginny. But with a condom on? Huh. What was this? Lubricants? Aiiyaahhhh. I so was NOT going to ask. Mom had definitely left a few things out of that talk. But I was so definitely not asking. No way. Maybe I'd ask Ginny. When we were talking again. Anyhow, Olaf was fast, we were almost done.

A couple of guys came out of the washroom, kind of staggering. Flannel shirts. Jeans. Kind of looking like they worked hard for their money, definitely not office workers. They both looked at me, eyes widening. Huh?

"Say, when're you on stage gorgeous?" one of them slurred. "I LOVE that outfit, wanna see you take that one off..."

"Uhhh," I stuttered, shocked. They thought I was a stripper? ME? Did I look like one? REALLY? ME?

"Sorry guys," Olaf looked up, "she's with me, not one of the working girls."

"Uhhh," that guy slurred, seeing Olaf. "Shit, sorry Olaf, no offence man."

"None taken, Seth, none taken. This here's Round Out's new Old Lady, her handle's Baby Blue. Blue, meet Seth and Greg, they're hang-arounds with the SBC, ride with the brothers now and then."

"Good to meet ya, Blue. Round Out's a lucky fucking guy" Greg was a bit less drunk than Seth. He grinned, punched Seth in the shoulder. "Round Out ain't gonna be happy hearing you mistook his Old Lady for one of the fucking working girls here."

I blinked at the swearing, then giggled. "Hey guys, nothing to worry about, it's not like we were introduced first or anything." Guess I was going to have to get used to that sort of language. It's not like Keith was a bible class boy after all.

"Hey guys, I was missing ya." It was one of the girls that really worked in the bar. She eyed me curiously. "Who're you, doll? What the fuck happened to your face?"

"She's Round Out's Old Lady," Greg jumped in. "Danielle, meet Baby Blue. Blue, this is Danielle." He made it sound like he'd known me all his life.

"Hi," I said, rather brightly, all things considered. "I'm Jay-Lin."

"Fuck me," Danielle said blankly, looking me up and down. "You're Round Out's Old Lady? Jeez, you look like you're still at High School? He didn't smack you round did he? I'll have his fuckin' balls if he did. Hey, you're not pulling my tit are ya Greg?"

Olaf looked up from where he was kneeling in front of the vending machine. Kneeling, his head was at my shoulder level so it wasn't like he was looking up much.

"No shit, Danielle, Blue here really is Round Out's Old Lady, told me so himself. And nah, those bruises, one of the girls at her school smacked her round coz she didn't like Blue here hanging around with Round Out."

"Fuck me sideways," Danielle said again, her face splitting into what looked like a genuinely amused grin. Why did everyone look like that when they met me? I mean, I wasn't an alien or anything. Was I? "That's one for the fucking books. I gotta take you over to meet the rest of the girls, they're never gonna believe this."

Huh? Keith knew all these girls? The ones that worked here? Did he come here too? Well, I knew I didn't know much about Keith, I guessed I'd find out more. It's not like I thought he was a saint or anything after all. And Danielle obviously knew him. Okay, actually, I DID want to know more.

"Next time, Danielle," Olaf looked up again. "Taking Blue here to Quebec's."

Danielle shrugged. "'Kay Olaf, no problem." She grinned at me. "Next time Blue, I really wanna here all 'bout this. How the fuck did you end up hooking Round Out? How the fuck did Round Out hook a girl like you? You're way too classy for that dude." She threw her head back and laughed. "Come on guys, you want that table dance or not?" She dragged Greg and Seth away, still laughing. "See ya tonight, Olaf...," floated over her shoulder.

I watched her for a second, watched her butt wiggle. How did she do that and look so sexy? How did she work in a place like this, taking her clothes off for guys, and look so cheerful and happy doing it? I tried to imagine dancing up on that stage, taking my clothes off with everyone watching. Nope. Me, I'd be embarrassed to death.

"See ya Danielle honey," Olaf called back. Then "Locked and loaded," shutting and locking the front of the second machine. "Gimme a minute here." He was using another key, opening a door on the side, pulling out a thick wad of notes, wrapping it in a bank bag and sliding it inside his jacket. "Gotta clean out the cash too," he told me. "Builds up real damn quick..." He shut the door again. "Right, we're done here, let's go."

I wondered for a moment if it was safe to carry that much cash in your pocket. Then shook my head. I was being ridiculous. Olaf? Who was going to rob him? I followed Olaf towards the front, noticing as we left for the first time that the carpet outside the restrooms was tacky. My shoes were sticking to it. Gross! And the smell. Mostly stale beer and, my god, cigarette smoke. I could see a couple of people smoking openly. That was so bad. How could they? Inside as well? Oh well, none of my business. Olaf pulled the front door open for me. He really was quite the gentleman. I smiled as I walked out, almost colliding with a couple of extremely drunk guys my Dad's age in suits walking in.

"Hey, good lookin', love that outfit," one of them burbled at me, his arm going round my waist.

"Come on back in with us, honey," the other one leered at me. "Buy you a drink." He tried to stuff a twenty dollar note down the front of my shirt.

Honestly, my heart just about stood still. Twice in ten minutes. I was so not wearing my school uniform here on Monday. Nope, I was NOT.

Meek was there in an instant. "Hands off, gentlemen, she's not one of the girls that works here." His hand was already lifting the arm off of me.

Olaf looked at them from beside me. He didn't say a word. He just looked. Not in a friendly way.

"Ahh, sorry Miss," the one with his arm around me withdrew it like it'd been burnt. "No offense man," he burbled at Olaf, his face a little paler.

"Keep it Miss, buy yourself a drink," the no longer leering one abandoned the twenty dollar note, leaving it half down the front of my shirt. The two of them disappeared into the club like jackrabbits.

Meek shrugged. "They didn't mean anything Blue, that's how the girls here make their tips."

"Thanks Meek." I gingerly extracted the note and looking at it, more than slightly shocked. "Wow, if it's like that now, what's it like by midnight?"

Olaf laughed. "A fucking war zone." He shook his head. "Pays the bills though, doesn't it Meek."

Meek laughed. "Yeah, it does that." He looked at me. "Just a suggestion Blue, if you're gonna come here with Olaf every day, might wanna change before you get here. Avoid misunderstandings with the customers. They see that uniform, they're gonna think you're one of the girls every time."

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